Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1703 - Young Master Xu Of Eternal Peace And The Spirit Official Of Miluo Palace

When Xu Shenghua saw this ancient god, he raised the iron bucket in his hand. The ancient god looked at him curiously and saw that this gentle and refined man actually raised the iron bucket in front of him and drank all the water in it!

"Miluo Palace's Spirit Official Hall, Spirit Sage, pays my respects to Daoist Xu."

The Dao fruit at the back of the ancient god's head swirled and gave off a serene Dao voice. He asked curiously, "Dao Friend Xu, the water in your bucket should be the Dao dew on the Taiyi Dao Tree, right? This Dao dew is the treasure you used to repair the black mountain, so why did you drink it all?"

He couldn't help but laugh. "The seventh young master left you here to guard the crack in the World Tree so that you wouldn't be smuggled in by prehistoric strong practitioners. Yet you drank all of the Dao Dew. How are you going to answer to him?"

"Actually, I drink it every day."

Xu Shenghua put down the iron bucket and said seriously, "In the past thirty years, I've been showing off every day and adding one less mountain every day."

The spirit official laughed loudly. "Seventh young master doesn't know how to judge people and only favors them. How can he succeed by placing a person here to guard the World Tree?"

As Xu Shenghua refined the Dao dew, he examined the body of this ancient god who claimed to be a spirit saint. He was travel-worn, and there was still some morning dew on his body. He should have traveled through the night and rushed out of the black mountain at night, not taking advantage of the night to enter the mountain.

The black mountain was extremely unique.

At night, the outside world was a terrifying sight of the destruction of the universe, but it would return to normal during the day. Therefore, entering the mountain at night was an extremely dangerous thing.

It was common knowledge for the residents of Black Mountain to not go out at night. This person called the Martial Sage should also know this common knowledge.

"The reason why I drink a portion of the dew every day is to solve a problem."

Xu Shenghua explained patiently. Actually, there was no need for him to explain anything to the spirit official's clone, but this was because of his personality.

When interacting with Xu Shenghua, regardless of friend or foe, one would feel as if they were bathed in a spring breeze. This man was cultured and refined, humble and considerate of others. This was exactly where his charm lay.

Those who interacted with Qin Mu all wanted to beat him down and trample him under their feet. Even those close to him wanted to hang him up and beat him up ruthlessly.

On the other hand, those who interacted with Xu Shenghua would have a kind of respect for him that came from the bottom of their hearts. They would want nothing more than to put down their grudges and drink and chat happily with him.

"What I want to solve is that the ancestral court will become a huge sacrificial altar, and the dead will be sacrificed to the past universe."

Xu Shenghua was very serious as he said, "Ever since the primordial era until now, there have been countless deaths. No matter if it's natural disasters or man-made disasters, the dead have all been transformed into energy by blood sacrifice to flow into the past universe. Now, the accumulated energy is already extremely terrifying. I was afraid that the young master of Miluo Palace would take the chance to descend, so I tried to drink a portion of the Dao Dew and release a prehistoric stowaway to descend every day."

The spirit official was astonished. He pondered for a moment and said, "By doing this, you can indeed solve the problem of energy replacement. However, there's also a drawback to doing this. The prehistoric stowaways will kill in all directions and wreak havoc, causing even more energy to be sacrificed in the past. In this way, won't it speed up the descent of the Miluo Palace?"

"So every night, I face a battle."

Xu Shenghua explained patiently, "Cult Master Qin asked me to guard this place, but he only told me to guard this place well. He didn't explain in detail how to do it, so there's a lot of room for me to deal with it. That's why I chose to release a strong practitioner from the past universe every day. As long as they die here before leaving the black mountain, the blood sacrifice of the ancestral court won't be activated."

The spirit official's expression changed slightly. "How long have you been doing this?"

"From the time Youdu defeated Founding Emperor Qin Ye and died in battle, it has been 1742 days."

Xu Shenghua raised his hand to point at the mountains and said, "These black mountains have burial mounds at the bottom of every mountain. They are tombstones that I have erected for them, and these prehistoric Dao friends are buried inside."

The spirit official turned his head back and looked in the direction he was pointing at. His expression changed drastically, and he saw that the countless mountains around the black mountain had already been covered by green vegetation. The trees were dense, and it was no longer as desolate as it was in the past. Meanwhile, at the foot of the mountain, there were numerous burial mounds, and in front of them were tombstones.

