Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1653 - Eternal Peace's Paragon Artifact

The crisis in the Primordial Realm came and went quickly. Ancestral God King and Celestial Venerable Xu retreated one after another, leaving behind a mess.

The soldiers of Eternal Peace and Carefree Village cleaned up the battlefield and realized that both sides had suffered heavy casualties. Emperor Yanfeng was furious and immediately ordered to clean up all the ghost territories in the Primordial Realm.

The reason why Youdu was able to invade so smoothly was mainly because during the battle of Youdu, the monsters, devil gods, and Youdu ghosts had infiltrated the various heavens that were affiliated with the Primordial Realm and the Primordial Realm, forming ghost realms.

In addition, after Earth Count died, no one led those lonely souls and wild ghosts into Youdu, causing the Ghost Realm's territory to grow larger.

Previously, the Ghost Realm was just a slight ailment. However, with the invasion this time, the Ghost Realms everywhere had become the passage for Youdu's invasion, and a large portion of the casualties in the Primordial Realm were caused by this.

The various regions of the Primordial Realm and the various subsidiary heavens immediately mobilized their troops to sweep away the hidden Ruins of End. Celestial Venerable You and Qin Fengqing also established Youdu in the Primordial Realm, guiding the lonely souls and wild ghosts into Youdu to reward the good and punish the evil.

On the other hand, the soldiers that had died in battle were brought to Fengdu. As a ghost army, they were also a huge force.

'Guiding souls into the Primordial Realm's Youdu is no different from Earth Count's actions. It will increase the burden on the Primordial Realm's Youdu.'

King Yama started Emperor Yiyue and said, "In the long run, the Primordial Realm will be filled with Youdu ghosts. Qin Fengqing doesn't have Earth Count's power, so he won't be able to suppress it sooner or later. In the future, trouble will definitely happen in Youdu of the Primordial Realm, so we can't ignore it."

Di Yiyue summoned Heavenly Teacher Wen Tiange and asked, "Sacred Teacher, do you have any insight?"

Wen Tiange said, "I heard that Celestial Venerable Mu of Eternal Peace has cultivated the path of reincarnation, and he can use it to refine a treasure, allowing the souls of all living beings to be reincarnated in the thousands of worlds and heavens, punishing evil and promoting good."

Di Yiyue went to Eternal Peace and met Emperor Yanfeng to talk about this matter.

Emperor Yanfeng said with a smile, "Founding Emperor, don't worry, this treasure is already being refined."

Di Yiyue was astonished and asked, "When was it refined?"

Emperor Yanfeng said, "Ever since the battle of Youdu was lost, Emperor Yanxiu and Celestial Venerable Mu ordered the manufacturing factories of Eternal Peace to forge all kinds of heavy weapons for the battle of the future. This treasure is one of them. Eternal Peace's skilled craftsmen have been refining it day and night, and many of the heavy weapons have already reached a scale."

Di Yiyue asked, "Can we go take a look?"

Emperor Yanfeng gladly led her to the Golden River Manufacturing Factory. He saw the huge manufacturing factories on both sides of the Golden River lined up like a long dragon. Countless ships shuttled back and forth on the river surface. Some of the huge ships were actually only carrying a divine weapon component!

The flying ships carrying the divine weapon components came to the largest manufacturing factory and worked together with dozens of gods to unload the components.

Here, Di Yiyue saw a huge divine weapon that was taking shape. It was dozens of times larger than the sacrificial altar of the biggest divine weapon created by the celestial heavens, Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. It was majestic.

Di Yiyue raised her head to look, and the shock in her heart was incomparable. The top of this incomparably complicated circular ring had already reached the clouds, and it was even higher than Eternal Peace's capital that was built on the crown of the Primordial Tree!

Numerous primordial spirits of Eternal Peace's gods left their bodies and worked together to carry the huge components up into the clouds. They embedded the components into the circular rings, and there were also quite a number of gods connecting the runes.

Those components were already extremely huge, but compared to this circular ring, they were still extremely tiny.

"This is probably the biggest treasure in twenty thousand years!"

Di Yiyue exclaimed in admiration from the bottom of her heart and said, "To create such a heavy weapon, one needs an incomparably powerful divine kingdom and tens of thousands of industries to work together to create it. Back then, Founding Emperor Era could also create such a heavy weapon, but it's no longer possible now."

She sighed endlessly in her heart and smiled bitterly. "The Carefree Village now doesn't have these industries anymore. Your Majesty, what's the name of this heavy weapon?"

"Six Heavenly Wheels that control the cycle of life and death."

Emperor Yanfeng said with a smile, "In the future, when the divine weapon is refined, it will be able to forever suppress the Primordial Realm's Youdu, making it difficult for ghosts and gods to create chaos. Furthermore, the power of the divine weapon is also inconceivable. Celestial Venerable Mu said that once this divine weapon is refined, Earth Count Qin Fengqing will be able to fight Celestial Venerable Xu head-on. As for victory or defeat, it will depend on Qin Fengqing's cultivation."

