Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1721 - Not a Saint, Xing An's Writing

"In the past, I was indebted to Cult Master Qin, and his wife, Ling Yuxiu, took good care of me in the Dao Comprehension Academy. Thus, I left a one percent flaw for Cult Master Qin, allowing him to escape from the Dao Burial Divine Coffin. I only left one percent, but I didn't expect the Grand Primordium to make it one hundred percent. What is he thinking?"

Xing An brought the chest and quietly passed through Mist Maple Valley to Eternal Peace.

The battle in the Misty Maple Valley was extremely intense.

This battlefront was stretched out very far, with Misty Maple Valley as the center. It stretched across almost all of the god cities in the west of Eternal Peace from the south to the north. Eternal Peace mobilized almost all the troops they could mobilize, and all kinds of heavy weapons were put to use!

Even Goddess of Heavenly Yin led the few gods and devils of Heavenly Yin World to participate in the battle of Lan Feng!

Both sides surrounded the god cities and engaged in a tug of war. First, the two armies outside the city faced off against each other, and the formations changed. Both sides attacked the formations and broke the formations, causing flesh and blood to fly everywhere.

After that, they invaded the city and fought in the streets of the divine city. It was incomparably bloody, and every alley was filled with corpses.

The god cities were damaged and fell from the sky while dragging thick smoke!

The armies of Eternal Peace and Carefree Village were already on the battlefield. Behind them, there was a steady stream of new cities being sent to the frontlines. Ship after ship escorted these newly constructed god cities, and these ships were filled with all kinds of divine weapons.

When Xing An entered, he saw that the interior of Eternal Peace had already entered a state of preparation for war. All the manufacturing factories had been activated, and the mines were being mined day and night. It was no longer the peaceful sight from back then, and it was no longer suitable for him to focus on his studies.

Along the way, he even met the army of Xuandu's Sun Guardian and Moon Guardian. They fought fiercely with the army of Eternal Peace's Sun Guardian and Moon Guardian. Both sides fought a bloody battle on the ground and in the sky, and it was very bitter.

He also met Zhan Kong Rulai leading the buddha soldiers of the Buddha Realm to guard the mountain passes at the back of the Misty Maple Valley. He fought with the small army of the celestial heavens that had broken through the valley, and the great buddhas from the Buddha Realm died under the knives.

Xing An frowned. "These monks…"

He didn't stop. Eternal Peace was the sacred ground of reform and had a lot of knowledge. He didn't want to participate in these battles that had nothing to do with him.

Xing An and Eternal Peace were only using each other. Eternal Peace needed his knowledge and wisdom to push for the reform, and he had also repaid many of his research results.

Furthermore, he wasn't from Eternal Peace. When he was born, Eternal Peace didn't exist and hadn't been founded.

Some people called him a saint that appears once every five hundred years, but he never thought that way.

He was just a person seeking Dao.

On the way, he met numerous gods and devils of the celestial heavens that rushed into the hinterlands of Eternal Peace, killing and plundering everywhere. However, Xing An didn't make a move, and these were just fleeting clouds to him.

'When I reach Dao Comprehension Academy, if there are any new results, I'll stay behind to research. If Eternal Peace is broken, I'll leave. I'll be free and unfettered,' he thought to himself.

Suddenly, corpse qi rushed into the sky. Xing An was astonished and looked forward. He saw nine incomparably dense corpse qi rising from the ground like pillars of black smoke, trembling violently in the sky!

Xing An had never seen such intense corpse qi before!

'In this chaotic world, demons and monsters have all appeared, and there are many good things that are worth collecting.' He couldn't help feeling a little excited.

He walked forward and saw over a thousand gods and devils pushing nine huge coffins with cloud chariots. The coffins were covered in chains and were heading east.

There weren't many strong practitioners among the gods and devils. Only a blind elder was a strong practitioner of the Emperor's Throne, and there was also a woman in white whose abilities were still passable. However, to Xing An, this was nothing.

"Looking at the standard of the coffin, it should be an emperor's coffin!"

His heart stirred slightly, and he turned back to take a look. These people should be guarding the back of the Misty Maple Valley, and there were a few human cities thousands of miles away.

