Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1718 - Into The Coffin And Down The River

Emperor Hao Tian looked fiercely at Qin Mu who was far away. He suddenly turned around and came to the front of the Numinous Sky Hall. He saw that the door of the Numinous Sky Hall was sealed by a red rope net and couldn't enter.

Meanwhile, terrifying pulses came from the hall as though someone was fighting inside.

That should be the consciousness of the third young master controlling the power of Numinous Sky Hall to fight against Qin Mu's red rope, trying to break the divine art!

Emperor Hao Tian kowtowed and said, "Young Master Ling Xiao, Celestial Venerable Mu is no longer breathing. Has he died?"

The commotion in the hall suddenly calmed down, and the voice of the third young master traveled over. "The seventh young master of Miro Palace has always been in the past universe, so how could he have died? Countless people have tried to kill him in the past universe era, but he's still alive and well. Even the great calamity of destruction and the calamity of creation might not have been able to kill him. The current him is just too heavily injured, so he took the opportunity to enter destruction and fake his death."

Emperor Hao Tian was astonished. "Luckily I didn't fall for it!"

Third Young Master said, "However, his injuries are extremely severe, so he shouldn't have much power left. Otherwise, he wouldn't have used half a month to shrink his divine treasures and enter destruction to fake his death. If he was at his peak, he could heal his injuries with a single thought. That move of mine was a divine art that my teacher, the ruler of the Heaven Crushing Sect, had created. If he got hit by that move, it would be extremely difficult for him to enter destruction! After entering destruction, it would also be abnormally difficult for him to open the sky and be reborn! In his current state, he's neither alive nor dead. He tried to borrow entry and destruction to break the Dao injury I left behind for him, but he couldn't do it!"

Emperor Hao Tian raised his head and cried out, "What young master means is?"

"The current him doesn't have much battle power left. He doesn't have much strength, and he's not much of a threat. You can capture him and send him to the ancestral court to sink into the river."

Third Young Master said solemnly, "If we throw him back into the long river of chaos in Jade Capital City, he won't be able to return here unless he performs the blood sacrifice as well! However, the blood sacrifice was presided over by me and has been laid out for six billion years. I won't give him the chance to return. As long as we send him back, you won't have to worry about him anymore, and Eternal Peace can be broken with a flick of a finger."

Emperor Hao Tian's heart pounded. After thanking him, he stood up and looked at Qin Mu from afar.

"This divine art was created by my teacher to trap Second Young Master Wuji. Even though Old Seven has only learned the basics, it will take me five to six years to solve this divine art."

Third Young Master's voice traveled over. "Do what you need to do these few days and don't come and disturb me. If you focus on breaking the red knot, you will easily suffer a backlash if you are distracted. Don't touch the red knot, understand?"

There was only one thought in Emperor Hao Tian's mind, and he didn't hear him clearly.

Wherever his gaze landed, he saw Qin Mu sitting under the World Tree. The two ancient gods of taiji ordered their men to investigate. Before the scouts of the celestial heavens could reach him, they suddenly exploded and transformed into a few wisps of chaos qi!

The two ancient gods jumped in shock and hurriedly executed the taiji sand table to assume a defensive posture. However, Qin Mu still had no breath and continued to sit there.

Only the qi of primal chaos that the scouts of the celestial heavens had transformed into was guided into the pool of blood under Qin Mu.

It was peaceful there.

Suddenly, the gaze of the Great Yin Goddess flickered, and she executed her divine art. A divine art transformed into a long river that was a thousand miles long. It roared and rushed straight at Qin Mu!

When the long river surged forward, it changed rapidly. When it came close to Qin Mu, it had already transformed into a body of flesh and blood. It was like a long dragon that was a thousand miles long, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, looking ferocious!

The divine art of the ancient god of Taiji was truly marvelous and unfathomable. The power of this strike was extremely strong, and it was unleashed with all her strength. Even Celestial Venerables would have to stand up to block it.

At the same time, Celestial Venerable Sun also executed his own divine art, and their divine arts complemented each other perfectly. Two long dragons, one black and one white, intertwined their heads and tails, transforming into a great divine art!

However, before the huge divine art could reach Qin Mu, the branches of the world behind him danced and pierced through the divine art, killing the two black and white dragons!

After the two dragons died, they transformed into wisps of primordial qi that flowed into the blood pool below Qin Mu.

When Emperor Hao Tian saw this, he was a little hesitant. Even though Qin Mu's corporeal body was incomparably strong and still had some power after his death, it wasn't to the extent where it was so powerful after his death.

Could it be that he still had consciousness and could control the World Tree and the Chaos Blood Pool to attack the gods that were close to him?

