Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1670 - One Sword For Self Defense

It was very simple to use the celestial heavens' military strength to prepare a large amount. The various armies sent the slaves captured by the celestial heavens over, and after a month, the number of slaves reached the requirements of Hall Master Ling.

On the day of Luo Heaven's sacrifice, the Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall used the corpses of countless slaves to lay out the sacrificial altar. He used the flesh and blood of the slaves as a sacrifice to worship the gods that had achieved the Dao in the Great Overarching Heaven in the Jade Capital of the ancestral court. There were 1200 Dao Lords, and he used the blood of all lives to ask these Dao Lords to borrow strength from him and protect him.

Luo Heaven poured all of his resources into the sacrificial altar when the apparition of the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court appeared above the sacrificial altar, suppressing the heaven and earth.

This god city was vast, majestic, and spectacular. There were sixteen long rivers of chaos in it, forming winding rings. Between the long rivers were ruins of Jade Capital City.

Spirit Official Hall Master cast a spell on the sacrificial altar and sacrificed all living things. The souls in the countless skeletons cried out miserably and became incomparably miserable, turning into black smoke that rushed towards Jade Capital City.

Wisps of black smoke rushed into the city and gathered in the long rivers of chaos, gradually revealing the figures of those who had achieved the Dao.

There were 1,200 of them, and they were blurry like black and white.

However, these figures stood tall in the long river of primal chaos. They had experienced the great calamity of destruction and were indestructible throughout the ages. They were existences that had achieved the Dao in the history of Jade Capital City. Even though Luo Tian said that they were mysterious, he was actually using the principle of substitution to sacrifice all living beings to borrow their power.

Emperor Hao Tian and Grand Imperial Sire Tai Chu led the civil and military officials of the celestial heavens to observe the ceremony. When they saw this, they were both shocked and terrified.

"Your Majesty, the power in Jade Capital City of the ancestral court is simply too great. We have to be on guard."

Grand Imperial Sire said, "If all the Dao successors of Ancestral Court's Jade Capital City descend, I'm afraid this universe will be wiped out."

Emperor Hao Tian nodded his head gently. "Grand Imperial Sire is right. However, the paths, skills, and divine arts of the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court make me envious. This kind of Luo Tian paying a huge price to pass the sacrificial offering and borrow the power of the deceased Dao Beings is extremely powerful! As the hall masters of the seventy-two halls, the spirit officials are truly remarkable."

Tai Chu stopped talking.

Spirit Official Hall Master's divine arts were indeed remarkable, and he was proficient in all kinds of divine arts, paths, and skills. This time, Luo Tian had invested greatly to broaden everyone's horizons. In comparison, the results of Eternal Peace's reform today couldn't be compared to the accumulation of Ancestral Court, Jade Capital City, in the universe.

On the sacrificial altar, waves of terrifying power surged over and augmented Spirit Official Hall Master's body. This power shook the void, and even Grand Primordium and Celestial Emperor Hao, who had achieved the Dao, felt their hearts palpitate. As for the other civil and military officials, their Dao hearts had long been shaken by this powerful power. All of them knelt on the ground, not daring to raise their heads.

Spirit Official Hall Master had no head and finished casting his spell on the sacrificial altar. He executed his Dao Fruit and connected it with his own Great Dao!

This Dao fruit was related to his head. If he could erase the sword path divine art that Qin Mu had hidden in the Dao fruit, he could borrow the power of the Dao fruit to grow a head.

If he couldn't erase Qin Mu's sword path divine art, he might even be invaded by Qin Mu's sword path divine art into his body, dyeing the other Dao fruits and Dao flowers!

At this moment, he was full of ambition. His Great Dao was connected to his Dao Fruit, and he activated the sword path divine art that Qin Mu had hidden in it!

Suddenly, sword lights crisscrossed on the sacrificial altar like lightning. In an instant, the sky was filled with swords, and layers of heavens opened up!

The Spirit Official Hall Master had bull horns on his shoulders, his intestines were like coiling dragons, his backbone was like a snake, and there were 1200 gods of all sizes in his body. He was connected to the aura of the 1,200 Dao Lords in the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, and his mighty power was boundless!

