Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1696 - Bloody Battle At Jade Cliff Pass

"There's also Human Emperor Su Muzhe!" Village Chief stepped out and said loudly without releasing his sword.

The other human emperors looked over and were very envious. At this moment, they followed closely behind First Ancestor and reported their names. They were truly awe-inspiring, but who would have thought that Little Su would seize the initiative?

When he announced his name after that, he was like a foil without much awe.

Village Chief couldn't help feeling proud of himself, and he was delighted. 'These old fellows will definitely be jealous to death!'

Right at this moment, the Grandmaster Divine Marquis laughed and said, "I've heard of Human Emperor Qin Wu before. He was scared shitless by Son of Heaven Yin back then and became a deserter. As for Human Emperor Su Muzhe, I've never heard of him!"

The other human emperors laughed loudly and looked at Village Chief proudly.

Village Chief had an ashamed expression and said, "The supreme man has no self, the god has no achievements, and the saint has no name. It's normal that he doesn't know my name. After today's battle, my name has become very resounding…"

Everyone burst into laughter.

Village Chief's face turned red, and he muttered, "You bunch of old farts, after today's battle, my name will definitely spread throughout the world…"

The Grandmaster Divine Marquis shouted loudly, "Children, activate your divine weapons and flatten Jade Cliff Pass! Only by reaching the shore can we survive!"


In front of Jade Cliff Pass, a million divine weapons of different sizes rose into the sky and flew towards Jade Cliff Pass like clouds covering the sky!

The marquis of the thirty-ninth army of South Heaven suffered a huge defeat and was counterattacked by Red Deity Qi Xiayu. He was then killed by Crimson Emperor, Light Emperor, Yan'er, South Deity, and the rest. In order to escape, all the supplies and heavy weapons in the army were thrown away, leaving only the divine weapons in their hands.

Along the way, countless comrades were left behind to cover the rear. Only these million gods and devils escaped.

Even so, it was ten times more than the gods of Eternal Peace led by Hall of Human Emperors!

Furthermore, those who escaped from the South Sea battlefield alive were all elites among elites with extremely high abilities.

Millions of divine weapons rose into the sky and burst forth with incomparably dense divine light as they rushed towards Jade Cliff Pass. This scene was actually so majestic and shocking!

First Ancestor Human Emperor's body trembled, and a celestial palace leaped out from behind him. On the Numinous Sky Hall, his primordial spirit sat on the Emperor's Throne and suddenly stood up.

"Eternal Flow of the Middle Heavens!"

The magic power of his Emperor's Throne Realm burst forth, and his majestic divine art transformed into a huge whirlpool that swept up millions of divine weapons. They swirled around Jade Cliff Pass, and the power of those divine weapons burst forth. However, in the torrent of divine weapons, they collided and exploded!

First Ancestor Human Emperor's divine art was called Heaven and Earth Mudra. His cultivation was extremely dense, and when he executed his divine art with his magic power, it was truly astonishing!

The millions of South-Heaven Godfiends in front of Jade Cliff Pass were astonished when they saw this. However, a dozen figures rushed into the sky and rushed towards First Ancestor Human Emperor.

Numerous celestial palaces leaped out from the back of their heads. They were the strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne among the 39 dukes of Southern Heaven!

There were plenty of strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne Realm among the feudal vassals of South Heaven. Even though a few of them had died in the battle of South Sea, the battlefield was chaotic. Qi Xiayu, Crimson Emperor, Light Emperor, Yan'er, South Deity, and the rest had fewer troops. In order to maximize the damage to the enemy, they had chosen to wipe out the enemy's power as much as possible and slowly erode the enemy's military power. Thus, they had escaped.

These strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne Realm rushed up Jade Lock Pass, and this was the weakest period of First Ancestor Human Emperor. He was facing a million divine weapons at the same time, and the pressure was immense. At this moment, his defense was weak, and if he was surrounded by them, he would definitely die on the spot!

First Ancestor Human Emperor raised his leg and stomped heavily, changing his divine art.

