Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1668 - Spirit Official's Hall, Shang Jun's Knife

Shang Jun was indeed blunt. Not only was his knife blunt, his Dao heart was also blunt.

However, when he heard Qin Mu say he would kill the prehistoric visitors, his Dao heart became sharp again!

Qin Mu felt the incomparably sharp knife light and killing intent in his shadow and couldn't help revealing a smile.

Shang Jun felt guilty and blamed himself for crushing the Ultimate Void when he achieved the Dao. He fell into self denial and hated himself deeply.

However, he hated those who had achieved the Dao before!

When there were no enemies, his knife would injure himself and slice his Dao heart.

However, when the enemy came, his knife would be used against the enemy. No matter how ruthless he injured himself, the enemy would be even more ruthless!

Ultimate Void.

Hall Master Ling Guan used his own Great Dao to forcefully imprint the void, and his Great Overarching Heaven was currently forming.

The so-called Great Overarching Heaven was actually using one's own Great Dao to understand the heaven and earth and shape it, thus transforming it into the heavens.

The Great Overarching Heaven was the form of the Dao.

Any kind of Great Dao was an explanation to the universe. The more comprehension one had of the Dao, the deeper it would be. The heaven and earth created by the Dao would be more complete and more realistic.

For example, when Founding Emperor cultivated his Sword Dao to the thirty-sixth heaven, he used his Sword Dao to evolve his Great Overarching Sword Dao. In the Great Overarching Heaven, there were mountains, rivers, trees, birds, insects, fish, sun, and stars. It was like a real world.

However, Founding Emperor had executed his Great Overarching Sword Dao in the real world. The Great Overarching Sword Dao was just a divine art that would dissipate after being used.

However, the characteristics of the Ultimate Void were different. This place could imprint one's Great Dao and mold the Ultimate Void into the form of the Dao. It wouldn't dissipate.

This kind of imprint didn't need to forcefully execute the Great Dao to change the structure of the Ultimate Void. As long as one imprinted their own Dao here, the Ultimate Void would naturally change and transform into the Great Overarching Heaven.

The Spirit Official Hall Master's path of attaining the Dao was two paths. One was the path of attaining the Dao at the Dao Realm. This path was the orthodox path of the Miro Palace, comprehending the Dao Realm to achieve the Dao. The Great Overarching Heaven was the most perfect.

He was able to become one of the seventy-two hall masters by relying on his Dao Realm.

He had already achieved Dao Formation four times and cultivated three Dao fruits and a Dao flower. His cultivation was incomparably dense.

In Every Universe Era, he cultivated one Great Dao. Now, he had already cultivated four Great Dao and four Great Overarching Heaven Stages. However, when he cultivated the fourth Great Dao, the time was too short. Before he could cultivate the Dao Fruit, the sixteenth era of the universe was destroyed.

The other path was to use strength to achieve the Dao.

The path of cultivation using strength to achieve the path was the system of Jade Capital City. Cultivating the seventy-two halls of Jade Capital City, comprehending the seven young masters' Dao formation skills and the master's Dao formation skills of Miluo Palace, borrowing the power of Ancestral Court Jade Capital City and Miluo Palace to raise one's cultivation and strength, imprinting the Ultimate Void.

Using strength to achieve the Dao was much easier to cultivate than achieving the Dao at the Dao Realm. However, it wasn't authentic and had hidden dangers. It was easy to be restrained by the seven young masters of Miro Palace.

However, to the master of Miro Palace, there were no hidden dangers. After all, they were the subordinates of the seven masters. When the master of Miro Palace didn't appear, they had to listen to the orders of the seven masters.

Of course, as the seventh young master, Qin Mu didn't have much power in the Miluo Palace. He didn't have any hall masters that cultivated him.

Spirit Official Hall Master used both of them to achieve the Dao, thus his attainments were extremely high.

His Great Overarching Heaven Net gradually took shape, and its speed was very fast. Compared to cultivating a new Great Dao step by step, using one's own Great Dao to imprint the void was the easiest. However, Hall Master Ling Guan was rather greedy, choosing to imprint four Great Dao together.

The Great Overarching Heaven forged by the four Great Daos was incomparably exquisite and indestructible. As long as he successfully imprinted it and planted his own Dao Tree, he would be able to stand firmly in this universe.

