Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1706 - Carefree Village, Sword Sacrifice

Just as Xu Shenghua had said, the black mountain was peaceful for the first half of the night. Only outside the black mountain was a terrifying sight of the universe being destroyed.

Qin Mu stopped taking the Dao dew and let Xu Shenghua consume it while he treated his injuries.

This was because Xu Shenghua still had a huge battle, and that was the second half of the night. The strong practitioners of prehistory would try to invade, and if Xu Shenghua didn't have enough power, he wouldn't be able to withstand this invasion.

Finally, a cracked mountain trembled as though some terrifying monster was trying to walk out from underground.

Xu Shenghua got up and walked down the World Tree to walk over.

Qin Mu collected the Dao dew and consumed it himself.

When the sun rose, Qin Mu's cultivation had recovered by sixty to seventy percent, so he walked down from the World Tree. Xu Shenghua was currently burying the prehistoric strong practitioners that had died in his hands. Qin Mu came to his side and saw that he was still planning to build a grave for the officials.

"If you can't block it, retreat," Qin Mu said.

Xu Shenghua raised his head and said, "You too."

Qin Mu walked away, and his voice came from afar. "I have nowhere to go."

Xu Shenghua was stunned. He only continued to build tombstones after a moment.

Qin Mu raised his speed to the extreme and rushed out of the ancestral court towards the Primordial Realm. He was still a little anxious. He had delayed in the ancestral court for a night, but if he sprinted from the ancestral court to the Primordial Realm, he would only reach the Primordial Realm in five days even if he traveled at full speed!

At that time, was Celestial Venerable Yun still around?

Could he last until that moment?

In the Primordial Realm.

The moment Qin Mu left the Primordial Realm and sprinted towards the ancestral court, Ancestral God King led the army of Xuandu over Carefree Village and got entangled by Celestial Venerable Yue and Lang Lang.

Ancestral God King controlled Heaven Duke's corporeal body, and countless Sun Guardian and Moon Guardian of Xuandu dragged the sun and moon. The sun roasted the land, and countless fire crow gods flew out from the sun to attack Eternal Peace. Meanwhile, three-legged toads, six-eyed gods leaped out from the moon and executed their divine arts. The sky was filled with six-eyed monsters, and rays of light shot out from their eyes to bombard Eternal Peace below!

This was definitely a terrifying scene of doomsday.

Celestial Venerable Yue and Lang Lang could only block Ancestral God King personally, but they couldn't block so many soldiers of Xuandu.

With regards to the Xuandu army, Carefree Village no longer had any troops to stop them. On the other hand, Eternal Peace had much fewer troops than Carefree Village, so it was hard for them to stop the Xuandu army that flooded the sky like an ocean.

In the god cities of Eternal Peace, Sunshot Divine Cannon was activated one after another. In the hundreds of god cities, there were over a thousand Sunshot Divine Cannon. The rays of the cannon left behind pitch black marks in the sky. After one attack, a Sun Guardian would fall or the sun in the sky would be pierced by the rays of the cannon!

Even so, the army of gods and devils of Xuandu was still unstoppable!

Countless fire crow soldiers rushed down, and the three-legged fire crow gods flapped their wings to fly towards the god cities of Eternal Peace. True essence cannons were pushed out from the floating city cannons, and countless cannons shot towards the fire crow gods.

Fire rained down from the sky, but the flood of fire crows continued to close in on the city walls!

Other than that, there was also the Moon Guardian leading the six-eyed star toad god. The sky was filled with strange eyes that shot out divine light to bombard the True Origin Cannons on the god city, destroying them one by one!

The first to bear the brunt was the western part of the city. The first wave of fire crow gods crashed into the walls of the city, and they grabbed onto the city walls with their three legs to sprint upwards. Some of them ran towards the city walls, while some ran towards the bottom of the city in an attempt to break through the back of the city and dig open the bottom of the city to enter.

The cannon rays were already unable to kill them. On the city walls, gods immediately pushed the flying cars out, and Sword Tower opened up. Countless sword pellets flowed out and poured down the city walls. The sword pellets broke down continuously as they fell, transforming into divine swords that stabbed in all directions like weaving!

In the center of Kang City, gods of Eternal Peace were covered in divine armor. Even their helmets were extremely tight, revealing only their eyes and mouths.

