Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1705 - Hunter Of The 17th Epoch

Beneath the World Tree, waves of throbbing came, fast and fierce. Qin Mu felt this throbbing from afar, and his heart gradually sank.

He could sense which divine art was Xu Shenghua's divine art and which was a spirit official's divine art from the fluctuations of the divine art.

The two ancient god clones of the spirit official used a strange combination technique to surround and kill Xu Shenghua. The two ancient gods sometimes merged and sometimes separated. Furthermore, the Great Dao that the two ancient gods grasped was different, but each of their Great Dao was a Great Dao that was compatible with the Dao Fruit of the Dao Flower.

Spirit Official Hall Master had indeed put in a lot of effort to break the black mountain!

He had achieved the Dao four times, three Dao fruits, and one Dao flower. One of them had been destroyed by Qin Mu, and the other one had been destroyed to block Qin Mu. The remaining Dao fruit and one Dao flower had fused with the Great Dao contained in the Dao fruit and Dao flower, allowing him to unleash the greatest power of the Dao fruit and Dao flower!

The power that his two clones possessed was probably infinitely close to becoming a Dao cultivator!

"Xu Shenghua, you can't die…"

Qin Mu tried his best to speed up, but his footsteps became heavier. In that battle just now, his magic power had already been exhausted, and his corporeal body had long reached its limits. His legs seemed to be his own, and his body seemed to be carrying the heavens and the myriad worlds, moving with difficulty.

Traveling continuously and crossing battlefields in the shortest time possible to kill the clone of the Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall at the smallest price in the chaos was an unimaginable challenge to him.

When he fought in the Hall of Spirit Official, he was severely exhausted and his vital qi was exhausted. The spirit official clone could even cause damage to his body.

The divine art fluctuations coming from the black mountain were still coming over, and this kind of fluctuation became even more hurried. It was obvious that Xu Shenghua and the spirit official's clones had reached the most crucial moment.

Qin Mu's body was still as fast as lightning, but his body was stumbling. His speed was much slower than before.

At this moment, he sensed the peculiarity in the divine arts.

Qin Mu raised his head and looked at the black mountain in front of him. Over there, another World Tree was slowly rising. It was Xu Shenghua's World Tree.

Back then, when the World Tree revived, Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian sat under the tree and tried to analyze the Great Dao contained within the World Tree, treating it as a realm.

Qin Mu was also comprehending at the side, but he didn't manage to comprehend anything, so he thought of a trick to borrow the divine ax from Tai Yi to chop the World Tree and transplant it into his divine treasures.

When the new tree grew out, Lan Yutian and Xu Shenghua still sat under the tree and diligently tried to dissect the World Tree.

Looking at it now, Xu Shenghua had some achievements after all these years.

"33 levels of the Heavenly Dao realm…"

Qin Mu's footsteps didn't stop, and the vertical eye at the heart of his brows opened up. Xu Shenghua's Dao Realm was connected to his World Tree, so he was slightly at ease.

The current Xu Shenghua could already be considered half a Dao practitioner. He and Lan Yutian had created a new cultivation system for the future, and now this cultivation system was close to completion!

He and Lan Yutian had chosen a shortcut. The traditional cultivation system, whether it was the celestial heavens system or the Dao Realm system, was the accumulation of quantity.

Even if one cultivated to a perfect celestial heavens, they still needed to imprint the ultimate void to achieve a qualitative change. Even if one cultivated to the thirty-six heavens of the Dao Realm, they still needed to head to the ultimate void to imprint their own Great Dao.

Meanwhile, Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian had fused the Dao Realm system with the World Tree, which was equivalent to his own Dao Tree.

When divine arts practitioners cultivated to the fifth tier and started to condense the World Tree, it was equivalent to stepping into the realm of Dao practitioners. With every level of the Dao Realm, they would be closer to the perfect Dao practitioners.

The benefit of this cultivation method was to break the qualitative change into quantitative change and distribute it to every Dao Realm.

'Xu Shenghua's abilities aren't much different from a single spirit official clone, but with two spirit official clones paired with Dao Flower Dao Fruit, they will far surpass him. The only thing he can rely on is divine arts.'

Qin Mu got closer to the black mountain, and the divine arts coming from the black mountain were also concentrated to the extreme. Furthermore, they came from different directions, so the three of them should be moving at an extremely high speed. 'Xu Shenghua's strength lies in his ability to face strong opponents. His brain is too nimble, and he can always find a way to counter the opponent's divine arts, paths, and skills in battle. However, there's a prerequisite for this, and that is whether his knowledge is enough to fight against a spirit official!'

If his knowledge reserves couldn't compete with a spirit official, he would be defeated no matter how smart he was!

The Spirit Official's knowledge came from the past four Cosmoses and the Miluo Palace!