Some tombstones had names, while some were blank.

There were 1742 graves.

The corners of the spirit official clone's eyes twitched. For the past thirty years, all of the strong practitioners that had sneaked here had been killed by this young man and buried here!

On the other hand, he drank a portion of the Dew of the Dao every day. His goal was to raise his strength and deal with even more unexpected situations!

This young man was much more meticulous and patient than Qin Mu, the seventh young master!

What Xu Shenghua had to do every day was very monotonous. At night, he would fetch Dao Lu and kill a stowaway. During the day, he would repair the black mountain, bury the stowaway, and build tombstones for the dead. Thirty years was like one day!

"No wonder the other practitioners of the Miluo Palace were unable to descend."

The spirit official let out a shaky breath and said, "Over the past thirty years, there have been numerous battles and countless lifeforms have died. I have already moved the blood sacrifice formation to the Primordial Realm and thought that I could let more people who had achieved the Dao descend from Miluo Palace. However, they never showed up all these years, so I didn't expect you to be the one playing tricks here. You lure out a prehistoric stowaway every night, and this way, you can consume the energy of the replacement. The Daoists of Miluo Palace are stronger and require more replacement energy, so they can't descend. You are very smart! In that case, when you saw me just now, you drank all of the Dao dew on your own accord because you knew I was here to kill you?"

Xu Shenghua nodded and said, "You are very strong, and you understand the black mountain very well. You also have the Dao Fruit, so I don't have full confidence in dealing with you. If I die in your hands, the black mountain will become the passage for prehistoric strong practitioners, and countless prehistoric strong practitioners will sneak over every night. If I survive, I can rely on my explosive power to fight them, so I chose to drink all of the Dao Dew."

The spirit official revealed a smile and praised, "You are a very thorny person and also a very smart person. Other than the seventh young master who commits all kinds of evil, there's also someone like you that has been born in the 17th Epoch. I'm very surprised. Are all the spirit arts and evil in the world concentrated on the two of you?"

"Cult Master isn't an evil person. To you guys, he is evil. To us, Cult Master has sacrificed too much."

Xu Shenghua said with a straight face, "There are still quite a number of people like Cult Master Qin and me, such as Lan Yutian, Celestial Venerable Yun, Founding Emperor, Hua Xuanxiu, and so on. We aren't the only ones. The reason why there are so many talents in the seventeenth era isn't because of Lingxiu gathering on us. It's mainly because there aren't any prehistoric successors invading us."

The spirit official raised his eyebrows.

Xu Shenghua continued, "This is the merit of Taiyi. Taiyi stopped you guys in the sixteenth era, and without your invasion, the seventeenth era was able to grow. There was an even wider space, an even longer history, and even more accumulation, which was why it exploded in the last million years. Because of the ten Celestial Venerables, this kind of explosion wasn't intense, but in the recent few hundred years, this kind of explosion caused a qualitative change! If the seventeenth era continues to exist, there will be more people who will become Daoists in the future, and they will prosper. They might not be inferior to Miluo Palace."

The spirit official laughed loudly. Xu Shenghua looked at him and didn't continue.

The spirit official's laughter gradually died down, and he walked towards him. The abnormal movements of the Great Dao came from his body, and he said indifferently, "Xu Shenghua, another Miluo Palace will never appear in the seventeenth era. Success, Steadiness, Destruction, Void. This stage of the universe will soon complete its evolution and enter the stage of living. When more of you have achieved the Dao and the Ultimate Void can no longer endure it, you will enter the stage of destruction, and everything will become nothing!"

Xu Shenghua put down the metal bucket and said indifferently, "No matter if it's entrusting to the void, achieving the Dao in the Dao Realm, or any other form of Dao, they are all fake. The true form of Dao is achieving the Dao within."

His aura spread out, and there was a turbulent current hidden in the calmness. This made Hall Master Ling Guan's expression turn grave.

When he looked at Xu Shenghua earlier, he couldn't see anything special about him. However, when Xu Shenghua's aura spread out, he was slightly astonished!

Within Xu Shenghua's body, it was as if there was a dry kun hidden in the universe. As his aura burst forth, the various Great Daos in his body seemed to revive at the same time, making him slightly unsure of Xu Shenghua's battle prowess!

"There's no need to entrust the Great Dao. Why is there a need to force the Dao Tree?"

