Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1722 - The Great Situation Is Going Away

"You are Xing An."

Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui first greeted High Emperor Sword God Bai Qu'er before greeting Yi Shisheng. Only then did he come in front of Xing An and size him up. He recognized him and said, "You helped High Emperor Sword God eliminate Divine Strategies Left Guards?"

Xing An stood up, and his body was in tatters. There were wounds everywhere, but he actually didn't have any sense of pain. This body of his was also a body that was assembled, and all his sense of pain had long been erased.

In fact, he rarely had human emotions.

The two saints of Eternal Peace that appeared once every five hundred years finally came face to face. Xing An turned his head to look at Jiang Baigui and examined him. He felt that Jiang Baigui's appearance was detestable, and he actually looked a little similar to him. He was indescribably detestable.

This disgust came from the light of reason and wisdom in Jiang Baigui's eyes. Xing An also had this kind of light of reason and wisdom, but the path they chose was different.

"You are late. I'll fight this battle for you," Xing An said indifferently as he moved his gaze away.

Jiang Baigui nodded.

"Now that the Primordial Realm has become a scorched land, Eternal Peace is the final land of peace. Xing An, with your abilities, protecting Eternal Peace is the same as protecting your future orthodoxy."

Jiang Baigui's gaze also avoided him and came to his left, standing shoulder to shoulder with him. However, the two of them faced the opposite direction and said, "The celestial heavens will definitely lose. In the future, Eternal Peace's reform will be pushed to the entire Primordial Realm, the heavens, and the myriad worlds. You will have great potential."

"You're a saint, I'm not."

Xing An shook his head and kicked the chest. "I'm only a person seeking the path. No matter if Eternal Peace wins or the celestial heavens wins, I can still live. I hate the remaining humanity in my heart. This humanity made me do something irrational. This time, I almost destroyed all of my collections, so how can I do it again? If you come, I will leave Eternal Peace, leave the Primordial Realm, and find another safe place."


Jiang Baigui laughed. "Do you think there's really a saint in this world? Actually, it's not. The so-called saint that appears once every five hundred years is only the most intelligent person born within five hundred years. People like you and me have the highest intelligence in each of our five hundred years. Even if it's a million years ago, we are still the most intelligent people."

Xing An turned to look at him and said in doubt, "So you understand this point. I thought you were a saint. Since you understand, you should know that there aren't many people in this world that are worthy of our attention. Because the entire world is filled with idiots, they seem different. To others, we are weird people. We feel that our actions are normal, but they will feel that we are too rational and lacking in human nature. Human nature is merely a display of stupidity."

Jiang Baigui turned around, and the two of them finally faced each other.

"But there are saints in this world."

Jiang Baigui said, "The saint isn't born, but his words and actions. I'm not a saint that appears once every five hundred years, but I can be a saint."

Xing An laughed loudly and shook his head. "Know and act as one? Idiot. What's the benefit of being a saint to you? Can I help you achieve the path, or can I protect you from death? You are inferior to me, I'm more free than you, and I have more methods to save your life."

Jiang Baigui said with a smile, "I have three things. Establish cult, promote education in Eternal Peace, promote the world, make people no longer ignorant and bewitch the gods, let people know how it is and why it is so, and naturally have no fear in their hearts. Establishing speech is establishing knowledge, imparting knowledge, imparting knowledge, teaching knowledge. The body can rot, the primordial spirit can be obliterated, but words can exist forever, and knowledge can be learned. Achieving merit is what I'm doing now. Great merit, promote the path of Postcelestial, promote economic preparation, and thrive on Postcelestial lifeforms. Small merit is destroying the celestial heavens. After the three establishments, I will achieve the path."

Xing An quietly listened to him finish explaining his philosophy. After a moment, he said, "There are too few of our kind in this world. I admire you, but I don't agree with you. There's no need to keep me, you can't keep me either. I'm going."

He walked away, and the chest bounced to Bai Qu'er's side. It rubbed against the girl's leg and bade her farewell before quickly catching up to Xing An.

Jiang Baigui saw him off and retracted his gaze. "Senior Bai, the soldiers of High Emperor are admirable, so there's no need to trouble you guys with the war later."

Bai Qu'er shook her head. "This is the wish of the past High Emperors, and it's also my wish."

Jiang Baigui sensed her intentions and stopped persuading her. "In that case, let us set off immediately."

Yi Shisheng put the nine High Emperor Celestial Emperors into the coffins as if he was anticipating his senior brothers to be able to transform back into corpse demons in the coffins. However, this was almost impossible.

