Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1714 - Heart Of Heaven, The Dao All Life

The raging hellfire finally subsided.

Only ashes were left in the extinguished sea of fire. There was nothing else.

"Earth Count…"

Celestial Venerable You turned around and faced the Youdu army of devil gods and monsters. A Dao friend passed away just like that.

What he saw in his daze should only be Earth Count's obsession and not what had really happened. In his obsession, Earth Count should have fulfilled his wish.

Qin Fengqing looked at this sight from afar. He felt that he had grown a lot more and was much closer to the true Earth Count.

"Big fella, take care…"

He executed the Six Dao Heavenly Wheel and said in a low voice, "Don't worry, I will do what you taught me. I will protect the justice after death and give justice to all living beings!"

He walked down the six heavenly wheels, and his magic power was still maintaining the circulation of the six heavenly wheels. However, at this moment, he no longer needed to maintain the six heavenly wheels at all times.

Celestial Venerable Xu and Earth Count left together. Without Celestial Venerable Xu, the celestial heavens posed less threat to the Primordial Realm. He didn't need to maintain the Six Dao Heavenly Wheels at all times.

Qin Fengqing closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. The Primordial Realm's Youdu were connected, and they were no longer two independent worlds. As Celestial Venerable Xu and Earth Count transformed into the Dao of Youdu, the Great Dao of Youdu became complete once again. The Great Dao that filled Youdu grew, making him feel full of power.

At this moment, the Primordial Realm no longer had the threat of Youdu, and he could also execute his punches and kicks!

In the sky above Eternal Peace, Little Xuandu.

"Dao Friend Earth Count, have you fulfilled your wish?"

Heaven Duke looked down, and the flames of Youdu in the Primordial Realm were extinguished. His heart throbbed, and he felt great sorrow and joy.

When Earth Count left, he probably didn't have any regrets.

"To outsiders, they might be sad that he had left, but to you, Dao friend, you will probably be happy that you got what you wanted. You have become a human, and you have also become a Dao. You will be together with your daughter and your family forever. This is a great relief!"


Ancestral God King gathered the Heavenly Dao into a supreme treasure and smashed it ruthlessly on Heaven Duke's face. Heaven Duke's face distorted, and he tumbled from the impact. He crashed into Little Xuan and only stopped after a long time.

He was in a daze because of Earth Count. In just an instant, Ancestral God King caught his weakness and beat him up miserably.

He was no match for his son Ancestral God King to begin with. Although he had comprehended the Heart of Heavenly Dao and had cultivated his Dao Realm to an extremely high realm, it was difficult for him to achieve the Dao in a short period of time. He could only rely on Heavenly Dao treasures to fight Ancestral God King.

However, the treasure of the Heavenly Dao had transformed into Little Xuandu to block the army of gods and devils of Xuandu, giving Celestial Venerable Yue and Lang Lang some time to prevent the army of Xuandu from rushing into Eternal Peace. Therefore, he was at a disadvantage from the start.

In the Little Xuandu, Celestial Venerable Yue executed the loading void and sliced through space, splitting the Little Xuandu into countless spaces. Lang Lang stood beside her and visualized countless gods and devils, visualizing a resplendent galaxy to fight against the army of Xuandu's Sun Guardian and Moon Guardian.

The two sides clashed, and the sun and moon filled the sky. Countless suns and moons formed all kinds of marvelous formations, trying to break through the restrictions of Little Xuandu. However, when faced with Celestial Venerable Yue and Lang Lang, the formation of the Sun Guardian and Moon Guardian seemed to be stretched.

"Heaven Duke, the situation is stabilized!"

Celestial Venerable Yue wiped the sweat off her forehead and shouted, "You can take away the Heavenly Dao Treasure now!"

During this period of time, Heaven Duke had already been beaten to death by Ancestral God King, and he had almost lost his life. He could only flee continuously, but his corporeal body was in the hands of Ancestral God King. No matter where he escaped to, Ancestral God King could always attack him.

Heaven Duke's corporeal body was slightly inferior to the ancient Celestial Emperor's corporeal body of the Grand Primordium, but it was also one of the strongest corporeal bodies in the world. Over the years, Ancestral God King had become more proficient in controlling this corporeal body, and its power had also become stronger!

"Father, are you dead or not?"

Ancestral God King was abnormally excited as he executed Heaven Duke's corporeal body, causing him to flee in all directions. However, his attacks still landed on Heaven Duke's body, causing his injuries to worsen.

