Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1712 - The Selfish Earth Count

Celestial Venerable Xu raised his hand, and the Youdu devil god army stopped. Behind the army were countless pitch-black Youdu monsters.

Some of the monsters were tangible, and they were crawling on the ground. They shook the pitch black bone spikes on their bodies, and black smoke rose from their bodies. Some of the monsters were formless, and they would sometimes rush into the sky and transform into black smoke with a pop.


Celestial Venerable Xu quickly walked forward and knelt down on one knee. In front of him were hundreds of millions of paper boats, and on the paper boats stood Elder Messenger of Death who looked like Celestial Venerable You. On the other hand, Ah Chou and Earth Count stood in the center of the countless paper boats. Their tall bodies were very eye-catching.

"Daughter greets Father!"

Celestial Venerable Xu lowered his head and said loudly, "When Father heard that Celestial Venerable Mu was acting fiercely in Youdu and killed Father, he couldn't help but feel his heart ache. He couldn't wait to kill Celestial Venerable Mu to take revenge for Father. However, Celestial Venerable Mu is too strong, and I'm no match for him. Since Father has revived, we shall work together to destroy Celestial Venerable Mu's Eternal Peace and take revenge!"

Ah Chou looked at her faintly. Celestial Venerable Xu knelt there and didn't raise her head for a long time.

Ah Chou walked out of the formation, and suddenly, paper boats floated in front of him to block him from leaving.

"You, there's no need for that."

Ah Chou smiled. "This is my long-cherished wish for hundreds of thousands of years. If I can't achieve it, I won't be able to achieve the Dao."

Celestial Venerable You hesitated for a moment, and the paper boats separated to the sides.

Ah Chou walked to the front of the two armies and stood in front of Celestial Venerable Xu. He stretched out his hands, and his voice was as gentle as that father of the Dragon Han Era. "Xu, my daughter…"

The horn on Celestial Venerable Xu's head suddenly shot out and pierced through his chest!

Ah Chou didn't seem to feel any pain. He placed his hands on her elbows with an ugly smile on his face. "The thing I regret the most in my life is not being able to protect you, your brother and sister, and your mother…"

The Nether River Whip flew out from Celestial Venerable Xu's waist and spun, locking Ah Chou in place. The whip broke through Ah Chou's body and tunneled into his body!

The long whip tunneled into his corporeal body and brought out chunks of flesh and blood. The long whip even gave birth to black dragon scales that sliced through his flesh and swam around his primordial spirit, slicing his primordial spirit all over.

Even though he had used hundreds of thousands of years to refine his golden body with the karma fire of countless living beings, he still couldn't withstand Celestial Venerable Xu's divine arts and divine weapons!

Ah Chou still had an ugly smile on his face as his Hellfire Golden Body automatically recovered.

As long as the hellfire was still around, he wouldn't die.

"Let go of these fame and power, my daughter."

He bent down and his voice became even gentler. "In this life, the thing I hope to do the most is to reunite with my daughter, to become a real person, to leave the whirlpool of power, to leave these struggles, to be an ordinary father and daughter…"


Celestial Venerable Xu suddenly raised her head, and incomparably blazing hellfire was hidden in her eyes. With a boom, two hellfire shot out from her eyes and landed on Ah Chou's body, sending him flying high into the air. The hellfire then penetrated his corporeal body and nailed him to the ground.

Ah Chou's body recovered, and Celestial Venerable Xu snorted angrily. He shook his whip and swept Ah Chou up, grabbing his throat.

"Father is still so laughable."

Celestial Venerable Xu revealed a smile, and his eyes were full of mockery. "I'm your seed, and I inherited your bloodline. My soul was incomparably strong from birth, and I was wise since young. Do you think I really can't remember what happened when I was young?"

Celestial Venerable You saw the situation and immediately rushed forward to save Ah Chou. Celestial Venerable Xu raised his hand, and countless Youdu devil gods rushed out to meet Celestial Venerable You!