Xu Shenghua walked towards him and revealed his divine treasures. His divine treasures were connected into one, and there were Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars, Celestial Being, Life and Death, and Celestial River. However, they were already connected, so it was hard to separate the boundaries of the divine treasures.

Among them, the Spirit Embryo and Six Directions Divine Treasures evolved into the Primordial Realm land of the human world. The Five Elements Seven Stars evolved into Xuandu, and life and death evolved into Youdu. The celestial river then connected the three worlds.

On his divine treasures, there were no celestial palaces or celestial heavens. Instead, there was an Ancestral Court landmass!

Among them, there were sacred grounds formed by the Heaven Gate, Jade Pavilion, Jade Pool, Heavenly Sea, God Execution Stage, Nine Hells Stage, and Four Extreme Heavens. However, there was no Jade Capital Realm!

Replacing them were the five major mines of Taiji, Tai Su, Tai Shi, Tai Chu, and Taiyi. The five major mines were glowing with light and mist. Clouds of clouds rose in the sky, and the Dao runes were drawn out. It was a magnificent sight!

The five great mines were like the five meridians of the ancestral court, and the celestial river was the passage connecting the three worlds to the ancestral court and the four poles!

Between the five major mines, a World Tree stood towering. The Dao runes of the five major mines gathered in the World Tree!

When the spirit official clone saw this World Tree, his expression changed drastically.

The World Tree, the unchanging tree.

The Dao trees of those who had achieved the Dao could all be said to be World Trees, but they were imitated by the Great Dao and had to be entrusted to the void!

In Xu Shenghua's body, there was also a World Tree!

This World Tree was Xu Shenghua's Dao Tree!

Not only that, he also saw the thirty-three voids in Xu Shenghua's body!

This kind of void was the void brought by the Dao Realm, not the void of the universe. It was the void formed by the Great Dao in Xu Shenghua's body comprehending to the 33 heavens of the Dao Realm!

After Xu Shenghua cultivated to the thirty-sixth level of the Dao Realm, there would be thirty-six voids in his body, and the World Tree would mature. At that time, Dao flowers would be born, and Dao fruits would be born!

What was even more terrifying was that Xu Shenghua had already completely escaped the influence of Ancestral Court Jade Capital City on the paths, skills, and divine arts of this universe!

He didn't cultivate any celestial palaces, much less Jade Capital City!

The spirit official could no longer hold back and pushed the power of his Dao Fruit to the extreme!

Xu Shenghua's strength had slightly surpassed his expectations. He originally thought he could easily kill this person, but now it seemed like this was a monster that was living in seclusion. He had to use his full strength!

He could see that Xu Shenghua was stalling for time to refine the energy in the barrel of Dao dew, but he was also stalling for time. His speed was the fastest, and the other two clones were slightly slower. They were still on their way.

Yet now, Xu Shenghua was ready to make a move, forcing him to make a move in advance!

The power of his Dao Fruit burst forth, and the Dao markings spread out from his Dao Fruit, transforming into the 36 heavens. Layers of domains overlapped and spread out.

He had to win this battle!

"The paths, skills, and divine arts of Miluo Palace are the pinnacle that you guys will never be able to surpass. It's a nightmare that you guys will never be able to reach!"

His body suddenly bulged up. This trip was extremely important, so he was using the most powerful corporeal body of the ancient gods.

He also brought Dao fruits, which were enough to replenish the deficiencies of his body in the Dao Realm!

His other clones could all die, but this corporeal body definitely couldn't die. He had to complete the entrustment of the third and fourth young masters of the Mi Luo Palace!

He took a step forward, and even the black mountain formed by the World Tree's stump trembled under his feet and split apart. His power was pushed to the extreme, and his Great Dao also burst forth from the power of the Dao Fruit!

Xu Shenghua suddenly stopped and stood on top of a mountain. He looked at the spirit official that was rushing towards him. That ancient god was like a giant that could split heaven and earth apart. Before he even arrived, the pressure was like heaven and earth collapsing!

"Cult Master Qin is your so-called seventh young master. He once said that I was the great master of Eternal Peace's reform."

Xu Shenghua's footsteps moved to the side, and his body sank down slightly. The Great Dao in his body moved, and it gave off a rumble!

"I don't agree with many of his views, but I've never refuted this sentence. Because!"

He circulated his magic power and exerted force with his feet, rushing forward to face the most powerful attack of the spirit official. "I am indeed the great master of Eternal Peace's reform. In fact, I have walked even further than Eternal Peace's reform!"

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