Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1675 - Reversal

"The Primordial Realm needs a victory! An illustrious victory to boost the hearts of people!"

In the South Sea, the archipelago was like a cluster of stars, and islands of all sizes were scattered everywhere. Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor stood in front of the Five Dragons Isles of the South Sea.

The remaining survivors of Crimson Light transformed into three-headed and six-armed gods and slaughtered their way out of the archipelago. On the sea surface, they fought a bloody battle with the thirty-ninth army of the celestial heavens. In fact, the number of gods and devils pulled out by any army was much greater than that of Crimson Light Floating World!

The number of gods and devils in Crimson Light Floating World was only equivalent to one heaven. Even though the people of Crimson Light were brave and skilled in battle, and their corporeal bodies and primordial spirits were incomparably strong, able to fight one against three, they were still in grave danger when facing the enemy's superior military strength.

Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor could last until now because of South Deity Zhu Que's support.

South Deity Zhu Que didn't have many troops, but her daughter Yan'er was one of the great generals that Celestial Venerable Mu of Eternal Peace valued the most. Even though she was delayed for a period of time due to giving birth, her cultivation had already reached the Emperor's Throne Realm. She was one of the few strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne Realm in Eternal Peace.

She had led her troops over, and South Deity Zhu Que was guarding them. She had formed a horn formation with the remaining survivors of Crimson Light, restraining the power of the thirty-ninth Marquis of the celestial heavens. Otherwise, it would have been hard for Crimson Light Floating World to last until now.

However, even with Yan'er's support, it was still very difficult for Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor to win. The two celestial emperors of Crimson Light Era had died too long ago. Even though they had revived, their cultivation, paths, skills, and divine arts had fallen behind.

Over the years, they had absorbed Eternal Peace's reform and grew rapidly, but they still lacked time.

And the celestial heavens wouldn't give them time!

The thirty-nine marquises of the celestial heavens all had strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne. In addition to Red Deity Qi Xiayu who had unfathomable cultivation, Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor had no chance of winning!

"The Primordial Realm needs a huge victory."

Yan'er's gaze landed on the army of Red Deity that was holding the line. Flames soared into the sky, and phoenixes danced in the air. The flames burned furiously, boiling the sea.

Within the flames, a phenomenon of a nine-headed phoenix soaring in the sky could be seen!

"Red Deity Qi Xiayu is a hidden chess piece that Celestial Venerable Yue and I had planted together."

South Deity Zhu Que came to her side, and her gaze landed on the nine-headed phoenix. She said, "She's the disciple of Celestial Venerable Yue and me, and she was planted in the celestial heavens. If she suddenly leads her subordinates to attack, she can form a three-sided pincer attack with us! There won't be many casualties among the marquises of the 39th army!"

Yan'er asked, "In that case, why didn't Red Deity make a move? What is she waiting for?"

South Deity Zhu Que hesitated for a moment and said, "Back then, she betrayed Mother Earth and submitted to South High Emperor. She was then captured by Crown Prince Ming Ya and betrayed South High Emperor to join the celestial heavens. This was a plan that Celestial Venerable Yue and I came up with. I'm worried that she…"

She didn't want to continue.

Yan'er said, "Are you worried that she's unwilling to part with the power of the celestial heavens?"

South Deity nodded. "The celestial heavens has already conferred her with the title of Celestial Venerable. Below Celestial Emperor, there are countless living beings and gods! As long as she becomes one of the ten Celestial Venerables, she will be obsessed with power, and she will never be able to turn back. If we want her to turn back, she will become a pawn between Celestial Venerable Yue and me. Only a great victory will change her mind! However, this victory…"

Yan'er's heart sank. However, this victory wouldn't appear in the South Sea.

Now, Red Deity Qi Xiayu had yet to make up her mind.

If she made up her mind and personally led the half-god army of Southern Heaven to attack, it would be the time when she became one of the ten Celestial Venerables. There would be no possibility of her returning!

Where did the fate of the Primordial Realm and Eternal Peace come from?

West Earth.

Even though Yue Tingge was surrounded by beauties, there was no smile on his face. He raised his head to look at the heavens of High Heavens. Over there, the White Emperor had led the 27th Duke of the Army to construct an impregnable fortress. A battle was about to break out.

