Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1694 - Playing In Heaven And Earth

"Green Deity is very powerful, but it's a pity he met Jiang Baigui!"

The Green Deity was still surrounded by the army and was constantly injured. However, Jiang Baigui didn't give the order to kill him. This was the most terrifying part.

The focus of attacking the reinforcements was to attack the reinforcements. They didn't kill Green Deity to attract reinforcements, but to attract the Green Deity's reinforcements.

This was a wonder.

More reinforcements arrived and wiped out the first batch of reinforcements as quickly as possible to prevent them from being surrounded.

After eliminating the first wave of reinforcements, they adjusted their formation and sent more troops to surround the second wave. This was strange again.

The strange changes made the chips even bigger, forcing the enemy to be unable to give up on the power of their side, thus continuously killing the enemy.

As for the usage of the battlefield, Justice's control over the battlefield was extremely testing on the wisdom of the commander. If anything went wrong in any aspect, it would not achieve the desired effect.

The military strength of Eternal Peace was far inferior to that of East Heaven, so how could they win with numbers instead of being swallowed up by the enemy's superior military strength was a huge test.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui had already reached perfection and was invincible on the battlefield.

As the various divisions of the Eastern Heavens, such as the Heavenly River, the chariots, and the formation chariots, entered the battlefield, the Green Deity's heart turned cold. More and more gods and devils were involved in the battle, and it was becoming harder to part with them.

If such a huge force was completely swallowed up and eradicated by Eternal Peace, no general would be able to accept it!

Now, it was no longer a problem of surrounding him and not destroying him. Even if Jiang Baigui let him go immediately, the army of the East Heaven wouldn't be able to retreat from the battlefield!

'East Deity should be fine now, right?'

Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui came to East Deity's side and said, "Now, you can awaken the Myriad Dragon Nest, your corporeal body, and the divine dragons of the East Pole."

East Deity stood up and laughed. "Jiang Baigui, you are truly ruthless!"

He gave a long roar, and his qi and blood went berserk. Meanwhile, in the camp of the Eastern Heaven camp, the headless green dragon's corporeal body suddenly trembled violently. The dragon stretched out its claws and grabbed at the Myriad Dragon Nest!

The Myriad Dragon Nest was his sacred ground, and he was born there. The power of this nest was not inferior to South Deity's Dao Fire Ancestral Land!

The power of the Dao Fire Ancestral Land was extremely terrifying. It could distort time and space, and each Dao fire was a heaven. The entire universe seemed to be in the Dao fire of the ancestral land.

The ancestral land of the Myriad Dragon Nest wasn't as powerful as the Dao Fire Ancestral Land, but it was known for its qi and blood. When the qi and blood in the nest burst forth, the qi and blood of all the divine dragons in the camp of the East Heaven Alliance rose violently!

Those divine dragons were the divine dragons of the East Pole, and they were all descendants of East Deity Qing Long. With the qi and blood of the Myriad Dragon Nest, their corporeal bodies instantly swelled up and broke the dragon binding chains on their bodies!

Only a portion of the divine dragons in the East Pole had been beheaded, and there were still tens of thousands of divine dragons left as slaves in the army. At this moment, these divine dragons broke free one after another. Their claws and teeth were sinister, and dragon roars continuously rang out from the camp.

East Deity chanted endlessly, and the divine dragons' abilities increased exponentially. They pounced on the other armies in the East Heaven Barracks, and for a moment, the entire camp was in chaos. Blood and flesh flew everywhere.

At the same time, Jiang Baigui ordered the entire army to attack. The flying ship in the sky was still a thousand miles away from the East Heaven Barracks when the cannon rays sliced through the sea surface and bombarded the city gate of the main camp, blowing it open.

Countless gods and devils stepped on the sea surface and rushed towards the main camp of the East Heaven Army. The power of the heavy divine weapons was activated, and Sunshot Divine Cannon was activated. All kinds of killing formations soared into the sky, stirring up the wind and clouds!

At the same time, countless gods and devils reached the base of the main camp from the bottom of the sea. They broke through the foundation of the main camp and slaughtered their way into the city. In the sea, huge kun wearing armor leaped out of the water and flew in the sky. On the back of each huge kun stood dozens of gods and devils, pushing Sword Tower out. Sword pellets poured down like rain in the building.