"Imperial Preceptor plans to head to Mist Maple Valley?" Bai Qu'er asked.

Jiang Baigui shook his head and said, "The Misty Maple Valley is guarded by my Shi Wentian Pavilion. His intelligence is higher than mine, so he can defend it. The true battle to break the situation isn't in the Misty Maple Valley, but in Xuandu."

He raised his head to look up, and the countless suns in the sky were far away from Eternal Peace. Even so, the air was incomparably hot, and many places in Eternal Peace had been roasted into scorched earth.

The suns moved around like lanterns. It was Celestial Venerable Yue and Lang Wo doing their best to hold back the Sun Guardian and Moon Guardian of Xuandu, but they couldn't hold back so many soldiers.

"Youdu is already under the control of Eternal Peace. If Xuandu is also under the control of Eternal Peace, then the situation will be set."

Jiang Baigui said, "Even if the Misty Maple Valley wins, it will only be a small victory and a miserable one. My goal isn't to block the attacks of the celestial heavens, but to uproot them! Xuandu is crucial! With Xuandu and Youdu, the offensive and defensive power will be different!"

Xing An brought the chest to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge nearby. He seemed to be talking to himself, but he also seemed to be talking to the chest. "The Primordial Realm is no longer suitable for me. Now, Celestial Emperor Hao and Tai Chu think I'm dead, and Cult Master Qin has returned the favor. The world is vast, and I can roam freely. I don't owe anyone."

The chest followed him, and the lid opened and closed as though it was talking to him.

"Because of a moment of impulse, your lifetime collection turned into nothing. Your heart aches too, right?" Xing An smiled.

He passed through Eternal Peace's Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge and came to the other heavens. Looking around, he couldn't help frowning. He saw that many people were escaping. The army of gods and devils of the celestial heavens were capturing the lifeforms of the other heavens, treating them as food and looting their wealth, causing the other heavens to be in a foul mood.

Xing An walked past over a dozen heavens and couldn't help frowning. These heavens were no longer suitable for him to learn.

Some of the escapees had escaped to the other more remote heavens, while some had even fled to the Primordial Realm. There were even many gods and devils that had headed to Eternal Peace, planning to ally with Eternal Peace and fight against the celestial heavens.

Even though Xing An didn't have much interest in the general trend of the world, he could still see some tricks.

"Jiang Baigui is worthy of being the smartest person in the past five hundred years. He saw through the general trend. Emperor Hao Tian went against the rules and lost the hearts of the people. Eternal Peace has become the place where the hearts of the people favor. As time goes on, the military strength will become stronger. The celestial heavens will be destroyed in no time."

His gaze flickered as he walked towards the ancestral court. He thought to himself, 'Jiang Baigui can really become a saint, but I won't be inferior to him. I've basically researched the gods and devils of the celestial heavens thoroughly, and I've also collected all kinds of brains. There's no need for me to continue staying in the celestial heavens. There's only one place that's attractive to me now.'

He walked through the starry sky and happened to be separated from Xu Shenghua, so he didn't have the chance to know about the incident in the ancestral court.

Even if he knew, he probably wouldn’t retreat, and he was even more delighted instead.

Xu Shenghua brought Qin Mu's coffin on a long journey to Eternal Peace when the battle in the Misty Maple Valley was at its most intense.

The land of Misty Maple Valley had already become a bloody battlefield. It was being attacked by the main force of the celestial heavens' divine masters and the navy. Almost everyone, regardless of whether they had comprehended the Ancestral Court's Dao Realm system or not, went into battle. Tai Shi, Lan Yutian, First Ancestor, Village Chief, Di Yiyue, South Deity, North Deity, and the rest also entered the battle!

Even though Eternal Peace had numerous experts, their military strength was severely lacking. It was extremely difficult to defend the front line.

Xu Shenghua carried the god burial coffin to the battlefield. He opened up the god slaying nails on the coffin, and a line was opened up on the coffin. There was dense divine light coming out from the crack.

The heavy Dao might suppressed the present world, and the Dao might that came from the coffin immediately shocked everyone. Everyone could feel the terrifying might of the Great Dao.

'Celestial Venerable Mu's coffin!'

The two ancient gods of Taiji immediately withdrew their troops and guarded their formation, looking nervously at Xu Shenghua who was walking over.

Xu Shenghua exerted force and threw the God Burial Coffin. The huge coffin flew past the two armies and landed in front of them with a thud.

The two ancient gods of Taiji immediately gathered together, and the two halves of the accompanying supreme treasure, the Taiji sand table, immediately closed up. The Dao might of the Taiji Dao filled the air, and the sand table swirled with yin and yang. The two ancient gods raised it to the extreme, ready to deal with any mishaps.

