Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1665 - Number One Heavenly Teacher

This time, when Meng Yungui came to escort the supplies, he didn't lead many soldiers and horses. Most of them were his men, and they were called the Ascension Camp. He was a human god of the Ascension Heaven, and there were quite a number of human gods that had submitted to him over the years. Most of them were from the Ascension Heaven.

He was very skilled in managing the army, and most of his subordinates were loyal to him. However, the celestial heavens had also planted numerous half-gods into his Ascension Camp to monitor his actions.

After all, he was a human, and the celestial heavens still didn't trust him.

He had other military forces in the celestial heavens, such as the ten guards of the celestial heavens. However, those troops only listened to Celestial Emperor's orders, and he was powerless to mobilize them.

When Meng Yungui killed Yan Yazi, there was also a huge purge in the Ascension Camp. When Meng Yungui killed the gods and devils under Yan Yazi, the soldiers of the Ascension Camp rode their boats and bathed in blood. The river surface of the tributary of the celestial river was already blood red.

Meng Yungui raised his sword and stood among the numerous corpses in the South Heaven Palace. He looked at the soldiers under him. Slave ships were docked at the riverside, and there were even bloodstains on the god armor of the human gods.

The atmosphere became stifling.

"Do you regret it?"

The confidence in Meng Yungui's voice was gone. This rebellion was more like an impulsive decision. It wasn't a complete plan. To a heavenly master like him, being controlled by emotions was definitely a failure.

He knew in his heart that this rebellion would not succeed!

The human soldiers that had followed him for so many years would probably all die!

"If you rebel with me, you might not succeed at all. What awaits you is no honor or glory. It might just be defeat after defeat, the deaths of your comrades."

Meng Yungui looked at his subordinates and swept his gaze over the familiar faces. He said solemnly, "Back then, I brought all of you out of Ascension Heaven. Maybe, I won't be able to bring all of you back alive. Maybe, you will only return with corpses. Maybe, you won't even leave corpses behind. If we lose, the history recorded in the celestial heavens will only have our stain."

"If we die, there won't be a tombstone. Our whole life of cultivation might only be exchanged for corpses that are like dead dogs on the battlefield. After we die, we will be scolded by people: Look! This is a traitor!"

"Do you guys still want to follow me?" he asked loudly.

On the slave ships, the soldiers of the Ascension Camp remained silent. Suddenly, a soldier pushed his helmet away and revealed a resolute face.

"Heavenly Teacher, you brought me out from Heaven's Emergence."

The middle-aged god's voice wasn't loud, but it was shocking. "I only know that before I met Heavenly Teacher, I lived worse than a dog. Back then, when the natural disaster broke out, starved people were everywhere. I followed the villagers to the city to beg, and countless people starved to death along the way. I came to the city alive, and I was so hungry that I fainted. I went to the stinky ditch in the half-gods' manor to find the food they threw away! I dug out the human bones that they had left behind. I was starving, and I wanted to eat them. It was you who pulled me out of the stinky ditch. You told me that we had to have backbone and not eat humans. We humans have to live a proper life! You said that humans aren't destined to be slaves from birth, and they aren't destined to be food for the gods. You said that you wanted the humans to live better! From then on, I followed you!"

Another god pushed away his helmet, revealing a long scar on his face that looked like the mark of a centipede left behind by a whip. He said with a hoarse voice, "I was also a member of that natural disaster. From then on, I followed you. You were still a divine arts practitioner then, and you were full of mettle. You gave us starving people hope."

"I was also from that time."

Another god pushed away his helmet. "We followed you through life and death. Many of our companions left, but we survived."

"Me too!"

"Me too!"

"I'm not, my father is. Before my father died, he told me to follow Heavenly Teacher and never leave you!"

There were also many gods that didn't follow Meng Yungui during the Plume Manifestation Heaven Calamity, but they relied on their ideals and trust in him to get to where they were now.

"Teach us about reason and righteousness. Tell us, where reason lies, there is no turning back!"

An old general said with a smile, "Now, it's the place of reason, so we have no regrets! We…"

He knelt on one knee on the deck and said loudly, "I swear to follow Heavenly Teacher to the death!"

