Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1719 - Prehistoric Invasion, The Fall Of The Celestial Heavens

Before the Right Feathered Forest Guards could make a move, the young man suddenly vanished. When he reappeared, he was already beside the god burial coffin. His speed was so fast that even the soldiers of the Feathered Forest Guards couldn't see him clearly!

Any one of the ten guards of the celestial heavens could fight a Celestial Venerable head-on after forming a formation. The power of the formation created by Meng Yungui was even more astonishing!

Among the ten guards of the celestial heavens, the Feathered Forest Guards were the strongest, and they were known as the wings of Celestial Emperor!

The first general of the Feathered Forest Guards was Wei Suifeng. He had made a name for himself in the battle of the Ruins of End and wiped out the strongest half-god race, Dragon Count Country.

This generation of Right Feathered Forest Guards was even better than back then. Their leader was an existence on par with Emperor of Endless Clouds, Wei Suifeng, and Emperor of Heaven Net, Bian Yanfei. However, even he couldn't see the movements of that young man.

"Divine Feather Great Array, activate!"

Bian Yanfei gave a shout, and the fifty thousand elites of the Right Feathered Forest Guards instantly activated the formation. The power of the formation instantly rose to the extreme, transforming into a huge green bird!

"Hong! Hong! Hong! Da Hong!"

The auras of the fifty thousand soldiers were connected, and they shouted in unison. The celestial palaces fell in disorder, and they were like green birds. Their Dao voices vibrated, and it was as if a great giant was crying sorrowfully, as if Celestial Venerable Hong was still alive!

Back then, Celestial Venerable Hong, who was known as the number one in the world with his magic power, was deconstructed by Meng Yungui's formation. The Great Divine Feathered Formation laid down by the Feathered Forest Guards combined Celestial Venerable Hong's demon with the righteousness of the Heavenly Dao, trapping Qin Mu's coffin and the young man in the killing formation!

The killing formation was activated, but the young man who had fallen into the formation wasn't in a hurry. The 33 heavens' domain spread out and connected with the 33 layers of void. He brought the God Burial Coffin higher, going deeper into the layers of void. Soon, they reached the 33rd void.

Bian Yanfei led the Feathered Forest Guards to attack together and entered the layers of void. However, the higher they went, the more severe the void transformation became. Even though the Feathered Forest Guards had the Great Feather Formation, it was still extremely strenuous for them to face the void transformation that was everywhere.

When they reached the thirty-three voids, the void-formation had already affected every soldier of the Feathered Forest Guards. If they continued to go deeper, everyone's lives would be in danger!

True Celestial Venerables could enter the 35 voids without dying, but the Feathered Forest Guards weren't true Celestial Venerables.

Although the Divine Feather Great Array was powerful, the soldiers that formed it didn't have the strength of a Celestial Venerable.

Bian Yanfei looked at the young man, and his eyes revealed an unwilling expression. He saw that the young man was in the thirty-third void, and it was as if he had merged with the void. The power of the thirty-third void actually had no effect on him!

"Who are you?" Bian Yanfei asked sternly.

"Xu Shenghua of High Heavens."

That young man was courteous and greeted him. "Greetings to Dao friends of the celestial heavens."

"Xu Shenghua!"

Bian Yanfei turned around and shouted, "Everyone, withdraw from the void!"

The fifty thousand soldiers of the Feathered Forest Guards raised their wings and covered the sky. Da Hong flapped his wings and flew away. Just as he flew out of the void, Bian Yanfei immediately ordered, "Stop! Activate the formation and attack the Ultimate Void from here!"

The soldiers of the Feathered Forest Guards immediately executed the formation, and powerful magic power that was close to Celestial Venerable Hong's peak surged out. The formation was activated, and it transformed into Changhong's attack. Like a world-shaking wing, it broke through the layers of void and slashed towards the thirty-third void!

The world-shaking wings easily split open the 33 levels, but in the 33rd void, the man called Xu Shenghua and the God Burial Coffin had already vanished!

