Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1713 - Human Nature's Hellfire

Ah Chou was dragged by her leg, and his head hit the ground, crashing into the ground of the Primordial Realm's Youdu.

He wasn't injured at all. The powerful Hellfire Golden Body allowed the injuries on his body to recover completely, and his soul was also incomparably powerful. He could be said to be the strongest primordial spirit in the world.

However, he seemed to have suffered the most serious injury.

Celestial Venerable Xu's words and actions were like the most powerful divine art that invaded his Dao heart. In his Dao heart, his hopes for becoming a human and his hopes for kinship were all turned into hellfire that tormented him!

This was the karmic hellfires of the human world that he had dreamed of. They condensed the emotions of people, but when they burned, it was so painful and heart-wrenching.

If he made it through, he would become a Dao Former of the Great Dao of Youdu, achieving an achievement that Earth Count could only dream of.

However, if he couldn't endure it, he would turn into ashes with his soul.

The current Ah Chou wasn't thinking about whether he could achieve the Dao, but about them.

With every thought he made, the karmic sinflames would intensify, and the pain would intensify. Over the past eight hundred thousand years, he had endured an endless amount of karmic sinflames. They were the karmic sinflames of all living beings in the thousands of worlds, refining his karmic sinflames golden body.

Even though the karmic sinflames tormented him, they also helped him, and he could bear it.

However, the karma fire that came from kinship struck the weakness in the deepest part of his Dao heart. It was so fierce that he couldn't endure it!

The weakest link in Ah Chou's heart was the karma fire that came from the love between father and daughter, and he couldn't defend against it.

This was also why Qin Mu had always let Celestial Venerable You fight Celestial Venerable Xu and prevent Ah Chou from meeting Celestial Venerable Xu.

This was because Qin Mu knew that Ah Chou's kinship with Celestial Venerable Xu had already transformed into his final heart devil. He had been looking forward to eight hundred thousand years, using the karma fire of all living beings to refine his golden body for the sake of the father-daughter relationship. How strong was his obsession?

The stronger the obsession, the more terrifying the hellfire was. It might even burn Earth Count to ashes!

Celestial Venerable Xu dragged Ah Chou's body and walked towards the Misty Maple Valley of Eternal Peace step by step. The god cities of the Misty Maple Valley floated in the sky, and the passes stretched for thousands of miles like a barrier blocking the ground.

Looking over from the Primordial Realm's Youdu, no matter if it was the god city or the mountain pass, they all became illusory. They were like a shadow that was projected onto a curtain, swaying endlessly.

The Primordial Realm's Youdu and the Primordial Realm were in overlapping spaces. Celestial Venerable Xu could see the soldiers of Eternal Peace guarding the valley, their Life and Death Divine Treasures, their corporeal bodies, and their primordial spirits.

On Eternal Peace's side, only those who cultivated special divine eyes or had deep attainments in the Dao of Youdu could see Youdu and Celestial Venerable Xu.

Youdu was just that marvelous.

If the devil gods and devils of Youdu invaded Eternal Peace, it would be an invisible enemy for the gods and devils of Eternal Peace. It would definitely be a bloody massacre, a one-sided massacre!

'Celestial Venerable Mu is in the main camp of the celestial heavens, and Celestial Venerable You is blocking the Youdu Devil God. Celestial Venerable Yue and Lang Yutian have both dropped a few realms, leaving only Lan Yutian to guard this place!'

Celestial Venerable Xu pulled Ah Chou and Earth Count forward with force, walking towards the Misty Maple Valley. He said with a smile, "Even if Lan Yutian is in Youdu, he's still no match for me! This Eternal Peace is like an unguarded ranch to me. Once we barge in, we can start a massacre and feast! Father, this is our power, the power you don't dare to use!"

Her eyes sparkled with delight. She was like a little girl whose heart was filled with darkness and was about to crush the porcelain that she wanted to destroy. Her heart was filled with anticipation, excitement, and a strong desire to destroy!

"But I dare!" she said with a smile.

At that moment, in the Misty Maple Valley, Village Chief was preaching. Lan Yutian looked down and saw Celestial Venerable Xu holding Ah Chou's leg.

He stood up. If Celestial Venerable Xu killed her way into the Misty Maple Valley, no one would be her match!

