Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1647 - Traces Of Tai Yi

Back then, Butcher was even more miserable than the current Qin Mu. Back then, Butcher's waist had been severed, and only his upper body was left. Qin Mu had a waist now, but his thighs hadn't fully grown out.

He used the primordial qi to reconstruct his corporeal body, but how could he do it when his vital qi was exhausted?

"Right now, there are only two paths. The first is to cultivate honestly and raise your cultivation state. As your cultivation state increases, your body will slowly grow out."

Qin Mu 'stood' on the door and raised his hand to scratch his head. He thought to himself, 'The other way is to search for the primordial qi and learn from Lan Yutian how to transform the primordial qi into primordial qi. There's a chaos mine in the ancestral court. Even though there are no more chaos divine stones or raw stones, there's enough primordial qi for me to absorb and refine.'

The former was safer, and he had to cultivate step by step. However, he wasn't sure when it would grow out.

The latter was faster, but the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge that led to the ancestral court had already been completely destroyed. Even if he asked Celestial Venerable Yue to send him to the ancestral court, it would still take a month or two.

Coupled with the cost of learning, it would probably take four to five years to learn how to convert chaos energy into primordial energy.

This encounter could be said to be a blessing in disguise.

He had completely grasped the primordial qi and used it to reconstruct his corporeal body and primordial spirit. Just the strength of his corporeal body alone had definitely surpassed the corporeal body of the ancient gods of Absolute Beginning!

It wasn't an exaggeration to call his corporeal body number one in the world!

Of course, it was just not complete.

If his primordial spirit was cultivated to the same level as before, it would be the number one primordial spirit in the world!

His vital qi would also reach the level of the Primordial Violet Vapor that he dreamed of. The benefits were so great that it could be said to be unprecedented!

If he recovered to his peak state, no ordinary Dao practitioners would be able to break through his corporeal body and primordial spirit and leave him with injuries. However, Qin Mu was slightly worried about when he could recover to his peak state.

He looked down and couldn't help being stunned. There were no worlds in the thousands of worlds below, nor were there stars and galaxies. There was only emptiness. This place was like the pure darkness and blank space of the universe, without any substance.

Qin Mu had long established the star atlas of the universe and clearly marked the geography of the prehistoric universe. The algebra experts of Eternal Peace had even calculated the total amount of matter in this universe. To him, there were no more secrets in the universe.

In the universe, from a macro perspective, matter was basically evenly distributed. This was the rule.

Because of the effect of the 36 voids, space was constantly stretched, and the substances were moving away from each other, reaching galaxies, galaxies, and planets. They were so small that they were like every particle.

However, in the universe below, there was a large space that was completely dark without any substance. This was almost impossible!

Qin Mu was stunned. He thought of the abandoned land in the Ultimate Void that couldn't be digested. That abandoned land seemed to correspond to this place.

"Maybe I can find the abandoned land of the ultimate void from this realm of nothingness."

Qin Mu stood on the door and floated around aimlessly, searching for a reference that could determine his location.

"The words on this door seem to be a kind of seal."

He controlled the door to resist the cold wind while observing the words on the door.

The writings were extremely ancient, and they were words formed by the prehistoric universe. They were different from any writings of today. If one wanted to figure out their meaning from the writings, they could only start from the most basic runes that formed the writings.

There were numerous runes that formed the words, but from the Dao language used to detoxify the runes, one could guess the basic meaning of the words.

This was the way to read the prehistoric text.

This realm of nothingness was inconceivably huge, and it wasn't easy to find the familiar worlds of the heavens. Qin Mu chose to 'stand' on the door and float against the cold and lonely wind.

The cold wind of the Ultimate Void couldn't melt him and the door, so the wind was planning to send him back to the abandoned land. As long as he went against the wind, he could leave this realm of nothingness and find the familiar world of the heavens.

At that time, he could confirm his position in the universe and leave the Ultimate Void, returning to the Primordial Realm.