On the slave ships, the soldiers of the Ascension Camp knelt down on one knee and shouted, "We pledge our lives to follow Heavenly Teacher!"

Meng Yungui's blood boiled, and he raised his sword to point at the celestial heavens from afar. He laughed and said, "If everyone doesn't disappoint me, I will definitely not disappoint everyone! Everyone, please rise. Today, follow me to rebel against the celestial heavens!"

The commotion in the celestial river was urgent.

The strong wind blew the huge waves and smacked the slave ships. The slaves on the ships were trembling in fear and trepidation. On the deck, the human gods were full of passion. Under Meng Yungui's command, they quickly rushed to the other heavens of South Heaven to clean up the power of the celestial heavens.

They had to seal off the news and not let any power of the celestial heavens in Southern Heaven inform the celestial heavens.

This rebellion was a spur of the moment idea, and none of them were prepared for it. The celestial heavens wasn't prepared either. As long as they cut off the news, they could stall for time and make sufficient preparations.

Even though they knew that even if they made sufficient preparations, they would still die.

Meng Yungui ordered his men to immediately rush to Ascension Heaven to migrate the relatives and friends of the soldiers. He also ordered his men to secretly head to the celestial heavens. There were also family members in the celestial heavens, so they had to move their relatives and friends away before they were exposed. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Wang Qing, hurry to Eternal Peace."

Meng Yungui hesitated for a moment before handing the letter to his most valued disciple. "Pass this letter to the emperor of Eternal Peace!"

Wang Qing hesitated. "Master, Eternal Peace is the target of the celestial heavens' annihilation. This time, the great army of the celestial heavens is targeting Eternal Peace, and Eternal Peace doesn't have any extra troops to reinforce us. Furthermore, when we attacked the Land of the Great Void back then, Master personally led the great army against Carefree Village and killed countless experts of Carefree Village. I've heard that Emperor Yanfeng was a general in Carefree Village and suffered defeat under master's hands. Carefree Village and Eternal Peace are one…"

Meng Yungui waved his hand and said, "Emperor Yanfeng has the bearing of Celestial Emperor and is even stronger than Celestial Emperor Hao. He won't blame you. Go quickly!"

Wang Qing received his orders and flew towards the Primordial Realm.

Meng Yungui then gave the order to migrate all the humans in the various heavens of Southern Heaven. He wanted them to leave the Celestial River Zone and carry rations and supplies. They were to fortify the land and prepare for the final battle.

His soldiers were like his arms and fingers, and once he gave the order, he could complete it quickly. In addition, the humans of Southern Heaven were domesticated like livestock, and they never resisted the orders of the gods. They would submit to them, making it easier for them to migrate.

Meng Yungui then personally led the other soldiers to tear down Celestial Venerable Huo's celestial palace and built a mighty pass on the branch of the celestial river. Even so, he still looked worried.

"I can't block it, I can't block it… I can only fight to the death, but I still can't block it!"

Several months later, the celestial heavens' army got closer to the Primordial Realm, but the supplies still didn't arrive.

The celestial heavens repeatedly issued decrees, ordering gods to head to South Heaven to rush them. However, there was no news of these emissaries after they reached South Heaven.

The celestial heavens plundered a few more heavens and captured slaves and supplies. However, they knew that something must have happened in South Heaven.

Emperor Hao Tian issued an order, ordering the number one heavenly master, Shang Pinying, to lead the Divine Martial Guards of the ten guards of the celestial heavens, a hundred thousand men, to head to South Heaven to investigate the situation.

The Divine Martial Guards were strong, and the weakest among them was an existence of the Jade Capital Realm. Together with the celestial heavens' formation diagram, the two guards could defend against an existence of the Celestial Venerable level. In addition to Shang Pinying, the number one heavenly master, it could be seen how much Emperor Hao valued Southern Heaven.

The granary of the celestial heavens couldn't be lost!

Shang Pinying led his army over and didn't enter the Southern Heaven via the tributary. Instead, he set up camp and ordered people to come to the Southern Heaven Gate. He shouted, "Heavenly Teacher Meng, Celestial Emperor has ordered us to come out and talk!"

Meng Yun returned to the city wall and looked at Shang Pinying from afar.