Emperor Yanfeng decreed that Yue Tingge should be in charge of the battle in West Earth. However, after Yue Tingge came to West Earth, he realized that this was the weakest link in Eternal Peace's territory!

Back then, when the Primordial Realm broke the seal, West Earth was left alone outside. It was no longer connected to Eternal Peace and became a flying land.

The reason why West Earth could be maintained was because of the control True Heaven Palace Master Xiong Qi'er and High Heavens Xu Shenghua had over West Earth. Eternal Peace had also constructed teleportation portals to facilitate transportation and trade. The reform of Eternal Peace had also made West Earth an important part of it.

However, the geography was too far, and with Xu Shenghua not around, defending West Earth became the biggest problem.

West Earth had True Heaven Palace and High Heavens Academy, these two sacred grounds. Luckily, West Deity White Tiger had established the third sacred ground here. Many of the girls of the White Tiger God Race had strong martial arts, so they lived here as well.

However, there were too few soldiers.

The majestic mountains, lakes, and rivers of West Earth were all summoned by the women of West Earth, transforming into indomitable giants that fought against White Deity's army.

Yue Tingge was once the number one heavenly master of the celestial heavens and was famous. However, even a clever housewife couldn't cook without rice. There were too few gods and devils in West Earth, making him unable to make ends meet.

The good thing was that the female spirit summoning spells of West Earth were extremely powerful. They could transform mountains, rivers, and plants into living beings.

Even so, Yue Tingge still found it extremely strenuous. Furthermore, even though West Deity White Tiger's projection had descended, its main body had yet to arrive, so it didn't have much support for West Earth.

"White Tiger was hesitant and felt that Eternal Peace might not be able to win, so he wasn't willing to send his main force here."

Yue Tingge was well aware that West Earth had already established a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge with West Pole, so it wouldn't be difficult for West Deity and the White Tiger Divine Clan's army to descend.

The reason why West Deity White Tiger didn't make a decision was because she felt that Eternal Peace would definitely lose. She didn't want to place all her hopes on this.

"At this moment, no matter which battlefield, as long as one wins and one wins, the disadvantageous situation can be reversed!"

Yue Tingge let out a shaky breath and looked up at the tiger and wolf masters of the celestial heavens pouncing over from High Heavens. He gritted his teeth. "No matter what, I have to hold on until the news of a great victory arrives!"

North of the Primordial Realm, in the icy plains of the Kan Land, in Shuofang City.

It was freezing cold here, and the land was covered in ice and snow. The god cities in this land of ice were ice cities. Wei Suifeng stood in the cold wind of the city and looked at the other side. He saw Guan He, the North Heaven Emperor, leading forty army marquises and an alliance army with the devil ancestors and Mahakala. There were so many devil gods that they covered the ice plains.

Behind Wei Suifeng was the Feathered Forest Guards that had followed him back then. Other than the Feathered Forest Guards, there were also the guards of the Kan Land. They didn't have any armor on them, and they only wore thick cloaks that stuffed their bodies.

On their backs were the North Deity divine weapons of Emperor Xuan Wu and Five Thunder Pot. Other than that, the treasure vaults in the city were filled with all kinds of items that Eternal Peace had forged, such as Five Thunder Pot, White Tiger Divine Weapon, Vermillion Bird War Chariot, Green Dragon Saber, and so on. They were all imitations of the four deities divine weapons.

Wei Suifeng rubbed his hands and wiped away the ice on his eyebrows. He said with a smile, "This battle will be hard to fight. Forty marquises of the army of the Northern Heavens, plus that old brat Mahakala, will be able to flatten me. It's a pity that the Black Tortoise and Deity still don't dare to descend and fight with the celestial heavens! This couple is too cautious!"


A loud bugle horn sounded, and the forty devil gods of the celestial heavens split into different paths. They circled around North Square City and headed towards the other god cities in the Kan Land!

'Crap! This is luring the snake out of its hole! That old fox Nian Guanhe saw that Shuo Fang's defense was the strongest, so he attacked the other god cities, forcing me to leave the city to fight him!'

Wei Suifeng gritted his teeth and waved his battle flag. The Feathered Forest Guards all executed their magic power, and the huge ice surface instantly split open as magnificent battleships broke out of the ice.

Wei Suifeng led everyone out of the city and shouted, "Offer the divine weapons!"

