Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1648 - Celestial Venerable Mu's Legs

Qin Mu gave a smile that wasn't a smile and stuffed that great abundance coin back into the hands of that god. "No need, I have plenty of money. Keep these two great abundance coins first, if it's not enough, I'll make up for it next time."

The god was stunned as he looked at Qin Mu 'standing' on the door and floating into the light flow of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

Just as Qin Mu and the door had entered the Spirit Energy Flow of the Mutual Shift Bridge, the light suddenly expanded and became several times thicker. The entire Stellar Source Heaven trembled from the tremors, and the ground trembled. The stars trembled!

The sacrificial altar of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was extremely tall, and it was like a mountain that was thousands of feet high. Its entire body was forged from divine metal, and it was divided into different levels. When it was circulating, the different levels would rotate in different directions, and the runes on the levels would jump continuously to withstand the pressure caused by the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift.

In the past, the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was created by Qin Mu and the black tiger god. There was only one main sacrificial altar, and the other sacrificial altar was an ordinary sacrificial altar. However, Qin Mu and the black tiger god's attainments in algebra weren't too high back then, so the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge they created was still very rough.

However, after more than a hundred years of development in Eternal Peace, the efficiency of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge had increased tremendously. With the main sacrificial altars on both sides, they could share the pressure caused by the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift.

However, when Qin Mu entered the mutual shift bridge, the speed at which the light expanded was so fast that the runes on the main sacrificial altar of the Starsource Heavens instantly circulated to their maximum!

The god was stunned. He saw that the speed of rotation on all levels was like a spinning top. The speed of rotation was too fast, and the runes were changing too fast. This caused the entire sacrificial altar to seem like it was being calcined in the sun, and it was already burning red!

"Quickly invite the Water God!"

The god hurriedly shouted, "Lower the temperature of the sacrificial altar!"

Every Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge would be equipped with a few Water God River Gods. This was the rule. It was used to prevent powerful existences from passing through the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. The sacrificial altar's burden was too great, causing the bridge to be destroyed and people to die.

When the celestial heavens migrated from the Primordial Realm to the ancestral court, the celestial heavens ordered Eternal Peace to create numerous incomparably huge mutual shift bridges. These bridges moved the entire celestial heavens into the ancestral court. At that time, the spirit energy fluctuations were even more intense, so the army of gods and devils had no choice but to use the celestial river to cool down the sacrificial altar!

A few water gods flew over and tried their best to mobilize the nearby river water to cool down the sacrificial altar. However, ordinary river water was useless.

The rotation speed of the sacrificial altar became faster, burning the sacrificial altar until it was scarlet red. Someone beside him immediately shouted, "Lure the water of the celestial river to cool down!"

The others looked at each other in dismay. The celestial river flowed through the North Pole and passed through the territory of North Deity Xuan Wu. Although the Starsource Heaven was also built near the celestial river, it was quite far from the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. Who would have the magic power to attract the water of the celestial river?

Right at this moment, a youth suddenly flew into the sky and cast a spell. The water of the celestial river descended majestically from the sky like a long water dragon, swirling around the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge!

Everyone cheered in unison. Suddenly, someone recognized the youth and said in surprise, "It's Celestial Venerable Mu's younger brother, Lan Yutian!"

Lan Yutian controlled the flow of the celestial river, but the temperature of the sacrificial altar continued to rise. Just as it was about to surpass its limit, the intensity of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift no longer increased.

Lan Yutian was slightly stunned, and he instantly knew the whole story. "I must have realized that my speed of relocation was too fast, and the bridge couldn't handle it. Thus, I controlled my speed of relocation so that the Primordial Realm and the Starsource Heavens could balance each other's spirit energy in time."

Qin Mu was too powerful. If he reached Eternal Peace in one go, the bridge would definitely explode!

Therefore, he deliberately slowed down in the flow of light to protect the bridge.

However, if he did that, he would probably have to wait a few days to reach Eternal Peace.

The rulers of the Starsource Heavens also hurried over after hearing the news. Only when they saw that the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge wasn't destroyed did they let out sighs of relief. They thanked Lan Yutian in the sky before grabbing the god that was guarding the bridge and lifting him up by the collar. They said in exasperation, "What's going on?"

