Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1701 - Hell On Earth

The corners of the ancient god monk's eyes twitched, and he looked down. He walked past Zhan Kong Rulai who was sleeping soundly and walked into the twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm.

At the same time, Qin Mu went straight to Great Thunderclap Monastery and thought to himself, 'Senior Brother Wei is leading the Feathered Forest Guards and has the power to fight with Celestial Venerable, so he can temporarily protect himself. The Black Tortoise and Deity are guarding their ancestral grounds, and their abilities are incomparably strong. They are enough to defend against the two clones of Hall Master Spirit Official for a period of time! I can't delay any longer and have no time to find the three clones of the spirit officials and ancient gods here, so I'll let them defend for a moment!'

The twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm were extremely vast.

The twenty heavens were the realm of buddha, and Brahma Buddha used great wisdom to create the study of the heart to reach the realm of Rulai. He cultivated from Yamaraja Realm all the way to Brahma Realm, raising his frame of mind and cultivation.

For example, Sakra Buddha Li Youran's frame of mind was Sakra Heaven that was only inferior to Brahma Realm.

It was extremely difficult to cultivate to Brahma Realm. Even though Sakra Buddha Li Youran had cultivated to Emperor's Throne Realm, he hadn't cultivated to Brahma Realm and was still extremely far from it.

Raising one's frame of mind was the most difficult.

The ancient god monk passed through the heavens of the Buddha Realm and came all the way to Sakra Heaven. Suddenly, he was astonished and hurriedly raised his head to take a look. He saw a huge head slowly rising from the twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm. Behind his head, rays of reincarnation swirled, and the halo covered the entire twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm!

That body was even larger than the twenty heavens of Buddha Realm, even taller than Great Meru Mountain. Just the head alone was even larger than a heaven!

"Seventh young master…"

The heart of the ancient god monk jumped, and he immediately stabilized his mind. He changed his appearance so that even a Daoist wouldn't be able to see it.

"I have too many clones and have already sprinted to different places. It's impossible for me to come back and reconstruct my corporeal body to fight with the seventh young master now. Now, there's only one way to go. As long as the seventh young master is delayed for a moment, he will be one step slower and one step slower."

He was very certain that this ancient god clone of his couldn't escape and would be pulled out by Qin Mu sooner or later. However, as long as Qin Mu wasted a moment here, it would create a chain reaction!

In a moment, his other clone could enter the Dao Sect and kill Dao Ancestor!

By the time Qin Mu reached the Dao Sect, his other clones had already killed Wei Suifeng and North Deity Xuan Wu. By the time Qin Mu reached the northern border, Virtuous Earth Sovereign Gongsun Yan, Emperor Yanfeng, and the rest were already dead!

This was what it meant to be slow at every step!

As long as Qin Mu delayed for a moment, the consequences would be unpredictable!

Suddenly, Qin Mu's figure vanished.

That ancient god monk was stunned. "Seventh young master has given up? He's prepared to give up Brahma Buddha's life and go to the Dao Sect or other places to hunt down my other clones? Hehe, seventh young master is too naive. He can't find me here, and he can't find my other clones anywhere else! He will still be one step slower and one step slower!"

He relaxed and walked towards Brahma Heaven.

The ancient god monk found Brahma Buddha and greeted him. "Buddha, the spirit official pays his respects." He then rose up and killed Brahma Buddha with a single move.

That ancient god monk killed Brahma Buddha  and destroyed his soul. Even the black soul sand no longer existed, and he chuckled. "Brahma Buddha's abilities are only so-so… Hehe, seventh young master is too naive. He can't find me here, and he can't find my other clones anywhere else! He will still be one step slower and one step slower!"

He felt at ease and raised his head to look. He saw Brahma Realm above Sakra Heaven.

The ancient god monk found Brahma Buddha and killed him in one move, turning his soul into primordial chaos. He said with a smile, "Brahma Buddha's abilities are only so-so… Hehe, seventh young master…"

Not long later, the ancient god monk raised his head to look at Brahma Realm and walked towards it.

"Revered One of the World, there's a foreign monk here."

Brahma Buddha was currently guarding the Youdu in Brahma Heaven Realm. When he heard what Qin Mu said, he separated himself from the rest of the buddhas and came to Sakra Heaven. He saw a huge monk with a sinister face standing there with a face full of smiles, not moving at all.