The Feathered Forest Guards and the guards of Shuofang City charged forward behind him. Five Thunder Pot rose into the sky, and the mouth of the bottle gourd opened wide. Five great thunderclouds covered the sky and covered the sun, and on the ice plains, thunder fell like rain.

However, the forty army marquises splitting up to attack the other god cities was only a ploy to lure the enemy. When Wei Suifang rushed out of the city, Mahakala's devil army and the forty army marquises would surround him.

Wei Suifeng accepted the battle calmly, but he knew that the soldiers of Eternal Peace wouldn't be able to last long in this battle. They needed the support of North Deity Xuan Wu.

What made North Deity Xuan Wu and his wife determined was an unprecedented victory!

This victory was the key to changing the situation!

In the East Sea, flags fluttered on the ships. Jiang Baigui sat in front of River Tomb's impregnable pass and watched as the army of Green Deity of the Eastern Sky appeared on the sea level.

Eternal Peace had mobilized as many gods and devils as possible, but compared to Green Deity of the Eastern Sky's army of gods and devils, Eternal Peace only had ten percent of Green Deity's army!

Green Deity of the Eastern Sky led the sixty marquises of the army. They were the strongest army of gods and devils in the celestial heavens!

The Azure Supreme Thearch wasn't in a hurry to fight. Instead, he immediately set up camp and closed in step by step. He didn't seem to have any intention of fighting.

"When Azure Supreme Thearch deploys his troops, not a drop of water can leak out."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui looked at the qi image of Green Deity of the Eastern Sky's army of gods and devils and said indifferently, "As expected of Celestial Venerable Yu's Dao Comprehension Tree. However, it's a pity that Green Deity's wisdom is lacking. If Celestial Emperor Hao gave him thirty army marquises, I wouldn't be able to defeat him. If I gave him sixty army marquises, he wouldn't be able to control them, and he wouldn't be able to defeat me! Only then would he not be worthy of his position. This is his path of defeat!"

Jiang Baigui waved his flag and led his troops out of the city. "What we can see now is whether Teacher will succeed first or I will succeed first!"

At this moment, a god suddenly rushed out from the teleportation gate of River Tomb with an excited expression. He shouted loudly, "Victory! Carefree Village has broken through the Celestial River Navy, a complete victory!"

The corners of Jiang Baigui's eyes twitched, and he said in a low voice, "Teacher, you're still better… Send out your troops."

River Tomb's army of gods and devils rushed towards the east sea. The various armies were split into all kinds of formations that were incomparably complicated and everchanging. The army of Eternal Peace changed their formations as they charged forward.

From the smallest five people to a team, ten people to a team, twenty people to two, a hundred people to a soldier, five hundred people to a brigade, two thousand five hundred people to a teacher, and five teachers to a troop, all kinds of formations continuously changed. From the smallest to the largest, all of them were under Jiang Baigui's control!

His formation path was incomparably meticulous, surpassing Yan Yunxi's!

His control ability had reached the peak!

"It's a pity that Azure Supreme Thearch is too cautious. Otherwise, this first victory would definitely be mine!"

The news of Carefree Village's great victory was transmitted through teleportation portals to the southern sea of the southern border, to West Earth, and to the Kan Land. These news were then sent through Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge to the West Pole, the North Pole, and the other worlds!

The celestial heavens attacked the Primordial Realm aggressively. The Celestial River Navy fought with Carefree Village in the hinterlands of the Primordial Realm, and Wen Tiange defeated the Celestial River Navy. Zhu Shaoping led the remnants of the army away, Goddess of Moon was injured, and the five carriages were completely wiped out!

In this battle, countless ships of the Celestial River Navy were captured, and the celestial heavens' heavy weapons were seized. They suffered heavy casualties and countless captives!

The water of the celestial river was dyed red!

The news spread like wildfire, shaking the heavens!

In West Earth, on the battlefield, Yue Tingge stood in the sea of blood. His face was covered in blood, but he raised his head and chuckled. "Founding Emperor's number one heavenly master, Wen Tiange, may have lost to me, but he won this battle beautifully!"

However, golden light filled the sky, and the light of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge became incomparably thick. Countless goddesses of the West Pole's White Tiger Divine Clan were covered in clothes and were descending through the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge!

In outer space, West Pole was guided by a huge force, and it approached West Earth of the Primordial Realm!

West Deity was about to descend!

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