The sky falls and the earth falls, the sorrowful autumn wind falls!

His divine art burst forth, and with his body as the center, space collapsed towards him. The million divine weapons were in tatters, and they gathered together frantically. They collided violently and formed a huge iron ball in front of him!

First Ancestor Human Emperor held the divine weapon iron ball with both hands and pushed it towards the dozen strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne!

The twenty-sixth heaven of Heaven and Earth Mudra could move mountains!

His Dao Realm exploded, and his immovable will was all in this strike!

The hearts of the dozens of strong practitioners on the Emperor's Throne Realm trembled violently. They were all on the Emperor's Throne Realm, but First Ancestor Human Emperor's strike contained Dao Realm, which was closer to Dao than theirs. The power of his divine art was even stronger!

"Luckily, we have more people!"

The Grandmaster Divine Marquis shouted, and the dozen strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne unleashed their divine arts at the same time, attacking the divine weapon iron ball!

The magic power of both sides rose to the extreme, and the huge iron ball formed by the million divine weapons instantly distorted. Countless divine weapons were shattered, shattered, and melted by the huge force!


The iron ball was scorched red by the power of the divine art, and it exploded. The liquid of divine metal and divine iron filled the sky like a huge screen, covering Jade Cliff Pass.

The momentum of the dozen strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne Realm was slightly impeded, and First Ancestor Human Emperor stumbled back. At this moment, a sword light pierced through the huge screen formed by the divine gold liquid, and the heavens of the sword path opened up!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. The sword light was overflowing, bringing with it a golden liquid that surged over like a tide. Within his sword light, a tide rose before it had even calmed down!

Village Chief wielded his sword, and even though his cultivation wasn't high, his attainments in the sword path were extremely high. With a single move, he had thirty heavens of the sword path!

Before he retired, he was already a true god of the sword path. With his Divine Bridge Realm, he could fight a true god of the Southern Heavenly Gate Realm without losing. His sword path was even named after the sword picture, and at that time, his Dao Realm was already at the tenth heaven of the sword path.

Over the years, he had been managing the reform of Eternal Peace and receiving Founding Emperor's training. His attainments in the path of the sword were becoming higher!

Even though his Sword Dao foundation wasn't as good as those monsters like Founding Emperor, Qin Mu, and Jiang Baigui, it was more stable.

His thirty heavens of the sword path revealed battle power that was only inferior to First Ancestor, and it was truly breathtaking!

When his thirty heavens of the sword path were completely revealed, the golden liquid formed by the million divine weapons transformed into the shape of thirty heavens and was frozen!

The sword light shone on the thirty heavens, and countless incomparably fine sword path runes leaped in the heavens like sword path steel seals.

Sword Dao runes were the most basic sword moves. There were only twenty forms, and the twentieth form was Sword Domain!

The thirty heavens were like a huge divine weapon of the sword path, appearing in a magnificent and spectacular manner among the dozen strong practitioners on the Emperor's Throne.

These strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne were avoiding Village Chief's sword light. When they avoided Village Chief's sword move, they realized that they had landed in this huge divine weapon!

Village Chief roared like thunder and executed his Sword Dao, but the huge divine weapon didn't move at all.

The past human emperors led the soldiers of Eternal Peace and prepared to welcome the Southern Heaven army that was rushing over. When they saw Village Chief's face turning red, they didn't activate the thirty heavens sword path divine weapon and immediately shouted, "Little brat Su, why aren't you executing your sword Dao?"

"My magic power isn't enough!"

Cold sweat covered Village Chief's forehead. He had indeed wanted to activate the power of this sword path divine weapon, but the creation of a divine weapon wasn't something his magic power could control!

The dozen strong practitioners of the South Heavenly Emperor Throne let out sighs of relief and immediately rushed out of the thirty heavens sword path divine weapon, trying to kill Village Chief before he could activate it.

At this moment, First Ancestor Human Emperor stepped forward. "Su Muzhe, Primordial Spirit Guide!"

