Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1716 - Retreating Three Thousand Miles


Qin Mu panted for a moment and tried to recover the injuries on his body. However, the transformation of the fourth young master's Primordial Finger surpassed his, making him unable to break it in a short time.

It wasn't impossible for him to break the transformation of this divine art. Qin Mu had also learned Primordial Finger before, but he couldn't compare to the fourth young master in terms of transformation. As long as he comprehended the change in the wound, he could heal the Dao injury.

"Third, you call this move of mine the divine art of a Blasphemer?"

He forcefully sealed his wound and said with a smile that was yet not a smile, "This divine art of mine isn't among the paths, skills, and divine arts of the Miluo Palace, and it's the divine art of the Blasphemer Daoist? Without Teacher around, the few of you are becoming more spineless and narrow-minded. It's fine if you can't tolerate others, but you can't even tolerate new paths, skills, and divine arts. How disappointing. No wonder the Miluo Palace is so foul today!"

Third Young Master Ling Xiao's expression was dark, and he said coldly, "Old Seven, you don't know the origin of the Blasphemer of Heaven and Earth, so it's understandable for you to learn their divine arts. The war between our Miluo Palace and Heaven Capital has already lasted for ten universe cycles. Heaven Capital isn't the orthodox path, but a blasphemy against the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. By relying on your martial power, you have wreaked havoc on the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. Now, you have also taken this wrong path!"

With his hands behind his back, he said indifferently, "The fight between you and me is just an internal struggle of Miluo Palace. Even if we fight until our heads are bleeding, it's still a competition between senior and junior brothers. However, the fight between Blasphemer of Tiandu and Miluo Palace is different. This is a fight between orthodoxies, a fight between good and evil! Old Seven, don't misunderstand!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly. "Third brother, now that you and fourth brother are working together to destroy my orthodoxy, you still want me to stop using my strongest divine art? This is indeed a good deal!"

Third Young Master's face sank, and the apparition of a Dao Tree gradually appeared behind him. He said solemnly, "Fourth Brother's frame of mind has a weakness. You have to grab onto his weakness to force him to retreat. However, I don't have this weakness. I entered the Miluo Palace earlier and achieved the Dao even earlier. Back then, when Teacher got rid of Tiandu, I was also present. You executed the Blasphemer divine art in front of me, and I will use Teacher's ultimate art to kill you like how Teacher killed the master of Tiandu!"

His Dao Tree became clearer. The Dao fruits on the Dao Tree also gradually appeared, and the Dao contained in each one was different.

The apparition of the tree took root in Qin Mu's realm and pierced through the 33 heavens. It was even larger than Qin Mu's World Tree and even more inconceivable!

Just the apparition of this Dao Tree was enough to suppress Qin Mu's Dao Realm domain!

The two of them looked at each other, and Qin Mu's pupils contracted slightly. The hall of chaos was filled with primordial qi again, and it formed a majestic long river of chaos around the World Tree. It was like a great calamity of destruction!

Not only that, his aura completely exploded, causing his Dao Realm domain to crumble and turn into chaos!

His Dao Realm domain was suppressed by the third young master, so he might as well destroy it as well!

The realm of the Dao Realm was his divine treasure, and he was prepared to destroy it in one fell swoop to strengthen the power of Heaven Capital Heaven Splitting Writing!

The domain of the 33 heavens immediately fell into the apocalyptic calamity. The countless gods and devils of the celestial heavens in the surroundings immediately saw that terrifying apocalyptic phenomenon. Heaven and earth dried up, and all of them collapsed towards Qin Mu, transforming into primal chaos and the apocalyptic calamity!

No matter if it was the sun, moon, stars, or the myriad worlds in the heavens, everything was minced into pieces and vanished without a trace!

If this apocalyptic calamity erupted, countless armies of the celestial heavens would probably fall into it and be reduced to nothingness!

Right at this moment, Third Young Master's Dao Tree suddenly trembled. Countless roots, branches, and leaves pierced through the 33 heavens. The incomparably thick roots pierced into the calamity and froze it!

The celestial heavens' navy, the god teachers, and the rest of the army were relieved. At that moment, the two ancient gods of taiji rushed into the sky and shouted, "Take this chance to escape!"

