Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1676 - The Power Of Eternal Peace

In the sky, the stars were in disorder. This was a phenomenon caused by West Deity summoning her ancestral land and pulling it from the West Pole!

If West Deity and the ancestral land descended together, they would probably have the combat power of a Celestial Venerable!

Suddenly, a sacred object flew out from Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. It was a golden horn that was astonishingly long. Before West Deity descended, the sacred weapon of the West Pole had already appeared.

No one moved the bugle horn. Suddenly, a long hum was heard, and a huge war bugle horn blew. Yue Tingge and the soldiers of West Earth instantly felt their qi and blood churning, and their qi and blood suddenly became more than ten times more vigorous. No matter if it was divine arts or divine weapons, their power increased in a straight line!

The sound of the bugle horn stimulated the fighting spirit in their hearts, urging them to fight a decisive battle with the enemy, filling their hearts with a kind of invincible belief!

White Deity was astonished. The horn of the West Pole Heavenly Saint Weapon caused the qi and blood of the army of the celestial heavens he led to wither rapidly. He couldn't help but have the thought that the enemy was invincible!

West Deity White Tiger was an ancient god of war from the primordial era who was in charge of war!

Before West Deity had even come out, the bugle horn had already arrived, and the sound of it was already overwhelming. With the army of the West Pole rushing over, he was afraid that he would lose more than he won!

"I must seize the divine weapon!"

White Deity executed the Blood Rust Flag Scripture, and the Rust Flag instantly shrouded the army. He shouted, "Sacrificing Heaven Gate!"


The Western Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court slowly rose, and golden light shone in all directions. White Deity executed the Rust Flag Scripture, and golden light flew out in all directions from between the two mountains of the Western Heavenly Gate, sweeping towards the soldiers of West Earth like countless golden swords!

Yue Tingge immediately changed his formation and used the mountain giants to block the Dao might of West Heaven Gate.

At that moment, an iron-blooded rust flag flew out from the golden gate. It carried the overflowing golden qi of the West Heaven Gate of the ancestral court and swept towards the horn of West Deity. White Deity's clothes fluttered as he stood on the iron-blooded rust flag, planning to snatch this treasure.

Yue Tingge immediately rose and landed on the golden horn before him. The sloppy Daoist's aura was boundless as his divine art burst forth to meet White Deity!

The two of them collided, and the momentum of White Deity weakened. He landed on the tip of the horn, and the huge flag unfurled. A celestial palace leaped out from the flag, and he said coldly, "Heavenly Master Yue! I didn't expect that a Daoist like you would betray the celestial heavens!"

Yue Tingge laughed, and his Daoist robe was in tatters. He said leisurely, "Our Dao Sect has never submitted to the celestial heavens, so what betrayal is there? Daoists of Dao Sect only study algebra and observe the marvels of the universe. There's no good or evil in their hearts."

White Deity's expression was dark. He knew Yue Tingge's ability. The plan to break through the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens back then had come from Yue Tingge.

The Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens had the support of the ancient gods Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and the four deities. Founding Emperor Qin Ye was like the sun in the midday sky, and the Founding Emperor Era was thriving. The reforms were in full swing.

At that time, Yue Tingge was the number one heavenly master of the celestial heavens, and he had personally handled the destruction of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens. He had directly destroyed the reformed Founding Emperor Era, allowing Founding Emperor Qin Ye to leave Carefree Village. The four great heavenly kings had either escaped or lost, and the four great heavenly teachers had all lost their fighting spirit!

Not only that, Yue Tingge was also a cultivation genius. Among the four great heavenly teachers of the celestial heavens, his cultivation was the highest, even higher than Shang Pinying, Bai Yujing, and Zhu Shaoping!

The four deities were ranked above the four heavenly teachers in terms of martial power, but White Deity wasn't confident of winning against such an existence.

"Luckily there's West Heaven Gate!"


The Western Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court flew over and stood behind White Deity. The Dao runes became denser as boundless golden qi shot out in all directions.

White Deity's aura skyrocketed, and he sprinted on the curved golden horn. His palm was ever-changing, and all kinds of divine arts burst forth as he rushed towards Yue Tingge!

