Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1704 - Extreme Wisdom

The two figures, one big and one small, collided in midair for the first time. The moment they collided, the spirit official immediately realized that Xu Shenghua's Dao Realm domain was different from the rest.

The thirty-six Heavenly Dao Realm domains that the spirit officials had executed with the help of the Dao Fruit were released. When the domains were spread out, they were no different from the domains of other people who had achieved the Dao or gods. However, Xu Shenghua's Dao Realm domain was restrained and completely contracted!

He had never seen such a method of use on Qin Mu.

From this point, it showed that their cultivation systems were completely different. Xu Shenghua's cultivation method was also very different from Qin Mu's!

Releasing it meant that the area of coverage would be wider. In a large-scale battle, when the domain was unleashed, anyone who entered it would be affected. For example, the Grand Emperor's supreme consciousness realm could spread out and cover an entire landmass. Everyone was in his realm and couldn't struggle.

On the other hand, the domains that were restrained were concentrated in the cultivator's body, so the area of coverage naturally couldn't be as large as the domains that were released outside. Only when the cultivator's divine treasures were released would the area of coverage become larger.

Xu Shenghua's 33 heavens' domains gathered together and hid inside his body without releasing. The cohesion was unbelievably strong!

He had cut into the thirty-six Heavenly Dao realm domains of the ancient spirit official, and the powerful force hidden in his body made it difficult for the thirty-six domains to injure him!

The moment the two of them collided, they separated.

The instant they separated, their divine arts changed unpredictably, dazzling their eyes and making it hard to differentiate them. However, in their eyes, all of the other party's divine arts were vivid in their minds. The paths, skills, and ideas hidden in their divine arts were also incomparably clear in their hearts.

When a rude and unreasonable person like Qin Mu killed the spirit official ancient god clone, he didn't understand the marvels and techniques of analyzing the spirit official clone's divine arts and just killed him. However, Xu Shenghua was different.

He could admire the beauty of a spirit official's divine art, the marvel of the Dao, and then break it.

When their bodies were completely separated, their backs were already facing each other, and their divine arts were still continuously attacking each other!

When the two of them separated and landed on a mountain, they had already exchanged over a thousand and six hundred divine arts. Each divine art contained different paths, skills, and ideals, and there was no repetition of a single move.

When their feet landed, they heard two loud rumbles. Two huge black mountains were pressed down by their feet, and the mountains split open.

The cracked mountain was a passage for prehistoric experts who tried to sneak into this world through the World Tree. The passage was originally dark, but now there was light, guiding them to this universe!

Bang, bang, bang.

Xu Shenghua's body trembled slightly, and muffled sounds suddenly came from his body. Over a thousand and six hundred moves, he had suffered forty-nine moves. At that moment, the power of these forty-nine divine arts couldn't be suppressed after he landed on the ground, and they exploded from his body!

Forty-nine wounds burst open all over his body, and he was covered in fresh blood. However, the power of the Taiyi Dao Dew burst forth and healed the injuries on his corporeal body, divine treasures, and primordial spirit.

Xu Shenghua turned around.

"Xu Shenghua, you are indeed powerful!"

The ancient god spirit official turned around, and a dull thud came from his body. It was Xu Shenghua breaking through the defense of his divine art, and a divine art that had hit him exploded in his body.

The ancient god spirit official looked at the tiny wound that had appeared on his chest and couldn't help but exclaim in admiration, "The changes in your divine art are truly beyond my expectations. My master is from the Miluo Palace, and even though the master of the Miluo Palace didn't recognize me as his disciple, everyone would still call him teacher. How profound are the paths, skills, and divine arts of the Miluo Palace? How profound are they? Every divine art has undergone the tempering of numerous universes, yet you are actually able to withstand them. This is truly astonishing!"

He executed his technique, and the wound quickly recovered.

Xu Shenghua's eyes flashed, and he said, "Dao friend, is this the divine art of the Miluo Palace? It seems to be different from the Miluo Palace divine art I've seen."