Ah Chou's voice was hoarse. "You, protect Eternal Peace! Don't worry about me!"

Celestial Venerable You had originally planned to take back all of his clones to kill Celestial Venerable Xu. However, when he heard this, he could only let his clones face the overwhelming number of devil gods and monsters!

He knew that Ah Chou cared about his father and daughter, so he definitely wouldn't lay his hands on Celestial Venerable Xu. He was afraid that he would die in Celestial Venerable Xu's hands, so he used all his means!

His billions of clones were all formed by his primordial spirit, and every one of them was comparable to a devil god. The thoughts of each clone were connected, and the most crucial thing was that his clones didn't have a main body, so any clone could be his main body!

Not only that, he could also fuse a few clones together at any time to raise the strength of the clones.

If they encountered stronger gods and devils, they could fuse together to deal with them!

Blind of Disabled Elderly Village had long seen the marvel of this peculiar technique. As long as Celestial Venerable You had outstanding attainments in formations, he could unleash the power of his boundless clones to the extreme!

When Celestial Venerable You fought alone, his corporeal body cultivation wasn't high, so he was forced into a passive state. However, he was invincible against large-scale group battles!

Over the years, Blind had designed many formations for him, and there were all kinds of formations. Celestial Venerable You had learned how to use formations from him.

If it was anyone else, it would be very difficult for them to master so many complicated formations in just over a decade. Even if they did, it would be very difficult for them to control hundreds of millions of clones at the same time. At the same time, they would also be able to mobilize all kinds of formations to break through the enemy in a battlefield that was ever-changing.

However, Celestial Venerable You was different.

Even though he was antisocial, he wasn't a fool. Not only was he not stupid, he was abnormally smart. It was just that he wasn't used to interacting with people, which resulted in him being a little lacking in knowledge and not being able to follow the perspective of Eternal Peace's reform.

However, he restrained his antisocial nature and followed Blind to cultivate diligently. This seemed impossible, but he had truly mastered it!

At this moment, his ten years of cultivation finally shone brilliantly!

His doppelganger army clashed with the army of devil gods and monsters, and blood flowed like rivers. No matter how many devil gods and monsters there were in Youdu, they could only face off against his paper boats and messengers of death. It was a one-sided massacre!

Countless paper boats rushed forward, and waves of blood flew everywhere. Within the waves of blood that were thousands of yards tall, there were corpses of devil gods and monsters everywhere!

Paper boats sailed through the waves of blood, carrying even more waves as they pushed forward!

The army of the devil gods and monsters surged forward from both sides of Celestial Venerable Xu and Ah Chou. Two waves of blood then surged forward, blocking the momentum of the Youdu army and even pushing them back!

In this vast Primordial Realm Youdu massacre field, there were paper boats merging continuously. The messengers of death fused together, and their abilities increased exponentially. They killed the generals in the chaotic army before splitting up and transforming into Elder Messenger of Death to build the boats. They formed killing formations and attacked the other devil gods!

From the Dragon Han Era until now, countless geniuses and talented people had died. Among them, there was no lack of existences on the Emperor's Throne, Numinous Sky, and Jade Capital Realm. Most of these strong practitioners had returned to Youdu.

This time, when Celestial Venerable Xu fought in the Primordial Realm, the strong practitioners that died were filled up into the various armies and became the generals of the devil god army.

However, in this incomparably terrifying collision, even the primordial spirits of strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne died quickly!

Countless paper boats whooshed over, and when they reached the generals, they merged into one. Their abilities instantly increased to the extent of several celestial palaces. One move was fatal, so there was absolutely no need for a second move!

If Celestial Venerable You were to block Celestial Venerable Xu, both sides would suffer. No one dared to say that they would have the last laugh.

However, if he let Celestial Venerable You onto the battlefield, he could flatten Youdu by himself, a ship, and a lamp!