Qin Mu's divine treasure realm was suppressed, and the marvel of the realm completely vanished. Instantly, the armies of the celestial heavens frantically escaped outwards, as though they had just experienced a huge defeat. There were gods and devils rushing around randomly, and there were even people who killed the people in front of them for blocking their way.

For a time, the armies of the celestial heavens fought among themselves, suffering heavy casualties!

The two ancient gods hurriedly executed the taiji sand table, which transformed into a taiji star field that swept up the armies of the celestial heavens and sent them out of the domain.

Qin Mu's legs suddenly split apart. They were uneven, and it was as if he was stepping on a mysterious altar that could split heaven and earth apart!


His qi and blood suddenly became several times more vigorous. In his Primordial Chaos corporeal body, his bloodline circulated, and the violent qi and blood caused the wound on his chest to explode again. Primordial Chaos vital qi was pushed to the extreme by him, causing his hair to rise into the sky and sway unsteadily!

Qin Mu lowered his waist and stretched out his right hand to draw his sword.

When his aura reached its peak, the ground around him rumbled continuously. The World Tree behind him was struck by his surging qi and blood, and it pulled out its roots from the ground. Roots filled the sky, and the roots were like huge dragons twisting their bodies in the air!

The branches and leaves of the World Tree rustled and shook. The branches and leaves were like the heavens, dazzling and eye-catching. The veins of the leaves were like huge rivers and mountains that rose and fell continuously!

And in the tree branches and trunks, there were Great Dao flowing, flashing with incomparably fine primordial runes!


His feet trembled violently, and the Ruins of End suddenly split open, revealing an unfathomable abyss. The light spewing out from the abyss was incomparably dense, like the tide of the Ruins of End.

Within the light, a lotus flower and two lotus leaves rose up. Beneath the lotus flower was a sea of chaos which was connected to the surrounding primordial qi. The lotus trembled slightly and bloomed!

At this moment, within Qin Mu's realm, there was only chaos and boundless space. Only the destruction calamity was left swirling, and the hot and silent wind carried surging flames as it blew in the destruction calamity!

His aura rose to an unprecedented peak, and his Dao voice rumbled. The World Tree and the Ruins of End Lotus formed a spectacular sight after the universe was destroyed!

At that moment, Third Young Master Ling Xiao raised his hand and pushed upwards. All the soldiers of the celestial heavens that were escaping out of the domain couldn't help but circulate their qi and blood. Celestial palaces flew out from the heart of their brows and floated behind their heads!

In those celestial palaces, the Numinous Sky Hall shone brightly, and millions of gods and devils, regardless of whether they had cultivated to the Numinous Sky Realm or not, burst forth with unimaginable power.

Third Young Master raised his palm and flipped it down. The power of the celestial heavens' soldiers' Numinous Sky Halls came crashing down, crushing Qin Mu's divine treasure realm!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thirty-two consecutive sounds of heavy objects colliding rang out, and the thirty-three heavens were instantly pressed together, ruthlessly pressing down on Qin Mu and the World Tree!

Qin Mu's bones crackled from the pressure, and he roared furiously. The muscles under his skin bulged, and the power of the grandmist body was pushed to the extreme!

The shoes under his feet suddenly exploded, and the clothes on his body also split into pieces. Only his pants were left.

Suddenly, behind the third young master's head, a Numinous Sky Hall slowly rose up. It was incomparably bright and pressed down on Qin Mu's body with a rumble!


Qin Mu's body bent down, and his skin exploded. Blood fog rose, and he let out a roar from his throat. Using his right hand as a sword, he pulled it out brazenly.

"Old Seven, you are stubborn. It seems like you can't return to the past and be the seventh young master!"

Third Young Master's expression was cold as he closed in. A marvelous divine art burst forth in his hands!

His ten fingers moved, and every finger drew an extremely beautiful arc in space. In every arc, there was a kind of perfect Great Dao flowing along the arc. It didn't look like a divine art, but more like an incomparably exquisite art!

This was the divine art that the master of Miluo Palace had used to kill the master of Heaven Capital. In order to kill this powerful enemy, the master of Miluo Palace had even gone into seclusion for thousands of years to comprehend the Great Dao. He had finally broken out after thousands of years!

Third Young Master was the witness of this battle. He had personally seen how the master of Miluo Palace had used this kind of divine art to kill the master of Tiandu.