Right at this moment, Virtuous Earth Sovereign Gongsun Fei flew over to the East Heaven Barracks.

On the surface of the sea in front, countless sprouts grew out from the main camp. Their branches flew up and locked down countless soldiers of East Heaven!

Originally, as long as the soldiers of the East Heaven could form an array formation, they could still fight against Virtuous Earth Sovereign.

Although she was the daughter of Mother Earth, her cultivation was only equivalent to a strong practitioner on the Emperor's Throne who had cultivated over a dozen celestial palaces. She couldn't be considered a Celestial Venerable yet. Furthermore, she hadn't experienced much fighting and lacked battle experience. If he wanted to suppress her, he only needed a few hundred thousand gods and devils to set up a tight formation to fight her.

However, at this moment, the army was in chaos and in a state of disunity. No one could stop Gongsun!

Gongsun was also known as Little Mother Earth. She might not be a match for existences of the same realm, but against the scattered soldiers of the East Heaven, it would be a one-sided massacre!

Wherever her divine art passed by, the soldiers of East Heaven who were fighting turned into wood, their flesh turning into wood, turning into wooden sculptures!

Gongsun Wu was unable to transform the primordial spirits of these gods and devils, but if the primordial spirits left the corporeal body, how much battle power could they still have?

In the Eastern Heaven Barracks, the primordial spirits of the soldiers of the Eastern Heaven danced in the air. However, they crumbled under the attacks of the soldiers of Eternal Peace and the divine dragons of the Eastern Polar Heaven. Some even turned into black soul sand!

Rolling black sand surged along the sea surface and flowed towards Heavenly Yin World.

When the trapped Green Deity saw this, he couldn't help but feel disheartened. Jiang Baigui's attack could be said to have cut off all of his hopes. The marquis of the sixty armies of the East Heaven would probably suffer a crushing defeat!

The difference of one move was a complete loss!

"Jiang Baigui, I…"

Just as Green Deity of the Eastern Sky said this, before he could even say the word surrender, East Deity Qing Long suddenly rose up and charged into the three formations!

In a few moves, East Deity Qing Long killed the primordial spirit of Green Deity!

East Deity Qing Long had a ferocious look on his face, and his claws grabbed onto Green Deity's body. That ancient tree opened its mouth and spewed out divine fire, igniting the ancient tree and turning it into ashes!

"Green Deity, you killed so many of my heirs, humiliated my corporeal body, seized my ancestral land, and enslaved my descendants. I'm letting you off easy by turning you into ashes!"

The green dragon opened its mouth and spat out a dragon breath, blowing the ashes of Green Deity all over the sky. It then said fiercely, "Old opponent, let's go!"

The three armies that were attacking Green Deity didn't know what to do.

After East Deity Qing Long vented his anger, he inadvertently saw Jiang Baigui, whose face was as dark as water. His heart couldn't help but skip a beat.

Jiang Baigui's face became darker, and East Deity was worried.

"Celestial Venerable Qing Long, do you want to die heroically on the East Sea?"

Jiang Baigui's face was as calm as still water. He said indifferently, "Green Deity originally wanted to surrender to me, but if he did, the Eastern Heaven Army would also fall into my control. Not only would the soldiers of Eternal Peace no longer need to continue fighting with the Eastern Heaven Army, but they would gain a huge fighting force out of nowhere. Now that you have killed Emperor Qing, the various armies of the Eastern Heaven will definitely fight to the death. I don't know how many soldiers of Eternal Peace will have to die to take them down."

East Deity Qing Long was more afraid of him than Qin Mu. He immediately smiled and said, "My abilities are much stronger than Green Deity's. The divine dragon army of my East Pole isn't much weaker than the army of East Heaven. Imperial Preceptor, instead of putting Green Deity in an important position, why don't you put me in an important position! It's easy to find a good general, but hard to find one. I'm willing to be a good general under Imperial Preceptor!"

Jiang Baigui remained silent.

East Deity was worried and couldn't stop looking at his face.

After a moment, Jiang Baigui said, "In that case, what is East Deity waiting for? Aren't you going to fight?"

East Deity Qing Long was finally at ease. He immediately rushed out and attacked the camp of East Heaven. He thought to himself, 'When he called me Celestial Venerable Qing Long, he was angry and murderous. When he called me East Deity, he dispelled his anger and murderous intent. Now it seems that I can be safe.'

