Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1707 - Returning Home

The earth emitted killing intent, and dragons rose and fell.

Among the three teachers of the celestial heavens, the scale of the Earth Masters was even larger than that of the Celestial River Navy. However, the navy was the most famous among the three, and it concealed the brilliance of the Earth Masters.

Most of the gods and devils among the Earth Teachers came from the various heavens of the Emperor Star, and there were as many as eight generals. They were Jade Light, Kai Yang, Yu Heng, Tianquan, Tianji, Tianxuan, Tian Shu, and Big Dipper, representing the supreme authority of the Emperor Star.

Among them, Big Dipper Great Emperor had the highest authority. Yao Guang, Kai Yang, and the rest were all under his command and were honored as Heavenly Monarchs.

Right now, it was the Earth Masters of the seven tribes that were deployed by Heavenly Lord of Big Dipper to besiege the Grand Pure Land, trying to attack the Grand Pure Land and kill Lan Yutian.

When the topmost level of Carefree Village, the Grand Pure Land, exploded, the thirty-three heavens became one. The surface of the heavens crumbled, revealing the huge divine metal structures inside. Terrifying sword lights shot out from the thirty-three heavens, and from afar, Carefree Village's thirty-three heavens looked like a huge sword.

The armies of the various heavens of Carefree Village were facing the sword lights and sword qi of the various heavens. It was the reviving Sword Dao!

At this moment, there was only one thought left in everyone's mind—escape!

However, they had nowhere to run. The 33 heavens had already become a sea of sword path. This kind of sword path wasn't just Founding Emperor Qin Ye's sword path, it was the spirit of an era, the tragic song of Founding Emperor Era!

When the light of Carefree Village was at its strongest, the dazzling light lit up the sky of the Primordial Realm, covering the suns that were dragged over by the army of gods and devils.

Heavenly Lord of Big Dipper stood at the entrance of Carefree Village's Sky Realm and looked at this scene. Suddenly, tears fell like rain as he muttered, "We can't escape…"

Kai Yang, Yu Heng, Tian Quan, Tian Shu, and the other deities rushed over and surrounded him. They rushed towards the sky and shouted, "Heavenly Lord, if you don't leave now, you won't be able to leave!"

Heavenly Lord Big Dipper was muddle-headed as he looked at the countless army of gods and devils below. They were scattered in the 33 heavens, but when Carefree Village exploded, millions of gods and devils were buried in the sea of sword path.

Supreme Emperor Heaven, Supreme Brightness Heaven, Pure Brightness Heaven, Black Embryo Heaven, Primordial Brightness Heaven…

The heavens had already become hell for the path of the sword!

The strong sword qi had turned that place into a slaughter ground where even gods and devils couldn't survive!

Earth masters had the army of the celestial heavens that had the most gods and devils, and the strongest fighting power on the ground. They probably couldn't escape this calamity!

"We can't escape anymore!"

Heavenly Lord of the North Star cried, "All the soldiers can't leave! We can't leave either…"

Before he could finish his words, the power of Carefree Village burst forth, and it was as if the supreme sword path sovereign, Founding Emperor Qin Ye, had personally attacked.

The great emperors of the Emperor's Throne Realm like Kai Yang, Yu Heng, and the rest disintegrated in the sword light. They shattered into countless pieces and vanished into the light of the sword path, leaving nothing behind!

The great army of Earth Masters of the three celestial heavens had defeated the great army of Carefree Village while attacking and defending the ground. Now, they were buried in Carefree Village.

Even though there were still many remnants of the Earth Teachers that had yet to enter Carefree Village, they were no longer important. As one of the three teachers, Earth Teachers had already been eliminated!

In the sky, Lan Yutian controlled the divine weapons, Lan Yutian, to gather the power of Carefree Village. From afar, he looked as though he was using the realm of Carefree Village as the sword hilt, and the other heavens as the swords, sword edges, sword tips, sword rays!

