Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1715 - Blasphemer's Divine Power

In the main camp of the celestial heavens.

Third young master and fourth young master controlled Emperor Hao's corporeal body, while one controlled the primordial corporeal body. Third young master stood outside Qin Mu's realm, while fourth young master stood inside Qin Mu's realm.

Third young master slowly moved his feet and observed the marvel of this realm, searching for Qin Mu's flaw.

In the past universe, even though he had interacted with the seventh young master Qin Mu many times, he didn't have a deep understanding of Qin Mu's divine arts, paths, skills, and skills. The seventh young master of Miluo Palace either went to cheat people or was on the way to cheat people. He didn't spend much time in Miluo Palace.

Now, it was a good chance to observe Qin Mu's Dao.

In terms of cultivation, Qin Mu wasn't the one with the highest vital qi cultivation in the seventeenth era.

Tai Chu, Celestial Emperor Hao, their vital qi were denser than Qin Mu's.

Qin Mu was powerful because he had already surpassed this era by too much. His horizons, knowledge, and foundation far surpassed those of Tai Chu and Celestial Emperor Hao.

He was not far from the young master. Even the third young master didn't dare to neglect him.

At the same time, countless of the celestial heavens' main army were trapped in Qin Mu's realm, unable to escape.

Qin Mu's realm was too strange. No matter which direction they rushed in, they could only get closer to Qin Mu, so they didn't dare to move.

Especially the strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne Realm of the celestial heavens, they didn't dare to take half a step forward!

Qin Mu had killed Hall Master Ling Guan's clone in such a barbaric and terrifying manner. If he moved by himself, he would walk in front of Qin Mu no matter where he went. It was simply sending himself to his death!

Other than them, there was also the ancient god of taiji and Celestial Empress. The ancient god of Taiji also saw the danger and didn't dare to make any moves.

Celestial Empress realized that when she turned her head, no matter how much she turned, Qin Mu was always facing her. She couldn't help clicking her tongue in wonder, so she turned two more times and giggled.

The thoughts of the Ruins of End's goddess were usually different.

Qin Mu single-handedly held back the army of countless gods and devils of the celestial heavens, making it so that no one dared to cross the minefield!

If the three young masters and four young masters hadn't used their own auras to break through his realm, even Celestial Venerable Xu, Ancestral God King, and the army of gods and devils of Xuandu and Youdu would have been trapped here, unable to escape!

Only the third young master was able to stay in Qin Mu's realm and jump out of it. This alone showed how deep his foundation was.

Qin Mu's 33 layered heaven divine treasure realm was incomprehensible, but he understood it and could still escape!

This was the first time Qin Mu had met such a terrifying existence. Ever since he had mastered his technique, his divine treasure realm had never been broken by anyone. This was the first time!

Third Young Master didn't seem to have solved it. Instead, he seemed to have seen through all the marvels of his realm!

The fourth young master didn't walk around like the third young master. He stood in Qin Mu's realm and looked at Qin Mu's Hall of Chaos.

Qin Mu's realm had a total of thirty-three heavens. In the eyes of outsiders, there were a total of thirty-three Qin Mus. However, what was strange was that the four young masters seemed to have passed through the realm of the thirty-three heavens. There was a fourth young master in every realm!

He used another method to show that he had already seen through the realm of the 33 heavens.

The methods of the two young masters were different, but their foundation was unfathomable!

Qin Mu instantly felt the pressure.

He wanted to stop the army of the celestial heavens here and give Eternal Peace time, but from the looks of it, this mission was incomparably difficult!

The third and fourth young masters didn't make a move. Even though they had seen through Qin Mu's realm, Qin Mu wasn't known for his divine treasure realm in the past.

The seventh young master of Miluo Palace had achieved the Dao through the chaos and cultivated the Temple of Chaos!

Even their teacher, the master of Miluo Palace, was full of praise for Qin Mu!