Di Yiyue nodded silently.

Emperor Yanfeng said, "However, the Six Heavenly Wheels aren't the only divine weapons that are currently being constructed. Other than that, there are dozens of other divine weapons that aren't much smaller than this one."

Di Yiyue's heart trembled violently, and she hesitated for a moment. "May I ask how many heavens are under Eternal Peace?"

The reason why she asked this question was actually to ask about Eternal Peace's financial resources. During the Founding Emperor Era, they ruled the 33 heavens and had over a hundred heavens under them. However, the financial resources of the Founding Emperor Era could only refine a heavy weapon like Carefree Village. After refining Carefree Village, they refined two Paramita Divine Boats and completely exhausted Founding Emperor's financial resources!

"There are only forty-six heavens under Eternal Peace."

Emperor Yanfeng led her to look at the other heavy weapons. They passed by a teleportation gate and came to the River Tomb manufacturing factory. The manufacturing factory was also incomparably spectacular, and it was like a forest.

Emperor Yanfeng said, "However, there are over two thousand seven hundred heavens that have formed a trade pact with Eternal Peace. Eternal Peace has over two thousand heavens that have trade relations with Eternal Peace. In addition to that, they have been buying ores for the past few years, so even though there are few heavens in Eternal Peace, they can still support us financially."

Di Yiyue nodded silently and suddenly saw a familiar heavy weapon. She cried out, "Creation divine weapon?"

It was a divine weapon that was similar to the creation divine weapon of the Patriarch Creation Palace of the celestial heavens. However, it was smaller and had a huge difference.

There were five mountain-shaped scaffolding that held eight circular wheels in the center. The five scaffolding looked like five mineral veins, and there were all kinds of runes imprinted on them. They were fundamentally different from the creation divine weapons back then.

"This creation divine weapon was improved by Celestial Venerable Mu and Celestial Venerable Ling."

Emperor Yanfeng said, "It can be used to create the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu. Lan Yutian came here some time ago, and Dao Master Lin Xuan led many Daoists to test him. He should be done soon. Founding Emperor, please look over there."

Di Yiyue followed him and rushed over. She saw that another shipyard was building a huge ship that wasn't inferior to the Paramita Ark. The peculiarity of this huge ship was that it could split into countless ships at any time and attack separately.

The ship was like countless modules that could be pieced together at any time, transforming into a peerless giant ship.

"This side was designed by Old Cult Master Wei Suifeng to deal with the Celestial River Navy's Celestial River Pagoda. He's preparing to build five ships."

Emperor Yanfeng said, "The first ship is almost completed."

Di Yiyue's gaze flickered, and she said, "Lend me two ships for Carefree Village to use."

Emperor Yanfeng smiled. "Of course. This way, please."

Di Yiyue saw more Vermillion Bird chariots that were used to deal with the Sun Guardian of Xuandu. She saw that South Deity Zhu Que was also here to help the celestial design chariots of the manufacturing factories.

Other than that, she also saw North Deity divine weapons. They were different from the traditional North Deity divine weapons. The traditional North Deity divine weapons used a kind of gourd in the ancestral court to contain the five great thunderclouds, while the North Deity divine weapons forged in the manufacturing factory of Eternal Peace used divine metal, divine materials, and runes to refine them into gourds.

The manufacturing factories were still refining the Green Dragon Divine Weapon. It was a treasure in the shape of a pagoda, while the White Tiger Divine Weapon was a treasure in the shape of a horn.

They then came to the manufacturing factory of Surging River near Heavenly Saint Academy and Surging River Academy. This was the sacred ground of formations and divine arts.

The manufacturing factory of Surging River was currently constructing a huge formation diagram.

"The formation diagrams are designed by the formation experts of Eternal Peace led by the divine spear. Every formation diagram has a kind of celestial palace level technique. If one has enough magic power, they can execute the power of an Emperor's Throne."

Emperor Yanfeng said, "However, this kind of formation diagram requires the army of gods and devils to enter the formation and work together to unleash its power. It's crucial to the control of the formation. Divine Spear and Eternal Peace's formation masters have already designed over two hundred types of celestial palace formation diagrams. More importantly, these two hundred types of formation diagrams can form different great celestial heavens."

Di Yiyue let out a shaky breath and muttered, "If there are enough gods and devils, can they simulate the battle power of a Celestial Venerable?"

"In theory."

Emperor Yanfeng said sadly, "However, the number of gods and devils in Eternal Peace is probably not enough to unleash the power of all the formations. After a hundred years of development, the number of gods in Eternal Peace is still far inferior to the celestial heavens."

