Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1679 - Celestial Empress And Xie Wuqi

Celestial Empress' aura changed, and it was like a abyss of the Ruins of End was standing there. The space tilted towards her, and even the void seemed to be falling into her body!

She gave Celestial Emperor Hao and Hall Master Ling Guan an incomparably dangerous feeling. It was as if even their Dao Tree and Great Overarching Celestial Heavens couldn't stand firm. If they got a little closer, even their Dao skills would be completely devoured, leaving nothing behind!

This was the Sinkhole's Dao!

In the sixteen Universal Era, only one person had achieved the Ruins of End Dao, and that was the second young master of Miluo Palace, Wuji. In the sixteen Universal Era, there were many Ruins of End goddesses that cultivated the Ruins of End Dao. They were ancient gods born in the Ruins of End, but no one could achieve the Ruins of End Dao. They would only appear briefly before vanishing without a trace.

Celestial Empress was the second person to achieve the Great Dao in the Ruins of End!

"The master of Miluo Palace is the most powerful and terrifying existence!"

Emperor Hao's heart trembled violently. Celestial Empress was able to achieve the Great Dao in the Ruins of End because of the Dao language left behind by the master of Miluo Palace!

"Mistress Yuanmu" received Dao Yu's guidance and finally understood the crux of the Sinkhole's Dao!

Such an existence could allow a person to achieve the Dao with just one sentence. How terrifying was that?

What was even more terrifying was that the master of Miluo Palace had not achieved the Ruins of End Dao, yet he had seen through the essence of the Ruins of End Dao from the second young master of Miluo Palace!

Emperor Hao Tian's heart became fervent again. If he could also achieve the Ruins of End and achieve the Dao, then he would have the Jade Capital Dao Technique to achieve the Dao by force and the Ruins of End. His achievements would be so great that he would definitely be the number one in the world!

Furthermore, if he achieved the Dao Realm and achieved the Dao, his abilities would definitely catch up to the hall masters of the seventy-two halls!

At that time, why would he need to pray to the young master of Miluo Palace?

He ruled the world and resisted the invasion of Jade Capital City and Miluo Palace. He was the Celestial Emperor that countless people respected, the one and only Celestial Emperor!

His reputation was unmatched!

"Congratulations, Mother, for finally achieving the Dao!"

Emperor Hao Tian laughed loudly and said, "Mother, can you impart this Sinkhole Dao enlightenment to me?"

Celestial Empress' gaze landed on him, and Celestial Emperor Hao smiled slightly as he glanced at Hall Master Ling Guan.

Celestial Empress' gaze also involuntarily landed on Hall Master Ling Guan. Even though she had already achieved the Dao and was in the Ruins of End, she felt that she had a natural suppression towards those who had achieved the Dao by entrusting themselves to the void. However, facing Celestial Emperor Hao and Hall Master Ling Guan at the same time, she knew that she had no chance of winning!

She really wanted to make a move now and subdue Celestial Emperor Hao and Tai Chu, becoming the first female Celestial Emperor in history. However, with Hall Master Ling around, she didn't dare to be impudent.

Even though the spirit official had no head and one Dao fruit was destroyed by Qin Mu, he still had two Dao fruits and one Dao flower. His abilities were still unfathomable!

"I comprehended the Ruins of End Dao Technique from Dao Brother Spirit Official's Dao language, so I should impart everything I've comprehended to you."

Celestial Empress said, "The technique I comprehended is called the Mirror of the Ruins of End. It transforms one's cultivation completely into the Ruins of End and transforms it into chaos. The waves of the chaos pool are like a clear mirror. By cultivating this mirror, one can reflect one's heart and transform one's heart into a lotus seed."

She said gently, "A swamp of chaos, a golden lotus that can be planted. To achieve this step, you have achieved the Ruins of End."

Emperor Hao Tian was delighted. "Mother, please impart this Mirror of the Ruins of End to me!"

Celestial Empress didn't hide the technique of the Mirror of Ruins and imparted it to him.

Hall Master Ling Guan was standing at the side and also analyzed the Mirror of Ruins carefully. However, he had never cultivated the Dao of the Ruins of End, so he couldn't tell if this technique was real or fake.

Emperor Hao Tian analyzed it in detail and felt that the method of the Mirror of the Ruins of End was indeed vast and profound, so it was impossible for it to be fake. He thought suspiciously, 'My mother, Mistress Yuanmu, is someone who loves to see the world in chaos. Why would she be kind enough to impart the method of the Ruins of End to me? However, this Mirror of the Ruins of End doesn't seem to be fake…'

He didn't dare to cultivate rashly.

