Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1673 - Battle Of Five Chariots

Qin Mu and Shang Jun looked into the distance. In the hinterlands of the Primordial Realm, the five carriages of the celestial heavens' army attacked from the flank.

Shang Jun said, "Celestial Venerable, do you need me to make a move?"

He was proficient in assassination and could lurk in the chaos to assassinate the higher-ups of the enemy army. To take the head of a general in the army of ten thousand was as easy as taking out a bag.

If the various generals of the Celestial River Navy were all killed, the battle formation would be in chaos, and Carefree Village would easily win.

"No need."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he shook his head. "Celestial Venerable level existences intimidate each other, so they won't make a move easily. If you make a move and expose yourself, there will be a flaw. If the other people who have achieved the Dao or Celestial Venerables find an opportunity, it will be the day of your death. When existences like you and I make a move, it will be the time for us to fight with our lives on the line. This battle between the gods and devils will be the main battle force."

Shang Jun was slightly puzzled, but he didn't ask further.

He wasn't someone who liked to get to the bottom of things.

Qin Mu thought more than him. The battle between the celestial heavens and the Primordial Realm wasn't just a battle between Celestial Venerables. It was a clash of two ideologies. Celestial Venerables could determine the outcome of the battle, but the ones that determined the victory and defeat of ideals were the ordinary soldiers of gods and devils, as well as the country behind them.

In the face of this torrent, Celestial Venerables and even those who had achieved the Dao were all members of the battlefield. Celestial Venerables or those who had achieved the Dao could contribute their strength to determine the trend of the battlefield, but they couldn't determine the outcome of the stubborn Heavenly Courts and Eternal Peace's reform.

Eternal Peace's reform had lasted for 170 years, and now it was time to test the results.

Qin Mu looked into the distance and saw that behind the battle of Carefree Village, the fate of the celestial heavens was shining brightly, illuminating half of the western sky of the Primordial Realm.

It was the army of the celestial heavens that was escorting the civil and military gods and Emperor Hao of the celestial heavens. They were currently rushing over.

The battle of Carefree Village was merely the prelude to the beginning.

The curtains were drawn. This was the true epic war!

Suddenly, in the army that the celestial heavens was moving in, two Dao Trees rose up, and the light formed the faces of Celestial Emperor Hao and Grand Primordium. They were incomparably huge and shocking.

"Show off your prowess, how are you compared to me?"

With a thought from Qin Mu, his divine treasure realm spread out, and the World Tree grew larger.

He took a step forward and descended on Eternal Peace. The World Tree was lush, like a canopy that covered the entire sky.

The leader of the five carriages was the Left Minister of the celestial heavens. His name was Yan Sheng, and he was a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne. He personally oversaw the five carriages.

The five carriages army belonged to the branch of the Earth Masters. There were three divisions in the celestial heavens—the Navy, the Earth Masters, and the Divine Masters. The Navy was in the water, and they were called the Celestial River Navy. They controlled the ships, ships, and ships, and they sailed through the celestial river, traversing the various worlds. The Divine Masters were in the sky, and they were formed by half-gods with feathers.

Earthmasters were on the ground, and they had all kinds of territories to march on. For example, the five carriages, the pole army, the four aides, the flag, the three platforms, the Xuan Yuan army, and the curved arrow army were in charge of the ground. The responsibilities of each army were different, and the divisions were very detailed.

The five carriages of the celestial heavens were divided into Rong Lu, Guang Che, Que Che, Ping Che, and Light Carriage. In the center was the Heaven Vault Pavilion, and every Heaven Vault Pavilion was an insurmountable divine building. They were the important artifacts of the celestial heavens.

Layer after layer of divine buildings opened up, and military carriages poured out like a flood.

It was different from Eternal Peace's flying cars. Eternal Peace's flying cars could make the pill furnaces that provided the power of the flying cars very small. One car, one pill furnace, and four bronze beasts could fly up and occupy the sky.

Because the forging skills couldn't keep up with the five carriages, there were very few carriages that could fly. They were usually huge.

There were three pill furnaces in the carriage. One of them was in charge of moving the cauldrons and driving the carriage forward. The other pill furnace was in charge of the cannon fire and providing energy for the carriage to load the divine cannon. The other pill furnace was in charge of the two bronze beasts spewing flames at the back of the carriage to speed up.