The Miro Palace could be said to be the most glorious and massive sacred ground since the 16 Universe Era. It was also the supreme sacred ground!

Even though it was impossible for Spirit Official to completely learn the foundation of Miluo Palace, it was still extraordinary. The fact that this Hall Master could contain almost all of the ancient gods showed that he had astonishing attainments in the Connate Great Dao.

It was almost impossible for Xu Shenghua to defeat him in terms of knowledge!

Qin Mu rushed into the black mountain, and the area of the black mountain was extremely vast. Qin Mu climbed up a mountain and looked over, only to see mountains splitting apart. This place had experienced an unimaginably fierce battle that had split the mountain!

Suddenly, the divine art waves calmed down.

Qin Mu's heart sank, and he dragged his exhausted body to walk towards the place where the last divine art fluctuation came from. At that moment, he suddenly saw a few graves at the foot of a black mountain. In front of them were tombstones.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He opened his third eye and barely managed to execute it to look inside the tomb.

His expression was astonished, and he revealed a smile. 'I thought that Xu Shenghua wouldn't steal from me… In terms of knowledge, a spirit official might be inferior to him!'

He looked at the other black mountains and saw burial mounds and stone tablets. The number of graves here was so high that it surpassed Qin Mu's expectations.

He slowed down and continued forward.

Among the prehistoric strong practitioners who had secretly crossed the World Tree, there were very few who had achieved the Dao. A large portion of those who had achieved the Dao were gathered in the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court. That was the sacred ground for those who had achieved the Dao, where the Dao Tree became a forest.

Most of the prehistoric strong practitioners who chose to steal from the World Tree had no fate to achieve the Dao and were not qualified to enter the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court. Thus, if they wanted to live, they could only steal from the World Tree.

Back then, because of Cripple's death, Qin Mu went deep into the mine of Great Black Mountain in a fit of anger and killed over a hundred prehistoric strong practitioners.

Xu Shenghua shouldn't have achieved such great battle achievements overnight. Instead, he had been doing similar things every day for the past thirty years. In other words, his understanding of the prehistoric paths, skills, and divine arts was probably even higher than that of a spirit official!

This was the chance for Xu Shenghua to win!

"He secretly drank a lot of Dao dew, and these Dao dews were extremely beneficial to his cultivation. Every day, he would drink a little and release a prehistoric strong practitioner to make up for his short cultivation time. If I were him, I would drink all of the Dao dew in one gulp the moment I saw the Spirit Official arrive and borrow the power of the Tai Yi Dao dew to fight against the Spirit Official!"

'Xu Shenghua will do the same! He's as smart as me!'

Even so, Qin Mu still struggled to walk forward. He had to see Xu Shenghua with his own eyes to be at ease.

Finally, Qin Mu came to the place where the last divine art fluctuation came from. He saw the two ancient god clones of Hall Master Ling Guan standing in a valley with their bodies tall and sturdy. There were remnants of divine arts everywhere, and they were still filled with fatal aftershocks.

This divine art was born from the divine art of Miro Palace. The Dao chains were extremely blazing, forming an inescapable net that sealed this place!

Meanwhile, Xu Shenghua was lying between the two ancient god clones. There were bloodstains all around him, and he was motionless.

"Could it be…"

Qin Mu's heart sank. Hall Master Ling Guan's Dao fruits and Dao flowers were still there. Even though they were tattered, they weren't completely destroyed. It was the Dao fruits and Dao flowers that were maintaining the inescapable net formed by the Dao chains!

Qin Mu walked forward and his gaze landed on the two ancient god clones of Spirit Official. He was slightly stunned.

He walked towards the inescapable net and passed through the terrifying chains. The power of the chains burst forth violently.

Qin Mu gave a grunt. He no longer had any magic power to resist, so he used his powerful primordial body to withstand the last divine art and walked into the inescapable net.

Boom, boom.

Two loud explosions rang out, and the spirit official's Dao fruit exploded. The Dao flower exploded, and the two ancient gods' bodies swayed as they fell to the ground.

Xu Shenghua raised his head to take a look before putting it down again. He took a few heavy breaths and said with a hoarse voice, "Cult Master Qin, you are here. I can't break through his final divine art. He used his last bit of strength to seal me here. When the sky turns dark, this place will become a paradise for the strong practitioners of prehistory and kill me…"

Qin Mu came to his side and examined the injuries on his body. There were numerous wounds on Xu Shenghua's body, and they hadn't healed yet. They contained the remnants of the Dao technique of Miluo Palace.

Qin Mu tried to treat him, but he had no vital qi left in his body to use.

"I've already tried my best to avoid fatal injuries."

