Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1720 - Righteous And Evil True Scholars

Xu Shenghua then stabbed the God Killing Nail all over Qin Mu's body. Qin Mu's wounds stopped bleeding, and he felt slightly better.

The God Killing Nail was a part of the God Burial Coffin. Its main function was to restrict the power of the suppressed, preventing them from escaping from the coffin.

When the Killing Dao Divine Nail stabbed into his wound, the first thing it suppressed was the Dao injury in his wound.

Third Young Master had used his unparalleled divine art to leave fifty wounds on his body. The Dao injuries were extremely peculiar and hard to heal. It was precisely because of these Dao Killing Divine Nails that Qin Mu woke up so early.

Xu Shenghua had also seen this point, which was why he had suggested Qin Mu to use the nails to seal the wound.

"The person who nailed you is completely wrong."

Xu Shenghua examined the God Killing Nail in detail and said, "If it was me, I would definitely avoid these wounds. Strange, who would help you like this?"

Qin Mu also didn't know the reason behind this. He pondered and said, "It's probably because even though that person is in the celestial heavens, his heart is with Eternal Peace. He's a rare righteous person."

"That should be the case."

Xu Shenghua nodded and said, "What are your plans regarding the ancestral court?"

Qin Mu frowned. Even though he had no other injuries, his injuries were still extremely severe and it would be hard for him to recover in a short period of time. He had to slowly comprehend the paths, skills, and divine arts contained in the Dao injuries and figure out the marvel within before he could solve it.

This required time.

With his current strength, there was no way he could deal with the upheaval of the ancestral court.

The upheavals in the ancestral court were completely caused by the Spirit Officials of Miluo Palace. Their goal was to release those prehistoric strong practitioners trapped under the roots of the World Tree that couldn't escape, creating chaos.

The more these prehistoric experts killed, the stronger the blood sacrifice would be. In the end, the Miro Palace would descend into this universe!

In order to fight for power, the stowaways would definitely lay their hands on the thousands of worlds in the heavens. They would definitely trigger the blood sacrifice of the third young master. If one of them achieved the Dao and imprinted the ultimate void, it would definitely cause the universe to accelerate and be destroyed!

Thus, he still had to get rid of these prehistoric experts.

However, it wasn't easy to get rid of them. Xu Shenghua had said earlier that there were already prehistoric Dao successors who had secretly crossed over from the roots of the world, planning to conquer the celestial heavens.

The current Eternal Peace was incomparably difficult to deal with the attacks of the celestial heavens. They didn't have the spare energy to deal with those stowaways.

"Let's return to Eternal Peace first."

Xu Shenghua lifted Qin Mu up again and placed him into the coffin. Qin Mu was still struggling when Xu Shenghua said, "This coffin is made for you, and it can suppress your Dao injury. It's even more effective than a coffin nail. You can slowly comprehend how to solve the Dao injury by staying inside."

Qin Mu immediately said, "Don't nail the coffin to death!"

"Don't worry, it's just a cover."

Xu Shenghua closed the lid of the coffin and left a slit open. He carried the coffin and hurried on his way. "Cult Master Qin, who was the one fighting against Tai Chu and Celestial Empress in the void? Their methods are very powerful and very clever. They used the ultimate void to limit Celestial Empress' abilities."

"That's Shang Jun."

Qin Mu said, "My injuries are severe now, so I can't see the Ultimate Void. How's the battle going when Shang Jun took on Tai Chu and Celestial Empress by himself?"

"We were still fighting just now, but when you woke up after I saved you from the coffin, Tai Chu and Celestial Empress left."

Xu Shenghua said, "That Merchant Sovereign is currently in my shadow."

Qin Mu laughed loudly, and his injuries were suddenly aggravated. He coughed repeatedly and said, "I'm still awe-inspiring, scaring away Tai Chu and Celestial Empress."

Xu Shenghua tilted his head and thought about it. "They should have retreated when they saw me coming. You don't have much battle power now."

Qin Mu snorted.

Tai Chu was bewildered. When Xu Shenghua had opened the God Burial Coffin, it had truly stunned him and forced him to retreat.

He had been traumatized when he fought Shang Jun in the Ultimate Void.

Shang Jun was an extremely terrifying person. In the previous battle, he was injured by him. If it wasn't for the fact that Shang Jun didn't understand the Dao of Absolute Beginning, he wouldn't have been able to escape.

And this time, Shang Jun still chose to fight him and Celestial Empress in the Ultimate Void, two experts who had achieved great success, which made him shudder in fear.

