Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1655 - Opening The Seventh Era

After a moment, Qin Mu spat out the chaos stones. He had originally thought that there would be chaos qi in the chaos stones. Back then, when he had discovered the Chaotic Mine that was too easy, he had discovered that there was chaos qi stored in the chaos stones.

When he took out the Tai Yi eggshell, the entire Chaos Stone mine collapsed and the Chaos Stones shattered. The Chaos Qi then scattered in all directions and turned into the Chaos Sea of the ancestral court.

From this point, one could see that the hardness of the Chaos Stones wasn't particularly high. It was just that the cold wind of the Ultimate Void couldn't melt them.

That was why he thought that this obelisk that was sculpted from Chaos Stones definitely contained Chaos Qi. However, after eating it, he realized that there wasn't any Chaos Qi in it!

The Chaos Qi inside had been taken away by someone!

"I ate a rock for nothing… The words on the obelisk are written in the Hong Meng Dao language written by the eldest young master of Miluo Palace using the primordial runes to suppress the enemy."

Qin Mu stood under the tablet and pondered. "From this sentence of the Primordial Dao Language, big young master's attainments in the primordial runes are extremely high. You can be said to be the number one person below the master of Miluo Palace. How could the seal he left behind be broken?"

From the door and the obelisk that flew out of the forbidden zone, a portion of the seal should have been broken.

With such an extraordinary skill, the seal that he had left behind would definitely be extremely difficult to break. Just the power of the Ultimate Void shouldn't be able to make his seal show signs of crumbling. In that case, who had caused the seal to be broken?

"Chaos Stones are hard to find. To create this obelisk, the amount of materials required is already unimaginable. According to Lan Yutian, he saw countless obelisks in the door. Where did Big Young Master find the materials needed for these obelisks?"

His expression turned strange as he guessed the source of the Chaos Gems.

There was only one place with so many Chaos Stones, and that was the ancestral court that could give birth to a Tai Yi Chaotic Mine!

However, a chaos mine couldn't refine so many obelisks. It had to have several mines before it could be refined. In other words, the young master of Miluo Palace might have searched through several chaos mines in the universe to suppress the enemy of Miluo Palace!

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and tried to put the obelisk into his divine treasure.

The Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was located in the heart of his brows, but the obelisk was simply too long. When Qin Mu placed the obelisk inside, he realized that the tip of the obelisk would pierce through the heart of his brows, revealing the outside. It was as if there was a horn on the heart of his brows.

Helpless, he could only give up.

"Brother Yu said that there are many strange things in this abandoned land. Since we can't take away the obelisk, we can find some other treasures here!"

His eyes flashed with excitement as he abandoned the obelisk and 'stood' on the door to fly towards the depths of the abandoned land.

Not long later, Qin Mu stopped and looked forward in bewilderment. He saw a huge head suddenly appearing in the void in front of him!

The head was inconceivably huge. It had already grown flesh and blood, but it had no skin. It was currently flying in this abandoned land, opening its mouth wide to swallow the treasures that had been thrown here!

That head was currently swallowing a tattered book, and the book was shining with golden light. No one moved, and the pages flipped. The golden words in the book flew up and imprinted themselves on the head, causing flesh and blood to fly everywhere!

However, it was obvious that the lousy book wasn't the monster's opponent and was swallowed by it!

The flesh on the monster's head squirmed and grew back, becoming slightly more complete.

Suddenly, that strange head noticed him and immediately flew over excitedly.

Qin Mu had a nervous expression as he stood up and took out his huge knife.

The strange head roared and rushed over. Qin Mu held his breath and focused. Suddenly, the cold wind blew a broken ship and crashed into the head of the monster that was rushing towards Qin Mu!

The broken surface of the broken ship was filled with sharp wooden spikes that pierced through the flesh of the strange head and hung it on it.

The broken ship flew past Qin Mu, and he immediately saw a white skeleton hanging on the ship. The white bones were the Dao bones of those who had achieved the Dao. They hadn't been transformed by the Ultimate Void, but they were nailed to the ship.

The strange hair let out a silent roar and struggled to break free from the ship.

Qin Mu then saw the skeleton that was nailed to the ship lift up a white bone arm which grew longer. It actually grabbed the face of the strange head and tore off a piece of flesh from it!

The white bone arm retracted and stuck that piece of flesh onto its body. When that piece of flesh stuck to its fiddle, it immediately felt as though countless tentacles were crawling on the bones, growing as they crawled.

The white skeleton stretched out its arm again to tear the flesh on the monster's face. The monster head was furious and struggled with all its might. Finally, it broke free from the broken ship and immediately rolled onto the deck to kill the white bones nailed to the ship's wall.

That white bone was nailed there. Even though it couldn't escape, it was like an emperor that couldn't be offended. Every move it made was filled with supreme authority!

However, he was nailed down and couldn't exert much strength. The strange head rolled around on the ship, avoiding its attacks. Suddenly, it crashed into the white bones!

The broken ship trembled non-stop from the tremors, and the strange head moved back to collide with the white bones again. This time, the impact was even heavier!

Suddenly, the cabin of that dilapidated ship was knocked open by it. When the door opened, six to seven white bones rushed out from the cabin and pounced at the strange head!

Qin Mu was stunned. He saw that the white bones were the Dao bones of those who had achieved the Dao. They pounced forward and tore off pieces of flesh from the monster's face without any explanation, sticking to his body!

Soon, the flesh and blood of the strange head was ripped apart by them!

The white bones were covered in flesh and blood, and they were overjoyed. However, when a cold wind blew over, the flesh and blood dispersed with the wind.

