Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1656 - Heaven Capital Opening The Universe

The scene in front of Qin Mu's eyes changed, and he saw the chaos qi around him surging frantically. It was incomparably terrifying, and it was as if he was standing in the center of the great calamity of the universe's destruction.

He felt an incomparably powerful pressure and heat!

The Ultimate Void was no longer there. The entire universe had become a mass of chaos. The pressure was immeasurable, and the heat was immeasurable!

In the surging chaos, only a few people who had achieved the Dao survived. He saw Jade Capital City in the chaos, which should be the master of Miro Palace and his followers. Other than that, there were also some strange things floating in the final chaos, like the World Tree and the abyss of the Ruins of End.

Qin Mu 'saw' the figure of the master of Miluo Palace standing in front of Miluo Palace. The Dao Tree burst forth with a gorgeous light, protecting the Jade Capital City of the sixth era's universe.

That place was filled with purple gas and could be considered a peaceful place in the Chaos Universe.

He also 'saw' that there was a palace around him, and the structure was similar to the Miluo Palace. The sacrificial altar under his feet was still there, and it was forged from chaos stones.

He 'looked' around and saw Dao successors standing around him. They revealed looks of anticipation.

At this moment, Qin Mu 'saw' a familiar figure!

Celestial Venerable Ling!

Qin Mu's mind was blown. He actually saw Celestial Venerable Ling!

Celestial Venerable Ling was actually among the people who had achieved the Dao in this god city. How was this possible?

However, how familiar was he with Celestial Venerable Ling? The two of them were teacher and friend. In the early years, Qin Mu had guided Celestial Venerable Ling on the path of creation and encouraged her to create unchanging divine arts. Later on, Celestial Venerable Ling had taught him paths, skills, and divine arts and even sent him back to the first year of the Dragon Han Era!

He would definitely not be mistaken!

The woman beside the sacrificial altar, the woman who had achieved the Dao in the sixth era, was Celestial Venerable Ling!

"Why would Ling appear in the past?"

However, his' vision 'wasn't under his control. His feet should have landed on the footprint of this person called Tiandu, so his vision had become the perspective of Tiandu.

He saw the figure of "himself" and the ax in his hand.

Qin Mu was stunned and felt that this ax was a little familiar. He had seen this kind of ax in Tai Yi's hands before.

Tai Yi had transformed into a giant to cut down the World Tree, and he had used a similar ax. After the World Tree was reborn, Qin Mu had borrowed the ax to cut down the tree. He had once tried to study the ax thoroughly, and even though he didn't manage to do so, he couldn't be wrong!

However, the ax in his' hand 'was different from the ax in Tai Yi's hand. It wasn't exactly the same, but one could see that they shared the same characteristics.

"Could this Tiandu be Tai Yi?"

Just as Qin Mu thought this, he suddenly saw 'himself' using all his strength to swing that divine ax!

At the same time, the achiever under the sacrificial altar also used all his strength to unleash the power of the divine ax to the extreme with 'him'!

At this moment, chaos was created!

Qin Mu looked at all of this from the perspective of the founder, and the shock in his heart was incomparable. There was no sight that was more magnificent than what he was seeing, nor was there a sight that was more exciting than what he was seeing!

He saw the birth of a universe!

He saw these people who had achieved the Dao using their own power to split open heaven and earth, scattering their paths, skills, and divine arts to open up a new universe from the chaos!

Qin Mu had experienced this magnificent sight countless times in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. However, when he 'saw' it with his own eyes, he realized that what he had evolved wasn't the true creation of heaven and earth. His evolution in his divine treasure hadn't surpassed his imagination.

Meanwhile, what the 'Heaven Capital' and these people who had achieved the Dao were doing was truly splitting open the heaven and earth, evolving the universe's primordial era!

After they opened up the chaos, boundless energy burst forth. Boundless heat, boundless light, and boundless space expanded outwards!

At this moment, there was no substance. The entire primitive universe was just a mass of rapidly expanding hot liquid energy. There was nothing to say.

However, in the next instant, two types of innate Dao of Taiyi and Tai Chu appeared!

The evolution speed of these two kinds of Dao of Connate was astonishing. It didn't even take an instant for the evolution to be complete, and the void was also born at the same time!

The power of the void pushed the entire universe to expand rapidly, distancing the energy from each other.

Qin Mu stood there and saw that this primitive universe was still evolving. The entire universe was a lump of Tai Chu Qi. There was only the shape of one qi and no other substance.

After about 300,000 years, the primordial universe entered the form of Tai Chu under the power of the void. The Dao of the Tai Chu was born from the Tai Chu Qi.

One void after another was born, pushing the evolution of the universe's matter. From the Tai Chu to the Tai Su, and from the Tai Chi to the Taiji.

When the stars evolved, the sun, moon, and stars revolved around each other, forming galaxies. The Dao of Taiji started to evolve all things in the world, and the ultimate void also appeared. The grand picture of the universe unfolded, entering the initial state from its original state.

Thousands of years had passed.

Of course, Qin Mu was standing on the sacrificial altar and looking at everything from the perspective of 'Tiandu'. The real time didn't pass that long.

He came back to his senses, and the voice of 'himself' rang in his ears. He said in delight, "The seventh era has already been established. Dao friends, our Heaven Capital has finally opened up this universe!"

"Our Tiandu (Heaven Capital)?"

Qin Mu was astonished. He had originally thought that the Heaven Capital on the stone tablet was referring to this person who had split the heaven and earth apart. The Heaven Capital was his name, but he didn't expect that from what this person said, the Heaven Capital wasn't referring to a single person, but to a group of people who had achieved the path!

Among them was Celestial Venerable Ling!

