Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1666 - Dragon Mountain Sanren

In front of Southern Heavenly Pass, the two heavenly teachers deployed their own troops. The formations of the two armies changed rapidly, using formations to break through formations and brute force!

Shang Pinying and Meng Yungui were both algebra experts and formation experts. From this battle, one could see the strength of both sides.

Shang Pinying had become famous extremely early on, and he had already risen to fame during the first year of the Dragon Han Era. Even before Dao Ancestor founded macroscopic algebra, he had already made some small achievements in algebra. At that time, he was also researching macroscopic algebra, but he had split his attention to research formations and deployed his troops in the path of formations. His progress was slightly slower than Dao Ancestor.

It was only after Dao Ancestor's macroscopic algebra reached great mastery that Shang Pinying lost to Dao Ancestor.

He was also a genius, and he relied on his formations and algebra attainments to become the number one heavenly master of the celestial heavens. The formation diagrams of the armies of the celestial heavens had a lot to do with him.

However, when Dragon Han split from the family, he personally led his army to block North Deity Xuan Wu's celestial palace from leaving the celestial heavens. However, he was severely injured and was defeated by Dragon Mountain Sanren using the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

That defeat could be said to be a crushing defeat. Shang Pingyin's Dao heart had been damaged, and he couldn't recover after hundreds of thousands of years. He had to think hard about how to break the Glassy Sky Pagoda's formation.

Only when Yue Tingge rose up and broke the Glassy Sky Pagoda's formation did Shang Pinying walk out of the shadows and into Yue Tingge's shadow.

After Yue Tingge fell into the Great Void, Shang Pinying became the number one heavenly master of the celestial heavens again. At this moment, Meng Yungui's rise threatened his position.

Meng Yungui never revealed himself and had always hidden his wisdom and strength. However, from his military formation and Celestial Venerable's frequent inquiries, Meng Yungui's intelligence was actually above his!

However, the two of them had never fought directly before. It was their first time fighting in the battle of South Heaven Pass.

Meng Yungui had the geographical advantage while Shang Pingyin had the military advantage.

The army under him was the Divine Martial Guards of the ten guards of the celestial heavens. They had experienced all kinds of battles and were the most outstanding existences among the half-gods. Any one of them could become the leader of Meng Yungui's Ascension Camp!

When activated by the formations of the two Divine Martial Guards, they could even fight Celestial Venerables!

However, when clashing with the second-rate army of gods and devils like the Ascension Camp, the power of the formation of the two Divine Martial Guards was completely unable to be unleashed. The formation of the Ascension Camp was like a needle piercing through a crack, stabbing into the formation of the two Divine Martial Guards, causing the formation to be unable to operate and the formation diagram to be unable to function.

Every change in the formation of the Divine Martial Guards was countered by the Ascension Camp.

Shang Pinying was proficient in fighting fair and square. When he met an opponent like Meng Yungui, it was difficult for him to unleash all of his abilities. However, the strength of the Divine Martial Guards was simply too strong. Even Meng Yungui couldn't defeat him in a battle of attrition!

This was the general trend that Shang Pinying had mentioned.

As long as the soldiers of the Ascension Camp continued to die, he would still win!

Right at this moment, Meng Yungui suddenly stood up and floated down from the city tower, cutting into the formation diagram of the Ascension Camp.

Shang Pinying laughed loudly and shook his head. "How stupid is it for the general to enter the formation personally? Once you enter the formation, you will be a chess piece in the formation. You won't be able to observe the overall situation and make changes to the formation anytime and anywhere. Meng Yungui, your strongest point is the changes in the formation, but now you have to give up this advantage and become a brave man. You are unworthy of being a heavenly master!"

He immediately controlled the formation diagram of the two Divine Martial Guards and used the formation to trap the Ascension Battalion to death. However, the formation of the Ascension Battalion also changed at the same time, still firmly controlling the formation diagram of the two Divine Martial Guards, making it difficult for them to change the formation!

Even if Shang Pinying forcefully changed the formation, he would still be restrained by the Ascension Camp!

Meng Yungui was also a great expert of the Emperor's Throne Realm. In the formation diagram, he was like a fish in water, killing the generals of the Divine Martial Guards and causing them to suffer casualties!

'That's not right. He's in the formation and can't control the entire situation. How did he see the changes in my formation?'

Shang Pinying's expression sank, and he thought to himself, 'Furthermore, he's inside the formation, so how is he going to mobilize all the soldiers of the Ascension Camp and make them do as he pleases? Wait a minute, it's Eternal Peace's Secrets of Three Primordial Spirit Assembly!'

His expression changed drastically.