His aura was unmatched for a moment, and he poured out the power of heaven to clash with Qin Mu's sword path divine art. He tried his best to refine Qin Mu's sword path divine art!


Thirteen sword hums came from the sacrificial altar, and after a moment, the sky full of swords vanished. The sword light dimmed, and Hall Master Ling Guan stood there. Three Dao Fruits and a Dao Flower floated in front and behind him.

The flesh on his shoulder squirmed, and a new head soon grew out.

"Thank you for your help!"

Hall Master Ling Guan bowed towards the 1200 Dao Lords in the illusory Jade Capital. In the illusory Jade Capital, the 1200 Dao Lords bowed and returned the bow, their figures gradually disappearing.

The apparition of the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court also vanished very quickly, and Luo Tian finished pouring it out.

Spirit Official Hall Master jumped down from the sacrificial altar in a relaxed manner, and the huge white bone sacrificial altar instantly crumbled into powder. The spirit energy of the countless white bones was exhausted, and he had relied on the power of Spirit Official Hall Master to support himself. Now that the Spirit Official Hall Master had come down, he naturally had to collapse and shatter.

"Celestial Emperor, I originally didn't plan to be enemies with the seventh young master, but who knew that the seventh young master would take the initiative to provoke me and recruit a villain like Shang Jun under his command."

Spirit Official Hall Master walked over with large strides and came in front of Emperor Hao Tian. He had an angry expression on his face, and his voice rumbled like thunder. "Seventh young master doesn't care about face, spoiling my Dao, and destroying my Dao Tree. This is considered an act of evil. Since that's the case, I don't have to feign civility with him! If you want to flatten Eternal Peace, I'll lend you a hand. I'll flatten Eternal Peace and sacrifice the Primordial Realm!"

Emperor Hao Tian laughed loudly and rose from his throne. He said loudly, "With Hall Master's help, what worries do I have? Men, set up the banquet! Today, I will drink to my heart's content with all my ministers and Hall Master Ling Guan!"

Thus, a huge banquet was held in the side palace, and the gods of the celestial heavens were toasting to each other. There were endless cheers and laughter, and during the banquet, many gods were toasting to Hall Master Ling.

The Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall didn't reject anyone and drank to his heart's content. Another god took advantage of the alcohol and bowed to ask about spells and divine arts. The Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall was extremely straightforward and answered everything.

In an instant, all the guests cheered and laughed like thunder.

Just as he was enjoying the wine, Emperor Hao Tian turned his body to ask, "Hall master, you are older, so I call you Dao brother. May I ask, how many ways are there to achieve Dao in this world?"

Hall Master Ling Guan shouted until his head was high, "Brother, there are a total of four types of Dao formation spells. The first type is the most orthodox Dao realm Dao formation spells that were created by teacher. The second type is Jade Capital Succession Dao spells, also known as using strength to achieve the Dao. It's considered borrowing power from Jade Capital City and is considered unorthodox. The third type is created by second young master, called Ruins of End Succession Dao Spell…"

Emperor Hao Tian's heart trembled violently, but he remained calm and collected. "May I ask how this Ruins of End achieved the Dao?"

Just as Hall Master Ling Guan was about to speak, the Dao Fruit in the middle of the three Dao Fruits floating behind his head suddenly cracked!

A sword light suddenly shot out from the Dao Fruit and severed the head of Hall Master Ling Guan!

Hall Master Ling Guan was holding a huge wine cup, and his head fell into it. With a gulp, the wine mixed with blood splattered everywhere!

That sword light was incomparably sharp, like a sword that could split open the sky. The sword light swept in all directions, instantly splitting Emperor Hao's side palace into two!

When this sword went over, many of the gods in the hall cowered and crawled on the ground to avoid the sword light. There were also quite a number of people who couldn't dodge in time and had their heads sliced off by the sword!

Emperor Hao Tian shouted angrily and stood up to block the sword light. He had just blocked the sword light when he saw the head of the huge wine cup in Hall Master Ling Guan's hand explode with a bang, turning into a cloud of chaos qi!