That god grumbled, "I don't know either. I only saw a crippled man without legs sitting on the door and entering the bridge, and this happened. I followed the orders of the sovereign and only took one great abundance coin to cross the bridge…"

The Stellar Source Sovereign was speechless from anger and stuttered, "The bridge fee for one great abundance coin…"

The god hurriedly said, "He insisted on giving me two and said that if it's not enough, I'll make up for it later…"

"Can it be mended?"

Hegemon of Starsource put him down and looked nervously at the sacrificial altar that was still spinning. He muttered, "Eternal Peace has finally built this bridge with great difficulty, and we have also made some money from the trade with Eternal Peace. If it collapses, it will all be over…"

He walked around the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge and suddenly came to a realization. He picked up the god and asked, "Who entered the bridge?"

The god struggled and said, "It's a cripple without legs…"

"What does he look like?"

The god hurriedly used his vital qi to draw Qin Mu's appearance. The Stellar Source Sovereign was stunned, and he only came back to his senses after a long time. He put the god down and waved his hand. "Forget about this and stop thinking about him paying the bridge fee."

That god didn't understand what he meant.

Hegemon Xingyuan touched the beard on his face and thought to himself, 'That person is the alliance master of the Heaven Alliance, Celestial Venerable Mu! I saw him at the last meeting of the Heaven Alliance! Why has he come to my little Xingyuan Heaven? What happened to his legs…'

He raised his head to look at the spirit energy that was still surging, and he was astonished. 'Celestial Venerable Mu is truly powerful. He moved over, and so much spirit energy surged over! How could an existence with such power have no legs?'

After six to seven days, the Stellar Source Hegemon was even more astonished. The Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge had already been operating at full power for so long, but it was still not over. This was something that was almost impossible!

Even if a ruler like him entered the bridge and used such a strong spirit energy shift, he could probably reach Eternal Peace in just two hours!

'As expected of Celestial Venerable Mu!'

After another two to three days, the spirit energy from the mutual shift suddenly slowed down. Not long later, the mutual shift bridge returned to its normal state, and the rotation speed of the sacrificial altar slowed down. Only after a long time did it start to rotate.

Hegemon Starsource let out a sigh of relief and waved his hand, signaling for the caravan to enter the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

In the past ten days or so, the merchant ships that were blocked around the sacrificial altar had already formed a long line, waiting to enter the bridge. However, the spirit energy of the shift was too intense, so they were all blocked by the gods and devils that were guarding the place.

When the Stellar Source Sovereign saw Lan Yutian descending from the sky, he immediately went forward to take a closer look. He was astonished and bowed. "Are you Celestial Venerable Yu?"

Lan Yutian waved his hand and said with a smile, "My name is Lan Yutian, Celestial Venerable Yu was once my title."

The Chief Sovereign of Stars immediately bowed and said respectfully, "Creating the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and the method to become a god. Celestial Venerable has blessed countless people in the future!"

Lan Yutian held his arms and shook his head. "It's not necessarily good for the people of the world. When I created the method to become a god, the people of the world didn't benefit much, but the gods and devils benefited too much, causing them to lord over the people of the world."

The Stellar Source Ruler was silent for a moment before saying, "Celestial Venerable is right. Zi Man will definitely remember your teachings."

His name was Zi Man, but because he was the ruler of the Starsource Heaven, very few people called him by his name, and they usually called him the ruler of the Starsource Heaven.

He was also a member of the Heaven Alliance. Other than the ten Celestial Venerables, the ones with power in the Heaven Alliance were the rulers of the various heavens.

Lan Yutian said, "My brother might not come over. His energy is too great. The mutual shift bridge of your Starsource Heaven needs to be expanded a hundred times in order to withstand his energy. However, you can be at ease. He will get someone to bring money over."

Hegemon Stellar Source hurriedly said, "Why does the Heaven Alliance Master have to worry about this little bit of money?"

Lan Yutian smiled and said, "My brother is a person who abides by the rules. The more he treats ordinary people, the more he abides by the rules. The more trivial it is, the more important it seems to him. This is why he is loved and respected."