Yue Tingge changed his usual unkempt and unruly appearance, and his expression turned grave. He stared at the figure of White Deity that was sprinting over. His ten fingers moved, and countless runes around him transformed frantically. He calculated frantically and deduced all the changes in White Deity's divine art, looking for flaws!


The two of them collided in an instant. With the blessing of the ancestral court's West Heaven Gate, White Deity's magic power overflowed into the sky and his divine arts were boundless. He sent Yue Tingge flying and vomited blood continuously in midair!

The White Emperor had achieved complete victory. He stood at the end of the bugle horn and was about to follow up and kill him.

Even though he had been hit by a few of Yue Tingge's divine arts, he was fine. Suddenly, the bugle horn sounded, and White Deity's expression changed drastically. When the bugle horn sounded, he felt the vital qi in his body becoming chaotic. His qi and blood reversed, and all his blood gathered towards his heart. At the same time, the celestial palace pressed down on his divine treasures!

Yue Tingge's few seemingly harmless divine arts, when combined with the sound of the bugle horn, were fatal moves!


His heart exploded. The celestial palace was about to crush his divine treasures!

White Deity vomited blood and quickly retreated. His body flashed into West Heaven Gate, and he flew away while shouting, "Retreat to High Heavens! Yue Tingge, we'll fight another day!"

Yue Tingge let out a sigh of relief and stabilized his body before spitting out a few more mouthfuls of fresh blood.

After all, the number one heavenly master wasn't known for his battle prowess. His injuries were also extremely severe.

North Frontier North Wind City.

The gods and devils of the Black Tortoise Divine Clan had already left the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. The Black Tortoise Divine Clan was split into the Xuan and Wu Clans, mainly based on bloodline. The bloodline of Deity Xuan was the main bloodline, which was the Xuan Clan. The bloodline of Deity Wu was the main bloodline, which was the Wu Clan.

What was strange was that the Xuan Race were all men. They were born with a black tortoise, a dragon's head, a human's body, and a tortoise's back. The Martial Race were all women with thousand wings and a flying snake.

The men and women of the Black Tortoise God Race carried North Deity Divine Weapons on their backs. Some carried bamboo poles with formation diagrams inside, while some carried sword cases. There were a lot of them.

Wei Suifeng cried tears of joy. In such a short time, he and the soldiers of Shuofang had almost fallen into a hopeless situation!

Shuofang's Eternal Peace Army was surrounded by the forty army marquises. Even though Wei Suifeng and the Feathered Forest Guards could resist, the Feathered Forest Guards had extremely high battle power. However, Shuo Fang's Eternal Peace Army suffered heavy casualties.

If it wasn't for the reinforcements from the North Pole, they would probably have been wiped out!

North Heaven Black Deity Nian Guan He raised his head to look at the sky and saw the sky shaking violently. The spirit energy in the bridge became more intense. That was the sign that Black Tortoise and Deity were about to descend!

Not only that, but he also saw the constellations in the sky becoming disorderly. It was as if there was a behemoth shuttling through the void and rapidly approaching, pushing away the stars. This phenomenon was caused by the two Black Tortoise Deities' ancestral grounds speeding through the void!

Wei Suifeng let out a long howl and led the masses to fight. They broke through the enemy army and met up with the Black Tortoise Army of the North Pole!

As long as the Black Tortoise and Black Tortoise Emperors descended, the new era would be safe!

Suddenly, Wei Suifeng's heart jumped. He saw Nian Guanhe leading the leaders of the forty army marquises towards him, cutting into the Feathered Forest Guards and surrounding him!

"Emperor of Endless Clouds, I'll teach you to become the Fallen Emperor today!"

Nian Guanhe sneered and said, "I'm the head of the five emperors' inner throne. Together with the strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne and Numinous Sky, I'll send you on your way!"

The forty-one experts stood in formation, and the formation was activated. Wei Suifeng's clothes split open, and his skin exploded inch by inch, revealing numerous wounds.