Heaven Duke tried to summon the Heavenly Dao supreme treasure, but Ancestral God King raised his hand and waved. Celestial palaces burst forth from Heaven Duke's corporeal body, blocking the Heavenly Dao supreme treasures one after another, preventing him from touching them.

"Father still dotes on me!"

Ancestral God King laughed loudly and said proudly, "It allowed me to kill Father twice to make up for my wish!"

He walked down from the forehead of Heaven Duke's corporeal body and looked at Heaven Duke who was struggling bitterly. He shook his head and sighed. "In this world, there's no such thing as fairness and justice. Father, you always talk about fairness and justice, but you are actually the most unfair one. Wolves eat sheep, sheep eat grass, grass eat earth, this is the Heavenly Dao. Ancient gods eat half-gods, half-gods eat humans, humans eat animals and plants, this is also the Heavenly Dao. As Heaven Duke, your comprehension of the Heavenly Dao is too narrow. Facing the resistance of humans, you are actually helping them instead of killing them!"

He raised his hand and pointed at the land of Misty Maple Valley. He sneered and said, "Look at these humans, these Postcelestial lifeforms. They originally couldn't live forever, but they could go against the heavens and live forever like gods! They originally didn't have power, but they created techniques and divine arts to control power! They excavated the mines, mined the mines, mined the divine metals, and refined them into weapons to slaughter gods!"

"They razed the foothills and paved the roads, changing the rivers and irrigating the farmlands. They even changed the growth of crops to satisfy their appetite! They even distorted the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, and they actually reformed, giving birth to numerous Dao techniques that originally didn't exist!"

Ancestral God King stretched his hand out and grabbed the Dao weapon that was flying towards Heaven Duke. With the Dao weapon in hand, the other Heavenly Dao treasures instantly flew over and surrounded Ancestral God King.

"They are changing the Heavenly Dao and the universe! Yet you didn't do anything! As an ancient god, you should have a position, but you don't!"

The treasures of the Heavenly Dao were controlled by Ancestral God King, and he walked towards Heaven Duke. Behind him, Heaven Duke's corporeal body was still attacking Heaven Duke frantically.

"I saw it a long time ago that these Postcelestial lifeforms would cause chaos in the universe. I realized that in the future, the rule of gods would be disintegrated by them and destroyed by them! If they were allowed to grow, we would become their slaves, their targets of enslavement!"

Ancestral God King was furious, and the divine arts of Heaven Duke's corporeal body became more ruthless. "As Heaven Duke, they should punish all living things! When they defy the heavens, they should send down a calamity to annihilate them! They don't worship gods and use natural disasters to teach them to be respectful! When they open a river, they will send a flood to swallow their cities. When they mine for ore veins, they will be destroyed by earthquakes! You can make them do their duty and release heavenly fire to cover the sun and moon. When a flood descends from the sky, there will be a drought, but you will do nothing!"

"I told you to destroy them, yet you talked about the fairness of the heavens! From that moment onwards, I knew you were unreliable. You are old and can't see the pros and cons of this!"

Heaven Duke raised his hands high up to support his fist that was smashing down on his corporeal body. His face was covered in blood, and he said with a smile, "My son, the path of heaven has its rules. It doesn't exist as a shepherd, it doesn't exist as the dawn. You still can't comprehend this sentence!"


The other fist of Heaven Duke's corporeal body came smashing down on his body, knocking him out of the Primordial Realm.

Ancestral God King raised his head and looked into the sky. Heaven Duke's corporeal body stretched out a palm to lift him up, and Ancestral God King slowly rose higher. He finally saw Heaven Duke.

This was Xuandu, where Heaven Duke's corporeal body was.

Heaven Duke's corporeal body hadn't truly descended into the Primordial Realm because this corporeal body was too huge. Compared to this corporeal body, the Primordial Realm was still too small and couldn't descend completely.

Ancestral God King could only control the upper half of Heaven Duke's corporeal body and enter the sky of the Primordial Realm from outer space to fight with Heaven Duke. Now, they had returned to Xuandu.

Heaven Duke floated in Xuandu and wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth. He panted heavily and said with a smile, "My son, I didn't understand this in the past, but later on, I finally understood."

He stretched out his palm, and it was as if he was caressing the starry sky of the universe. His chest surged as he said, "Look, from our Xuandu, you can see everything in the heavens and the myriad worlds. The hundred forms of all living things are still vivid in your mind. The sorrows, joys, sorrows, separation, love, hatred, love, hatred, and hatred of the human world are all in your eyes. What is this human world?"