They were only borrowing the corporeal bodies of Celestial Emperor Hao and Tai Chu so that they could fight with Qin Mu. Controlling the corporeal bodies of others wasn't as convenient as descending personally. Furthermore, they still had to deal with the seventh young master of the past universe, so this was a rare opportunity. They could take a look at the marvels of the seventh young master's Hall of Chaos and what divine arts he had.

If he could see his paths, skills, and divine arts from the current Qin Mu, he could deal with the future seventh young master!

The Hall of Chaos floated in Qin Mu's great celestial heavens, and it contained boundless energy. However, this energy was hidden in the hall and couldn't leak out.

Qin Mu's Great Celestial Heavens also cultivated the system of using force to achieve the Dao like Tai Chu and Celestial Emperor Hao, cultivating celestial palaces and throne halls. However, Qin Mu wasn't affected by the Jade Capital Trap.

When he fought with the apparition of the seventy-two hall masters, he had already broken the trap and controlled the power of the seventy-two halls.

On the other hand, when he cultivated the Temple of Chaos, he would jump out of the Numinous Sky trap.

Not only that, the three young masters and four young masters also saw other methods of achieving the path from Qin Mu, such as the second young master's Ruins of End achieving the path, as well as his realm achieving the path!

Other than that, Qin Mu's World Tree made them slightly puzzled. This kind of method of achieving the Dao should be a unique system of the seventeenth era that hadn't been completely developed.

If there was also the path of the primordial chaos, one could see the path of the five paths of the path of the path!

This was also the reason why Qin Mu was so powerful!

Suddenly, Third Young Master Ling Xiao stopped in his tracks!

At the same time, the fourth young master, Zi Xiao, who had been standing there to observe, moved his feet and directly crossed the layers of space to arrive in front of Qin Mu!

Qin Mu also made his move at the same instant. He didn't use any other divine arts of the Dao Realm, and the first move he made was the 33rd level of the Heavenly Dao Realm divine art, Calamity Break!

His divine art established the path, and Calamity Breaking Sword was the most powerful divine art he had created. It could break through all Great Dao divine arts!

This sword contained his deep foundation, and the 33rd heaven of the Heavenly Dao realm that broke through the calamity also trapped more than half of the gods and devils of the celestial heavens. Even Celestial Empress and the ancient god of taiji didn't dare to make a move!

He had cultivated primordial qi and used the primordial runes to recreate this divine art. Its power was definitely much greater than before!

Fourth Young Master Ling Xiao walked towards the Breaking Calamity Sword and raised his hand to point at the sword lights that were rushing towards him. Their fingers collided with the sword in the air, creating a sizzling sound.

Qin Mu didn't have a sword in his hand, so he used his primordial qi to transform into a purple sword. On the other hand, the fourth young master, Zi Xiao, used his finger to transform into a divine art. With a flick of his finger, purple qi filled the air. It was also primordial qi!

The moment the two divine arts collided, the 33 heavens' domains jumped violently. The Dao Realm domains were inverted, time and space reversed, and the 33 heavens tilted. Everyone in the 33 heavens' domains couldn't help sliding forward as though they were falling towards the same singularity at the same time!

They hurriedly stabilized their bodies and saw that they had actually been moved into another realm during the clash between these two young masters.

What was even more astonishing was that they were even closer to Qin Mu!

Cold sweat broke out on everyone's foreheads. Their noses opened, their pupils contracted, and their throats went dry.

Celestial Empress chuckled and suddenly executed her Ruins of End divine art. The abyss of the Ruins of End appeared, and her body flew into it. She smiled and said, "I won't play with you guys anymore! Farewell."

The abyss of the Ruins of End swallowed her, and the abyss closed up, vanishing without a trace.

At the same time, the two ancient gods of taiji fused together and transformed into a giant with a snake head and a human body. They controlled the taiji sand table to spin, bringing them away with a roar!

The timing of their grab was extremely ingenious. It was the instant when Qin Mu and the fourth young master, Purple Firmament, clashed. The domain of the 33 heavens trembled and was about to stabilize!

This was the best time to escape Qin Mu's domain.