Only he could still fight Celestial Venerable Xu!

He was about to enter the Primordial Realm's Youdu when he suddenly stopped.

In the Primordial Realm's Youdu, Celestial Venerable Xu also stopped and let go of Ah Chou's leg. The karma fire on Ah Chou's body was too heavy, and it burned her hand, causing her unbearable pain.

She turned her head around and saw Ah Chou's golden body of hellfire scorched black by the blazing flames. He was like a giant made of black charcoal, but the black charcoal was already ignited.

"Father, are you still reluctant to part with the human race?"

Celestial Venerable Xu laughed and mocked, "In order to become a human, you killed your mother and your children. Now you want to kill your only daughter for the sake of the human race, right?"

Ah Chou slowly got up, and the karma fire on his body became even more intense. The pain from burning his corporeal body was nothing compared to the pain from burning his primordial spirit!

However, the pain in his primordial spirit was far inferior to the pain in his Dao heart.

"My child, I really want to protect you…"

His back was facing Celestial Venerable Xu, and his shoulders trembled. He raised his hand to cover his face, and tears of fire flowed out from his three eyes.

Ah Chou wasn't Earth Count.

Ah Chou was just a child that looked very much like Earth Count. Ah Chou was just a person with an ugly face and a kind heart.

A living person.

He was kind to others and helped his neighbors. The neighbors were very afraid of him, but they all accepted him and felt that he was a very good person.

He didn't want his wife and children to be harmed in any way. He wanted to risk his life to protect his wife and children. When his old mother died, he wanted to be Earth Count, to have the power to revive the dead and save his mother's life. He wanted to fulfill his filial duty and raise his mother.

However, he couldn't do it, he couldn't do it at all!

He was just a mortal that looked like Earth Count.

Earth Count had the strongest primordial spirit in the world and boundless power. However, due to Earth Count's identity, he couldn't cross the will of the Great Dao of Youdu.

However, Ah Chou was a human.

As long as he had human nature, he couldn't have Earth Count's power.

The hardships of life, the dangers of the world, the ugliness of gods and devils, and the oppression and slaughter didn't make him give up his identity as a human. He didn't give up his humanity. He was the ugliest person in the world, but his ugly appearance hid the purest heart. He was still full of hope for the future, believing that the future would become beautiful.

When his wife, children, and children left him one by one, when the half-gods lifted his children and threw them down the cliff, when his children were smashed into meat pancakes in front of him.

Ah Chou was dead.

His humanity was dead.

However, he didn't die completely.

His human nature became a devil nature and he had power. At that moment, Ah Chou died.

Earth Count had revived in his body, but his revival wasn't complete.

Endless flames of anger burned in his body, and the devil nature and devil qi of Youdu filled his body and his thoughts. Revenge was also human nature, and revenge controlled him to kill his way into the celestial heavens to eradicate the enemy that had caused him so much suffering!

However, there was another humanity in his body, and that was his love for his only daughter. He was controlled by his anger and love for his daughter. He slaughtered his way into Southern Heavenly Gate and attacked Jade Capital City.

Even if the countless chains of the Great Dao of Youdu were to bind him, they wouldn't be able to stop him!

However, in the end, he was stopped by Celestial Emperor Tai Chu and sent back to Youdu.

When he fell into Youdu, he saw his daughter falling into the palm of Celestial Emperor Tai Chu.

The fury of his revenge vanished, and Earth Count was revived, hiding his love for his daughter. This was the only humanity he had left, and it was preserved in Earth Count's heart, taking root and germinating.

He got rid of the Great Dao of Youdu and became a human, becoming Earth Count's obsession. For this obsession, he had schemed until now.

His love for his daughter made him unable to lay his hands on Celestial Venerable Xu. Ah Chou wouldn't hurt his own daughter.

This was a barrier he couldn't cross.

The karmic sinflames of kinship would burn him cleanly, destroy his corporeal body, burn his primordial spirit into ashes, and completely destroy his Dao heart.

If he could pass this test, he would be the one who had achieved the Dao in Youdu, controlling the Great Dao and life and death.

He couldn't pass this stage.

Ah Chou was just a person who looked like Earth Count. He was as ugly as Earth Count, but he wasn't Earth Count.