After a few more days, ships from Eternal Peace sailed out from Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. The hold of those ships were filled with great abundance coins, and they were bright and dazzling.

Hegemon Starsource had never seen so much money before, and he was shocked. He hurriedly said, "How can the alliance master borrow so much money? Too much, too much!"

"Of course!"

Si Yunxiang walked out of the hold of the ship and clapped her hands. She said with a smile, "This money isn't just Celestial Venerable Mu's bridge crossing fee. It's also the bridge crossing fee for billions of people and devils, so I've prepared a little more. Congratulations, Chief Sovereign of Stars Source, your Starsource Heaven is going to be rich."

The Stellar Source Sovereign's mind was in a daze. He didn't understand what was going on. "Why did Shu She say that?"

Dutian Devil King went forward and took out the Bottle of Flask World. He raised it up and transformed it into a heaven in the sky.

The gods and devils of Eternal Peace immediately moved the people of Eternal Peace who were living in the Bottle of Flask World and guided them to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, allowing them to head to Eternal Peace.

They worked in an orderly manner and cooperated well, allowing the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge to maintain a reasonable state of operation. Their migration was also not messy at all.

The Chief Sovereign of Stars was filled with admiration.

"Ruler, there are over ten billion great abundance coins on the ship."

Si Yunxiang came to his side and asked, "Has sovereign ever thought about how to use so much money?"

The Chief Sovereign of Stars' mind was blown, and he stuttered, "Ten billion… How long will it take to spend all of that?"

Si Yunxiang burst into laughter. "Ruler, it's easy to spend money, but hard to earn money. If you feel that ten billion great abundance coins is too much, you are gravely mistaken. It might not be a good thing for Starsource Heaven to suddenly become rich. Instead, it will make the people lazy and have evil intentions for money. Letting money give birth to money is the right way. If the ruler doesn't know how to make money, I can teach you."

Hegemon Starsource bowed and said seriously, "Please enlighten me!"

"With this money, you can start up more manufacturing factories and manufacture more goods, traveling between the various heavens. The people will enter the manufacturing factories to work, and the money they earn will be from their own labor. They will have no evil intentions."

Si Yunxiang continued, "We still need to open up the wisdom of the people, organize academies, and open up more academies. When the knowledge of the people is high, their wealth will naturally increase, and their wisdom will also increase."

Hegemon Xingyuan hesitated for a moment and said, "Truth be told, my Stellar Source Heaven isn't a rich place like Eternal Peace, and there aren't that many outstanding talents. It's very difficult to open a manufacturing factory and an academy academy."

Si Yunxiang beamed with joy. "Eternal Peace can help you. Our Eternal Peace has plenty of skilled craftsmen and academies. Let them help you build more manufacturing factories and establish more academies. In a few decades, Starsource Heaven will have enough manpower and financial resources. However, Eternal Peace isn't doing this for nothing."

She said meaningfully, "Hegemons still need to spend the money that should be spent."

After a few months, Si Yunxiang transported that ship of great abundance coins back to Eternal Peace. However, the benefits that Star Origin Heaven received were obvious. With the manufacturing factories and academies of Eternal Peace, Star Origin Heaven would definitely become the strongest and richest heaven in the north!

In the Surging River Celestial Palace, Village Chief, Butcher, Mute, Blind, and the rest sized Qin Mu up from head to toe. Suddenly Butcher couldn't hold back his laughter.

Qin Mu's face turned dark, and he snorted coldly. "What is Grandpa Butcher laughing at? I'm much better than you were back then. I have legs!"

Two slender calves grew out from the roots of his thighs, and tender feet grew out from under his calves. Qin Mu stood there, and his height only reached the waist of everyone.

Of course, even so, he was about the same height as Blind.

After he had returned, he had trained diligently for four to five months before his calves could barely grow back.

"I can't sleep with my wife for the time being."

Granny Si was slightly regretful and sighed, "I still plan to carry the child earlier…" After saying that, she took out the small shoes that were made for the baby and made a few gestures at Qin Mu's feet.

Qin Mu turned a deaf ear to her and erected the door to study it in detail.

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