Among Eternal Peace's reform, there was a technique called Secrets of Three Primordial Spirit Assembly which was the most marvelous technique on the battlefield. This technique could mobilize troops at the fastest speed.

Back in the Land of the Great Void, Emperor Yanfeng and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, Jiang Baigui, transformed into monks and Daoists. They led the army of Carefree Village and clashed with the army of the celestial heavens several times, killing countless enemies. The four great heavenly teachers and four great heavenly kings of the celestial heavens had an abnormal headache over these two people.

Finally, it was Meng Yungui who saw through the two of them and broke Emperor Yanfeng's formation. He chased Emperor Yanfeng for tens of thousands of miles and almost killed that bald monk.

Back then, Meng Yungui was able to break the formation because he had ordered his subordinates to head to Eternal Peace. He had secretly learned the Secrets of Three Primordial Spirit Assembly and learned the way to break it!

It was obvious that Meng Yungui had not only solved the Secrets of Three Primordial Spirit Assembly, he had also learned it!

"I don't know the technique of Three Primordial Spirit Assembly, so I can't break it. However, for Meng Yungui to be able to grasp the entire situation, it means that he definitely has eyes and ears outside to observe the battle situation!"

Shang Pinying was smarter than others and immediately looked around. His gaze then landed on the Southern Heavenly Pass. There was an oval-shaped mirror hanging in front of the pass.

Shang Pinying raised his hand to take out the divine bow and shot an arrow. The bright mirror instantly shattered into pieces.

He let out a sigh of relief and changed the formation again. He was still restrained by Meng Yungui.

Shang Pinying frowned and continued to look around. He suddenly bent his bow again and extinguished the sun in the sky!

The sun went out, and the sky turned dark. Shang Pinying looked again and saw that the formation was still suppressed by Meng Yungui.

"He has other eyes and ears!"

Shang Pinying stretched out his hand and tapped the heart of his brows. The vertical eye at the heart of his brows opened up and looked into the river of the tributary of the celestial river. He then raised his right leg and stomped heavily. The river water churned and huge silver fish flew out from the river!

Shang Pinying shot all the huge silver fish to death. The silver fish exploded and shattered into countless parts. They were actually all refined from divine metal and divine iron, acting as Meng Yungui's eyes and ears!

"There are other eyes and ears!"

The vertical eye on the heart of Shang Pinying's brows shone brightly. With a shout, he pushed the power of the divine eye to its maximum and penetrated the void. In the void around the Southern Heavenly Pass, mirrors hung high up!

Shang Pinying shot these mirrors into pieces and looked down. In Youdu, huge devil god eyeballs were refined into treasures by people, and they were staring at this place.

"Meng Yungui, you are indeed my rival!"

Shang Pinying's right index finger moved quickly in the air, drawing a Youdu Great Dao talisman and imprinting it on the divine bow. He then shot out an arrow and blew up the devil god eyes.

Now that all of Meng Yungui's arrangements had been removed, Shang Pinying could finally relax.

Right at this moment, a cloud suddenly flew up from the pass. In the cloud were countless strange insects. They had big heads and small bodies, and they had countless compound eyes on their heads. They buzzed as they flew up, and the compound eyes of those strange insects reflected the battlefield situation.

Shang Pingyin opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of divine flames, burning all the strange insects clean.

Meng Yungui sighed to himself. His time was too short, and his troops were too weak. He didn't have any more methods to prepare. If he was given time, he could arrange everything calmly and make sure Shang Ping couldn't break through.

Now that he had lost control of the entire situation, if he persisted, he would definitely be wiped out.

Meng Yungui personally brought up the rear and retreated towards the impregnable pass. Shang Pinying took advantage of the situation and chased after them all the way to the impregnable pass. Suddenly, countless flags fluttered in the air, and the formation was set up.

Shang Pinying was shocked, and he hurriedly ordered the troops to stop to prevent any accidents. Meng Yungui took the chance to enter the city.

"How many people did Meng Yungui lead on this trip to South Heaven?" Shang Pingying called over a person and asked.

That soldier said, "Heavenly Teacher, Meng Yungui is leading a hundred thousand soldiers of the Ascension Camp this time. He didn't bring any of the other armies."

"This pass is an empty city!"

Shang Pinying's eyes lit up, and he shouted, "Attack the city!"


The seemingly majestic Southern Heavenly Pass crumbled under the attacks of the two Divine Martial Guards!

In the city, Meng Yungui sighed and shouted, "Retreat and fight, defend South Heaven to the death!"

The soldiers of the Ascension Battalion were bathed in blood as they fought. However, in the face of the formidable martial strength of the two Divine Martial Guards, their casualties increased. Beside Meng Yungui, familiar figures fell one after another.