If the imprint was completed, the Dao Tree would be planted. Even if he was killed by someone, his body and Dao wouldn't be destroyed. He could still be revived from the Dao fruit, but his corporeal body was much weaker than before!

The only difficulty was that his Dao Tree was the Dao Tree of the past universe. Planting it in the ultimate void of this universe would be slightly troublesome, and it would attract the resistance of the ultimate void. However, it wasn't a big deal to him.

Finally, his Great Overarching Heaven was completed!

The Great Overarching Heaven was red, gold, blue, black, red like a raging fire, gold like gold, blue like the sky, and black like ink!

These four colors represented the achievements of his four Great Dao of Fire, Gold, Heaven, and Hell!

With a thought from the Spirit Official Hall Master, the Spirit Official Hall flew out. This hall was the Great Dao that he had comprehended from comprehending the primordial runes of the master of Miluo Palace. Even though it was inferior to the Hall of Treasures of the seven young masters, it was still extraordinary.

"Planting the Dao Tree and using my treasured hall to suppress the resistance of the Ultimate Void should be enough."

He raised the treasured hall and hung it above his Great Overarching Heaven. Following that, the Dao Tree appeared, and countless branches and roots danced in the air, swimming in the void and descending towards the Great Overarching Heaven!

Right at this moment, the void trembled violently. All kinds of light burst forth from the void and attacked his Dao Tree and the Great Overarching Heaven!

Hall Master Ling Guan activated the treasure hall to defend against the invasion of the Great Dao in the void. He looked at each and every one of them and smiled. "So it's the Dao of Consciousness. The Dao of Consciousness is split from the Dao of Absolute Beginning. Someone must have cultivated the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven and imprinted it in the Ultimate Void. I planted the Dao Tree by force, which caused the Ultimate Void to rebel and invoke the Dao of Consciousness to attack me!"

Suddenly, another kind of light from the Great Dao broke through the sky and shook his treasured hall, but it was blocked by the Spirit Official Hall.

Hall Master Ling Guan looked over and smiled slightly. "One Qi Grand Overarching Heaven, this is the Dao of One Qi in the Dao of Tai Chu. It can't be considered the true Dao of TAi Chu, and it doesn't pose a threat to me. Two types of Connate One Qi means that there are two people in this universe who cultivate one Qi to form the Dao, but their Dao runes aren't deep. They should be using force to form the Dao. It's most likely Emperor Hao Tian and the Tai Chu of this universe."


A sword light broke through the air and slashed at his Dao Tree. Hall Master Ling Guan's heart stirred, and a bright light shone in the treasured hall to block the attack. He smiled and said, "This is the sword Dao of the Postcelestial Dao. Tsk tsk, I didn't expect this universe to be so primitive. There are already living beings who have started to create their own Great Dao and cultivated it to the Great Overarching Heaven Stage! How rare, how rare! It's a pity that the person who imprinted the Great Overarching Heaven Sword Dao doesn't have strong magic power and hasn't cultivated the Dao Fruit. Just four Great Overarching Heavens can't do anything to me!"

He was relieved.

The Ultimate Void had no power, so the resistance against him planting the Dao Tree was only to mobilize the Great Dao power that was imprinted on the Ultimate Void's Great Overarching Heaven Net. It was obvious that although the 17th Epoch universe had developed for 6 billion years, its paths, skills, and divine arts were still very backward.

The strongest lifeform in this universe had only just started to reach the Dao Achieving Realm. Only four people had achieved the Dao, and they had only cultivated to the Dao Flower Realm in the Great Overarching Heaven Realm, so they couldn't threaten him.

He had just let out a sigh of relief when another wave of Great Dao came rushing over. Hall Master Ling Guan's expression changed drastically as he hurriedly rose into the air and landed in front of the Hall of Spirit Official Treasures!

He roared furiously and used all his strength to activate the throne hall. However, he saw that the light was incomparably powerful and terrifying. With a wave of impact, the surface of his throne hall instantly gave off crackling sounds as it crashed down from the sky of the Great Overarching Heaven!


The Great Overarching Heaven was struck by the treasured hall, and the earth shook. The ground split open, and the mountains collapsed. The terrifying impact raised a gale, uprooting the Dao Tree that had just taken root!

In the sky of the Great Overarching Heaven, the sun was extinguished and fell to the ground, causing the Great Overarching Heaven to sink and fall to the side. The moon in the sky shattered into pieces, completely obliterated by the impact of the Great Dao!