One had to know that Second Young Master's clone had died in the ultimate void battle and was killed by Celestial Venerable Yun. Even Celestial Emperor Hao was severely injured.

Celestial Empress was like the second young master, walking the path of the Ruins of End to achieve the path. Her hands and feet were bound in the ultimate void, and she was very careful. Cold and lonely wind blew continuously, contending against her hot and silent wind of the Ruins of End and weakening her abilities.

The battle between the two of them against Shang Jun was truly tough.

On top of that, Xu Shenghua was too nimble in breaking the Dao Burial Divine Coffin, which resulted in Tai Chu misjudging Xu Shenghua's abilities. He was worried that Xu Shenghua would attack the ultimate void, so he retreated without fighting.

"Who exactly is that person? How could he break the Dao burial coffin that Third Young Master Ling Xiao imparted to him so easily?" Tai Chu frowned.

Celestial Empress said, "That's Young Master Xu Shenghua of High Heavens. Back then, I still wanted to recruit him as a guest in the curtains and raise him to be a male companion. However, his talent and bearing are unrivaled in this world, and I couldn't help but be impressed by him. That's why I invited him to be my Dao friend."

Tai Chu raised his eyebrows and sneered. "Back then, you were obsessed with a pretty boy like Celestial Venerable Yu, and now you're obsessed with Xu Shenghua. So you like this kind of man, Zi Tong."

Celestial Empress said indifferently, "There is no trace of innocence between Celestial Venerable Yu and me, and Young Master Xu is also as fair as jade. I don't need to hide anything from you. Ever since you had an affair with that slut, I have met countless people to take revenge on you. There's no need to hide this from you. The two of them are modest gentlemen, and I only have respect and admiration in my heart."

Tai Chu had a dark expression as he laughed. "Have you forgotten about Lan Yutian plotting against you?"

"Lan Yutian is Lan Yutian, not Celestial Venerable Yu."

Celestial Empress sneered and said, "Tai Chu, in my heart, you will never be able to match up to Celestial Venerable Yu, who is pure and elegant, or the humble Young Master Xu!"

Tai Chu was furious and left in a flash. "Slut!"

Celestial Empress saw him off and said with a smile, "With Young Master Xu's abilities, he definitely won't be able to break the coffin. There must be something fishy about that coffin! Celestial Venerable Xing An must have done something to it!"

Tai Chu left in anger, and his figure vanished.

Celestial Empress slowed down. Not long later, she saw Xu Shenghua carrying Qin Mu's coffin over.

Xu Shenghua stopped and greeted Celestial Empress. "Goddess, long time no see."

Celestial Empress returned his greeting, and her gaze landed on the shadow behind him. She said indifferently, "Shang Jun, I'm not your opponent in the Ultimate Void, but you aren't my opponent outside. It's best not to try. I have no ill intentions when I come to see Young Master Xu."

Xu Shenghua's shadow didn't move.

Xu Shenghua said, "Goddess has seen me."

Celestial Empress looked at his face and sighed. She said in a low voice, "Even though there are many strange men in this world, there are few like Young Master Xu. It's a pity that you and I are enemies. If we can turn hostility into friendship and drink and chat happily with Young Master Xu, how wonderful would that be?"

Xu Shenghua said, "If Goddess abandoned the celestial heavens and joined Eternal Peace, you could turn hostility into friendship."

Celestial Empress shook her head. "That's impossible. I and the celestial heavens are bound together for good and for bad. How can I abandon the celestial heavens for a close female friend?"

In the coffin, Qin Mu couldn't resist saying, "If Goddess is willing to give up on the celestial heavens, I can be your matchmaker and betroth Brother Xu to you. If Goddess doesn't mind, I think I can…"

"Stinky man, shut up!" Celestial Empress was furious.

Xu Shenghua calmly closed the coffin lid, and Qin Mu's voice instantly couldn't be heard.

"Goddess, you and I both have our own paths, it's just that we are on different paths."

Xu Shenghua bowed to the ground and said, "After parting with you today, I hope you won't hold back when we meet again on the battlefield."

Celestial Empress returned the greeting and shed tears. She covered her face and left. "I also hope that Young Master Xu doesn't have to hold back. It's a pity I didn't get to know Young Master Xu earlier. If I had been a hundred years earlier or if Young Master had been born a million years earlier, you and I might have had a different ending…"

Xu Shenghua saw her off and continued to carry the coffin on his way.

