Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1669 - Killing Dao, Destroying Dao Trees

Shang Jun completely restrained his aura and stood in Qin Mu's shadow as if he didn't exist.

However, the moment he pulled back his knife and vanished, the treasure hall of Hall Master Ling Guan trembled. The Great Overarching Heaven collapsed under the tremors, and the treasure hall brought three Dao fruits and a Dao flower down from the Ultimate Void, falling towards the Primordial Realm!

The treasure crown only saw the crushed flesh of Spirit Official Hall Master squirming and reconstructing itself!

"Shang Jun, you ruined my Dao and destroyed my corporeal body. I will definitely take revenge for this!"

Hall Master Ling Guan's voice traveled over. His corporeal body squirmed and suddenly split into four parts. Each of them brought the Dao Fruit and Dao Flower and flew in different directions.

Shang Jun flew out from Qin Mu's shadow and chased after the ancient god formed by Hall Master Ling's head!

At the same time, the Dao Tree that Spirit Official Hall Master had split open also flew up, trying to catch up to the throne hall.

Qin Mu moved and landed on half of the Dao Tree, suppressing the other half. A hall of chaos flew out from behind him and suppressed the other half.

The two halves of the Dao Tree trembled, and numerous Great Daos appeared to attack Qin Mu together!

"Seventh young master, you want to seize my Dao Tree? Dream on!"

The Dao voice of Hall Master Ling Guan came from the Dao Tree. The Dao Tree was like a Great Dao with life, and its attacks were extremely fierce. The tree branches and leaves trembled slightly, and all kinds of paths, skills, and divine arts came attacking!

Even though Hall Master Ling Guan's corporeal body was destroyed and the Dao Fruit Flower protected his broken body to fly away, his Dao Tree still had boundless power. Just the divine art bursting forth from the branches and leaves was enough to make Celestial Venerables gasp in admiration!

Qin Mu held his sword with one hand and slashed horizontally. Wherever the sword light passed, all the divine arts that the Dao Tree had burst forth with were sliced into two!

The 33rd heaven of the Dao Realm, Heaven Capital Heaven Splitting Writing!

When the sword landed on the Dao Tree, its power burst forth, and half of the Dao Tree of Hall Master Ling Guan instantly collapsed. In just an instant, the Dao Tree turned into chaos, changing from Tai Yi to Taiji. The Dao Tree then completely disintegrated, transforming into a complete world in the ultimate void.

The starry sky expanded rapidly under the effect of the Ultimate Void, collapsing and about to be destroyed!

Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure spread out and contained this heaven and earth. The abyss of the Ruins of End collapsed on its own and soon swallowed the heaven and earth transformed by the Dao Tree along with Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.


His divine treasures split apart heaven and earth once again, evolving once more.

Qin Mu raised his head, and the dense Primordial Violet Vapor filled his divine treasures.

His primordial spirit and corporeal body absorbed the Primordial Violet Vapor formed by the Spirit Official Hall Master's Dao Tree and grew continuously. His skinny legs gradually recovered, and his primordial spirit also returned to the standard of the Jade Pool Realm.

The other half of the Dao Tree of the Spirit Official Hall tried its best to resist the Hall of Chaos and escape. However, it couldn't escape the suppression of the Hall of Chaos no matter what.

Qin Mu walked forward and did the same thing. He slashed again and destroyed the other half of the Dao Tree of Hall Master Spirit Official. He first opened up heaven and earth before destroying it to evolve the primordial qi.

After absorbing half of the Dao Tree, his primordial spirit grew again!

In a short moment, his primordial spirit had grown to the level of the Heavenly Sea Realm.

Shang Jun flew back and lifted the head of Hall Master Ling Guan. He saw that the temples of Hall Master Ling Guan's head were like flying wings that grew upwards. There was a third eye in the heart of his brows and a small human in his eyes. He had the head of a bird and the body of a human. He was like a golden crow and was somewhat similar to the ancient sun god.

He also had fangs, and those fangs transformed into the forms of ancient gods. It was very strange.

