Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1693 - Eternal Peace's Saintly King

"Green Deity, are you willing to surrender Eternal Peace?"

Jiang Baigui trapped the Green Deity's Primordial Spirit and immediately said, "You have already fallen. If you don't surrender, you will die. If you surrender, you will be rewarded."

Green Deity wandered around his celestial heavens, trying to break free. He shouted, "I owe a debt of gratitude to His Majesty Tai Chu. I will never repay him in this life. I will only be the subject of Tai Chu and swear to never surrender!"

Green Deity's corporeal body was suppressed by Earth Mother Gongsun, so the battle power of his primordial spirit couldn't be compared to his corporeal body. Once he fell into Jiang Baigui's celestial heavens, he couldn't escape.

Jiang Baigui's celestial heavens was extremely strange. It wasn't a celestial palace refined from any kind of Connate Great Dao. The thirty-six celestial palaces were actually formed by farmers, herders, merchants, weapons, swords, and halberds!

The Dao that Jiang Baigui walked was obviously using strength to achieve the Dao, but it was different from the classic method of using strength to achieve the Dao.

Classics used strength to achieve the Dao. It was like how Celestial Emperor Hao, Green Deity, and the others cultivated the Dao of Connate, refining the celestial palaces, the throne halls, ascending the Numinous Sky, sitting on the Emperor's Throne, imprinting the Ultimate Void, and becoming a Zenith Heaven.

On the other hand, Jiang Baigui's path was complemented by the Postcelestial Great Dao and the Precelestial Great Dao. The thirty-six celestial palaces were the Postcelestial Great Dao and the seventy-two throne halls were the Precelestial Great Dao, which was complete.

Even though he had seen these Great Daos before, he had never seen one that had cultivated to such a profound realm!

No matter where he ran, he couldn't escape!

Jiang Baigui had a total of 108 Postcelestial Great Daos and Connate Great Daos, as well as 108 sets of Emperor's Throne techniques. Connate techniques were still manageable. After all, from the Dragon Han Era until now, those with outstanding wisdom had mostly cultivated Connate Great Daos. There were quite a number who had cultivated to Emperor's Throne.

From the Dragon Han Era until now, he had accumulated at least eight hundred or a thousand techniques of the Connate Emperor's Throne. It shouldn't be difficult to gather all seventy-two throne halls.

However, the latter Celestial Emperor Throne techniques were extremely rare. From ancient times until now, those who cultivated the Postcelestial Dao to the Emperor's Throne Realm and became famous throughout the world only knew Founding Emperor.

Even the famous Celestial Venerable Mu didn't cultivate the Postcelestial Dao and hadn't reached the Emperor's Throne Realm.

On the other hand, Jiang Baigui's celestial palace was a celestial palace formed by Postcelestial Dao. There were thirty-six celestial palaces and thirty-six Postcelestial Throne techniques. The difficulty of achieving the Dao was unimaginable!

However, Jiang Baigui had already taken this path and cultivated to the Jade Capital Realm.

His Jade Capital City was different from anyone else's Jade Capital City. Green Deity had never seen it before. No matter where he went, he would be forced back by Jiang Baigui!

Jiang Baigui had a solemn expression as he said solemnly, "Since Green Deity wants to repay the Lord with his loyalty and courage, I shall fulfill your wish."

He suddenly withdrew his thirty-six celestial palaces and seventy-two throne halls, and the pressure on Green Deity's primordial spirit lessened. Just as he was about to escape, he saw Duke Wei, King Tai Shan, and General of Heavenly Strategies leading their armies to trap him!

The formations of the three armies of Eternal Peace were spread out, and the formation was activated, locking him and his already wooden corporeal body in place as they attacked with all their might.

Jiang Baigui said solemnly, "Surround them but don't destroy them, lure the army of the East Heaven Army out of seclusion to save them."

Green Deity's heart turned cold. They surrounded him but didn't destroy him. They were trying to lure out all sixty marquises of the army in the East Heaven. The formation of the army in the East Heaven was going to crush the morale of the army!

Any army that came out of seclusion to rescue them would definitely fall into the trap set up by Jiang Baigui and face a battle of annihilation!

The Eternal Peace Army, led by Jiang Baigui, waited at ease for the enemy to exhaust themselves and wiped them out in one fell swoop!

As for him, he became the bait for Jiang Baigui to wipe out millions of gods and devils in the East Heaven!

'The marquis of the East Heaven must guard the camp and not come to save me!'

He tried his best to break through the encirclement, but the injuries on his body kept increasing. He knew that Jiang Baigui had done this on purpose, using his life as a general in exchange for an opportunity to break through the great army of East Heaven.

However, he was unable to escape.

"Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, I'm going to die."