Qin Mu knocked on the coffin, and Xu Shenghua opened up a line. Qin Mu's voice came from the coffin. "Brother Xu, if Celestial Empress is willing to join Eternal Peace's camp and fight the celestial heavens, she will definitely have an overwhelming advantage. Why don't you suffer…"


Xu Shenghua closed the coffin lid and thought about it. He then took out other nails and placed them into the coffin lid.

On the other side, Tai Chu was rushing forward like lightning. Xianxu Shenghua and Celestial Empress returned to the Primordial Realm and came to the main camp of the celestial heavens. They didn't go to see Celestial Emperor Hao, but barged into the Patriarch Creation Palace with murderous intent.

In the Patriarch Creation Heavenly Palace, brains floated around Celestial Venerable Xing An. The number of brains he controlled increased, and the scale of the divine brain matrix became larger. His calculations became faster and more intricate.

The killing intent on Tai Chu's body suddenly vanished, and his face was like the spring wind as he walked over slowly. He said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Xing An, you are so leisurely. Celestial Venerable, there's probably something wrong with the god burial coffin you created, right?"

Xing An raised his head and took a glance at him. "What's wrong?"

Tai Chu had a pleasant expression as he said with a smile, "When the Feathered Forest Guards were escorting the Dao burial coffin to the ancestral court, they were robbed by a person called Xu Shenghua. Xu Shenghua opened the coffin and released Celestial Venerable Mu. If it was a real Dao burial coffin, how could it be opened so easily?"

Xing An was astonished. He stood up and said in doubt, "I know Xu Shenghua's abilities. I once went to visit him in the West Earth of the Primordial Realm. His abilities are indeed very strong, and I lost to him back then. However, it's impossible for him to break the God Burial Coffin I created. He doesn't have the ability!"

A cold glint flashed across Tai Chu's eyes, and the smile on his face grew even wider. He leisurely said, "I saw with my own eyes that he easily pulled out the 49 Dao-Slaying Divine Nails without any difficulty. The 50 Dao-Slaying Divine Nails on Celestial Venerable Mu's body were also easily taken out by him…"


Xing An raised his hand and asked in doubt, "Forty-nine? Aren't they ninety-nine?"

The killing intent in Tai Chu's eyes slowly seeped out, and the smile on his face grew wider. "Tell me, half of these ninety-nine nails are nailed to the coffin, and the other half is nailed to Celestial Venerable Mu…"

Xing An nodded. "That's right."

Tai Chu's smile turned cold. "That's what I did, but it's useless!"

Xing An's vital qi transformed into a long nail and used his vital qi to transform into a coffin and Qin Mu's' corpse '. He raised his hand to smack a long nail into the coffin. Half of the long nail was in the coffin while the other half was in' Qin Mu's corpse '.

Xing An smacked the ninety-nine nails and said, "Just like this, we can trap the heavily injured Celestial Venerable Mu. Not to mention Celestial Venerable Mu, even those who have achieved the Dao will be trapped in the coffin and unable to escape!"

Tai Chu was flabbergasted. "You said half of it was nailed into the coffin…"

The astonishment on Xing An's face became even denser, and he shook his head. "Ninety-nine, how can we split them equally? Grand Imperial Sire should have thought of this point. I shall continue to work hard, so please go ahead, Grand Imperial Sire."

Tai Chu was muddle-headed as he walked out. Thoughts ran through his mind. "Ninety-nine, half, not forty-nine and fifty…"

Xing An waited for him to walk out of the Patriarch Creation Palace and immediately clapped his hands. The chest clattered over.

Xing An quickly packed up the soft stuff and stuffed it into the chest. "Tai Chu is too stupid and misunderstood my meaning. However, he needs someone to take the blame, and that person must be me! After he leaves this time, he will come to kill me when he comes to his senses! We can't stay here for long, let's leave quickly."

The chest was full of joy and encouragement, jumping non-stop.

Xing An took out some limbs of gods and devils from the chest and fiddled with them to create a human. His primordial spirit then moved into this new body, leaving behind his original corporeal body.

He stuffed the chest into his divine treasures and left in a flash. He walked out of the Patriarch Creation Palace and vanished among the gods and devils of the celestial heavens.

Suddenly, a loud bang came from the Patriarch Creation Celestial Palace, and Tai Chu said angrily, "Celestial Venerable Xing An colluded with Celestial Venerable Mu and deserves ten thousand deaths. He has already been executed by me!"

Xing An walked out of the main camp of the celestial heavens and smiled. He let out the chest and walked into the forest with the little monster. "I'm free now."

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