Celestial Empress said, "Your Majesty, slowly comprehend it. I have just achieved the Dao, so I need to comprehend it in detail."

Emperor Hao Tian nodded and continued to comprehend the Mirror of the Ruins of End. He became more suspicious.

Celestial Empress walked away and thought to herself, 'This Mirror of the Ruins of End was imparted to me and the little slut by Second Young Master. Back then, the little slut and I told Celestial Venerable Mu about the method to obtain the Mirror of the Ruins of End that we had each obtained. Celestial Venerable Mu said that the Mirror of the Ruins of End that the two of us had obtained was different, and he could see that there were hidden secrets within it. That Second Young Master actually wanted to borrow our cultivation to possess us!'

Back then, Qin Mu had tested the Mirror of Ruins in the dream realm, and the Qin Mu in the dream realm had actually transformed into a woman with a huge chest. She had become exactly the same as Second Young Master Wuji, having been possessed by Wuji!

Only then did Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu know that Qin Mu was right. Second young master was indeed harboring evil intentions!

"If Emperor Clear Sky cultivates the Mirror of Ruins, he will be possessed by Second Young Master."

Celestial Empress' gaze flickered, and she thought to herself, 'However, Second Young Master is also unable to completely possess him. This is because Celestial Emperor Hao has two sides of his body, and he has cultivated to achieve the Dao through power at the same time. Second Young Master will only possess the side of his Ruins of End. They will squeeze into one body, just like me and the little slut.'

She laughed softly, her eyes flashing with delight. "Little slut, your son harmed my son, so I harmed your son!"

She wasn't Yuanmu, but Celestial Empress. When Celestial Venerable Yun had entered the abyss of the Ruins of End to rescue Celestial Venerable Ling, he had used the Dao of Reincarnation to suppress Yuanmu and release Celestial Empress so that Celestial Empress could hide beside Celestial Emperor Hao under the guise of Mistress Yuanmu and disrupt his camp.

And now, he finally saw results!

Celestial Empress unknowingly walked out and entered the battlefield between the celestial heavens and Carefree Village. She executed the Dao of reincarnation and went deep into the battlefield. Both sides fought fiercely, but no matter if it was the army of gods and devils of the celestial heavens or the army of Carefree Village, they seemed to ignore her and let her pass through the battlefield.

Even though her Dao of Reincarnation wasn't as good as Qin Mu's or Celestial Venerable Yun's, both sides would be affected by it when they saw her, subconsciously treating her as one of them.

This was the marvel of the Dao of Reincarnation.

Celestial Empress didn't alert anyone and passed through Carefree Village to the back.

She stood on Supreme Emperor Heaven and looked around. Sun Ships were everywhere on the land in the east, and the man-made sun was chained up, bringing light to the people of Eternal Peace.

However, not far from Supreme Emperor Heaven, there was a place that even Sun Ship wasn't willing to get close to.

That place was a thousand miles wide and blazing with karma flames. There were devil gods chained up and living in the center of the karma flames.

Celestial Empress walked into the hellfire, her heart surging. As she got closer to the devil god in the hellfire, her Dao heart became more unstable. This was very rare for her.

The devil god in the hellfire was her son.

After she achieved the Dao, she suddenly thought of her son, and a sense of urgency urged her to meet her son.

This sense of urgency was growing stronger. It was a feeling she had never felt before.

Xie Wuqi was schemed against by Emperor Hao Tian, forcing him to rebel. He was suppressed by the ancient Celestial Emperor Tai Chu and sent to Youdu's Jade Lock Pass to suffer the torment of hellfire. In the past, even though Celestial Empress missed her son, the kinship of the imperial family stopped here. The longing for mother and son wasn't strong, and it couldn't shake her Dao heart.

Now that she had achieved the Dao, the kinship between mother and son suddenly became uncontrollably intense!

Finally, she came in front of Xie Wuqi.

Xie Wuqi knelt on the ground, his body covered in chains. He had eight arms, and they were pulled back by the chains as he knelt on the ground.

Celestial Empress' body trembled, and she was about to walk forward when a young man walked up to Xie Wuqi and took care of him.

Xie Wuqi raised his head and was very gentle to him.

Celestial Empress was stunned. This young man was actually Crown Prince Ming Ya!

Emperor Hao Tian's son, Crown Prince Ming Ya!

Celestial Empress had a weird expression. Almost everyone in the ten Celestial Venerables knew that Crown Prince Ming Ya was the son of Celestial Emperor Hao, except for Crown Prince Ming Ya.