Black light rippled, and Celestial Empress walked out from the abyss. She smiled and said, "We can kill our way into Eternal Peace now…"

The smile on her face suddenly froze. The World Tree in front of her was verdant and lush, covering the heavens. She was still in the territory of the 33 heavens and was even closer to Qin Mu!

She executed the divine art of the Ruins of End, but she couldn't escape Qin Mu's realm!

At the same time, the taiji sand table spun and stopped abruptly. The two ancient gods separated, sweat pouring down their faces as they stared at Qin Mu under the tree.

The distance between them and Qin Mu was even closer than Celestial Empress!

The three of them froze on the spot and didn't dare to move anymore.

The fourth young master, Zi Xiao, stepped forward. Qin Mu's Calamity Breaking Sword didn't break this divine art of his finger. His finger was the divine art of Miluo Palace, and the basic runes were primordial runes. They were already the most basic runes of the Great Dao, and there was no way to break them!

In terms of the power of two divine arts, he was even stronger than Qin Mu's Calamity Break Sword!

At the same instant when Calamity Break Sword was broken, Qin Mu immediately changed his move and used Grandmist Finger to meet his finger. The divine arts of the two of them were almost identical, but the changes in them were different.

Even though the Primordial Finger was transformed from the primordial runes, everyone's comprehension was different, so the changes were different. The primordial runes could evolve into countless Great Daos, from the five precelestial Grandmasters to all the precelestial Great Daos.

At this moment, they were competing on their own foundation. Whoever had a deeper foundation would have more changes!


Qin Mu's chest exploded, and his body flew backward. He was nailed to the World Tree by the fourth young master's Purple Firmament Finger!

As he crashed into the World Tree, the territories of the 33 heavens trembled once again. The order of each domain changed again, and the formations of the countless armies of the celestial heavens started to spin again.

This time, they realized that they were much further away from Qin Mu and no longer fell towards him. They couldn't help letting out sighs of relief.

Qin Mu slid down from the World Tree, and suddenly, the primordial qi in the Hall of Chaos filled the air. Surging primordial qi spewed out in all directions and shrouded the World Tree!

At that moment, the World Tree seemed to be in the Ruins of End. The surrounding primordial qi was filled with a hot and silent wind. It was like a world-destroying calamity. All Great Daos were gone!

"Little Daoist." The fourth young master, Zi Xiao, walked into the great calamity of destruction and said indifferently.

Under the tree, Qin Mu stretched out his hand and pulled out his sword, staring at the fourth young master who was walking out from the chaos qi.

The figure of the fourth young master became clearer, and his body grew larger. He walked in the great calamity of destruction that Qin Mu had transformed into, and it was as if he was invulnerable to all methods and eternally indestructible. Even the wind of loneliness couldn't do anything to him.

At that moment, in the distant Misty Maple Valley, Celestial Venerable Yue moved her fingers, and the zither notes rang out. Under her control, the zither notes invaded Qin Mu's realm and entered the ears of the four young masters!

The fourth young master raised his feet. When he heard the zither notes, his heart suddenly throbbed, and his Dao heart became flustered.

Sword light shone.

Qin Mu pulled out his right hand!

Heaven Capital Heaven Splitting Writing!


The fourth young master retreated, but this sword light had already sliced through the layers of chaos. One sword split open the sky and cut into the heart of his brows. The fourth young master's mind was in chaos, and his consciousness seemed to have been split open in an instant!

Qin Mu's sword had killed his consciousness and obliterated his power!


Behind the fourth young master, the Purple Firmament Hall collapsed with a loud bang, and the scene of the universe opening up to the world appeared!

Tai Chu immediately took over his body and transformed into a strand of Tai Chu Qi to escape. However, he was astonished to see him getting closer to Qin Mu!


A figure appeared in front of him and grabbed the back of his neck, throwing him out of Qin Mu's realm.

Third Young Master Zixiao's expression was dark as he looked at Qin Mu's palm. He said solemnly, "Old Seven, you learned the divine art of a Blasphemer to deal with Miluo Palace. You have ulterior motives!"

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