That was the end of the Seventh Epoch. Countless billions of years had passed since then, and the foundation of the master of Miluo Palace had long surpassed that of the past. It was unfathomable.

Third Young Master had only comprehended this divine art and mastered it at the end of the sixteenth era.

He had originally thought that he would never have the chance to use this divine art, yet he didn't expect it to be used on a person of Miluo Palace, and this person was even the seventh young master!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Blood holes suddenly exploded on Qin Mu's body. Even though he had the strongest corporeal body of the seventeenth era and Primordial Spirit, he couldn't block this divine art!

Third Young Master faced the sword that Qin Mu had slashed out and executed his divine art to the extreme. Just as he was about to die, the five fingers of Qin Mu's right hand suddenly opened up and grabbed onto his face!

Bang, bang, bang, bang. Explosions rang out, and Qin Mu's right hand was instantly blown into smithereens by the power of this divine art. The flesh and blood immediately melted away, leaving only white bones.

Third Young Master was stunned. His move was targeted at Qin Mu's Heaven Opening section, but Qin Mu's move wasn't Heaven Opening Capital Volume.

"You've been tricked, Third."

Qin Mu's face was covered in blood, and he stared at him with his eyes wide open. His bony hand was still on Third Young Master's face, and he revealed a delighted smile. "You dispersed so much power to suppress me, so your own power isn't enough to kill me in one strike. It's true that I can't beat you, but Teacher created a divine art to deal with Second Sister. You haven't seen it before, right?"


The red rope entered the third young master's mind and passed through the back of his head, blasting out the primordial qi and consciousness that he used to invade Celestial Emperor Hao's corporeal body!

That terrifying primordial qi carried Third Young Master's consciousness and flew backward. Red ropes spread out in all directions and transformed into dense chains that flew backward rapidly.

The chain stretched out in all directions, locking down the Numinous Sky Hall that was suppressing Qin Mu. It lifted the huge hall and flew towards the third young master's consciousness.

The Numinous Sky Hall collided with the primordial qi and the consciousness of the third young master. With a loud bang, the primordial qi and consciousness of the third young master crashed into the treasured hall. The five red ropes latched onto the door of the treasured hall and transformed into a net. The five ropes went deep into the hall and locked down the third young master's power and consciousness.

Qin Mu revealed a smile, and his body swayed. In front of him, Celestial Emperor Hao regained consciousness, and his expression changed drastically. He turned around and left, transforming into a stream of light that rushed out of Qin Mu's divine treasure realm.

Qin Mu laughed loudly, and blood spewed out from his mouth, blocking his laughter.

He sat boldly under the World Tree, and beneath him was the Ruins of End Lotus.

His domain shrunk rapidly, but there was still a radius of a thousand miles.

His domain was in tatters, and there were holes everywhere. The gods and devils of the celestial heavens had long escaped, leaving behind corpses in his domain.

The two ancient gods tidied up the soldiers and turned back to look. They saw Qin Mu sitting there motionlessly with his head lowered.

"Celestial Venerable Mu is dead?"

The corners of Celestial Venerable Yin's eyes twitched. She wanted to go forward to check, but she didn't dare to go forward rashly. She immediately exchanged for a hundred soldiers of the celestial heavens and shouted, "Go in and see if he's dead or alive!"

The hundred soldiers were extremely unwilling, but they had to obey the military order. They could only brace themselves and walk into Qin Mu's broken realm.

Emperor Hao Tian had already retreated to the front of the side palace hall. When he saw the situation, he hurriedly stopped and looked into the distance.

The hundred soldiers grew their courage and moved forward carefully. They were still over ten miles away from Qin Mu and only felt Qin Mu's aura becoming weaker did they feel slightly at ease.

Suddenly, Qin Mu moved, and the hundred soldiers cried out loudly. They hurriedly turned around to escape while crying out endlessly.

"Retreat three thousand miles!" Emperor Hao Tian turned around and shouted.

The great army of the celestial heavens roared and howled along the way. They felt that Qin Mu could slaughter his way over anytime.

When the army retreated three thousand miles, the generals stopped the soldiers that were escaping and stabilized their formation. Emperor Hao Tian looked up and saw Qin Mu still sitting there motionlessly.

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