His treasured hall even gave off creaking sounds as the Dao stone cracked continuously. It was hard for him to withstand the incomparably terrifying pressure. Even the Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall in front of the hall had his corporeal body shrinking continuously from the pressure, unable to stabilize his body!

"The Dao of Tai Yi! I forgot about that person!"

Hall Master Ling Guan took in a deep breath, and his corporeal body, which consisted of hundreds of bones, organs, intestines, muscles, and even skin, transformed into ancient gods!

He was too ancient, and every part of his corporeal body had already become a god. Now that he was mobilizing all of his magic power, he was truly powerful to the extreme!

"It's that person's Great Overarching Heaven! That nameless expert who fought with Teacher!"

Hall Master Ling Guan's corporeal body expanded rapidly as he shouted repeatedly. He forcefully withstood the crushing force of the terrifying Dao of Tai Yi. The Dao of Tai Yi was mixed with the Dao of Qi of Connate and the Dao of Consciousness, as well as the Dao of Sword, which caused numerous wounds on his body!

Spirit Official Hall Master didn't seem to feel anything. His corporeal body was destroyed and gathered together. These injuries couldn't do anything to him. Only when the path of consciousness invaded his mind would it cause quite a bit of trouble.

However, his four universes had achieved the Dao, and his Dao heart was so stable that even if an existence that had cultivated the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven came personally, it wouldn't be able to do much harm to him.

"It's the strong practitioner that crossed the sixteen long rivers of chaos to meet Teacher in Miluo Palace! He was sent into the Fourth Epoch by Teacher. Eldest Young Master had been searching for him all along, but he never found him. It was only in the sixteenth epoch that he found him and suppressed him!"

The corporeal body of Hall Master Spirit Official continued to expand, and his corporeal body became stronger. Great Dao danced behind his head, and his body gradually flew up from the front of the throne hall. The throne hall was coiled by his Great Dao, and the power of the throne hall was pushed to its limits. The resonant sound of the Dao reverberated endlessly!

"I forgot, he achieved the Dao in the seventeenth era and almost suffered a huge loss!"

Three Dao Fruits flew up from the Dao Tree, and the Dao Flower bloomed, increasing the aura of Hall Master Ling Guan!

He went head-on against the Dao of Taiyi and stabilized himself. He floated up and floated in the sky above his Dao Tree. He chuckled and said, "If Taiyi was still in this universe, I would have retreated and not imprinted the Ultimate Void and the Dao Tree. However, he has already been suppressed by big young master. Even with his Great Overarching Heaven's imprint of the Dao of Taiyi, he can't do anything to me!"

He withstood the impact of the five Great Overarching Heavens' Great Dao, and the Dao Tree took root once again. Instantly, his Great Overarching Heaven no longer collapsed, and the sun that had sunk into the land of the Great Overarching Heaven burned once again, slowly rising.

The blazing sun beat the flames. When the sun rose, the land of the Great Overarching Heaven was covered in flames, and the land flowed with gold.

At this moment, a figure slowly walked over from the golden land, walking in the flowing flames of the sun.

"Seventh young master!"

Hall Master Ling Guan's expression changed drastically, and his Dao heart finally wavered. Just as his Dao heart wavered, killing intent surged from the long shadow behind Qin Mu and rushed into Hall Master Ling Guan's mind!

In the next moment, he saw another figure already beside him. His killing intent connected with the killing intent in his mind and transformed into the knife in that person's hand.

The figure turned around and carried his knife. The knife light connected to the brain in the heart of his brows and rose upwards!

The heart of Hall Master Ling Guan's brows split open, and he shouted, "Shang Jun—"

The young man's killing intent was so intense that his footsteps moved irregularly as he walked around him. His speed was extremely fast, and every step he took was followed by a slash!

The knife light swirled around the Spirit Official Hall Master continuously.

Suddenly, a knife light flashed and slashed down from above. With a loud crack, Hall Master Ling's Dao Tree separated from the center and fell to both sides!


Hall Master Ling Guan split into pieces and was crushed by five Great Daos that came from the void. The treasured hall crashed into the Dao Tree that had collapsed!

Shang Jun dispersed his killing intent and took a step back to avoid the Hall of Spirit Official that was crashing down, hiding in the shadows behind Qin Mu.

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