The ancient god spirit official asked curiously, "Where did you see the Miluo Palace divine art? It's probably at the level of half a bucket of water."

Xu Shenghua shook his head and said, "I've seen it from Celestial Venerable Mu. He had once executed Miluo Palace's divine art and was very powerful."

Ancient God Ling Guan snorted coldly. "You want to use Seventh Young Master to attack my Dao heart? This move is useless against me!"

Even though he had followed the master of Miluo Palace to seek the Dao and learned four universe cycles, he was still not a young master. Even though Qin Mu had never met the master of Miluo Palace and had only gone to Miluo Palace once to copy a Dao pattern, he had become the young master of Miluo Palace.

This was something he could never compare to.

Xu Shenghua was astonished. 'How did I attack his Dao heart?'

He didn't continue speaking. He rarely did things like striking his Dao heart. When he had fought with Qin Mu for the first time, he had been ruthlessly struck and walked side by side with him. In the end, he had been dragged until he vomited blood. Ever since then, his Dao heart had become higher, and there was rarely anything that could shake his Dao heart.

He rarely tried to attack his enemy's Dao heart in battle. As long as he was strong enough, his enemy's Dao heart would crumble bit by bit in the battle.

The spirit official ancient god rushed over again, and his aura was even stronger than before. The clash this time was even shorter, but the divine arts were even denser. Because the mobilization of the divine arts was too fast, from the moment their thoughts moved to the formation and explosion of the divine arts, it only took a short instant. Therefore, neither of them could use the great divine arts of the Dao Realm!

The power of the great divine art of the Dao Realm was extremely strong, but the speed of mobilizing the paths, skills, and divine arts was slightly slower. In such a close combat situation, if he used the great divine art of the Dao Realm, he would have been hit by over a dozen killer moves before he was ready!

The two of them separated and landed on a mountain.


Two more mountains split open.

Xu Shenghua grunted, and sixteen explosions came from his body. Sixteen wounds exploded on his body.

This time, the sixteen wounds weren't healed by the Taiyi Dao Dew. The wounds kept bleeding, and it was obvious that the spirit official ancient god had figured out a way to counter the Taiyi Dao Dew. He had used Miluo Palace's divine art to create injuries that the Dao Dew couldn't heal.

On the other side, the spirit official ancient god also grunted, and nine muffled sounds came from his body. His corporeal body exploded, and nine wounds appeared.

He frowned slightly. These nine wounds meant that Xu Shenghua had already figured out some rules from his divine art and deduced the divine art he might have executed. He had already planned to solve it in advance!

When he had clashed with Xu Shenghua for the second time, he had also realized this point. When Xu Shenghua clashed with him for the second time, the speed of his divine art was even faster. Furthermore, many of his moves were targeted at the weakness of his divine art without any hesitation!

"A demon with extraordinary wisdom!"

The ancient spirit official composed himself, and his Dao fruit spun. More chains poured out, and his wounds couldn't heal anymore. He had to rely on the Dao chains in his Dao fruit to forcefully erase the injuries!

Xu Shenghua raised his hand to seal his wound and said indifferently, "Let's do it again. What does Dao friend think?"

Ancient God Ling Guan's body sank, and his corporeal body tensed up. He chuckled and said, "Then let's do it again! This time, I won't hold back!"

He suddenly opened his mouth and roared furiously. His voice was like a huge bell, and his Dao voice boomed loudly as he attacked Xu Shenghua. His body followed closely behind the Dao voice, and all kinds of divine arts burst forth!

Xu Shenghua's footsteps moved, and with each step, a lotus appeared. His body suddenly appeared, and he walked towards him.

The two clashed for the third time, and their speed was even faster.

The spirit official ancient god landed on a mountain and spat out a mouthful of blood. He hurriedly covered his mouth, but the blood still spurted out.

Forty-nine explosions came from his body, and forty-nine wounds exploded, causing his injuries to become heavier!