Millions of gods and devils held their breaths and looked at the divine coffin nervously.

Xu Shenghua passed by the army of gods and devils of the celestial heavens and walked towards the dilapidated Misty Maple Valley.

He had left Qin Mu in front of the two armies and had no intention of bringing the coffin to the valley.

The armies of both sides were silent, and countless gazes were staring at the divine coffin. Only the primordial beast summoned from the beast world let out an uneasy growl.

Even with Xu Shenghua's unmatched charm, no one looked at him. Their gazes were all attracted by the divine coffin.

There were many soldiers of the Celestial River Navy and the Oracle of the celestial heavens. The sweat and blood of many people mixed together and slid down from the foreheads of the soldiers onto the broken divine armor.

More and more beads of sweat appeared on the faces of the two ancient gods of Tai Chi. They wanted to send people to check the divine coffin, but they didn't dare to give the order.

The atmosphere was extremely stifling.

In the distance, in the main camp of the celestial heavens, Celestial Emperor Hao and Tai Chu were also staring fixedly at the divine coffin, their hearts tightening.

Emperor Hao Tian was still complaining about Tai Chu acting on his own to kill Celestial Venerable Xing An. Now that he saw Xu Shenghua carrying a coffin over, he knew he had wronged Tai Chu.

Suddenly, a few fingers stretched out from the coffin.

Everyone's pupils contracted, and they saw those fingers grabbing onto the coffin's lid and gently moving it. The burial coffin creaked, and it sounded especially ear-piercing in the silent battlefield.


The coffin lid landed on the ground, and the millions of soldiers of the Celestial Heavens' Divine Master Navy took a few steps back. They gripped the divine weapons and devil weapons in their hands tightly.

Suddenly, a huge primordial beast in the army let out a world-shaking cry and turned around to run, breaking apart the formation of many soldiers.

"Don't move!" The Yin Goddess's voice was hoarse, and it was unknown if she had heard him.

In the god burial coffin, a beam of light shot into the sky and connected to the sky. It was like a screen of light slowly spreading out, and a World Tree slowly rose from within.

However, no one looked at the World Tree. Everyone's gaze was fixed on the coffin.

A figure slowly sat up from the coffin, turning his face towards the Celestial Heavens' Divine Master Navy before slowly turning his head around.


The soldiers of the Celestial Heavens' Navy were instantly alarmed. They turned around and fled in all directions.

The two ancient gods of Tai Chi hurriedly gave the order to restrain the soldiers of the various armies, but who would listen to them?

Under the control of extreme fear, everyone, including the primordial behemoths, fled for their lives towards the main camp of the celestial heavens!

At the same time, Emperor Hao's decree came from the celestial heavens' main camp, asking the ancient gods of Taiji to retreat.

The two ancient gods were indignant. They turned back to look at the heavily damaged Misty Maple Valley and met Qin Mu's gaze.

The two ancient gods were astonished and immediately retreated.

When Emperor Hao Tian saw the army of gods and devils surging towards the main camp of the celestial heavens like a tide, he suddenly felt a sense of desolation.

Immediately, his spirit was roused, and he said silently, "I still have a chance! As long as Third Young Master breaks the red rope seal, I can turn the tables! I just need to guard the situation in the celestial heavens for the next few years!"

"Celestial Venerable Mu!"

A world-shaking cheer suddenly erupted in the Misty Maple Valley. The gods and devils of Eternal Peace and Carefree Village were cheering. It was noisy at first, but later on, everyone's voices gathered into a world-shaking torrent!

"Celestial Venerable Mu! Celestial Venerable Mu!"

This torrent was as passionate as the reform of Eternal Peace. It spread out like wildfire and spread to the god cities, transforming into even louder and more shocking shouts.

Xu Shenghua walked into the Misty Maple Valley, and Lan Yutian hurriedly went forward. He asked suspiciously, "Dao Friend Xu, why is my brother sitting there and not getting up? Also, why is he turning his head so slowly?"

"The reason why Cult Master Qin turned his head so slowly was because he had fifty long divine nails nailed into his wounds."

Xu Shenghua said, "When he got up, he was already in so much pain that his body was probably still trembling. When he turned his head, it was even worse. The nail was very long."

Ling Yuxiu also hurried over, and when she heard this sentence, she couldn't help becoming even more worried. "The mistress was thrown there…"

"Nothing will happen."

Xu Shenghua consoled him, "Even if Cult Master Qin is dead, the remaining might is still there, not to mention he's still breathing."

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