The power of Carefree Village was activated, and it was like a huge sword that stood between heaven and earth. The power of Carefree Village was declining rapidly. It was only the sword heart of Carefree Sword, and without it, it was already extremely remarkable for it to be able to kill so many earth masters and gods.

Under Lan Yutian's control, Supreme Emperor Heaven and Supreme Brightness Heaven collided with each other and overlapped. They then collided with Qing Mingtian, Xuan Embryo Heaven, and Yuan Mingtian!

In just a breath's time, the power of Carefree Village's various heavens collided, forming the 32 heavens of the sword realm, colliding with the last heaven, the Sky Realm!


The Grand Pure One Dao Sword Domain had completely fused with the 32 heavens of the sword domain!

Lan Yutian's goal was to use the remaining power of Carefree Village to kill Mistress Yuanmu before the power of Carefree Village completely dissipated!

At that moment, Mistress Yuanmu, who had fallen into the cycle of reincarnation, suddenly woke up. When she saw the situation, she couldn't help but feel a chill down her spine. With a loud shout, the power of the Sinkhole's Dao attainment was unleashed!

In the Grand Pure Land, Dao Sword Domain revolved around a huge Ruins of End. The sword domain and the Ruins of End collided violently, and the scene was world-shaking!

It was a contest between the sword path and the silent wind, a contest with the abyss that could swallow everything. It was incomparably intense, and the sword realm that was revolving around the Ruins of End was scorched red by the silent wind, filling the air with blazing flames!

Suddenly, a lotus leaf rose from the Ruins of End. Mistress Yuanmu stood among the lotus leaf and activated its power!

This lotus leaf was equivalent to the Dao Tree of the person who had achieved the Dao. If the person who had achieved the Dao used the Dao Tree, it meant that it was related to his life!

Mistress Yuanmu used the lotus leaf and pushed the power of the Sinkhole's Dao Ascension to the extreme. A world-shaking boom rang out as the sword realm suddenly exploded!

Mistress Yuanmu transformed into a ray of black light and broke through the sky, disappearing.

At the same time,

Carefree Village exploded, and metal that was as huge as swords fell from the sky and stabbed into Carefree Village's old site.

Within a radius of ten million miles, there were falling swords everywhere, forming a desolate sword graveyard.

In the distance, Di Yiyue and the rest of the soldiers of Carefree Village were dejected as they straightened their backs.

Saint Woodcutter said with a calm expression, "Everyone, the navy, divine teachers, and the other celestial heavens' armies are about to catch up. Let us leave this place as soon as possible."

The soldiers turned around silently and headed east towards Eternal Peace.

Saint Woodcutter turned his head back. The divine teachers of the celestial heavens were the fastest, and they were already in sight. With the power of the three divine teachers, it was enough to kill them all.

Even though Carefree Village still had quite a number of soldiers, they were no longer enough to fight against the celestial heavens.

"Heavenly Teacher Wen, does anyone need to stay?" Su Maiqing stopped and asked.

Saint Woodcutter nodded silently and said in a low voice, "Dao Master Su, it's not enough if only you stay."

"In that case, I'll stay too." Yan Rinuan slowed down his footsteps and came to his side.

Fang Youji stopped. "Me too."

Gao Baixun also fell a step behind and said, "I feel that the youngsters of this generation of Carefree Village are very good. Back then, I felt that they were all bastards who only knew how to eat, drink, and play. Now that they have experienced war, they have become very good."

Zhou Jingmeng and Zhou Xunfang went forward and said with a smile, "We brothers are all old things, so we plan to stay and help the young people fight for some time."

"Heavenly Teacher, leave us, the heavily injured soldiers, behind as well."

A soldier without legs stopped and raised his head in anticipation, "Bringing us injured soldiers will only slow down the marching speed of the army. Instead of being completely wiped out, why don't we stay with Young Master Fang and the rest to buy time for the others!"