Brahma Buddha examined it in detail and said, "This person was struck by Celestial Venerable Mu's reincarnation and dream realm, continuously reincarnating in the dream realm. His cultivation is extremely high, and Celestial Venerable Mu can't kill him with this divine art. He can only trap him."

He raised his head and looked into the distance. 'Celestial Venerable Mu is holding back his power. He can no longer execute his strongest divine art to kill this great monk. Is it too late, or does he lack magic power? Or does he have both?'

With a worried expression, he ordered the buddhas to go down the mountain. "This monk is indeed not a member of our buddhism, he's probably a monk from the celestial heavens or the ancestral court. Since he could come here, it means that the power of the celestial heavens has already invaded this place and not just from Youdu. Now that the human world is hell, all of you can go down the mountain. Hell is not empty in the human world, so don't come back."

The buddhas paid their respects, and one of the buddhas took the initiative to extinguish the buddha rays at the back of his head. "Will Brahma be able to defend against the Youdu Devil God alone?"

Brahma Buddha said, "As long as Celestial Venerable doesn't come personally, I have my own way to protect my life. There's no need to worry about me. Go quickly!"

The buddhas went down the mountain and left the Buddha Realm. When they reached Great Thunderclap Monastery, they shouted, "Senior Brother Zhan Kong, wake up!"

The devil ape that was sleeping in Great Thunderclap Monastery woke up, and all the buddhas said, "The world has already turned into hell and is about to be lost. We should dispel the compassion in our hearts and subdue the devils. Does senior brother want to go?"

The devil ape said, "Let's go together."

He looked up at Brahma Heaven, where the buddha rays shone eternally, giving off a bright light. However, his hair fluttered in the wind, and his resolute face revealed a hint of worry.

The buddhas hugged him and left.

The twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm and Great Thunderclap Monastery instantly became empty, leaving only the ancient temple, the ancient bell, and the ancient monk with a smile standing in Sakra Heaven.

The bell rang.

At the top of the Buddha Realm, in the Brahma Realm, there was a place called Youdu. It was the place where Qin Mu had transformed into Little Earth Count and slaughtered everyone, threatening to get rid of Old Buddha to become the Earth Count of the Buddha Realm.

There was originally no Youdu in the Buddha Realm, and there was no pain from birth, aging, sickness, and death. However, Qin Mu created a huge ruckus and helped Old Buddha purge the power that the celestial heavens had planted in the Buddha Realm. Thus, there was Youdu here, and Youdu devil monsters could reach this place.

At this moment, Brahma Buddha was guarding Youdu, and countless devil gods and monsters swarmed towards this old buddha!

The Youdu devil gods and monsters were formed from the evil thoughts of all living things. They were the filth of thoughts, and the devil qi was the most tainted vital qi. From the Primordial Realm's Youdu, Brahma Buddha was like a huge Mount Meru that was giving off light. He stood in the hinterlands of Eternal Peace, and no matter how countless devil monsters and devil gods flooded over, they couldn't touch his body!

There were seventeen halos at the back of his head, and one of them was a celestial palace. The buddha light transformed the devil nature and devil consciousness on the bodies of numerous devil gods and monsters, worsening the fire of all living things.

He was the last barrier to protect Eternal Peace and prevent Youdu from invading!

If he was defeated, the army of devil gods and monsters of Youdu would rush into Brahma Heaven and roar down from Brahma Heaven. Darkness would cover the twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm, then flood Great Thunderclap Monastery and all parts of Eternal Peace!

Brahma Buddha was as steady as Mount Meru, and he gradually entered the dream.

His cultivation was depleting more, but the number of monsters and devil gods that had died also increased. Gradually, the monsters and devil gods that flooded over decreased.

"Great monk."

Suddenly, a voice rang out, and Brahma Buddha woke up from his dream. He raised his head and saw an army of less than fifty thousand gods and devils rushing over from Youdu.

"Divine Strategies of the celestial heavens?" Brahma Buddha stood up and asked.

The chief general bowed slightly and said, "Commander of the Left Guards of Divine Strategies, Xiang Youjun of the East, pays his respects to the great monk. His Majesty has ordered me to take the great monk's life. Everyone, get into formation!"

The gods and devils of the celestial heavens set up a formation, and celestial palaces rose from the ground as if Celestial Venerable Xu had personally come.