"It has nothing to do with me."

Just as he was about to seize the emperor's coffin, he suddenly saw divine light and devil light surging in front of the emperor's coffin. It was the Left Guards of the Divine Strategies of the celestial heavens and the devil army flooding over!


The woman in white raised her sword and shouted, "Prepare to face the enemy!"

The thousand gods and devils set up their formations, and they were incomparably nervous. Some of the gods and devils weren't old, and they still had some childishness.

Meanwhile, the blind elder undid the chains of the nine emperor's coffins and pushed open the coffin lid. He bowed and said, "Senior brothers, this is our last battle."

Xing An was puzzled. 'These coffins seem to be the standard of the High Emperor Era. Could these nine coffins be the corpses of Celestial Emperor of the High Emperor Era? I have never seen High Emperor Celestial Emperor as a treasure before…'

Just as he thought that, the six legs of the chest beside his feet suddenly took a step forward and actually left him, heading straight for the woman in white.

Xing An was astonished. He saw the chest running faster, and it soon rushed down the mountain to the side of the woman in white. It rubbed against the leg of the woman, looking very intimate.

When the woman in white saw the chest, she was also surprised and delighted. She bent down to stroke the chest and said something to it. The chest was delighted and excited.

Xing An walked forward and saw that the woman was very quiet and had a sweet appearance. There was a pair of small dragon horns hidden in her hair, so she should be a dragon.

"High Emperor Sword God?"

Xing An tilted his head and thought about it. "No wonder you are so familiar with my chest. I heard that Cult Master Qin enlightened my chest and rode it forty thousand years ago to get to know you there."

"You are Xing An?"

Bai Qu'er was astonished. She touched the chest and said, "Back then, Qin Mu and I indeed sat on the chest and sprinted overnight. I'm very grateful that it brought us out of the celestial heavens' pursuit."

Xing An nodded his head and came to the front of the emperor's coffins. He looked inside and said in doubt, "The few Celestial Emperors have already died for god knows how long. Now that they have transformed into corpse demons, it's only because of their obsession. When you meet the Left Guards of Divine Strategies of the celestial heavens, you can't fight them at all. The battle power of the Left Guards of Divine Strategies is comparable to a Celestial Venerable. The obsession in your corpses will soon be shattered, and even your corpses won't be able to be preserved."

He shook his head and turned back to look at the thousand gods of High Emperor. He shook his head again and said, "You guys won't be able to hold on for another fifteen minutes. All of you will die here."

In the coffin, a High Emperor corpse sat up, and his eyes were filled with ghostly flames. Corpse Qi filled the air as he said sinisterly, "We are already dead, what's there to be afraid of?"

Xing An couldn't help laughing. "Your battle is completely useless. You can't block it!"

Bai Qu'er went forward and said seriously, "The reason why the Left Guards of Divine Strategies and Youdu Devil Gods are marching so quickly is because Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui is leading the army to chase after them. As long as we can hold them off for a day, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor will be able to lead his army over…"

Xing An laughed loudly and shook his head. "With my understanding of the Left Guards of Strategies, you guys can only last for fifteen minutes before dying completely. You guys are High Emperors and have the corpse of High Emperor Celestial Emperor, so why do you want to protect Eternal Peace with your lives?"

"What we are guarding isn't Eternal Peace."

A High Emperor corpse said, "It's this land and the people here."

Xing An's heart stirred, and he shook his head with a smile. "You guys can't do anything, you guys are just throwing your lives away. Chest, let's go!"

He walked forward, and the chest hesitated for a moment before following him. However, it stopped and stood between him and Bai Qu'er, hesitating.

Xing An frowned and stopped. "Chest, follow me."

The chest took two steps towards him and stopped. Suddenly, the chest opened up, and numerous of his treasures poured out, piling up like a mountain.

The chest emptied itself out, closed the lid, and ran back to Bai Qu'er's side.

Xing An laughed from extreme anger. "What are you doing? You don't have any battle power, so are you going to stay here and wait to be chopped up by others to be burned? Put away your stuff and follow me!"

The chest didn't move.