Saint Woodcutter nodded his head silently, and many injured and disabled gods left the retreating army.

The others still wanted to go forward, but Saint Woodcutter raised his hand and said, "It's already enough. If we can't meet up with Eternal Peace in time, the others still have a chance. Brothers, this battle is goodbye forever, so Heaven Pavilion won't send you off."

Fang Youji stared at him with his old eyes wide open. Suddenly, he shouted angrily, "Wen Tiange, I've always found you an eyesore. Everyone says that you are the most sacred and heartless, that you are the most wise and have no sense of righteousness. We are going to die today, and these crippled people are going to stay and fight to the death. Yet you are still so cold, not even frowning? Today, you must smile for us!"

Saint Woodcutter revealed a warm smile.

"It's not that kind of fake smile!"

Saint Woodcutter revealed a smile on his face, and his eyes turned sour. However, he turned his face away and used his sleeves to cover his face, secretly touching his old tears.

Fang Youji saw this and didn't continue to make things difficult for him. He sighed and said, "The saint is also human, and your heart is also made of flesh. Wen Tiange, to be able to work beside you and Qin Ye for forty thousand years, I feel very comfortable and have no regrets. You guys should leave quickly!"

He waved his hand.

Saint Woodcutter bowed to the ground and followed the retreating army.

Fang Youji erected his own coffin and wiped it with force. He then whistled. This coffin had been coiled by him for twenty thousand years and was glossy and shiny.

The old man pressed his face against the coffin and chuckled. "I've finally used it today…"

Gao Baixun was a teacher with a crown on his head. As he listened to Fang Youji's whistle and saw the army of the celestial heavens' divine teachers getting closer, he gently flicked the pointer in his hand to match the whistle.

The scholar shook his head and chanted softly, "Observe my Ping Tianzhi, ascend my Heaven's Equal Hall, carry my coffin of Clarity, and ascend my Xuan Embryo Mountain."

The old generals of Carefree Village, the disabled soldiers, and the injured soldiers were all calm as they quietly listened to his chanting. Fang Youji's whistle also became more ethereal, as though he was bringing them back to Carefree Village in the void of the Paramita World.

That period of time seemed to have happened yesterday.

Gao Baixun's pope clapped his hands, took a step forward, and suddenly started dancing. His consciousness transformed into the images of the masters of creation and Carefree Village. There was a goddess of the masters of creation dancing gracefully in the air.

"Visualize all living things, peace and happiness, ascend to the other shore, and create the starry sky. Enter Carefree Village and avoid all troubles."

His voice gradually became low and carefree. Suddenly, his sonorous and forceful voice was like the sound of metal and stone. The whistle also became excited!

"Awakening from a dream and returning to my hometown!"

"Follow my heavenly path and danger! Fight my evil wolves! Bury my heroes' souls! Bury my righteous bones!"

"I'm not afraid of Feng Shuang!"

"I'm not afraid of swords and knives!"

"I'll let you die a horrible death!"

"Let your soul scatter!"

He took off his high crown and his shawl spread out. As he looked at the approaching gods and devils of the celestial heavens, his hair fluttered in anger. "Everyone who goes to the Primordial Realm will be righteous! The vacuum is filled with home!"

Numerous veterans of Carefree Village stood up and executed their damaged divine weapons to gather the remaining vital qi.

Gao Baixun laughed loudly and rushed towards the celestial heavens' divine masters. "Come on! Children of the celestial heavens, step over my corpse!"

Everyone laughed loudly and rushed forward with him. An earth-shattering shout exploded in the sky. "Step over our corpses!"

Author's Note: The deeds of Gao Baixun, Fang Youji, and the rest were described in detail from 982 to 984. There was also a foreshadowing in these few chapters that introduced the structure of the divine metal in Carefree Village. This was also the foreshadowing that Carefree Village could turn into a great killing machine.

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