He was human.

However, at this moment, he had to make a choice.

"My daughter…"

Ah Chou clenched his fists and roared at the sky. The Great Dao of Youdu was released from his body, and the power of Youdu was awakening. Earth Count in his body was awakening once again.

His body swelled up continuously, and his corporeal body was also transforming. The worlds that had been destroyed in the war, Youdu that had been shattered, the living beings that had died in the war, their resentment, their devil nature, the sins and kindness of their lives were all surging towards him!

Earth Count in Ah Chou's body woke up, and the Great Dao of Youdu surged towards him again.

He turned his head, and his three eyes were filled with fiery red tears. He looked at Celestial Venerable Xu and stretched out his hand.

"My daughter, go home. I'll bring you home."

Ah Chou suppressed the rules of the Great Dao of Youdu and revealed an ugly smile to Celestial Venerable Xu. "Let's go home and stop killing. I can't suppress the Great Dao of Youdu anymore…"

The Great Dao of Youdu wouldn't allow Celestial Venerable Xu to use the divine arts of Youdu to slaughter living beings wantonly.

If Celestial Venerable Xu insisted on destroying Eternal Peace, Earth Count would enforce the law.

Ah Chou was facing the same situation as back then, but this time, he wasn't doing it for revenge. He was protecting the people of Eternal Peace.

Celestial Venerable Xu's eyes were a little dazed, but her heart was soon blinded by hatred. Without any explanation, she used the whip to sweep at him and shouted, "Hypocrite! I won't go back with you! I'm Celestial Venerable Xu, the high and mighty Celestial Venerable Xu! All living beings will submit to me and fear me! You're willing to be poor and humiliated, I'm not!"

The long whip of the Nether River swept towards Ah Chou, but it soon became gentle and floated beside him.

Celestial Venerable Xu turned around and rushed towards Misty Maple Valley and Eternal Peace.

More tears of fire poured out from Ah Chou's three eyes like the wings of a butterfly spreading out in all directions. Even though Earth Count had awakened, the kinship in his body was still there, and his love for his daughter was still there.

This kind of love became a blazing hellfire, a hellfire that he couldn't stop, burning everything he had.

He stretched his hand out to grab Celestial Venerable Xu. All of Celestial Venerable Xu's Youdu divine arts and Great Dao of Youdu were useless to him!


The moment he grabbed Celestial Venerable Xu, the hellfire suddenly became incomparably intense and fierce. The blazing flames swallowed him and Celestial Venerable Xu together!

The sin of killing that Celestial Venerable Xu had caused was also ignited by the karma flames on his body, burning furiously. The grievances of countless souls that had died miserably in her hands pushed the karma flames to their limits!

"Tai Yi is right, I will fulfill my wish. But I didn't expect the result to be like this…"

In front of Mist Maple Valley, in the Primordial Realm's Youdu, the flames of hellfire were unimaginable. The flames seemed to be the hellfire of a lifeform that had accumulated for an entire universe. At this moment, they were all burning and exploding.

"Earth Count!"

Celestial Venerable You turned around and looked at the boundless hellfire. In the flames, two figures were burning and disintegrating.

The karma fire was so powerful that even he couldn't step into it. Otherwise, he would be burned to ashes and cease to exist.

"Abandon your humanity and become the true Earth Count!"

Celestial Venerable You rushed over and stopped outside of the disaster. He shouted, "Kill the last kinship, you can live!"

In the distance, Qin Fengqing, who was controlling the six heavenly wheels, also felt something. He looked at the blazing hellfire, and his three eyes were filled with tears. "Big fella, what are you hesitating for? Why aren't you making a move?"

In the sea of hellfire, everything turned into ashes. The flames slowly dimmed, and the momentum of the sea of fire gradually subsided.

In a daze, Celestial Venerable You saw Ah Chou again. He was an ugly and majestic man walking in the sea of fire. On his shoulder was a little girl with two small horns on her head. She was very pure and adorable.

Ah Chou, who was in the sea of fire, turned back and smiled at Celestial Venerable You. In front of him was a mountain village. There was an old mother sitting in front of the house, a woman washing her clothes, and a pair of children running around happily.

Ah Chou brought the little girl over and vanished with the peaceful mountain village, turning into a dream.

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