No one had noticed when Xu Shenghua had left with the god burial coffin. Cold sweat rolled down Bian Yanfei's forehead, and he was completely disheartened. He muttered, "The Feathered Forest Guards are finished, they are all finished…"

This time, the Feathered Forest Guards were in charge of transporting Celestial Venerable Mu's coffin to the ancestral court's river. They didn't expect such a thing to happen halfway. If they returned, they probably wouldn't be able to report to Celestial Emperor Hao.

Under Emperor Hao Tian's fury, countless heads fell to the ground!

"What should I do? What should I do?"

Bian Yanfei grabbed his hair tightly and suddenly lost control of his emotions, crying loudly.

In the starry sky, Xu Shenghua circled around the God Burial Coffin for two weeks before suddenly smiling. "Cult Master Qin, is it good inside?"

It was hard for him to smile in front of others, but in front of Qin Mu's coffin, he couldn't help but laugh out loud, looking very happy.

There was no movement in the coffin, but Xu Shenghua wasn't worried about Qin Mu's safety. He examined the coffin carefully.

'This divine coffin isn't a coffin, but a kind of seal, sealing a powerful existence inside.'

He walked around the coffin and stopped to study it in detail. "This isn't the paths, skills, and divine arts of our universe. It looks like it should have come from prehistory and is indeed a highly developed civilization. Even the seal can be created so exquisitely. However, the most powerful thing about this kind of coffin isn't the coffin itself, but these coffin nails. Strange, why are these coffin nails nailed onto the coffin?"

Xu Shenghua was puzzled.

After observing it for so long, he could see many marvels of the god burial coffin. Even though he couldn't comprehend the prehistoric path of the god burial coffin in a short period of time, he could still see the general concept of this sealing divine art.

From his understanding, the nails weren't nailed to the sides of the coffin, and they weren't used to seal the coffin.

The true use of the coffin nails should be to nail the person in the coffin together with the coffin!

In other words, the nails had to be nailed through the six walls of the coffin.

"Five nails on the head, piercing through the crown of the head, fourteen nails on the feet, seven stars on the soles of the feet. Sixteen nails on the hand, impaling the five fingers, five elements, and the palm and wrist."

He counted them in detail. These coffin nails still needed to be nailed to the heart of the brows, to lock the divine treasures, to nail the incense, the throat, the chest, the canopy, the dantian, the sea of qi, and other places.

All in all, he needed about a hundred nails.

As long as one hundred nails pierced through the coffin and into places like Qin Mu's corporeal body, they could lock Qin Mu together with the coffin, restricting all of his magic power, divine arts, and transformations, locking him in the state he was in when he was locked in the coffin.

Just by doing this, no one would be able to escape. It was truly incomparably sinister!

However, the person who nailed the nails thought that he had nailed the nails into the coffin, causing all the nails to be wrong. Not a single nail was nailed in the right place!

"Who treats Cult Master Qin so well?"

This was what confused Xu Shenghua. Not only were these nails all nailed in the wrong place, there were only forty-nine of them, and there were actually fifty-one missing!

"How strange."

Initially, Xu Shenghua didn't dare to open the coffin rashly. However, after seeing through the true and false state of the coffin, he immediately pulled out the nails on the coffin.

He lifted the lid of the coffin and saw that there was a small world inside. The space was vast, and dazzling light came from the coffin. It was the light that the World Tree was giving off.

Under the World Tree, Qin Mu sat cross-legged.

Xu Shenghua observed Qin Mu's face and praised, "After Cult Master Qin died, he was vivid and lifelike."

He tried his best to move Qin Mu out of the coffin. He was so tired that he was gasping for breath. Qin Mu's corporeal body wasn't that heavy. What was heavy was the World Tree and the Chaos Sea under Qin Mu.

Xu Shenghua examined Qin Mu and saw some coffin nails on his body. There were exactly fifty of them, and he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Logically speaking, there should still be a nail. However, the person who forged this coffin seemed to be worried that Cult Master Qin wouldn't be able to escape. Not only did he nail it wrongly, he even forged one less."