The two heavenly teachers looked at each other, and Shang Pinying ordered, "Meng Yungui has rebelled. Attack the city immediately!"

Commander Zuo Shenwu frowned and said solemnly, "How did Heavenly Teacher Shang see that Meng Yungui has rebelled? Meng Yungui is the second heavenly master of the celestial heavens, and he attacked without asking. If he didn't rebel, I'm afraid Heavenly Teacher Shang won't be able to answer to His Majesty."

Shang Pinying sneered and said, "Meng Yungui and I are both heavenly teachers, so I can tell whether he will rebel or not with just one look. There's no point in saying anything more. Attack the city immediately!"

The Left and Right Commanders of the Divine Martial Sect immediately gave the order to mobilize the two armies to form a formation to crush Southern Heavenly Pass!

On the city tower, Meng Yungui shouted, "Heavenly Teacher Shang, you and I are both Heavenly Courts' heavenly teachers, and you have always been ranked first until you lost to Yue Tingge. Yue Tingge fell into the Great Void, and you became the number one heavenly master. However, you know that your intelligence is inferior to mine, and the number one heavenly master of the celestial heavens is actually me. Therefore, you used your power for your own personal gain and planted a rebellious name in my name, leading an army to kill me! You are jealous of your talent, so I shall be Your Majesty's cousin. Please make a decision!"

The Left and Right Divine Martial Army hesitated.

Shang Pinying sneered, "Thief Meng is just stalling for time. I have His Majesty's commander's seal in hand. Left and right divine weapons, attack immediately!"

He took out his commander's seal, and when the left and right armies saw the commander's seal, it was as if Emperor Hao Tian had personally arrived. They immediately activated their formations to attack the city.

Shang Pinying's clothes fluttered in the wind as he looked at Meng Yungui who was on the city tower. He said solemnly, "Meng Yungui, you think you have superior wisdom, but the greatest wisdom in this world is the general trend. In front of my general trend, all of your wisdom is useless! Use the general trend well, this is the true number one heavenly master!"

With a flick of his sleeves, the city pass was opened, and the gods and devils of the Ascension Camp rushed out. He sneered and said, "I want to see if your momentum can match my wisdom! Form the formation!"

Although the number of gods and devils in the Ascension Camp was no less than the two Divine Martial Guards, their cultivation and strength were far inferior.

The formation diagram of the two Divine Guards of the celestial heavens was a complete formation diagram. Each formation diagram could contain fifty thousand gods and devils. The vital qi of fifty thousand gods and devils had fused into one, and their vital qi had become one. Thus, the activation of the formation was remarkable!

The formation diagrams of the ten guards of the celestial heavens were meticulously polished by the past generations of heavenly teachers. The power of the formation diagrams had long been raised to the extreme, and it could be said to be the crystallization of the wisdom of the past generations of heavenly teachers.

Back when Carefree Village slaughtered their way out of the Great Void, Lang Lang had led the masters of creation to defend against the pursuers of the celestial heavens. The ten guards of the celestial heavens had activated their formation diagrams and forced Lang Lang and Carefree Village to retreat in defeat, which showed the power of the formation diagrams.

However, the formation diagram of the Ascension Platoon was not a complete formation diagram. Instead, it was a tiny formation diagram. Ten people in a group had a total of ten thousand formations.

Ten thousand formations crisscrossed, and the gods and devils of the Ascension Battalion flew up and down, quickly forming the first formation. This formation alternated inside and out, changing unpredictably.

Upon seeing this, Shang Pinying sneered. "The Glassy Sky Pagoda's formation! I was the one who taught you this formation!"

The two armies collided, and the power of the formation diagram instantly exploded!

The two armies collided, and the power of the formation diagram instantly exploded!

The formation of the army of the celestial heavens and the Ascension Camp immediately changed. Different formations interlocked, and blood and flesh flew in the formation!

On the other side, Meng Yungui's envoy, Wang Qing, came to Eternal Peace and presented a letter to Emperor Yanfeng. Emperor Yanfeng opened the letter and read it. After a moment of silence, he said, "Set up an altar and invite Dragon Pi to descend. Bring the Glassy Sky Pagoda with Prince You Ming to South Heaven."

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