Jiang Baigui watched as he killed his way into the camp of East Heaven, and only then did he slowly loosen his grip on the divine sword.

His knuckles turned white from the force.

King Tai Shan, General of Heavenly Strategies, and the rest walked forward. Duke Wei bowed and said, "Congratulations Imperial Preceptor for accepting a great general!"

Jiang Baigui's expression was calm as an ancient well as he said softly, "I almost couldn't resist killing him just now."

Everyone jumped in shock. Just as Justice Wei was about to speak, he remembered that his voice was too loud and immediately shut up. The King of Mount Tai asked, "Why does Imperial Preceptor want to kill?"

"East Deity Qing Long should be called Celestial Venerable Qing Long. He's the same kind of person as the ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens. If an existence like him survives, he can sneak into the upper echelons of Eternal Peace and steal the fruits. If Eternal Peace decays in the future, he will be one of them."

Jiang Baigui said, "The reform of Eternal Peace started with Emperor Yanfeng, and it has been 260 years since then. After experiencing the calamity of Eternal Peace, it has not been extinguished. Countless soldiers have thrown their heads and spilled their blood in order to establish a world where gods are used for humans, and authority is used for the people. They want people to make the best use of their talents and do their best to be fair and just. After two to three hundred years, if an existence like Celestial Venerable Qing Long were to pluck the fruits at the last moment, wouldn't that be the greatest sorrow?"

Everyone was silent.

"However, East Deity Qing Long is extremely useful, and his power is extremely strong. The divine dragons of the East Pole also listen to his orders. There are countless dragons in the worlds and heavens, and his power is also not to be underestimated. If he helps Eternal Peace, it will be extremely beneficial to us, and many people will die."

Jiang Baigui continued, "However, in this battle, he contributed greatly and couldn't be killed easily. If we kill him, the dragon race will rebel, and the other heavens won't dare to surrender because of his death. This makes me not know how to deal with him."

The King of Mount Tai said, "Imperial Preceptor doesn't need to worry. When the war calms down in the future, we'll just find a reason to purge him."

Jiang Baigui said, "After establishing a great undertaking, those who have done meritorious deeds will definitely be scolded. I won't be the only one to bear this infamy, the emperor will also have to bear it."

The soldiers fell silent again.

Jiang Baigui discarded these distracting thoughts and said, "We'll talk about the future in the future! Now, let's do what we have to do!"

He personally led the army to attack the main camp of East Heaven and rushed into the battlefield.

In the Grand Pure Land of Carefree Village, Qin Mu was playing chess with Celestial Venerable Yun. He placed a stone down gently and smiled. "The eastern sky has been leveled. Emperor Hao Tian has severed one of his claws!"

Just as he finished speaking, the sky suddenly trembled violently. In the direction of West Earth, boundless golden qi shot in all directions like a huge golden ball. It burst forth with incomparably sharp light, lighting up more than half of the Primordial Realm!

At the same time, in the northern borders, the celestial river changed directions and circled around the northern borders. In the snow and ice lands, a huge swamp descended and froze the land for thousands of miles, floating above the southern borders!

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Black Tortoise and Black Tortoise have arrived. The north can be peaceful."

"Why didn't Brother Mu say West Deity?"

Celestial Venerable Yun looked at the chessboard, glanced at him, and said, "West Deity White Tiger descended on West Earth. West Deity White Deity indeed couldn't deal with her, but West Earth is alone. The celestial heavens only need to send out a Celestial Venerable, and West Earth will definitely be destroyed. West Deity will definitely be killed. If Human Emperor Qin Wu can't defend against Southern Heaven's defeat, you will still be on par with Celestial Venerable Hao and won't gain any advantage. Does Celestial Venerable Mu know how many Celestial Venerables are in the celestial heavens?"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned.

Celestial Venerable Yun said, "Thirty-five."

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows.

"The Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall of the Ancestral Court Jade Capital can transform into thirty peak Celestial Venerables by himself."

Celestial Venerable Yun placed a stone down and said indifferently, "His corporeal body can transform into ancient gods that are comparable to Celestial Venerables. Every one of them has remarkable abilities. You have lost this round."

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