Qin Mu was astonished. This was the first time he had seen such a strange corporeal body form.

This Spirit Official Hall Master was like an ancient god that had gathered a universe into one. His corporeal body seemed to be able to break down into ancient gods at any time!

However, Spirit Official Hall Master's head had already been killed by Shang Jun, and these ancient gods were also dead.

"Shang Jun's knife is truly incomparably sharp!" Qin Mu couldn't help exclaiming in admiration.

Shang Jun's Dao existed for the sake of killing. Every move and every form of his was for the sake of eliminating his opponent as soon as possible. There were no unnecessary movements and no waste of energy.

This was different from other paths, skills, and divine arts.

There were very few Dao arts in the world that specialized in killing. Most of them pursued the essence of the Dao. As for the power of divine arts, they were usually just minor details.

Learning to make use of it, divine arts were merely the usage of the Dao.

On the other hand, Shang Jun's killing path existed solely for the sake of killing. His paths, skills, and divine arts were all for the sake of killing his opponent in the shortest time possible!

In the eyes of many people, this was abandoning one's roots to chase after the weak. However, in a real battle, one's cultivation was higher than his, and one's Dao realm was deeper than his. One could also die in his hands.

Shang Jun was shocked that Qin Mu had completely destroyed Hall Master Ling Guan's Dao Tree in such a short time. However, even though he was shocked, he didn't say anything.

An ancient existence like Hall Master Ling Guan was very difficult to kill. The reason why he was able to succeed in his sneak attack was because Qin Mu had shaken Hall Master Ling Guan's Dao heart, causing it to be stabbed into his brain by his Killing Dao.

If Hall Master Ling Guan's Dao heart didn't waver, even if he succeeded in his assassination, he would probably end up exchanging his life for his.

Furthermore, even if he died, the Spirit Official Hall Master wouldn't be killed by him.

For an existence like the Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall, even the great calamity of the destruction of a universe would find it difficult to completely obliterate him. His Dao Tree Dao Fruit could survive the calamity of destruction without being destroyed.

The only threat was the calamity of the universe.

Yet Qin Mu had destroyed Hall Master Ling Guan's Dao Tree. This was something Shang Jun couldn't do.

'How can there be such a strange corporeal body…'

Qin Mu examined the head of Hall Master Ling Guan and frowned slightly. 'If we were to fight with the celestial heavens, the corporeal bodies of such existences would disintegrate and transform into ancient gods to enter the battlefield. This would be a fatal blow to Eternal Peace!'

What made him even more worried was that if the corporeal bodies of the other hall masters were also this strong, if the young masters of Miluo Palace sent a few more hall masters over, who could defend against them?

It was fine for Shang Jun to launch a sneak attack, but if Spirit Official Hall Master was on guard, even if Shang Jun achieved his Dao again, he wouldn't be able to do anything to such an existence.

"Young master, this is his Dao fruit."

Shang Jun opened his palm, and the Dao fruit of the Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall flew up in an attempt to escape. However, a killing path cage formed above his palm and trapped the Dao fruit.

"Seventh young master, the power of this Dao fruit is too strong. I can't destroy it," Shang Jun said.

"Shang Jun, you should call me Celestial Venerable Mu. In the seventeenth era, I was a Celestial Venerable, not a young master."

Qin Mu observed for a moment and examined the Great Dao contained in the Spirit Official Hall Master's Dao Fruit in detail. He exclaimed in admiration, "As expected of an existence on the level of Hall Master, surpassing countless other people who have achieved the Dao."

He pulled out the Calamity Sword and stabbed at the Dao Fruit again. However, every time the tip of the sword touched the Dao Fruit, it would retract and not stab into it.

Qin Mu pulled back his sword. "Release the Dao Fruit and let him return to that hall master's side."

Shang Jun released the Dao Fruit as instructed, and the Dao Fruit quickly left the Ultimate Void and vanished without a trace.

'My Sword Dao is hidden in the Dao Fruit. If that hall master takes back the Dao Fruit by force, he will suffer.'