Xing An was furious, and he waved his hand to put his treasures into his divine treasures. He sneered and said, "Forget it, I don't care about you. I want to be alone and don't need any friends. I'm just using you as a tool to relieve my boredom. I don't need you anymore! Go die with them!"

He turned around and left. After walking for a short distance, he turned back to look and saw the chest opening and closing as if it was saying something to Bai Qu'er.

"I don't need friends."

Xing An gave a humph and waved his sleeves, looking extremely carefree. "It's just a chest that Cult Master Qin enlightened. I have never treated it as a friend. I'm not lonely at all… I will definitely not be delayed by the so-called stupid righteousness of High Emperor! Hahaha!"

He laughed and left.

Not long later, Xing An stopped and sat on a mountain rock with his cheeks propped up. The chest still didn't follow him.

After a moment, Xing An stood beside Bai Yujing with a black face. The chest was beside his feet, rubbing against his leg affectionately.

Xing An's face turned grim. "Don't touch me! I'm not worried about you at all, don't touch me… Alright, I'll let you keep these items, don't touch me, who's worried about you?"

In front, the Left Guards of Divine Strategies and the devil army were getting closer. The gods of High Emperor were incomparably nervous. Beside him, a young general pushed open his mask and revealed a bashful smile. "My name is Luo Shu. My mother planned to have a girl, but she gave birth to me. I cultivated to god realm two years ago, Senior Xing An. My name is very strange, and your name is also very strange. I feel that we are in the same boat. Aren't you nervous?"

The muscles on Xing An's face froze. He wasn't used to talking to strangers.

"After that, I had a sister, but my name didn't change. They all laughed at me for being a girl's name. However, this time, they won't laugh at me anymore."

Luo Shu smiled confidently. "I won't be afraid. In this battle, I'll tell them that I'm a man!"

Xing An turned his head to the side.

Finally, the left guard army of Divine Strategies arrived, and the corpses of the High Emperors rushed into the sky. The blind Yi Shisheng also rushed out and formed a formation with the corpses of the nine High Emperors to face the left guard army of Divine Strategies of the celestial heavens!


Both sides clashed, and You Bijun couldn't help but laugh when she saw the past High Emperor Celestial Emperors. "So it's the High Emperor Celestial Emperors that have died! Even Brahma Buddha was killed by me, and you bunch of corpses want to stop my Divine Strategies Army?"


The devil army was like a flood that covered the hills as they surged over from both sides of the Divine Strategy Left Guards. Bai Qu'er executed her divine sword and shouted, "Formation! Block them!"

Luo Shu was so excited that her face turned red. She followed the other High Emperor soldiers and shouted, "Fight to the death—"

Both armies clashed, and the corporeal bodies of countless devil gods were huge and sinister. Their battle power was astonishing, and during the first clash, over half of High Emperor's thousands of gods had died!

Xing An's expression was indifferent as he whispered to the chest, "Don't run with them, just stay by my side."

Just as he said that, a head rolled to his feet. Xing An was stunned. This head belonged to the young god called Luo Shu.

Luo Shu stared at the sky with her eyes wide open.

Xing An's heart trembled, and he turned his head away. "Tch—I… Why can't my tears stop…"

He clenched his fists, and devils danced around him. The face of the devil god distorted.

Xing An looked at Luo Shu's eyes, and the youth's clear eyes gradually became murky.


Xing An's Adam's apple bobbed with difficulty. Suddenly, the chest left him and rushed into the devils.

"I'm not a saint!" Xing An roared furiously, and the chest suddenly opened up.

His aura burst forth, and the bodies of countless devil gods danced in midair. Xing An rushed into the sky, and all kinds of terrifying treasures rushed out from the chest to form a flood!


A terrifying wave burst forth and sent countless devil gods tumbling. Xing An was like the most terrifying devil god in the world, unleashing a massacre!

A day later, Jiang Baigui led his army over and saw that everything within a radius of several thousand miles had been razed to the ground. There were corpses everywhere, and the Left Guards of Divine Strategies and the monsters of Youdu were almost all dead.

Xing An sat on the chest, and beside him was a young lady in blood holding a sword while gasping for breath. There was also a blind old man standing alone beside the corpses of the nine emperors.

The nine High Emperor Corpse Demons were completely dead, their obsessions gone.

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