Heaven Capital referred to the people who had achieved the path in this god city. Maybe this god city was also called Heaven Capital!

'Isn't Celestial Venerable Ling in the Primordial Realm? Why is she here? Is she here at the end of the sixth era, opening up the universe with the Daoists of Tiandu?'

His mind was muddled, and he really couldn't understand when Celestial Venerable Ling had gone to the sixth era.

The chaos in the surroundings gradually dispersed, and Qin Mu was disappointed and frustrated. However, his heart was dancing with joy. The situation of splitting open the heaven and earth was truly shocking, and it gave him great enlightenment. It allowed him to experience the evolution of the five taiji that had been opened up in the universe in a short period of time, and it greatly improved his technique and divine arts!

His comprehension of the five masters had reached an unprecedented height!

He felt that if he could absorb what he had gained from observing the Splitting of Heavens, Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique would be able to take another step forward. Maybe in less than ten years, his cultivation would be completely restored and he could even go up another level to reach an even higher realm!

However, the time it took to observe the successors of Heaven Capital splitting open the heaven and earth was too short. He wanted to comprehend it over again, but it was a pity that he could only do it once.

He closed his eyes and focused, carefully comprehending. The Dao runes on his body churned, and he entered the path deeper.

Observing the creation of Heaven and Earth from Heaven had truly improved him greatly. Not only had he raised his understanding of the Five Ancient Gods, he had also raised the power of his Dao Realm divine art.

No matter if it was the void form taiji, the Primordial Chaos Qi Dao traveling together, or the taiji transforming into Yin and Yang, or the fusion of the Five Grand Daos, their power would be greatly increased!

Not only that, he had a deeper comprehension of his divine art entering the path, and he was about to enter the thirty-third heaven of the divine art realm!

The Dao runes coming from Qin Mu's body were dense to the extreme. Suddenly, he heard a rumble coming from his divine treasures. They were actually evolving the situation of splitting open heaven and earth, reopening the primordial chaos, evolving the Give Great Daos, and evolving the heaven and earth dry kun!

In Qin Mu's divine treasures, heaven and earth and chaos evolved over again. He stood in the middle of the two footprints and took out Calamity Sword. The Calamity Sword imitated the ax skill that was executed when Heaven and Earth were split apart, slashing at the void.

The sword in his hand became heavier. It was big and clumsy, heavy and simple, but this simple sword contained supreme marvel!

He tried to fuse the primordial runes and the purple gas to perfect this move.

He practiced it over again, and this move was becoming more perfect. All of the intricacies and marvels were hidden in the sword.

This sword didn't seem to be a divine art, but a natural Dao. He seemed to have entered a whole new realm, and one sword contained a Dao.

After an unknown period of time, Qin Mu slashed out again. The Dao runes contained in this strike were dense to the extreme, and when he slashed out, it was like the Great Dao was rampaging. Wherever it passed, the chaos around the sacrificial altar would open up, and he would slice it open with his sword, revealing the phenomenon of heaven opening and earth opening!

Qin Mu pulled back his sword and opened his eyes. The apparitions of the heaven and earth in the city slowly dispersed, and the path to the outside world appeared. There was no more chaos aura blocking it.

Qin Mu let out a shaky breath and said in a low voice, "This sword can no longer be described as a move. This isn't a move, it's a Dao. Back then, when Founding Emperor entered the 33 heavens of the Heavenly Dao Realm in his sword path, he named it the Dao Sword of the Grand Clarity Realm. He knew that his 33 heavens of the sword path were no longer sword skills and sword moves, but Dao. This sword of mine is even denser than the Grand Clarity Realm, and it's hard to describe it in terms of realm. Let's call it the Heaven Capital Heaven Splitting Writing."

He comprehended the Heaven Capital Heaven Splitting Writing, and the Dry Kun opened up the divine treasure realm. Thirty-three voids appeared, and his Dao Realm became more spirited. His cultivation also gradually rose, and his primordial spirit also gradually grew.

Not only that, Qin Mu's body was also gradually growing taller. His legs were no longer so small, but were slowly growing.

'If the ruler of Tiandu is Tai Yi, then what did he mean when he said he had shed a tear when he saw me giving up on my path?'

Qin Mu didn't feel great joy after comprehending the Dao. Instead, he fell into deep thought.

'Tai Yi said that he was sad that I had given up on my own path, so now, have I returned to the path that I had given up on? Maybe I haven't… At that time, my path should have been his path, so when he saw me giving up, he turned into a tear…'

Qin Mu composed himself and raised his right leg, preparing to leave the footprint. Suddenly, the capital city changed again!

He hesitated for a moment before putting his right foot back.

In his eyes, the Divine Capital City was no longer a ruin. It was as if it had just been created. It was resplendent in gold and jade, and there were strips of light that stood at the highest point in the universe.

Yet the capital city was crumbling!

Qin Mu's line of sight became the sight of the owner of the footprints. The last thing he saw was the master of Miluo Palace's Primordial Violet Vapor, the Dao Tree of Miluo Palace, the collapsed Divine Capital behind the Dao Tree, and the figure that had fallen down with him!

The Chaos Divine Axe fell from his hand.

Qin Mu also collapsed, and his Dao heart was dead.

"Dao friend, what you are doing is wrong." He heard the voice of the master of Miluo Palace becoming more blurry.

After some time, Qin Mu woke up, and his vision gradually recovered. Only then did he realize that he had collapsed on the sacrificial altar. He hurriedly got up and looked around. This place was still the ruins of Heaven Capital, and nothing had changed.

He revealed a blank expression and walked down the sacrificial altar. He walked out of the ruins in a daze, and there was only a huge doubt lingering in his mind.

"Miluo Palace Master, why do you want to kill the master of Heaven Capital? Why…"

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