Some of them carried all kinds of divine weapons on their backs while some gripped their long spears and swords tightly. It was the first time many gods had been on the battlefield, and they stared nervously at the trembling ground.

The tremors in the center of the city became more urgent. Suddenly, there was a loud rumble, and the ground melted. Golden liquid and copper liquid rushed into the sky, and the ground of Peace City was burned through!

In the golden liquid, countless fire crow gods flew out and attacked in all directions like worms that had surged out from underground!


On the city tower of Kang City, some people blew on the replica West Deity divine weapon of Eternal Peace to strengthen the qi and blood of the soldiers guarding the city. Even so, they still fell into a bloody battle, and there were continuous casualties!

As for Kang City, it was only one of the many god cities in the west. The other god cities weren't much better than Kang City.

The army of Xuandu grew larger, and the Eternal Peace Divine City in the sky was surrounded. Below Eternal Peace Divine City were numerous cities and villages in the west of Eternal Peace. There were mortals and divine arts practitioners living there. If the divine city was destroyed, what awaited these mortals and divine arts practitioners would definitely be a massacre!

"Brother Heaven Duke, there's no need to wait anymore!"

Ah Chou Earth Count said solemnly, "Ancestral God King won't reveal any flaws for the time being. Only you can activate the Heavenly Dao Treasure to block the gods and devils of Xuandu!"

Heaven Duke raised his head and stared at Ancestral God King who was fighting with Celestial Venerable Yue and Lang Lang. Suddenly, he gritted his teeth and shouted. He utilized the Heavenly Dao Treasure, the Heavenly Dao Path Dao Weapon, and the Heavenly Dao Treasures flew up to attack the Xuandu gods in the sky.

Ah Chou Earth Count let out a sigh of relief and attacked together with him.

Both of them were existences at the Celestial Venerable level. Once they joined the battlefield, they instantly blocked the army of the Xuandu gods and devils, making it hard for them to land!

Right at this moment, the army of a hundred thousand gods and devils from the left and right of the Dragon Martial Guards rushed out. They formed a formation and rushed towards the two of them!

In Carefree Village, the power of Carefree Village was gone. Di Yiyue, Yan Yunxi, and the rest started to break out of the encirclement, slaughtering their way out from the various heavens. The battle of Carefree Village's 33 heavens was unimaginably bitter. Every heaven was basically a tug of war. The gods and devils of both sides used the corpses of their enemies and soldiers to pile up into mountains, and their blood dyed the heavens of Carefree Village red. Only the Sky Realm didn't have a garrison, so it was still considered peaceful.

However, Carefree Village's power was gone, and even Emperor Yi Yue had no choice but to shed tears and leave Carefree Village in defeat.

The two armies of the celestial heavens' divine masters and the navy chased after them with the other military ranks. The Earth masters occupied Carefree Village and attacked the Grand Pure Land. There was only one person left in the realm, and that was Lan Yutian.

There were countless soldiers and horses from the other thirty-two heavens of Carefree Village climbing up continuously. They gathered their superior army and attacked the Grand Pure Land.

Meanwhile, on the Grand Pure Land, Lan Yutian controlled his Celestial Venerable Yu divine weapon to lay down a killing formation. The sounds of battle at the entrance of the Grand Pure Land shook the heavens!

On the other side, Red Deity Qi Xiayu, South Deity Zhu Que, Crimson Light, and Zhu Yan'er led the armies of the phoenix race, Crimson Light, and Eternal Peace to attack from the southern border. They were prepared to receive the defeated troops of Carefree Village on the way.

At the same time, Wei Suifeng and North Deity Xuan Wu killed the clones of the spirit officials and ancient gods, causing the armies of the Northern Heavens to throw away their armor. Wei Suifeng left the Black Tortoise Army and the garrison of Can Land to head southwest with the Black Tortoise and Black Deity to receive them.

In West Earth, High Heavens was broken through, and Yue Tingge was sent into High Heavens. The dragon qilin led the army of the Beast World and West Deity White Tiger to advance from the west, trying to attack the army of the celestial heavens from the back to relieve the pressure on Carefree Village.

"Founding Emperor, we can begin."

Wen Tiange gathered the defeated army of Carefree Village and met up with Di Yiyue and the rest. The battle of Carefree Village had caused the soldiers of Carefree Village to suffer heavy casualties. Sixty percent of them had died, and the remaining soldiers were all injured.