Brahma Buddha sighed. "Originally, it originated from the Dao of buddha cultivation, so how can enlightenment be limited to the first and last? Comprehension leads to enlightenment, and enlightenment leads to comprehension. Bewildering leads to disaster. Zhan Kong, it's to subdue the devil ape in the heart. Zhan Kong, you will understand this point. Everyone, please."

You Bijun bowed and said, "I was indebted to the great monk in my early years. Today, I shall leave my corpse intact!"

She straightened her back and unfurled her flag. The great army of the Left Guards of Divine Strategy closed in and drowned Brahma Buddha!

Qin Mu had killed another spirit official clone at the foot of Mount Kunlun, but Dao Ancestor wasn't at Mount Kunlun. He was currently in the manufacturing factory of Eternal Peace designing divine weapons with Dao Master Lin Xuan.

Qin Mu sprinted straight for the Eternal Peace Primordial Tree. While he was sprinting, Youdu's divine art had already burst forth and arrived above the Eternal Peace Primordial Tree and the capital city!

His divine art transformed into a Life and Death Book that shone with golden light and shone in all directions. Just as the Life and Death Book locked onto the two spirit official clones that had already arrived, Qin Mu's figure arrived and killed one of the ancient god clones in front of the Dao Academy of Earth Virtue Celestial Palace. He then killed another ancient god clone in the imperial palace of the capital city.

His body rushed toward the East Sea, and at that moment, waves suddenly rose from the surface of the East Sea. In the surging waves, the Myriad Dragon Nest exploded. The Myriad Dragon Nest rose from the sacred ground of the ancestral court and was formed by the qi and blood of the universe.

During the ancient primordial era, the masters of creation sacrificed there, and a god that controlled qi and blood was born in this sacred ground, East Deity Qing Long.

And now, the nest of ten thousand dragons had exploded, and the torrent of qi and blood instantly poured down, filling up the surface of the sea, turning the sky waves scarlet red as they surged towards Eternal Peace!

In the torrential waves, two huge divine dragons fought. One of the green dragons suddenly split into pieces and died an unnatural death!

Qin Mu flicked his finger, and a lotus leaf appeared. It landed on the tip of the wave, and the huge wave instantly calmed down.

Qin Mu flew over, but he didn't kill the green dragon. Instead, he went straight for the army led by Jiang Baigui. Over there, numerous gods and devils of Eternal Peace formed formations and locked down an ancient god with a dragon head!

With Jiang Baigui as the eye of the formation, the thirty-six celestial palaces and seventy-two throne halls were deployed. Together with the various armies, they formed a complete Great Celestial Heavens formation and worked together to kill that ancient god with the dragon head.

Qin Mu instantly stopped and counterattacked another divine dragon.

"Seventh young master, you have already lost this battle!"

The voice of the Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall came from the mouth of the divine dragon, and he shouted, "If you can save North Deity and Wei Suifeng, you can't save West Deity, and you won't be able to save the ruler of the Beast World in Southern Heaven! Even if you make a choice, you can't save everyone!"


He was pulverized by Qin Mu, but Qin Mu didn't stop for a moment. As he sprinted towards the Kan Land, he suddenly saw the twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm above Great Thunderclap Monastery in the hinterlands of Eternal Peace. The twenty heavens surrounded Great Meru Mountain, and the sky was high and clear, looking majestic and magnificent.

Suddenly, a dot of black ink appeared on Brahma Heaven, and it was like black ink had spread out, dyeing the entire Brahma Heaven pitch black. Next, this black ink surged towards Sakra Heaven, Multi Scenic Heaven, and State Heaven!

Soon, the twenty heavens surrounding Great Meru Mountain were dyed black, and that darkness poured down towards Great Thunderclap Monastery.

Qin Mu's body trembled slightly, and he didn't continue to look. He continued to sprint towards the northern border.

In the manufacturing factory of Eternal Peace's Golden River, Dao Ancestor raised his head and looked in the direction of Great Thunderclap Monastery. Suddenly, tears streamed down his face.

The old buddha that was carrying the black alms bowl and begging for food for him, the great monk that had accompanied him for a million years, was gone.

"Dao Ancestor?" Lin Xuan revealed a look of inquiry.

Dao Ancestor turned his head away. "It's fine, continue working."

Meanwhile, the buddhas that had left the Buddha Realm were also looking back. Zhan Kong Rulai didn't look at the situation in the Buddha Realm and continued to walk forward with his cane. He said in a low and muffled voice, "Westward."

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