Just as he had said, they were destined to lose and had no hope of winning at all. Even though he had expected this outcome, seeing it with his own eyes still filled him with sorrow.

The power of the battle formation of the two Divine Martial Guards was already gradually erupting, and its power was becoming stronger. Every time it attacked, hundreds of people would collapse around him. Wherever the battle formation passed, mountains would collapse, the sky would collapse, and the sun and moon would lose their light!

In the recent battles, Shang Pinying displayed the advantages of the Divine Martial Guards.

As a half-god, his corporeal body was strong, and he didn't know fatigue when fighting. In addition, the cultivation of the soldiers of the Divine Martial Guards was extremely high, so they had already crushed the soldiers of the Ascension Camp.

If they continued to fight, the Ascension Camp and Meng Yungui would definitely be wiped out!

Finally, the formation diagram of the two Divine Martial Guards was activated to the extreme, and waves of emperor's might rushed into the sky from the formation diagram. They were like celestial palaces merging together to form the great celestial heavens formation of the eighteen celestial palaces.

Meng Yungui's face was pale. This was the formation diagram created by the four great heavenly teachers. Among the four heavenly teachers, he contributed the most and contributed most of the structure of the formation diagram.

In the battle to kill Carefree Village, he relied on this formation to suppress Lang Wo. He killed countless soldiers of Carefree Village, forcing the four great heavenly teachers of Carefree Village to work together to defend against the attacks of the celestial heavens.

Yet this time, he and his Feathered Forest Guards were going to die under the weapons he had designed!

He turned back to look at Nantian, his heart at a loss. 'I shouldn't have listened to Yu Chenzi, I shouldn't have listened to Celestial Venerable Mu. Dreams, hehe…'

His spirit was suddenly roused, and all of his magic power burst forth. Carrying all of the remaining soldiers of the Ascension Camp, he shouted sternly, "Brothers, follow me to death, are you willing?"

"This is our fortune!"

Loud laughter rang out, and in the formation, divine light rushed into the sky. Figures stood together with him to welcome the two guards!

Upon seeing this, Shang Pinying shook his head. "You overestimate yourself."

The two formations collided, and the Ascension Camp was about to be completely drowned out. Suddenly, an incomparably thick jade pillar descended from the sky while spinning, and it stabbed into the center of the two formations with a bang, causing the soil and rocks to fly in all directions!

Under the jade pillar, a burly man with the head of a dragon and the back of a tortoise rotated the jade pillar with force. The 28 heavens instantly expanded with a roar, and countless treasures appeared in the 28 heavens. The light from the treasures shone in all directions, breaking the formation of the two Divine Martial Guards. The army of 100,000 gods and devils was blown away on the spot!

The 28 heavens crisscrossed and transformed, storing Meng Yungui and the surviving soldiers of the Ascension Battalion into the heavens. Meng Yungui and the rest had no choice but to land on the precious treasures, bewildered.

They thought they were dead for sure, but they didn't expect to be saved instead.

"Luckily, it's not too late."

A familiar voice entered Shang Pinying's ears, and his expression changed drastically. He hurriedly looked towards the source of the voice and saw a youth with the head of a qilin standing at the top of the 28 heavens. His clothes fluttered in the wind.

"Dragon Mountain Sanren!" Shang Pinying blurted out.

"It's me."

The dragon qilin stood at the highest point and looked at Shang Pinying from afar. He smiled and said, "Shang Pinying, it's been six hundred thousand years since we last met."

The army of the celestial heavens rushed towards the Primordial Realm. The water of the celestial river was already flowing down and flowing into the Primordial Realm.

Suddenly, Heaven Overseeing Department came to report in a hurry. "Your Majesty, there's a phenomenon in Southern Heaven. The stars are shaking, the celestial river is shaking, and the heavens are forming. It's like the phenomenon of the number one treasure in the world, the Glassy Sky Pagoda."

Emperor Hao Tian pondered for a moment and said, "The Glassy Sky Pagoda has been refined by Celestial Venerable Mu in the ancestral court's black mountain for dozens of years. It's no longer the same as before, but it can't be considered the number one treasure in the world. There are countless treasures that are more powerful than it. However, once the Glassy Sky Pagoda reaches Southern Heaven, I'm afraid Shang Pinying won't be able to withstand it. Pass down my order, bring the North Heavenly King, Yi Luo, and the third Heavenly King, Bai Yujing, to Southern Heaven to suppress Meng Yungui and the rebels."

He thought for a moment and said, "Tell Yi Luo to be careful of Bai Yujing. If there are any abnormal movements, activate the Southern Heavenly Gate and kill her. You may leave."

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