The divine weapons in their hands were already in tatters, and the armor on their bodies was riddled with holes. The medicinal pills had been exhausted, and the supplies had also been exhausted. The formations, chariots, and all kinds of divine weapons that Eternal Peace had sent over were all exhausted from the battle.

It was so much so that even a heavy weapon like Paramita Ark was unable to be used and was abandoned by Sakra Li Youran.

If Carefree Village continued to fight, the only outcome would be complete annihilation.

Di Yiyue had a complicated expression as she looked at Carefree Village from afar. She said with a hoarse voice, "Heavenly Teacher Wen, Lan Yutian is still defending against the enemy in the Grand Pure Land…"

"Ignore him, he can escape."

Wen Tiange said, "This time, I invited him to fight Mistress Yuanmu in the Grand Pure Land so that he can attract more enemies in the Grand Pure Land. Only by staying there can we unleash the power of Carefree Village to the extreme!"

Di Yiyue sighed. "In that case, let's begin…"

The leaders of the heavens of Carefree Village walked out one after another, leading the remnants of their troops. They looked at Carefree Village with complicated gazes.

Carefree Village was their second hometown, but now it was going to be destroyed in one day, destroyed in their own hands!

"Our first hometown is the Primordial Realm, and Carefree Village is our temporary hiding place. Now, for the sake of killing our enemies and for the sake of our first hometown, destroying this place is also breaking the worry in our hearts!"

Wen Tiange's voice was low and deep. "Everyone, let Carefree Village burst forth with its brilliance."

His gaze landed on Su Maiqing. Su Maiqing was the founder of Eternal Peace's Dao Sect and had the number one sword of Founding Emperor Qin Ye's sword path, Supreme Emperor Heaven Quelling Sword!

Su Maiqing and the soldiers under him shouted and executed their divine arts to worship the first heaven of Carefree Village, Supreme Emperor Heaven!

Wen Tiange's gaze landed on the main general of Carefree Village's second heaven, Yan Rinuan. Yan Rinuan was the ancestor of Eternal Peace's Sun Guardian, Yan Jingjing. He mainly cultivated the second sword of Founding Emperor's Sword Dao, Supreme Brightness Heaven's Equal Sword!

The third heaven, Supreme Brightness Heaven, and the Four Assistant Junior Protector were the foundation. They cultivated the third sword of Founding Emperor's Sword Dao, the Clear Mind Calamity Sword!

The fourth level of the Heavenly Mysterious Embryo Heaven, Fourth Assistant Gao Baixun, cultivated the fourth sword of Founding Emperor's Sword Dao, the Mysterious Embryo Heaven Suppressing Sword!

The fifth heaven's Grand Tutor Zhou Jingmeng raised his sword!

Thirty-two heavens. The thirty-two great generals under Founding Emperor Qin Ye, including Yan Yunxi, had mastered the thirty-two great sword path of Founding Emperor's sword path. Only the thirty-third heaven of the sword path was not mastered.

'The one who mastered the 33rd heaven of the sword path is Celestial Venerable Yu of the Sky Realm, Lan Yutian. He stayed there to activate the power of Carefree Village.'

Wen Tiange suddenly shouted, "Everyone, activate Carefree Village!"

Just as his voice fell, all the soldiers executed their magic power together. In the distance, Carefree Village suddenly trembled, and countless mountain rocks flew into the sky. The mountains collapsed, and the sea dried up. The mud flipped open, revealing the steel tendons and iron bones that were buried deep underground!

The internal structure of the 33 heavens was a magnificent structure built from incomparably vast divine metal and divine materials. On it were countless sword path runes!

From Supreme Emperor Heaven to the Grand Pure Land, dawn came one after another!

At this moment, the torrent of sword skills flooded Carefree Village. In the Grand Pure Land, Lan Yutian glanced at Mistress Yuanmu who was still in a daze and immediately flew up.

The divine weapons beside him, Lan Yutian, flew up with him and floated in the sky, parallel to the ground of the Grand Pure Land. Looking from below, Lan Yutian's four arms were spread open like blue kites that had been released, fluttering up and down with the wind.

Lan Yutian's right sword fingers came together and used his fingers as a sword. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, he executed his Sword Dao!

"33rd sword of the Sword Dao, Dao Sword of the Grand Clarity Realm! Carefree Village, rise!"

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