The three pill furnaces needed three apothecaries to be in charge. Because the medicinal stones weren't effective enough, there would usually be chimneys on the carts that were emitting black smoke. Hence, the five carts of soldiers were nicknamed the Black Smoke Army, and wherever they passed by, it would be a foul atmosphere.

The reason why the flying carriage and pill furnaces created by Eternal Peace could be refined to such a small extent was because other than Eternal Peace's extremely strong forging, the number of apothecaries cultivated was also extremely high.

Jade Face King imparted his skills, and what burned in Eternal Peace's pill furnaces were usually spirit pills.

Using spirit pills that had a high degree of purification to replace medicinal stones, the pill furnaces needed to burn were lesser, and their volume could be shrunk to the limit. Furthermore, their speed would be faster and their explosive power would be stronger.

Even though that was the case, the celestial heavens' Five Chariot Army was extremely strong on the ground. The navy was on the ship, attacking Carefree Village's navy, while the five chariots were below, pushing them from the ground.

The divine cannons of the five carriages worked together with the navy to fire from below. Streaks of divine light tore through the sky and weaved into a net, instantly causing Carefree Village to suffer heavy casualties.

However, on Sakra's Paramita Ark, the flying carriage from Eternal Peace had already flown out.

This kind of flying carriage was called a cloud carriage. There was a sword pagoda on the cloud carriage, and the gods and devils of Carefree Village were all experts in sword skills or sword path. When the carriage opened, the sword pellets in the sword pagoda flowed out.

The sword pellets fell down like shining silver balls. Every sword pellet wasn't big, but their weight was astonishing. Every sword pellet was formed by two thousand tiny flying swords that had been refined to the extreme.

As the sword pellet fell, the sword skills and gods of the sword path on the cloud carriage connected their consciousness and vital qi to the sword pellet. The sword pellet started to spin furiously, and flying swords the size of silver needles flew out from the sword pellet. The flying swords rapidly grew in size.

At that moment, there was no need to execute any complicated sword moves or sword skills. All he needed was a basic sword form, which was stabbing.

There was no need to care about what moves the enemy used, no need to care about what treasures the enemy used, and no need to care about the formation of the enemy. From the sky above, he used all of his magic power and consciousness to stab downwards!

This was the flying sword washing the ground!

Countless sword rain descended from the sky, piercing through the corporeal bodies of the gods and devils of the five carriages, their primordial spirits, and the treasured carriages. Instantly, the people were overturned!

After the pill furnace of the carriage was pierced through, terrifying waves came over. The pill furnace exploded, and the shattered carriage and the severed limbs of the gods and devils flew into the sky.

In the sky, flying cars shuttled back and forth. Flying swords that landed on the ground whistled through the air and formed sword pellets in midair, flying forward under the control of the soldiers on Carefree Village's flying cars. They continuously washed the ground, and wherever they passed, the formations of the five carriages of the celestial heavens were thrown into chaos.

Right Minister Yan Sheng sat in the center of the army with a cold expression. With a shout, the doors of the five Heaven Vaults opened up, and all of the cars that drove out were broadcasters.

These wide carts were even bigger than ordinary wide carts. The wheels were higher, and the walls were thicker. However, there were no pill furnaces. When they slid out from the buildings, the soldiers of the celestial heavens in the carts executed their summoning divine arts, and the sky split open, revealing cracks!

Behind those cracks, the vast and boundless world of the beast world was revealed.

Huge beasts covered in armor soared into the sky and leaped into the cracks, descending from the beast world!

These behemoths were primordial behemoths of the beast world, and their bodies were incomparably huge. They came to the Primordial Realm and roared respectively before being chained by the chains that flew out from the carriage.

Huge beasts sprinted forward, pulling huge carriages as they rampaged. There were also huge beasts that spread their wings and pulled the carriages into the sky. The gods and devils in the carriages activated their divine weapons from the fences to attack the flying cars of Carefree Village!

These primordial behemoths were not afraid of flying swords. Even when the divine swords stabbed into their bodies, they were blocked by their tough skin. In an instant, countless flying cars were shattered and fell from the sky.

Meanwhile, the huge beasts that were sprinting on the ground roared continuously as they pulled the wide carriage towards Lin Guan City.