East Deity Qing Long was carried over by numerous soldiers. His battle with Green Deity had exhausted him, and his soul was about to dissipate. He said weakly, "I have made a contribution, right? Will Celestial Venerable Mu revive me…"

His eyes were filled with hope.

Jiang Baigui shook his head. "East Deity, you can't die yet. Ask King of Medicine!"

A middle-aged apothecary led a few young apothecaries over to check on East Deity's injuries. "We just need one breath to save him. Bring that horse over."

A soldier brought the dragon horse over, but it didn't die in the battle between East Deity and Green Deity. Instead, it escaped with the dragon that Green Deity was riding.

In the battle between East Deity and Green Deity, both of them were blinded by bloodlust. When they fought in close combat, how could they care about their mounts? Instead, they escaped.

That Apothecary stretched out his hand and gently twisted the dragon qi of East Deity Qing Long out of the dragon horse's body. The dragon qi was extracted from the dragon horse, and it instantly turned back into a red horse. It was skinny and shriveled.

That apothecary sent the dragon qi into East Deity Qing Long's body to make his injuries slightly better. A few apothecaries went forward to treat East Deity.

East Deity couldn't die, but his injuries were too severe, and he didn't have much cultivation left. The apothecaries in the Eternal Peace Army had given him too much medicine, causing him to be in so much pain that he was on the verge of death. He hissed, "You might as well let me die before reviving me!"

"There are only a handful of people who have mastered resurrection spells in this world. Even though I'm one of them, I don't have such powerful magic power to revive you."

Jiang Baigui said calmly, "Reviving you takes too long, and I don't have that much time to waste on East Deity. This corporeal body of yours was forged by the strongest heavenly craft in Eternal Peace. There's only one East Deity divine weapon, and it can't be destroyed. I still need you, and you have great use. You can break through East Heaven, so you can't die no matter what."

The few apothecaries in the army continued to treat him. East Deity felt that the injuries on his soul were also recovering, but it was too painful. He gritted his teeth and endured it.

His gaze landed on the middle-aged apothecary's face, and he was slightly stunned. He saw that this person was abnormally handsome and outstanding. He had an unrivaled appearance. However, it was this person who had drugged him too fiercely, making him wish he was dead!

"You are?" East Deity endured the pain and asked.

That apothecary smiled, and East Deity instantly felt ashamed of his inferiority. He said, "Apothecary of Disabled Elderly Village, known as Jade Face Poison King. Imperial Preceptor, the injuries of this dragon are no longer urgent. My disciples can handle it. I'm still needed on the other battlefields."

Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui didn't dare to be negligent and bowed. "Take care, Senior Uncle."

That apothecary floated away.

'This person is one of the nine masters of Celestial Venerable Mu.'

Jiang Baigui looked at the East Heaven camp and said to East Deity, "That's why I call him martial uncle. East Deity, do you know my thousand schemes? Why don't you die?"

East Deity endured the pain and said, "The Ancestral Land of the East Pole, the Myriad Dragon Nest! Also, the divine dragons of my East Pole camp!"

Jiang Baigui said with a smile, "The ancient gods that were able to survive until now aren't too stupid. Duke Wei, let Emperor Qing's injuries worsen!"

In the Eastern Heaven camp, the sixty army marquises gathered together. They were the leaders of the various armies, including the ancient gods and half-gods. They were named after the star constellations of the Eastern Heaven, and they were all extremely powerful.

The various dukes were in a terrible fix. Just as they were discussing how to rescue Green Deity, the four ancient gods in the eastern star constellation suddenly stood up and shouted, "Green Deity is the general, and he loves his soldiers like a son. He is surrounded, so how can we not save him? If you guys don't save him, we will!" After saying that, the four ancient gods gathered their armies, prepared all kinds of divine weapons and heavy weapons, and rushed out of the city!

The other dukes were also unhappy that the Green Deity was unwilling to fight for a long time, so they didn't stop him.

Jiang Baigui saw that the gates of the Eastern Heaven camp were wide open, and four armies were rushing over. He said unhurriedly, "Emperor Qing loves his soldiers like a son, and he treats the soldiers under him extremely well. He has a deep relationship with his generals, and if he is trapped, his soldiers will definitely disobey his orders and risk their lives to save him."

East Deity endured the pain and said, "There are too few troops in Eternal Peace, so it's hard to kill all the gods and devils in the east."

Jiang Baigui's expression was indifferent as he looked at the gods and devils of the four paths rushing over. "Eternal Peace's military strength is simply too little. Even though I'm the supreme wisdom of Eternal Peace, I'm afraid there will be heavy casualties if I want to wipe out East Heaven, so I have no choice but to go all out. Send out our troops and face the enemy head-on. We can surround them but not destroy them!"