Village Chief understood and his primordial spirit rose into the sky. First Ancestor's primordial spirit also flew out at the same time, and their primordial spirits crisscrossed in midair. Their vital qi converged, and the power of the thirty heavens of the sword path divine weapon instantly burst forth!

The power of the sword Dao divine weapon was countless times stronger than Village Chief's sword move. Instantly, it engulfed the dozens of strong practitioners on the South Celestial Emperor's Throne. The sword path that burst forth at this moment created a magnificent sight of the heavens spinning above the sea surface of the South Sea!

At this moment, the brilliance of the sword path allowed South Deity, Qi Xiayu, and the rest who were surrounding the remaining soldiers of South Heaven to see everything clearly. They couldn't help but look around.

"Is Founding Emperor revived? Or is it Celestial Venerable Mu?" Qi Xiayu was bewildered.

The first heaven's might of the thirty heavens sword path divine weapon wasn't particularly strong, but it was getting stronger the higher it went. Three strong practitioners of the South Heavenly Emperor Throne who were trapped on the thirtieth heaven were instantly swallowed by the power of the sword path and sliced into pieces. Their corporeal bodies and primordial spirits were gone!

The other dozens of strong practitioners of the Southern Heaven rushed out, but they were also covered in injuries. The most miserable ones were the few people of the twenty-ninth and twenty-eighth heavens. There wasn't a complete piece of flesh on their bodies.

The instant they rushed out of the sword path divine weapon, that incomparably huge sword path divine weapon suddenly collapsed and shattered into powder.

After all, sword path divine weapons weren't personally forged, but Village Chief's sword path had coincidentally melted a million divine weapons into sword path divine weapons. After activating the power this time, it had also surpassed the endurance of the divine weapons, which was why they had shattered.

However, the result this time was also extraordinary.

At the same time, the millions of gods and devils that had been defeated in Southern Heaven rushed up Jade Cliff Pass. The past human emperors led the soldiers of Eternal Peace and immediately fell into a battle to the death!

"Hold on!"

Human Emperor Qi Kang shouted loudly, "Hold on until South Deity and Qi Xiayu arrive, that will be victory!"

"Those who block me shall die!" The soldiers of South Heaven rushed over like devils, making people fearful.

They knew that if they were stopped at Jade Cliff Pass, what awaited them would definitely be the pursuit of the two Crimson Light Emperors, Red Deity, and South Deity. At that time, all of them would die here.

Only by slaughtering a path of blood and breaking through Jade Cliff Pass could they meet up with the army of the celestial heavens!

This battle was simply a battle of blood and meat. It was also a battle of the most terrifying trapped beasts. The defeated troops of Southern Heaven went crazy and didn't fear death. No matter how many people were killed, none of them retreated and surrendered!

Beside the past human emperors, familiar faces fell one after another. Human emperors also suffered losses.

When First Ancestor and Village Chief worked together, they had to face over a dozen strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne. The battle was even more intense.

Gradually, the sky turned dark, but the battle at Jade Cliff Pass wasn't over yet. In the distance, a Moon Guardian passed by this place, and the moonlight shone on the blood-stained Jade Cliff Pass.

The battle continued, and the moon tilted. The Moon Guardian drove the Moon Ship further away.

When the moon vanished and the sunlight of Sun Ship gradually rose, Red Deity Qi Xiayu's phoenix ship and the Eternal Peace Flying Feather Army led by South Deity Yan'er finally reached Jade Cliff Pass.

Crimson Emperor's army was slightly slower, and they were still behind.

They looked forward and saw that there were corpses of gods and devils hanging all over Jade Cliff Pass. At the bottom of the pass, there were also corpses of gods and devils.

In the pass, there were still divine arts fluctuations coming from it. Red Deity Qi Xiayu immediately controlled the phoenix ship to rush forward and leap over Jade Cliff Pass. The battlefield stretched for nearly a thousand miles behind the pass. Along the way, gods and devils that had died in battle were everywhere, and the flames of war were still burning.