His primordial spirit entered the vertical eye at the heart of his brows and prepared to check the ecology of the Bottle of Flask World to see if it could allow the billions of people of Eternal Peace and gods to survive.

Lan Yutian looked at his primordial spirit that was only the size of a bean with a weird expression.

How vast was Qin Mu's primordial spirit from before?

Now that it was reconstructed with primordial qi, it was only the size of a bean sprout and was extremely small.

Qin Mu examined it. In the Bottle of Flask World, other than the people of Eternal Peace, there were also the devils and devil gods of Dutian World. There were numerous of them, and there were billions of them.

The devil race's development was extremely fast, and the consumption of resources was also astonishing. The ecological structure in the bottle was very dangerous.

Pure creation divine arts weren't enough to relieve the pressure on the ecology.

"I can probably last for another two months."

The vertical eye at the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened up, and he carefully analyzed the runes in these prehistoric writings. The runes inside were listed out by him, and the meaning of the runes was also deciphered by him. He then slowly read them out in Dao language.

After a few days, Qin Mu finally understood the words on the door.

He had a weird expression. The words on the door basically meant that the eldest young master of Miluo Palace had sealed a mortal enemy of Miluo Palace and suppressed the ultimate void forever, making this enemy unable to escape for eternity.

"Enemy of Miluo Palace? The eldest young master of Miro Palace personally sealed it?"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. The second young master of Miluo Palace was the goddess of the Ruins of End. His abilities were so strong that even the Great Calamity of Life and Death in the universe couldn't destroy him. This big young master was probably even stronger and was close to the existence of the master of Miluo Palace!

If he had to personally seal and suppress it, who was this mortal enemy of the Miro Palace?

"Could it be Tai Yi? Or could it be some other terrifying existence?"

His thoughts became active. In the past universe, there were quite a number of powerful existences that hadn't joined the Miluo Palace. High Venerable Ling Yu was one of them.

Of course, High Venerable Ling Yu's abilities weren't particularly high and couldn't be compared to the young masters of Miluo Palace. However, he had the means to survive the great calamity of life and death.

Other than High Venerable Ling Yu, there should be other stronger existences!

From the words left behind by the young master of Miluo Palace on the door, there was not only Miluo Palace in the prehistoric universe, there was also another huge force that was not inferior to Miro Palace!

The existence that was sealed by the eldest young master could be too easy, or it could be another prehistoric expert from that faction!

Qin Mu frowned and examined the door. The door was so hard that it was indestructible. It was the strongest treasure Qin Mu had ever seen. It was even better than his Calamity Sword, yet it was only used as a door when refining such a treasure. This showed how much importance Big Young Master placed on the one being suppressed.

"For existences that have cultivated to the level of Tai Yi, it's basically impossible for them to be killed or obliterated. They can only be suppressed. I have never found a place in this universe that matches the geographical map of Tai Yi. Maybe Tai Yi is really suppressed in this filthy void and treated as an abandoned object by the Ultimate Void."

Qin Mu looked down and saw the starry sky. The door had already left the realm of nothingness, and the first heaven was reflected in his eyes.

"From the fact that Tai Yi's Dao Tree always appears in the sky above the Ancestral Court World Tree, Tai Yi is indeed still alive. His Dao Tree appears every night and drops Dao dew to allow us to repair the black mountain. This means that he can still control his Dao Tree."

Qin Mu turned his head back and looked at the realm of nothingness. He was slightly hesitant. "Of course, the one suppressed there might not be easy to kill. It could also be another extremely powerful devil! A devil that couldn't be killed by Miro Palace!"

He frowned. No matter if Tai Yi was suppressed there or not, he had to return to the abandoned land in the Ultimate Void to explore its secrets.

"However, now is not the time. I have to return to Eternal Peace as soon as possible and release the people of Eternal Peace from the ancestral court!"

He composed himself and his gaze landed on the nearby heavens. That heaven was located at the border of the North Heaven, the Starsource Heaven. It was extremely far from the Primordial Realm and the ancestral court, but it was very close to the North Pole.

However, what surprised Qin Mu was that there was actually a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge in this heaven!