The dilapidated ship was silent. No matter if it was the strange head or the white bones, they no longer beat each other up. Instead, they stood on the deck of the ship in a daze, allowing the cold wind to blow past them.

Qin Mu laughed loudly and shook his head. "These idiots…"

Suddenly, the strange head and the white bones turned to look at him. Qin Mu knew something was wrong and immediately used the door to speed up his escape.

The white bones and heads on the broken ship became excited. Those white bones quickly climbed onto the mast and raised up the tattered sails. With the help of the cold wind, they sped up and carried the ship to chase after him.

They rubbed their palms in excitement, clearly planning to tear off Qin Mu's flesh and stick it to themselves!

The white bones nailed to the walls of the ship also tapped on the walls excitedly, urging them to speed up.

Even though the ship looked broken, the speed of the sails that were riddled with holes was much faster. They chased after it relentlessly, getting closer to the door.

A skeleton stood on the mast and leaped towards the door. It opened its hollow mouth as though it was laughing. However, the next moment, Qin Mu's Calamity Sword stabbed into its mouth and nailed it onto the broken ship.

The other skeleton flew over and got punched by Qin Mu, causing it to hang on the wooden spikes of the broken ship. It flailed its limbs and couldn't come down for a moment.

The strange head rolled and leaped out of the broken ship, but it was immediately smacked down by Qin Mu. The strange head rolled under the ship and rolled a few rounds under the pressure of the broken ship. When the strange head stabilized itself, the broken ship and Qin Mu had already flown far away.

On the broken ship, the white bones worked together to save their companions and continued to pounce towards Qin Mu. Qin Mu didn't have much magic power and could only rely on the power of his corporeal body to fight back. His situation was very dangerous.

These white bones couldn't be destroyed even if it was the great calamity of life and death of the universe. Their hardness was astonishing, and if he was careless, he would definitely be dismembered by them!


The door suddenly stopped, and Qin Mu didn't know what he had bumped into. His body was unstable, and he was astonished. He immediately executed his Calamity Sword to fly up and down to defend against the attacks from the white bones. However, a white skeleton on the broken ship immediately turned the tattered sail, causing the ship to bend and avoid the door.

On the broken ship, the white bones seemed to be extremely terrified. They scrambled to the hold of the ship and locked it with a clack. Meanwhile, the white bones hanging on the walls of the ship used their hands and legs to knock on the ship's walls, as though they were begging their companions to save them and let them enter.

It wasn't the only one locked outside. There was also the white skeleton that had turned the sail. The white skeleton slipped down from the mast and realized that the cabin door had closed. It couldn't help but make a crying face as it knelt in front of the cabin door and continuously knocked on it with both hands.

Qin Mu placed his hands on his hips and laughed. "Now you know fear, right?"

He turned around, and the smile on his face froze.

The door crashed into a pile of ruins, and there were ruins everywhere. The ruins were extremely dilapidated, and it was obvious that the bones of the ship weren't afraid of him. They were afraid of the ruins.

The ruins were like the ruins of the Ancestral Court's Jade Capital City. Qin Mu looked around and saw that the layout was different from the Ancestral Court Jade Capital City. Even though it looked similar, there was an essential difference.

The core of the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court was the Miluo Palace and the seven halls. In the center of the Miluo Palace was the Dao Tree of the master of the Miluo Palace. There were sixteen Dao Fruits hanging on it, and the seven halls surrounded it. The seventy-two throne halls surrounded it, and beyond that was the forest formed by the Dao Tree and the residence of the Daoists that were protected by the Miluo Palace.

Meanwhile, the layout here was a completely different sight. Even though its treasured hall was destroyed, one could still see how prosperous it used to be from the ruins.

'Maybe there aren't as many people here as there are in the Miluo Palace, but they can be considered to be on par with the other great power of the Miluo Palace. Why are the skeletons of those who have achieved the Dao afraid of these ruins?'

Qin Mu composed himself. There were more secrets hidden in the abandoned land of the Ultimate Void than he had imagined. He really wanted to enter this place to explore, but his goal was to find the gate that Eldest Young Master had sealed the enemies of Miluo Palace. If he rashly entered this place to explore, it would be detrimental to Eternal Peace's war.

Just as he was about to leave, a vast amount of primordial qi poured out from the ruins, covering the ruins.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. He was lacking primordial qi to cultivate, yet there was actually so much of it in the ruins. To him, it was a supreme treasure land!

"I'm only going in to collect some Chaos Qi, it shouldn't take too long!"

Qin Mu carried the door and walked into the ruins. He said in a low voice, "If the situation doesn't look good, I'll retreat immediately…"

The cold wind blew over, and the primordial qi churned as it moved away from him.

The Chaos Qi seemed to have a consciousness. No matter where he went, there was no trace of Chaos Qi around him.

Qin Mu tried to stretch his hand out to grab a trace of the primordial qi, but he couldn't.

He turned around and wanted to leave, but he saw that the surroundings were chaotic and he couldn't determine the direction. The path he had come from had been completely covered up!

Qin Mu smiled, and the vertical eye at the heart of his brows opened up. His eyesight could see through the chaos as he walked out. At that moment, he saw an ancient sacrificial altar that was constructed from chaos stones.

Qin Mu went up the sacrificial altar and saw only a stone tablet. The stone tablet wasn't tall, and there was a pair of footprints beside it.

He came to the front of the stone tablet. The words on the stone tablet couldn't be verified, but he could deduce the meaning from the structure of the runes.

"Tiandu, opening the seventh era of the universe here… opening the seventh era? This is…"

Qin Mu was stunned. "Could it be that the Universe of the Seventh Epoch was created by someone?"

He took a step forward and stepped on the pair of footprints.


In his mind, a loud bang that could split heaven and earth rang out!

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