Crown Prince Ming Ya had always thought that he was the son of the ancient Celestial Emperor Tai Chu, and that he was the younger brother of Celestial Emperor Hao Tian. Tai Chu was harmed by Celestial Emperor Hao, so he pitied Xie Wuqi and entered Youdu to save Xie Wuqi.

When Celestial Venerable You released them, they had been living here.

Celestial Empress went forward, and Crown Prince Ming Ya was astonished. However, he didn't stop her and silently retreated.

Celestial Empress caressed Xie Wuqi's sinister face that had been burned by the flames of hell, and she couldn't help but shed tears. She didn't have much kinship back then, but now that she had achieved the Dao, for some reason, she was filled with kindness. The kinship of mother and son made her burst forth with indescribable emotions.

Xie Wuqi raised his head and looked at her with a fierce gaze. After a moment, his fierce gaze became gentle, and he made a whimpering sound from his throat as he rubbed his rough face against her palm.

"Goddess, Xie Wuqi has been burned by karmic sinflames for nearly a million years. His soul has already been badly burned, so his consciousness is muddled."

Celestial Empress heard this voice and suddenly turned around. She saw Ah Chou Earth Count, an incomparably ugly man.

Ah Chou and Earth Count didn't look like humans, but they were real humans. When Earth Count reincarnated as a human, he didn't walk the path of possession. Instead, he entered the stomach of an ordinary woman and was born after ten months of pregnancy.

However, Earth Count's primordial spirit was simply too strong, and it still changed his form, giving him the appearance of Earth Count.

"Earth Count, Celestial Venerable Mu still revived you."

Celestial Empress said indifferently, "However, you suppressed my son in Youdu for nearly a million years and burned him until his soul was badly damaged, causing his consciousness to become muddled. You harmed my son, yet you still dare to come and see me?"

Ah Chou shook his head. "The one who harmed your son was Celestial Emperor Hao. Back then, Tai Chu sent him into Youdu's Jade Lock Pass and suppressed him in the Hellfire Monument Forest. It was Celestial Emperor Hao who was worried that he would be released, so he brought Son of Heaven Yin to Youdu to burn his primordial spirit to such a state."

Celestial Empress snorted angrily.

Ah Chou Earth Count said, "Goddess, Son of Heaven Yin is already dead, and you only have two enemies left. They are Celestial Emperor Hao and Tai Chu."

Celestial Empress turned to look at Xie Wuqi and said, "I want to bring him away. I have the Dao of reincarnation, so I can let him reincarnate and replenish his broken soul."

Ah Chou Earth Count couldn't resist saying, "Goddess should know that even if he's reborn, he's no longer the original him. The reborn Xie Wuqi is no longer your son."

Celestial Empress mocked, "Could the Celestial Venerable Xu raised by Tai Chu be your daughter? Earth Count, isn't this wishful thinking on your part?"

She waved her hand, and the chains broke. Xie Wuqi revealed a look of panic and hurriedly grabbed the chains to bind himself. He had been trapped by the chains for nearly a million years, and now that he had no chains, it was as if he had no one to rely on.

Celestial Empress revealed a tender expression, and her gaze landed on Crown Prince Ming Ya. "Crown Prince Ming Ya, I want to take him away too."

Ah Chou Earth Count hesitated.

Celestial Empress sneered. "Ah Chou Earth Count, the reason why you are in this state is because your god nature is too weak and you have too much humanity!"

Ah Chou Earth Count stopped talking.

Celestial Empress waved her sleeves, and Crown Prince Ming Ya involuntarily landed beside her. Celestial Empress brought Crown Prince Ming Ya and Xie Wuqi out of the Karmic Flame Chamber.

Ah Chou Earth Count didn't stop them and allowed them to leave.

Celestial Empress passed by Supreme Emperor Heaven and was about to cross this heaven when she suddenly stopped. She saw a tall figure with his back facing her, as though he had been waiting for her for a long time.

The figure still looked like a youth, but his sideburns were white. Clearly, he had experienced many hardships and trials.

Celestial Empress made Xie Wuqi and Crown Prince Ming Ya stop while she walked forward.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, are you here to stop me?"

That figure turned around, and it was Qin Mu. He said with a smile, "Celestial Empress helped me break Celestial Emperor Hao and the celestial heavens, why would I stop you?"

Celestial Empress said indifferently, "As one of the ten Celestial Venerables, I will be one of them for the rest of my life. I won't spoil the general situation of the celestial heavens because of family matters. My interests are all in the celestial heavens. Emperor Hao Tian destroying Carefree Village and Eternal Peace is both his idea and the ten Celestial Venerables' idea. If you plan to persuade me to surrender, you can save your breath."

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