The light of the bridge formed a funnel shape that was connected to some heaven.

The celestial heavens wouldn't build a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge in such a remote place at the edge of the universe, and it was also close to a heaven that didn't belong to the celestial heavens like the North Pole. There was a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge here, so it definitely wasn't connected to the celestial heavens!

Qin Mu's eyes lit up, and he immediately controlled the sect to fly out of the final void and towards the Starsource Heaven.

"With my speed, it will take me five to six months to reach the Primordial Realm. During that time, I'm afraid that the people in the Flask World will die on a large scale. However, when I reach the Starsource Heavens, I can temporarily replenish them and extend the time."

After two days, he came to the Starsource Heaven and saw that it was actually more fertile than he had imagined. It didn't look like a bitter cold place.

Most of the people residing here were gods with the Black Tortoise bloodline. Compared to the bloodlines of Soaring Snake and Black Tortoise, they were much inferior. They should be low-level gods formed from the fusion of multiple bloodlines.

Other than the god race, he also saw humans, demons, and other Postcelestial races!

The human race built many manufacturing factories here and hired the gods of the Starsource Heavens to work. They smelted divine mines and forged divine weapons. The trade was very lively.

Qin Mu stopped a person and asked. That person clearly didn't recognize Qin Mu and said, "The Mutual Shift Bridge? Of course it was built by Eternal Peace! Six years ago, Imperial Preceptor gave the order to connect to the other heavens, and the servants ordered the envoys of Eternal Peace to come here through the other heavens. They signed a trade contract with the ruler of the Starsource Heavens and helped the Starsource Heavens establish the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. They built many of the manufacturing factories of Eternal Peace here."

"Si Yunxiang is still efficient!"

Qin Mu revealed a smile and thought to himself, 'Eternal Peace has even built a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge in the most remote Starsource Heavens, which means that most of the other heavens also have trade and commerce. This is a good thing. This Mutual Shift Bridge leads to Eternal Peace, so we can let the people of Flask Heaven leave in batches and head to Eternal Peace.'

He let out a long sigh of relief. If he directly stepped into the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, it would definitely cause an incomparably violent Spirit Energy Mutual Shift. It might surpass the limits of the sacrificial altar and cause it to collapse. However, if he used a month or two to head to Eternal Peace in batches, there was no need to worry.

That person saw him standing on a door without legs and was truly pitiful, so he gave him two great abundance coins and said, "Don't go around begging and throw the face of our Eternal Peace. Take this bit of money and go to Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge to buy a ticket to Eternal Peace. Return to Eternal Peace as soon as possible." After saying that, he shook his head and left.

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He put away the two great abundance coins and invited Dutian Devil King and Lan Yutian out. "Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge leads to Eternal Peace, and it collects money. This is either Si Yunxiang's or Hu Ling'er's. If you want to get everyone over, you will have to spend a huge sum of money."

Dutian Devil King was astonished. "A bridge built by Eternal Peace still requires money?"

"The rules cannot be changed."

Qin Mu blushed and said, "I don't have any money on me…"

Lan Yutian was puzzled and said, "Brother, you are the previous Imperial Preceptor…"

"It's precisely because I'm the previous imperial preceptor that I don't have money. My money was all managed by Ling'er. Ever since I got married, Ling'er ignored me and handed the money to my wife…"

Qin Mu sighed and said, "Furthermore, I don't have any money on me, so bringing all of you to Eternal Peace is a huge sum. Only that merchant gave me two great abundance coins to buy a ticket to Eternal Peace. I'll go back to Eternal Peace first and ask that girl Si Yunxiang to bring the money over. You guys can wait here for a few days."

Dutian and Lan Yutian could only stay there. Qin Mu 'stood' on the door and floated towards the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. He handed the two great abundance coins to the gods and devils that were guarding the bridge.

That god glanced at him and gave him another great abundance coin.

Qin Mu was puzzled, and the god said, "The ruler has set a price for the old, weak, sick, and disabled. You can pay half the price."

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