The primordial qi slowly rose from the huge wine cup, and a figure walked out from the boundless qi to absorb the primordial qi. That figure looked like it was formed from the primordial qi. His hair was white, and his eyebrows were the same as Qin Mu's.

Behind Hall Master Ling Guan, another sword light flew out from the Dao fruit that was split open by the sword light and was grabbed by Qin Mu, who was formed by the primordial qi.

Hall Master Ling Guan was caught off guard and hurriedly executed the Dao Fruit Flower to stabilize the wound on his shoulder, preventing the sword light from invading his corporeal body!

"I don't have many strange festivals."

That Qin Mu swung his sword, and the sword light was like a waterfall that swept in all directions. Under the flying side palace, the five great experts of the Five Emperors Throne got hit by the sword, and fresh blood flew out. The five strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne flew backward!

Qin Mu tapped on the heart of Tai Chu's brows with his backhand, and Tai Chu immediately retreated. He raised a finger to defend against the sword light.

"What a joke. Jade Pass fixes the distance, new breath in the pot."

The Qin Mu formed from the primordial qi chanted endlessly, and sword lights crisscrossed to create havoc at the banquet. In an instant, all of the important ministers of the celestial heavens were struck by the sword lights. Some of them had their corporeal bodies pierced by the sword lights and were nailed to the ground, sliding all the way. Some of them had just ejected their primordial spirits and were about to execute their divine arts when they were pierced by a sword!

Emperor Hao Tian soared into the sky and pounced over. His long sleeves fluttered as he attacked Qin Mu, who was formed by the primordial qi.

The moment he made a move, the other civil and military officials didn't dare to surround him. They only saw the two of them floating away, and soon, the palaces crumbled one after another. The civil and military officials all dodged, and there were many who couldn't dodge in time. Some were sent flying by Emperor Hao Tian, spinning like a windmill in the sky, while some were pierced by the sword light and fell to the ground in a pool of blood.

"One sword to defend ten thousand miles, overseeing the North Pole!"

The Qin Mu that was formed from the primordial qi came and went like lightning in the side palace. He didn't fight Emperor Hao head-on, but attacked the civil and military officials.

Tai Chu rushed over from the side and blocked the apparition of Qin Mu with Emperor Hao Tian. However, the apparition of Qin Mu didn't fight them head-on. It left as soon as it came into contact with them. Sometimes it would transform into the qi of primal chaos, and sometimes it would manifest a sword to injure the enemy!

"Wine intestines and poetry guts are new and narrow. Go to the west wind, climb high, and look far into the distance. Set the mountains and the sun diagonally. Arise a bow and a fast horse, and fight with the dukes."

Qin Muge chanted his will and took advantage of the chaos to kill everyone. In an instant, the people of the other palaces panicked, and the civil and military officials of the celestial heavens scattered in all directions.

Suddenly, Hall Master Ling Guan suppressed his injuries and his body flashed. He stood in front of the Qin Mu apparition and struck out with his palm. Qin Mu exploded with a bang and transformed into a lump of primordial qi.

Just as the primordial qi was about to coalesce, the Spirit Official Hall Master waved his sleeves and took all the primordial qi into his sleeves!

Hall Master Ling Guan spread out his five fingers, and chaotic qi flowed out from his sleeves into his palm.

Hall Master Ling Guan clenched his fist, and the chaos qi exploded with a bang. The sword path divine art hidden inside was crushed by him!

The dragon head on his navel roared furiously, "Seventh young master—"

"You dare to play with me like this? I'll let you know what it means to be unable to live or die!"

In the Ultimate Void, Qin Mu found the location marked by Tai Yi's geographical map. Looking around, he couldn't help feeling suspicious. There was nothing in the void, nothing here.

"There isn't even a cold wind. This is what's weird."

The vertical eye at the heart of his brows opened up and looked around, seeing through this Ultimate Void.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and a beam of light shone out from the vertical eye at the heart of his brows. Wherever his gaze landed, Ultimate Void would slowly retreat, revealing a small Great Overarching Heaven.

The Great Overarching Heaven was pitifully small. There was only a grass hut and an old tree behind it.

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