"Third Young Master, ordinary people can't even get close to Celestial Venerable Mu's corporeal body. How can we send him to the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court to sink the river?" Celestial Emperor Hao bowed and kowtowed.

In the hall, the third young master grunted and only managed to catch his breath after a moment. He said coldly, "I just told you not to disturb me and almost caused me to be strangled to death by the red rope! Since you're so stupid, forget it. I'll teach you how to build a Dao burial coffin. You just need to forge this coffin and put Old Seven inside, carry him to the ancestral court, and throw him into the long river of chaos!"

In the Numinous Sky Hall, the red rope was vibrating non-stop. Third Young Master's consciousness barely passed through the lock and tunneled into Celestial Emperor Hao's mind. He said, "Once this Dao burial coffin is placed inside, don't even think about escaping. It's the coffin of a person who has achieved the Dao. Make it as soon as possible and store him inside. Then, use the Dao Slaughtering Divine Crucifixion Stakes I taught you to nail the coffin. Once that's done, you can send him to the Jade Capital River!"

Emperor Hao Tian was overjoyed and focused on comprehending the refinement method of the Dao Burial Divine Coffin that Third Young Master had imparted to him. However, this was a weapon refinement method, and his achievements in weapon refinement were limited.

"Men, invite Patriarch Creation Heavenly Palace's Celestial Venerable Xing An!"

Not long later, Xing An arrived late. Emperor Hao Tian imparted the refinement method of the Dao burial coffin to him and said, "Dao friend, as a Celestial Venerable and also the Patriarch Creation Palace Master, how long will it take for you to refine this coffin?"

Xing An comprehended in detail, and countless brains floated in the air to help him think and calculate. After a long time, he opened his eyes and said, "The army has a unique treasure forged from the ancestral court's treasure land. There are enough materials, and it can be refined in half a year. However, I need the help of all the strong practitioners on the Emperor's Throne in the celestial heavens, and I also need the help of a few Celestial Venerables and those who have achieved the Dao."

Celestial Emperor Hao frowned and said, "Half a year is too long. If Old Crook Mu wakes up, it'll be too late! I'll give you three months!"

Xing An considered it carefully and said, "In three months, there will probably be some flaws."

Celestial Emperor Hao asked, "How big of a flaw is it?"

Xing An calculated for a moment and said, "One percent flaw. If you give me three more months, I will be able to refine the most perfect coffin, and no one will be able to escape after putting it in."

Emperor Hao Tian was delighted, and he said with a smile, "Just a small flaw, nothing to worry about. Go ahead and do it, I'll allow you to use all the treasures in your army!"

Xing An bowed and immediately got ready.

Among the various armies of the celestial heavens, there were treasures forged from the ancestral court's treasure mountains, lakes, and seas. There were also all kinds of divine materials. Even though they were inferior to the World Tree and Primordial Tree, they were still extraordinary.

Xing An took Celestial Emperor Hao's decree and asked for it back. The soldiers were angry, but they didn't dare to say anything.

From top to bottom of the Patriarch Creation Palace, tens of thousands of Heavenly Workers opened up their pill furnaces and smelted all kinds of divine weapons. Xing An then designed the components of the God Burial Coffin. After two months, the God Burial Coffin had already taken shape.

Celestial Emperor Hao personally led the civil and military officials to refine this god official under Xing An's command. Celestial Empress and Tai Chu were also mobilized.

Another month passed, and the god burial coffin was completed.

Xing An took out the ninety-nine Dao Slaughtering Divine Nails that he had refined and said, "Half of these divine nails will be nailed to Celestial Venerable Mu's body, and the other half will be nailed to the coffin. They will then become one with the coffin and be unable to escape."

After he handed in his report, he thought for a moment and said, "Your Majesty, I've always wanted to get a copy of Celestial Venerable Mu's brain. I want to personally go and see if I can cut off Celestial Venerable Mu's head."

Celestial Emperor Hao said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable's loyalty is commendable. However, the remaining power of that thief Mu is extremely terrifying. With your abilities, you won't be able to get close to him. You can just let Grand Imperial Sire and Mother do this."

Xing An could only give up.

Tai Chu and Celestial Empress immediately brought the Dao Burial Divine Coffin and the ninety-nine Dao Slaughtering Divine Nails to Qin Mu's' burial place '. When they arrived there, Tai Chu instantly felt his Great Dao stirring and was about to be obliterated into chaos. He couldn't help exclaiming in admiration, "What a powerful aftershock!"

The two of them came to the bottom of the World Tree and were about to get close to Qin Mu when the corners of Celestial Empress' eyes twitched. She gave a shout and waved her hand, sending a Great Abyss of the Ruins of End towards Qin Mu's shadow!

Qin Mu's shadow squirmed, and a knife light suddenly cut into the abyss. With a whoosh, the abyss actually split open!