Lin Guan City was the first god city that was close to Supreme Emperor Heaven on the broken cliff. The god city was vast, and the soldiers in the city had long made preparations. However, when they saw the huge beasts flooding over, their faces couldn't help turning pale.

When Fisherman Han Tang saw this, he immediately stood up and said, "Senior brothers, it's my turn to go out!"

Saint Woodcutter said, "The ruler of the beast world cannot be trusted, he fears power, you have to be careful of him turning against you."

Heavenly Teacher Fisherman quickly left, and his voice came from afar. "I can take care of it! I'm in charge of the livestock cultivation of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, so the beast taming technique I founded might not be inferior to Celestial Venerable Long's!"

He led the main army and flew out from Supreme Emperor Heaven. He was the heavenly master in charge of the livestock duty in the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, and the divine weapons and divine generals under him were all proficient in the path of livestock. The soldiers executed their summoning divine arts, but the sky split open again, and the primordial beasts of the beast world descended from the sky.

Heavenly Teacher Fisherman and his subordinates soared into the sky and climbed onto the backs of the huge beasts. They descended in front of Lin Guan City and waited for the five carriages to charge!

When Yan Sheng saw this, the cold expression on his face vanished, and he laughed loudly. He suddenly stood up and said, "The enemy, Han Tang, is finally unable to hold back! Han Tang will definitely die in this battle!"

He raised his arms, and another pair of arms grew out from under his armpits. Four arms stretched out towards the central army of the five carriages. The arms were terrifyingly long, and they grabbed four celestial buildings.

His primordial spirit rose from his back and guarded his celestial palace. He stretched out his hand to grab the fifth celestial palace and threw it forward with force!

The five celestial storeys spun and flew forward, passing by the army of the celestial heavens' five carriages. With five loud bangs, they crashed into the army of the Winter Pond Tribe in front of Lin Guan City!

Fisherman Han Tang rebuked and controlled these primordial behemoths with the divine weapons and divine generals under him. The essence, qi, and spirit of humans and beasts fused together to strengthen their own essence, qi, and spirit. They formed a formation and blocked the five celestial buildings!

The five Heaven Vault Towers landed on the ground, and the five treasured carriages poured out from them, slaughtering their way into the army.

In the fish basket on the back of the Cold Pond, two small red fish flew out and transformed into two huge kun that opened their mouths to swallow the treasure carriages. The soldiers under the Cold Pond also opened their sacks, and all kinds of strange beasts flew out to kill the enemies.

Those chariots and treasured carriages only cared about rushing forward, rushing towards Lin Guan City. If they could block the attacks, they would. If they couldn't, they would die. In an instant, there were heavy casualties.

Fisherman Han Tang didn't relax at all and suddenly shouted, "Be careful of the beast army charging!"

The primordial behemoths pulled the carriage and crashed over!

The huge beast collided with the huge beast, causing the earth to shake and the mountains to shake. Fisherman Han Tang rose into the air and landed on a red kun. He shouted loudly, "Listen to my command, sacrifice the Imperial Beast Talisman!"

The soldiers under him slapped their sacks, and countless talismans flew up and stuck to the foreheads of the huge beasts.

Han Tang and the rest executed their techniques, and the huge beasts surrendered one after another. However, at this moment, Yan Sheng, flew over and executed his magic power. A huge dragon scale flew out, and the dragon scale floated in the air. The roar of a dragon could be faintly heard from the dragon scale!

Those primordial behemoths had just been subdued, and when they saw the dragon scales, the runes on their foreheads burned, and they instantly lost control!

"Han Tang, this is Celestial Venerable Long's dragon scales!"

Yan Sheng's clothes fluttered in the wind as he landed on a storehouse. He smiled and said, "Once Celestial Venerable Long's dragon scales are out, your Imperial Beast Scripture will be completely useless! Today will be the day you die!"

At the same time, the Celestial River Navy moved out and formed a battle formation. Heavenly Teacher Zhu personally came to the front of the formation and waved his huge flag. The flow of the celestial river instantly changed!

The huge river split apart from both sides of the Paramita Ark and rushed towards Supreme Emperor Heaven. The light from the cannons of the ships was like a screen of light that poured down on Supreme Emperor Heaven, causing the huge heaven to become thinner rapidly. It was about to break apart at the waist!

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