Qin Mu left the void and searched for the location marked by the Tai Yi Geographical Map. "That's right, who is this hall master?"

Shang Jun shook his head and said, "I don't know either."

Qin Mu sighed. "His corporeal body attainments are very high, and his corporeal body technique is also very strange. I still don't know his name."

Shang Jun walked in his shadow and said, "Before killing him next time, I will help Celestial Venerable ask for his name."

Qin Mu nodded and asked, "Do the other hall masters of Miluo Palace also have such strange and powerful corporeal bodies?"

"I don't know. I've never killed before."

"Shang Jun, if we meet other hall masters, let us ask what his name is first."

"No. If he's on guard, it won't be easy to kill him."

"That's true."

In the army of the celestial heavens, the celestial palaces stood tall. Celestial Venerable Hao's side palace had already been built here, and it moved with the army of the celestial heavens. Two Dao trees floated above the side palace, looking majestic and magnificent.

These two Dao Trees were the Dao Trees of Emperor Hao Tian and Tai Chu. They suppressed the destiny of the celestial heavens. Looking from afar, the Great Dao swayed, and the paths of light were sacred and solemn.

Even from tens of thousands of miles away, one could still hear the Dao runes from the Dao Tree.

In the Numinous Sky Hall of the side palace, Emperor Hao Tian had a grave expression as he looked at the three strange-looking ancient gods.

One of the three ancient gods had the head of a dragon and the body of a human, and a Dao Fruit was spinning behind his head. The other one had the head of a snake, the body of a snake, and the tail of a snake. Dao flowers fluttered behind his head, and the last one had the head of a bull. There was also a Dao Fruit behind his head.

"Celestial Emperor, I was tricked by the seventh young master. The seventh young master found Shang Jun who had achieved the Dao through killing and ambushed me while I was entrusting my Great Dao to the Ultimate Void. My Dao clone was destroyed."

The ancient god with the head of a dragon and the body of a human was transformed from the liver and intestines of Hall Master Ling Guan. There were ancient gods of all sizes standing on his body, and he said, "I was careless and fell into a trap. Shang Jun destroyed my Dao clone, seventh young master destroyed my Dao Tree, and Shang Jun even took one of my Dao fruits. This grudge is absolutely irreconcilable, and I will fight them to the death!"

Emperor Hao Tian's brows relaxed, and he said with a gentle expression, "May I ask Hall Master, if your Dao body is destroyed and your Dao Tree is destroyed, how much impact will it have on Hall Master's abilities?"

The Snake Head Ancient God said, "This setback will reduce my cultivation by seventy percent."

The corners of Emperor Hao Tian's eyes twitched, and he threw a glance at the ancient god of taiji. The ancient god understood and thought to himself, 'His Majesty wants to kill this Spirit Official Hall Master, refine his Dao fruit, and seize his cultivation…'

The bull-headed Spirit Official Hall Master sighed and said, "My current strength is only equivalent to three ordinary Dao successors. Now that I've suffered a setback, I'm afraid I'll have to cultivate for millions of years before I can return to my peak state."

Emperor Hao Tian's heart trembled, and he threw a glance at the ancient gods of Tai Chi. The two ancient gods immediately dispelled their killing intent towards Hall Master Ling Guan.

Right at this moment, light shone brightly in the sky as another Dao Fruit flew over.

The three Spirit Official Hall Masters suddenly gave a shout, and the three of them merged together to form a headless body. A dragon head grew out from the umbilical cord on his stomach, and a pair of bull horns grew out from his shoulders. Three bull eyes appeared on his chest, and a huge snake coiled around his back. It was extremely strange.

The dragon head opened its mouth and shouted, "Seventh young master left thirteen divine arts of the sword path in my Dao Fruit, preparing to use my Dao Fruit to scheme against me. Even though I knew he was going to plot against me, I had no choice but to break it! Celestial Emperor, I need you to prepare a huge sacrifice and use the blood of all lives to break his sword Dao divine art!"

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