Ancestral God King shook his divine weapon, and the other forty-nine Heavenly Dao treasures flew over. They formed a long spear and walked towards him with murderous intent. He sneered and said, "What nonsense are you talking about, Father?"

Heaven Duke stood in Xuandu and looked down at the thousands of worlds in the heavens. His heart was filled with joy, and he said with a smile, "This world is the sky sea!"

Ancestral God King was slightly stunned, and he laughed loudly. "Father, your brain has indeed been corrupted by mortals, and you are starting to spout nonsense! The Heavenly Sea is the sacred ground of the ancestral court, and it has never been the human world! Back then, when the universe opened up, the Heavenly Sea was born, and the celestial river rose from the Heavenly Sea , Xuandu was born! You are already muddled to this extent!"

Heaven Duke shook his head and said with a smile, "My son, you still haven't comprehended what the heaven's heart is. Back then, I didn't understand it either. It was only when Celestial Venerable Mu threw me into the Nine Hells Stage and I stood in the center of the Nine Hells Stage to look up that I understood what the Heavenly Dao and what the heaven's heart was."

He had a heartfelt joy in his heart as he said, "When I stood below and looked up, I saw the sky above my head. At that time, I finally understood that the sky didn't exist, and neither did the Heavenly Dao. When the masters of creation in the ancestral court looked up at the sky, the sky was born, and so was the Heavenly Dao."

"The Heavenly Dao is actually the Dao of all living things!"

He said excitedly, "The heaven's heart is actually the heart of all living beings! The human world of the heavens and the myriad worlds is the sky sea, reflecting all aspects of the Heavenly Dao! All living beings created a new Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, and the heaven and earth were neither shocked nor angered by it. Instead, they silently accepted it, and the heaven and earth also quietly underwent changes. They wouldn't descend calamity because of this. On the contrary, it was the living beings that were developing the Heavenly Dao and perfecting it. You stopping them is the true heaven-defying action…"


Ancestral God King was furious, and he rushed over with his spear, wanting to stab Heaven Duke!

"Father, you are no longer worthy of being Heaven Duke. Let me teach you!"

He had killed Heaven Duke once, and at that time, his abilities were far inferior to what they were now. At that time, Heaven Duke's abilities far surpassed what they were now, and he could easily kill Heaven Duke again. This time, he would beat Heaven Duke until his soul dispersed and the black soul sand no longer existed!


He struck Heaven Duke, and Heaven Duke exploded. His corporeal body shattered, but it didn't turn into nothingness as he had expected.

Heaven Duke's primordial spirit was gone.

At this moment, Ancestral God King saw Nine Hells Platform. That should be Qin Mu's divine art. During the battle of Xuandu, Qin Mu had thrown Nine Hells Platform into Heaven Duke's body.

This kind of divine art was incomparably marvelous, and it was a divine art of the Dao heart. After that, even though Heaven Duke's soul was summoned by Qin Mu to reconstruct his corporeal body, his Dao heart still remained in Nine Hells Stage and never came out.

Not only did he not walk out, he sank deeper, making the divine art of Nine Hells Platform stronger.

Ancestral God King looked towards the Nine Hells Stage and saw Heaven Duke's primordial spirit standing in the square inch area.

Heaven Duke raised his head and looked at him with a smile. "My son, come with me to meet Heaven's Heart and all living things!"

Ancestral God King was furious. He waved his Heavenly Dao cardinal treasure to shatter the Nine Hells Stage, shatter his Dao heart, and shatter his primordial spirit!

Right at this moment, Ancestral God King suddenly felt the world spinning around him, and he saw himself landing in a small area.

He looked up and saw the sky above him.

"Should I help Heaven Duke?"

In the sky above the Cold Wind Valley of the Primordial Realm, Celestial Venerable Yue looked up at Xuandu in the sky with a worried expression. However, she calmed herself down and took out her guqin to place it in front of her knees.

She looked in the direction of the army of the celestial heavens. Her fingers were on a zither string, but she didn't play it. She held her breath and thought to herself, 'It will be even more dangerous for Celestial Venerable Mu to block the army of the celestial heavens by himself. What I can do now is to find the most crucial moment to play the tune of the Four Young Masters of Miluo Palace, messing up his mind and giving Celestial Venerable Mu a chance to win!'

This opportunity was fleeting. She had to seize it and not be distracted!

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