Wei Suifeng suddenly laughed out loud. His black hair danced in the wind, and his legs became incomparably thick. With a twist of his waist and a shake of his shoulders, his corporeal body expanded rapidly. He laughed loudly and said, "Nian Guanhe, I know you've always looked down on me! But do you know why White Deity didn't dare to capture me personally? Why did White Deity have to invite Heavenly Teacher Bai Yujing to plot against me? Have you never thought about the reason behind this?"


Wei Suifeng's cultivation burst forth, and countless star sand danced in the air. Stars appeared in the sky, and rays of starlight descended from the sky, causing the star sand to expand rapidly, transforming into a galaxy with a whistling sound.

"Because White Deity knows how strong I am!"

Endless starlight surged violently into Wei Suifeng's body. He was like a great emperor that controlled the starry sky. Nian Guanhe and the rest of the Numinous Sky Emperor's Throne experts had to look up to him.

"That's because he saw me during the first year of the Dragon Han Era! He knew that I led the Feathered Forest Guards to flatten the Ruins of End, eradicate Dragon Count Country, and force back Yuanmu!"


Wei Suifeng's aura exploded, and his black hair was dyed snow-white by the starlight. He looked like a giant made of starlight.

The soldiers of the Feathered Forest Guards seemed to have expected all of this. They didn't come forward to help, but instead attacked the devil army led by Mahakala!

Back then, they had followed Wei Suifeng to the Great Abyss of the Ruins of End and wiped out Dragon Count Country. Furthermore, during the battle when Mistress Yuanmu attacked Celestial Empress, Wei Suifeng had forced back Yuanmu!

That battle was deeply imprinted in their hearts!

Their general was an invincible symbol in their hearts!

At the same time, in the South Sea, the army under Red Deity Qi Xiayu suddenly moved out and attacked the five vassals, Tianzun, Monster Manager, Water Mansion, and Four Divas from the back. Red Deity Qi Xiayu's phoenix ship was extremely fast, and the phoenixes under her were powerful. They rampaged through the army of ten thousand and killed five vassals in a row. They killed Tianzun's main general, the banquet host, and Slave Geng, the palace master of Strange Si Palace!

The thirty-ninth army marquis actually couldn't block it!

Red Deity Qi Xiayu rebelled, and none of the soldiers under her command questioned her orders. This was because the army under Qi Xiayu's command came from the same race, the phoenix race, and they were mutants of the phoenix race, the nine-headed phoenix!

She was the chief, and the combat power of the nine-headed phoenix was extremely high. Qi Xiayu was born with a powerful bloodline, and she cultivated all nine Emperor's Throne techniques at the same time. Her talent was outstanding!

Among the four deities, Red Deity was the strongest and had the strongest battle power!

The phoenix ship was in the lead, and countless nine-headed phoenixes rushed forward. The army of the celestial heavens was in chaos. Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor saw that they were at an advantage, and they immediately charged forward. The two celestial emperors of Crimson Light Era rushed at the front, heading straight for the enemy generals.

At the same time, Yan'er and South Deity Zhu Que led the army of Eternal Peace to charge forward. The celestial heavens camp was in chaos, and the battle was decided!

The victory of Carefree Village's battle at the broken cliff had a huge impact on the battle of the Primordial Realm. It was also a profound impact!

This battle, in addition to Eternal Peace's deliberate promotion, made all the worlds realize that the celestial heavens wasn't invincible!

The tens of thousands of worlds had suffered for a long time, and these years had been even more bitter. The tens of thousands of worlds were stirring, but who dared to rebel?

Those who dared to rebel had all been exterminated by Celestial Venerable Xu!

Everyone knew that it was the best time for the celestial heavens to rebel against the Primordial Realm, but no one dared to rebel!

Now, during the battle at the broken cliff of Carefree Village, the Celestial River Navy had suffered a huge defeat, and the five carts of soldiers had been eliminated. They had finally ignited this spark!

Emissaries continuously came to Eternal Peace through Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge to seek an audience with Emperor Yanfeng. Even though Emperor Yanfeng was exhausted, he couldn't hide his excitement.

Eternal Peace finally had the power to go against the celestial heavens!

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