The phoenix ship continued to fly forward and caught up to the place where the divine arts were coming from. First Ancestor Human Emperor, Su Muzhe, and the rest led a few thousand soldiers of Eternal Peace to fight the enemies in a frenzy.

There were only six to seven generals left beside First Ancestor.

Only they were left out of the hundred thousand soldiers. Even Human Emperor only had eight left.

The battle at Jade Cliff Pass was unimaginably bitter.

First Ancestor raised his head, and his eyes were filled with blood. In the blood color, he saw countless nine-headed phoenixes flying over.

Blood and tears poured out from his eyes. They had finally endured until this moment.

The defeated army of Southern Heaven was completely wiped out by the army of Red Deity and South Deity Yan'er. Crimson Emperor Ming Huang also led the army of Crimson Light to arrive late. The generals met at Jade Cliff Pass and were all speechless.

The battle at Jade Cliff Pass was simply too miserable. However, Qin Mu couldn't send more troops, so he could only let First Ancestor and the rest use their flesh and blood to push upwards.

The atmosphere was slightly oppressive.

Suddenly, a voice rang out, and he clapped his hands with a smile. "All of you are not bad, not bad at all. You are truly worthy of being trained by the seventh young master. You don't fear death in battle. South Deity Zhu Que, Crimson Emperor, Light Emperor, the three of you, gather together so that I don't have to search for them one by one."

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice and saw three strange-looking ancient gods walking over.

The appearance of these ancient gods was truly strange, but they weren't among the ancient gods of the thousands of worlds in the heavens. It was puzzling.

"Celestial Emperor Hao ordered me to come and get rid of South Deity, Crimson Emperor, and Light Emperor."

One of the ancient gods said with a smile, "I won't kill anyone else. Fellow Daoists, please."

Carefree Village's Grand Pure Land.

Qin Mu's gaze flickered. "Celestial Venerable Yun, if I were the third and fourth young masters, I wouldn't let the second young master and Celestial Emperor Hao separate. I would take the chance to seal the second young master in Celestial Emperor Hao's body, not allowing her to come out and disrupt the situation! In that case, we would only have one person left."

"Can the remaining person win?" Celestial Venerable Yun took a step forward and asked.

Qin Mu asked, "Do you know what is the most useful construction for Eternal Peace's reform?"

Celestial Venerable Yun shook his head.

"The most useful one is the teleportation gate that Emperor Yanfeng had to forge even after emptying the treasury."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Back then, my father-in-law almost emptied out the empire's treasury and hid in the imperial palace to eat vegetables. He even almost sold the emperor's robe! It was only after I helped him that he managed to survive. After my wife succeeded the throne, she did even more. Every city, every pass, and every territory of Eternal Peace, she constructed teleportation gates. Teleportation divine art was a divine art founded by Founding Emperor Era, and Carefree Village also had such a gate."

Celestial Venerable Yun said, "What do you mean?"

"Spirit Official Hall Master needs time to fly to various places. When arriving at different places, there's a time difference."

Qin Mu said, "Between you and me, the remaining person must reach the battlefields in an extremely short time to kill his thirty ancient god clones!"

Celestial Venerable Yun said, "However, the person left behind must deal with Second Young Master and Celestial Emperor Hao!"

The two of them exchanged glances and avoided each other's eyes.

"I'll stay."

Celestial Venerable Yun smiled and said, "I can't deal with the thirty ancient god clones of Hall Master Ling Guan like you. My speed isn't as fast as yours. Leave Shang Jun to me to deal with Grand Primordium while I deal with Second Young Master. Didn't you say I could deal with Second Young Master? I've already thought of this idea."

Qin Mu didn't look into his eyes and smiled. "I believe you have already thought of it."

He was silent for a moment. "Back then, we were separated by the celestial river and time. I offered you a toast, but you could only respond with the water of the celestial river. Today, you and I must get drunk!"

Celestial Venerable Yun smiled. "I heard you never drink."

Qin Mu's eyes were red, but his expression was calm. "I must drink today."

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