Xu Shenghua revealed a rare smile and said, "You are even more miserable than me. Treat yourself first. I just need to climb up the World Tree and wait for the Dao Tree to appear. I should be able to save my life by receiving some Dao dew…"

Suddenly, he felt water hitting his face.

Xu Shenghua was slightly stunned. He saw the tears in Qin Mu's eyes falling like rain.

Xu Shenghua immediately said, "Cult Master Qin, what's wrong with you? I'm still alive and well…"

Qin Mu suddenly burst into tears and stood up shakily. He struggled to walk out. "I can't save Celestial Venerable Yun anymore, I can't make it back in time… I have to make it back as soon as possible…"

Xu Shenghua raised his hand and tried his best to grab his ankle. With a hoarse voice, he said, "Calm down! Your current situation isn't much better than mine. Even if you force yourself to rush to the Primordial Realm, you won't be able to make it in time. Instead, you will waste even more time. Calm down, it's almost night. Take a break. When the Tai  Yi Dao Tree comes out, you will drink a portion of the Dao Dew and recover a portion of your cultivation. That will allow you to rush back to the Primordial Realm in advance!"

Qin Mu stopped and was silent for a moment. He bent down to help him up, but he stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

The two of them supported each other and tried their best to advance towards the World Tree.

The two most outstanding experts of Eternal Peace were like two old men walking forward unsteadily.

The sun was setting.

Only when the sun had set did they reach the bottom of the World Tree. Qin Mu recovered a trace of his cultivation and circulated his magic power, bringing Xu Shenghua to the top of the World Tree.

The two of them sat on the leaves at the highest point and raised their heads to look up. The starry sky of the ancestral court was resplendent, and the stars were moving unpredictably. The reason for this strange phenomenon was Xuandu.

Ancestral God King led the gods of the stars of Xuandu to command the army of the Sun Guardian and the Moon Guardian. They attacked Carefree Village and Eternal Peace, and the gods of the stars and the Sun Guardian were all star gods. Naturally, they would cause chaos in the astronomical phenomenon.

The astronomical phenomenon was in chaos, which meant that the entire Xuandu army had been mobilized!

Tai Yi's Dao Tree emerged from the Ultimate Void, and Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua stood up shakily to receive the dripping Dao Dew.

"Can Eternal Peace be protected?" Xu Shenghua suddenly asked.

"Eternal Peace can be protected, but Carefree Village can't."

Qin Mu consumed the Dew of the Dao and worked hard to execute his technique to refine the Dew of the Dao. "However, the celestial heavens will have to pay a huge price to take down Carefree Village. Carefree Village is a weapon, a weapon forged by the Founding Emperor Era after exhausting the wealth of this era."

Xu Shenghua was slightly puzzled.

"I've been to Carefree Village and examined the internal structure of the heavens. On the outside, they look like ordinary mountains and rivers, but inside, they are forged with divine metal and divine iron, like incomparably exquisite machines."

Qin Mu continued to say, "Founding Emperor Qin Ye's Carefree Sword is hollow, and Carefree Village's 33 heavens are Carefree Sword's heart of the sword. The complete Carefree Sword should be hiding Carefree Village inside. The power of Carefree Sword isn't very high, and it's easy to shatter. The main reason is that it comes from the heart of the sword. Without Carefree Village, the power of Carefree Sword can't be unleashed to its fullest."

Xu Shenghua was silent for a moment before saying, "Founding Emperor is so patient."

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "He is such a person. Carefree Village is his last resort to injuring the enemy. When the army of the celestial heavens takes over Carefree Village's 33 heavens, the secret of Carefree Village will explode."

He recovered some of his cultivation and immediately treated Xu Shenghua's Dao injuries. He said, "I can't make a move tonight. I need to accumulate my power to rush back to the Primordial Realm after daybreak. Can you hold on?"

Xu Shenghua said indifferently, "I've killed here for thirty years, and I'm quite famous in the prehistoric universe. There are a few stowaways who call me a hunter from the seventeenth era, and my reputation isn't inferior to the seventh young master of Miluo Palace. No one should have dared to come over the first half of the night…"

He coughed violently and only calmed down after a moment. He continued, "There will probably be a test in the later half of the night. The second night will be the real attack. Don't worry, after you leave, you will leave if you can't defeat me."

Qin Mu nodded silently and refined the dew. He tried his best to recover his cultivation and said, "What I'm more worried about is that Celestial Venerable Hao has taken away almost all of the sacred grounds of the ancestral court. In the past, with these sacred grounds suppressing us, there wouldn't be much of a problem. However, if the black mountain is lost now, some existences will probably take the chance to come out."

His gaze was deep as he said in a low voice, "In the prehistoric universe, there's not only one sacred ground, there are also other powers. Even if it's inferior to the Miro Palace, it's still extraordinary."

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