However, what worried Celestial Venerable You was that Ah Chou had yet to retaliate or dodge Celestial Venerable Xu's attack!

"Earth Count, aren't you going to fight back?"

A paper boat flew over, and Elder Messenger of Death shouted from the boat. However, in the next moment, he was shattered by Celestial Venerable Xu's whip.

"Father, I remember everything that happened when I was young. I remember the bitter days you led me through."

In Celestial Venerable Xu's hand, the Nether River Whip was like a python coiling around Ah Chou's majestic body. The Nether River Whip passed through his chest and through his heart, coming out from his chest. It was like a huge python raising its head to look at Ah Chou's ugly face.

"I remember you bringing Mother, Big Brother, Second Brother and the rest to hide here and there. They ate everything they could and ran away from danger in fear. I still remember Mother dying in the cave."

Celestial Venerable Xu's eyes were like those of a python as he looked at Ah Chou, who was being hung up. Cold light flickered in his eyes, and he sneered. "I remember clearly how bitter that was! Brother and sister and I are the children of the strongest ancient gods in this world! However, what happened to us?"

Ah Chou was silent and lowered his head.

His golden body of hellfire was too strong, so strong that he didn't need to use any techniques or divine arts to recover. It was so strong that even if he didn't resist, Celestial Venerable Xu wouldn't be able to kill him.

Celestial Venerable Xu used the long whip of the underworld river to drill into his head and said sternly, "Our end is to accompany you in your death! It's because of your extraordinary wish to become a human!"

The long whip was vaporized by the blazing hellfire, and Ah Chou stood up again.

Celestial Venerable Xu roared angrily. Her sharp horns pierced through Ah Chou's broad back and into the back of his head, sending him flying towards her.

Celestial Venerable Xu executed her divine art and attacked Ah Chou frantically, killing him mercilessly. "My mother, the woman of the most powerful ancient god in the world, did she enjoy a day of glory and wealth? No! She followed you in a state of anxiety, wandering around, and finally dying of exhaustion, sickness, and death!"

The power of her divine art became stronger, and she wantonly vented the overflowing hatred in her heart, beating Ah Chou until he was covered in injuries. He laughed loudly and acted like he was crazy. "Where are my brothers and sisters? They are the same as me and have the strongest half-god bloodline. If they survive, their achievements won't be inferior to mine! How did they die? It's also because of your great dream of becoming a human that dragged them to death!"


Ah Chou was trampled under her feet, and Celestial Venerable Xu lowered his head to look at his father's ugly face. He gritted his teeth and said, "Your bloodline is too powerful. My soul awakened in my mother's womb, and I have memories. After I was born, I saw everything that you did! Do you think Celestial Emperor was instilling in me the idea to make me hate you? No! When you transformed into Ah Chou and killed your way up to the celestial heavens, my gaze was filled with hatred!"

Her feet firmly stepped on Ah Chou's head as she twisted it continuously. "The ancient Celestial Emperor saw the hatred in my eyes and took me in! However, you didn't see that you were still taking revenge on the celestial heavens! I hate you for not exploding earlier! I hate you for turning into a human! I hate you for not being able to stand high and enjoy the fear and worship of all living beings when we are clearly the strongest race!"

She raised her leg, and Ah Chou tried his best to get up. However, she stomped his head into the ground!

"Father? You are just a selfish fellow. No matter if you are Earth Count or Ah Chou, you are still selfish! There has never been us in your heart, only yourself, only your pitiful and lowly dream of becoming a human. The selfless Earth Count? You are even worthy!"

Celestial Venerable Xu stomped down again and said ruthlessly, "You want to become a human, but I don't! I want to be high up in the sky, the target of countless people's fear and worship! I want to exterminate all humans and completely shatter your dreams!"

She grabbed Ah Chou's calf that had been stepped into the ground and dragged him out. She walked towards Eternal Peace and smiled. "Father, look, I will destroy everything you care about."

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