With his command, Eternal Peace's great army instantly rushed out from the sky, and the huge ship welcomed the gods and devils of the four paths.

At the same time, under the surface of the sea where the four great armies of gods and devils were located, the waves were surging, and underwater warships broke through the water!

One of the two armies was on the top while the other was on the bottom. Formations were activated, and the formation activated, trapping the four marquises. In an instant, knife lights and sword shadows flashed, and blood and flesh splattered everywhere!

The divine light in Jiang Baigui's eyes grew dense, and in an instant, he determined the changes in the formation of the four marquises of the army. He continuously adjusted the formation of the two armies of Eternal Peace.

His Secrets of Three Primordial Spirit Assembly controlled the entire battlefield and took control of every corner of the battlefield. His intelligence was so high that even East Deity forgot about the pain and looked at him with fear.


East Deity found it hard to suppress the fear in his heart. He only felt that Jiang Baigui's eyes were filled with the purest logic. This logic wasn't rationality, but logic. It made him shudder, and he cried out, "Jiang Baigui, you are the purest of gods and devils. You have the strongest heart of gods and devils!"

"You call my Dao heart a god and devil, and I call this Dao heart an inner saint."

Jiang Baigui's expression was indifferent. "The saint is born, the king is born, and everything is born from one. The path of the inner saint is the path of the outer king. The path of the inner saint and the outer king is to detect the darkness of all living things and does not understand it. To see the people of the world in the light of my gloom but not to release it, to see the people of the world, to see what they want. To exist in the heavens and control people's desires, this is my path of the saint. Now, I'm close to my path."

East Deity's body trembled, and the fear in his heart grew stronger. Jiang Baigui said that his Dao was the Dao of inner saint and outer king, but in East Deity's eyes, this was the Dao heart of gods and devils!

In the Dao heart, gods and devils coexisted. No matter if it was Dao, Heaven, Strength, Man, Desire, Spells, Spells, or Formations, they were all grasped in the hand!

On the battlefield, be it friend or foe, everyone was under his control. He was very suspicious if such a person was the heart of a saint or the heart of a devil!

In fact, that red horse was also part of Jiang Baigui's plan. It was the dragon qi in the old horse's body that had kept East Deity alive!

Justice and human desires were all under his control. How terrifying was such a person?

'Woodcutter Wen Tiange has done what Wen Tiange couldn't do. He's even more terrifying than Wen Tiange! This kind of person is truly the supreme wisdom!'

East Deity shuddered. "He's the sacred king of Eternal Peace, the sacred king of Eternal Peace!"

The gods and devils of the four paths of the east were trapped, and the soldiers were dying continuously. Jiang Baigui controlled the two armies to continuously eat away at them, using the smallest price to eat away the life force of the four armies. However, he didn't destroy them.

Upon seeing this, Green Deity shouted, "There's no need to save me! Defend the camp!"

His voice couldn't be heard at all, but at this moment, a row of gods from Eternal Peace walked out from the crowd, and the voice they spoke was exactly the same as his. "No need to save me!"

These gods and devils were merely thieves that were good at imitating the voices of others. However, they made Green Deity's heart turn cold.

If this voice reached the camp of the Eastern Heaven, it would definitely attract even more soldiers!

When these soldiers came out of seclusion, they would definitely fall into Jiang Baigui's ambush!

Green Deity fought with all his might and shouted, "That wasn't my order! Don't leave the city!"

The bandits shouted at the same time, "Listen to my command! Western Han, Heavenly Rave, set off!"

Green Deity's heart sank. He saw the four divisions of the West, the two divisions of the Heaven-radiation, slaughtering their way out of the East Heaven Barracks to save the four gods and devils.

Jiang Baigui suddenly activated the formation. Previously, he had only used the smallest price to destroy the power of the gods and devils of the four tribes. Now, he had directly transformed it into the strongest killing formation!

At the same time, the army of Eternal Peace slaughtered their way out like a sharp knife stabbing into the army of the gods and devils of the four tribes in the east. The encirclement and suppression became a battle of annihilation!

Before the four god divisions of the West, West, and East, could rush over, more than half of the gods and devils of the East, West, and West, were wiped out. The remaining survivors were driven towards the armies of the West, West, and East, and West, and East, and West, and East, and East, respectively. In an instant, the six armies of the West, West, and West, were thrown into chaos!

"The Marquis of the Army of the Sixty Eastern Heavens is finished…"

East Deity's heart was incomparably shaken as he muttered, "The army of the East Heaven will all die in his hands. No wonder when Green Deity met him, he would defend the camp to the death and avoid the battle. This is because he is perfectly fine in front of Jiang Baigui. Once he moves, he will be full of flaws…"

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