"Shang Jun!"

Tai Chu's heart jumped, and his wound started to ache again. He hurriedly said, "Zitong, restrain Shang Jun, I'll put Celestial Venerable Mu into the coffin!"

Celestial Empress gave a cold humph, and fine black cracks floated around her as she fought with Qin Mu's shadow.

Qin Mu's shadow squirmed on the ground, twisted, and grew, transforming into the image of a knife-wielding person that fought her on the ground!

Tai Chu hurriedly moved Qin Mu's' corpse ', but he didn't expect that when he tried to move the' corpse ', the chaos pool below was also moved. The World Tree also rose into the sky, and it was incomparably heavy!

'Celestial Venerable Mu is still so heavy after his death!'

Tai Chu grunted and lifted Qin Mu up along with the Chaotic Pool of the World Tree. He then executed the God Burial Coffin which became huge and placed Qin Mu's corpse into the coffin.

Tai Chu let out a sigh of relief. He took out the Divine Crucifixion Stakes and counted them. He couldn't help but hesitate. "Celestial Venerable Xing An said that half of the Divine Crucifixion Stakes are nailed to Celestial Venerable Mu's body, while the other half is nailed to the coffin. However, there are only 99 Divine Crucifixion Stakes here, so there's no way to divide them evenly!"

The battle between Celestial Empress and Shang Jun became faster. Tai Chu didn't have time to think and stabbed the fifty divine nails into all parts of Qin Mu's corporeal body.

There were numerous wounds on Qin Mu's body which were left behind by Third Young Master's divine art. There were exactly fifty wounds which corresponded to fifty divine nails.

Tai Chu closed the coffin and slammed the remaining forty-nine divine nails into the coffin to nail it to death.

Instantly, the abnormally terrifying power that came from Qin Mu's corporeal body dissipated and was completely isolated by the divine coffin.

Tai Chu let out a sigh of relief and immediately went to help Celestial Empress deal with Shang Jun. However, Shang Jun suddenly split open space with his knife and vanished into it.

"Don't chase a cornered enemy!"

Tai Chu stopped Celestial Empress and said, "It's more important to deal with Celestial Venerable Mu! Sovereign Shang will definitely follow the Dao burial coffin secretly. We can set up an ambush along the way and kill him!"

Celestial Empress understood and returned to the main camp of the celestial heavens with him. Celestial Emperor Hao ordered the Right Feathered Forest Guards, "Escort the divine coffin to the Jade Capital of the ancestral court!"

The Feathered Forest Guards were all half-gods that had grown wings, and their speed was extremely fast. When they heard what Qin Mu said, they immediately escorted the god burial coffin out of the Primordial Realm and towards the ancestral court.

One of the Tai Chu and Celestial Empress were hiding in the Ultimate Void, while the other was hiding in the divine art of the Ruins of End. They followed quietly and waited for Shang Jun to appear before killing him.

The Feathered Forest Guards traveled a long distance in the starry sky and flew for several months. Shang Jun never showed himself, and both of them were anxious.

On this day, Tai Chu and Celestial Empress suddenly saw the shadow of a Feathered Forest Guards moving abnormally, and they couldn't help being delighted. The two of them immediately pounced forward and worked together to shatter the Feathered Forest Guards!

"Not in the shadow!"

The two of them looked around and saw a knife light flickering in the starry sky. It immediately rushed out and chased after Shang Jun.

The Feathered Forest Guards continued to move forward, and another two months passed. They were still halfway to the ancestral court.

On this day, the Feathered Forest Guards dragged the divine coffin and flapped their wings. When they were about to pass through a sun, they saw a lotus blooming in the starry sky. It was extremely gorgeous, and another lotus flower bloomed in front of them.

The Feathered Forest Guards hurriedly stopped and stood in formation, looking at the lotus that was flashing continuously.

They focused their gaze and saw that the lotus wasn't a lotus flower. Instead, it was a marvelous divine art. It was a footprint left behind by someone rushing through the starry sky.

The person who was hurrying on his way was a handsome and refined young man. His long robe fluttered in the wind, and he had a very noble aura. His temperament was also unforgettable, and people would always have a favorable impression of him.

The Feathered Forest Guards' commander stepped forward and shouted, "The Feathered Forest Guards of the celestial heavens, under the orders of His Majesty, escort Celestial Venerable Mu's corpse to the ancestral court! All unrelated people, withdraw!"

The young man stopped and looked at the Feathered Forest Guards before looking at the coffin that was protected in the center. He asked with a gentle expression, "Is Cult Master Qin inside this coffin?"

Celestial Venerable Mu's plate was loaded… It was placed in a coffin. The family members' emotions were very stable, and they even wanted to laugh.

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