Xu Shenghua staggered and landed on another mountain. A dull thud came from his body, and a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

"The divine art of Miluo Palace is indeed powerful."

He turned around and raised his head with an indifferent expression. "Among your divine arts, there are some that I can't break. It's these divine arts that can hurt me."

The ancient spirit official suppressed his injuries and suddenly turned around. He said coldly, "You want to attack my Dao heart again?"

Xu Shenghua frowned. "Dao friend, is your Dao heart really that weak? I can destroy your Dao heart with just a few words?"

The ancient god spirit official stared fixedly at him. Xu Shenghua's expression was still so indifferent, and his gaze was still so gentle, but there was also a hint of seriousness.

However, there was absolutely no hint of mockery in his expression!

However, the more it was like this, the more frustrated the spirit official ancient god felt.

Xu Shenghua said seriously, "If you don't know which divine art can hurt me, I can tell you."

Hall Master Ling Guan laughed loudly and said sternly, "You will tell me?"

Xu Shenghua nodded and became even more serious. "Cult Master Qin once said that I have a weakness, and it's in my character. My curiosity is too bad, and I don't like to take risks. I don't like to challenge, and I like to stay in one place. He wants me to do more challenging things and tell you which divine arts can hurt me. To me, it's a challenging thing."

The Hall Master's expression froze.

There was such a person in this world?

Xu Shenghua's every word and action was filled with sincerity. "I've been trying my best to correct myself all these years, trying my best to correct the weakness in my character. Dao friend Spirit Saint, the strong practitioners of prehistory in these graves under your feet, when they were alive, I would also tell them which kind of divine art could hurt me. To me, this is a challenge."

His expression dimmed. "When I complete the challenge, they usually die."


The ancient god spirit official laughed loudly, but his voice was trembling. "Xu Shenghua, you are indeed powerful, and you are still disrupting my Dao heart! My Dao heart isn't that weak and won't be affected by you! Since you are so arrogant, let me strike you down once!"

He shook his sleeves and said proudly, "My other clone has already arrived!"

Xu Shenghua turned back and saw another ancient god walking over. The two ancient gods actually looked exactly the same, but this new ancient god had a Dao flower with him.

"Are you trying to stall for time and wait for the seventh young master to save you?"

The ancient god spirit official sneered. "Seventh young master is indeed here, but he's already an arrow at the end of its flight! His magic power is almost exhausted, and his corporeal body is also incomparably exhausted. As for me, I have left behind my other clone, my treasured hall, and my Dao Fruit!"

Another spirit official ancient god said solemnly, "Before he kills my other clone, you will definitely die!"

In the sky above the ancestral court, light suddenly burst forth, and the sky became incomparably bright. A figure broke through the world barrier of the ancestral court and rushed toward the World Tree with blazing flames.

When the flames on the person's body vanished, Qin Mu could be seen sprinting towards the World Tree!

Suddenly, a huge hall stood in front of him, and a Dao Fruit floated in it. Under the Dao Fruit, an ancient spirit official sat upright and slowly raised his head. "Seventh Young Master, you don't have much power left, right?"

Qin Mu didn't say a word and slaughtered his way into the hall.

The Great Dao of the Spirit Official Hall soared, and the Dao runes of the light burst forth and poured into the hall!

This hall was formed by the Great Dao of the spirit official. Coupled with the spirit official's clone and one of his Dao fruits, the spirit official's hall master was confident that he could keep Qin Mu, the seventh young master of Miluo Palace, here!

An incomparably dull sound came from the hall, and a terrifying storm of light spewed out. After a moment, the blood in the treasure hall surged out like a flood!


The palace hall was penetrated by a terrifying force. Qin Mu's hands were covered in blood, and he was holding a tattered Dao Fruit in his right hand. He hobbled towards the World Tree with heavy footsteps.

Behind him, the Spirit Official Hall suddenly collapsed and shattered.

Qin Mu clenched his right hand tightly, and the Dao Fruit in his hand was also crushed by him!

He was like a fierce god.

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