Xu Shenghua shook his head and took the nails out from Qin Mu's wounds. He couldn't help shaking his head again. "These fifty nails were also nailed in the wrong place. I wonder which ignorant and incompetent fellow nailed them…"

Just as he took out the nail, Qin Mu's lifeless body suddenly felt like a cold winter had just passed. A gust of spring wind blew over, and a trace of weak life force appeared!

Xu Shenghua's heart stirred slightly, but he wasn't surprised. He sat at the side and waited quietly.

Great waves appeared in the Chaos Sea. The waves weren't huge, but they were very light and slow.

The life force in Qin Mu's body also gradually increased, but the injuries on his body limited the improvement of his life force.

There were a total of fifty such injuries. Xu Shenghua had examined them earlier, and they should have come from the paths, skills, and divine arts of Miluo Palace. The Dao injuries were extremely severe. Even if Qin Mu destroyed his divine treasures and turned them into primal chaos, he would only get rid of the injuries on his divine treasures and primordial spirit. The injuries on his body couldn't be completely erased.

Xu Shenghua couldn't treat this kind of injury, so he could only wait for Qin Mu to wake up and settle it himself.

He wasn't worried about Qin Mu at all. This confidence came from the first time they met, when Qin Mu was treating the water on the river. At that time, they were still youths, and the confidence in Qin Mu's eyes shocked Xu Shenghua deeply.

Later on, their paths crossed more, and Qin Mu walked through all kinds of storms. This made Xu Shenghua misunderstand that nothing could stump Qin Mu, that he couldn't defeat Qin Mu, and that he couldn't kill him.

Of course, he had never seen the moment when Qin Mu was in despair, which was why there was no solution.

After an unknown period of time, Xu Shenghua raised his head and saw knife lights flickering in the Ultimate Void.

He then retracted his gaze. He was somewhat familiar with that kind of knife light. When Qin Mu had come to see him last time, he had sensed that there was someone in Qin Mu's shadow, but he didn't ask further. The knife light gave him a very similar feeling to the person in Qin Mu's shadow.

At this moment, Qin Mu slowly opened his eyes, and the chaos sea gradually returned to its calm state, disappearing into his body. The World Tree behind him also vanished.

"Cult Master Qin, how's the coffin?" Xu Shenghua asked calmly.

Qin Mu's aura was still very weak. He raised his head to look at Xu Shenghua's expressionless face and smiled bitterly. "Brother Xu, why are you teasing me?"

The expression on Xu Shenghua's face instantly became extremely marvelous, and he laughed loudly. His laughter was clear and melodious, spreading far and wide.

Qin Mu coughed violently and coughed out the bad blood in his body. "Brother Xu, why did you come out of the ancestral court?"

The smile on Xu Shenghua's face vanished, and he returned to his usual indifferent expression. "The black mountain has fallen, and too many stowaways crawled out from the roots of the World Tree. I couldn't defeat them, so I came out."

Qin Mu was stunned and let out a sigh of relief. "I was still worried that you would fight to the death and fight to the end…"


Xu Shenghua said indifferently, "I'm more useful alive."

Qin Mu was almost suffocated to death by him and wanted to get up to beat him up. Very few people could suffocate him to death, but Xu Shenghua was an exception.

"The celestial heavens is destroyed," Xu Shenghua continued.

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently, and he suddenly couldn't suppress his injuries. Blood spurted out from all fifty wounds.

Xu Shenghua looked at him frantically sealing his wounds and handed over some coffin nails. "These nails can help seal the wounds."

"The celestial heavens is destroyed?" Qin Mu stabbed a nail into his wound and hurriedly asked.

Xu Shenghua nodded his head and said, "When I left, there were already successful Daoists sneaking over and preparing to attack the celestial heavens. Calculating the time, the celestial heavens should have been invaded, and the ancestral court has changed owners."

Qin Mu sucked in a cold breath and forgot to insert the nails. Xu Shenghua kindly helped him insert a few coffin nails into his wounds, causing him to cry from the pain.

"Is the fall of the celestial heavens a good thing or a bad thing… Be gentle, it hurts!"

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