Di Yiyue hurriedly said, "Carefree Village needs a set of formation diagrams of the great celestial heavens, it must be able to form a perfect celestial heavens!"

Emperor Yanfeng revealed a smile and said, "This isn't difficult. The manufacturing factory of Heavenly Saint Academy has also built some cloud chariots, and there are sword pagodas on them. Each sword pagoda has five thousand sword pellets, and each sword pellet has two thousand swords. These cloud chariots are used to wash the ground and seal the sky. Does Founding Emperor also need some?"

Di Yiyue said resolutely, "Yes! The more, the better!"

"Li River's manufacturing factory still has some good stuff. Founding Emperor, please!" Emperor Yanfeng raised his hand.

"There's more?"

Di Yiyue suppressed the shock in her heart and followed him into the teleportation gate that led to Li River Academy.

"The climate here on Li River is suitable. The manufacturing factories mainly focus on refining medicine and supplement other manufacturing factories."

Emperor Yanfeng led her to Li River's manufacturing factory and saw huge pill furnaces burning day and night. Numerous apothecaries worked hard to refine all kinds of spirit pills to seal them.

"This is the place where Medicine King God, Poison Master Mu Yingxue, and Little Poison King Fu Yuanqing are in charge of refining all kinds of spirit pills and miraculous medicines."

Emperor Yanfeng said, "There will inevitably be some casualties on the battlefield, so spirit herbs that can save lives are essential."


Di Yiyue said resolutely, then blushed with shame. "Your Majesty, is it a devil of death that can be poisoned?"

Emperor Yanfeng smiled and said, "It's not troublesome. During a battle, injuries are inevitable, so just apply some poison on the divine weapons. Does Founding Emperor want some as well?"

"The more the merrier!"

Emperor Yanfeng asked again, "Founding Emperor, have you heard of the Dao of Painting? Let me bring you to the Art Saint Pavilion to take a look. The Art Saint is currently drawing the geographical map of the world."

In the sky above the Ruins of End, the thirty-six layers of void opened up, and the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven appeared. Celestial Venerable Yun stood under the Dao Tree and looked at the Ruins of End. Suddenly, his body became unstable, and he was nearly sucked into the Ruins of End along with the Great Overarching Heaven. He couldn't help but be alarmed.

'Celestial Venerable Mu really thinks highly of me for asking me to save Celestial Venerable Xu. The Ruins of End is also a hopeless situation for those who have achieved the Dao. It can even swallow the ultimate void!'

He stabilized his body and looked down. He saw layers of void being captured by the Ruins of End and pulled into the Ruins of End.

He instinctively sensed danger. The Ruins of End, this mysterious place could even destroy the Ultimate Void. It was extremely lethal to the Great Overarching Heaven and Dao Tree of those who had achieved the Dao. He had to be careful.

After a moment, Celestial Venerable Yun took advantage of the tide of the Ruins of End to walk out of the void. He came to the side of the abyss and looked down, but he couldn't see how deep the Ruins of End was.

"Celestial Venerable Ling came here before, and there are traces of her divine art here."

Celestial Venerable Yun muttered to himself. The Dao fruit flew over and landed in the Grand Primordium Origin Stone in the heart of his brows. He leaped into the abyss.

At the same time, a golden ship sailed out of the chaotic space. Dao Ancestor and Brahma sat at the bow of the ship while the other stood at the stern, heading towards the Primordial Realm.

Most of the people on the ship were buddhas and Daoists. Over the years, they had carried a portion of the people of Eternal Peace to the land of chaos to find a small universe. They settled the people of Eternal Peace down, built god cities, and planted crops, allowing Eternal Peace's civilization to continue.

On the golden ship, other than them, there was also Light Emperor and Crimson Emperor. Two tall and sturdy emperors stood on the deck, looking at the Primordial Realm and the worlds that were getting closer.

On the other side, Bai Qu'er led some gods and devils of the High Emperor Era to migrate from one of the heavens, traveling a long distance to reach the ruins of the High Emperor Celestial Heavens.

Yi Shisheng brought them to pay their respects to the coffins of the past High Emperors. After Bai Qu'er paid her respects to these tombs, she said, "Senior Yi, I'm here on the orders of Celestial Venerable Yue, and I have something to ask. The great calamity of Eternal Peace is imminent, can High Emperor still fight?"

Yi Shisheng's expression dimmed, and he said sorrowfully, "The High Emperor Era is already gone! My senior brothers have already become corpse demons, and once they are born, they will create chaos. We can't fight anymore…"

Right at this moment, the coffins trembled.

"You said my master has an order, do you have a decree?" A thick and sinister voice came from the emperor's coffin as he asked.

Bai Qu'er took out Celestial Venerable Yue's decree, and the emperor's coffin split open. A huge green hand grabbed the decree.

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