Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1646 - Door And Stone Tablet

Lan Yutian looked at this strange place in a daze. The Ultimate Void was like an invisible giant beast, throwing everything it couldn't digest here!

"This pagoda of flesh and blood is probably something it can't digest, so it was thrown over as well."

He blinked his eyes and thought to himself, 'What exactly is this place? Where is it located in the Ultimate Void?'

The Ultimate Void only had the Great Overarching Heaven of those who had achieved the Dao, and every Great Overarching Heaven was not in a fixed location. It was extremely difficult to find their current location.

The Ultimate Void's discarded items piled up in a vast area. The flesh and blood pagoda floated silently like this. After an unknown period of time, it encountered countless strange objects. Lan Yutian saw another strange object floating past outside.

It was a door.

Or rather, the door frame, because it was gone.

Lan Yutian looked through the door frame and was stunned. Behind the door frame was not the Ultimate Void, but countless stone tablets!

These stone tablets were exactly the same as the incomparably smooth one he had encountered earlier!

However, the stone tablet had its back facing him, so he couldn't see if there were any words on the front!

'Could that stone tablet have floated out from here? In that case, where did the door go?'

He was still thinking when Qin Mu's voice suddenly rang out. "Brother Yu, I already have the confidence to deal with the Prehistoric Dao Transformation divine art!"

Lan Yutian was delighted. He saw the primordial qi that shrouded Qin Mu's eye surging towards his eye!

Instantly, with this eye as the center, Qin Mu's flesh grew and soon formed his head!

The three eyes on Qin Mu's head opened up, and dense purple qi swirled in his eyes. He revealed an excited expression!

At the same time, the chains inside the flesh pagoda shone brightly. The power of the chains burst forth, suppressing the primordial qi and attacking him!

The flesh pagoda contained the Primordial Dao Transformation divine art that wanted to beat him back into the state of primordial qi, preventing him from reviving!

Qin Mu laughed loudly. He allowed the divine arts of the chains to touch his body, but they couldn't hurt him at all. On the contrary, a purple light shot out from his three eyes and severed the three flesh and blood chains that were close to him!

However, what was strange was that when the flesh and blood chains were severed, flesh and blood would grow. This kind of divine art that transformed the primordial chaos into the path was like a kind of biological divine art that combined the primordial runes of the master of Miro Palace and transformed this divine art into a living body that could grow and repair itself!

It was Qin Mu's first time seeing such a strange divine art, and he was astonished.

Under his head, his neck grew, and his shoulders, chest, arms, and waist also grew by themselves!

Qin Mu raised his hand, and Calamity Sword flew out from the heart of his brows. The sword pierced through the pagoda, and a chain was severed by him. The Dao markings that formed the chain were destroyed, and blood and flesh splattered everywhere.

Right at this moment, a cold wind blew over and stirred the pagoda, causing the exterior of the pagoda to begin to melt.

The pagoda spun and whistled towards the outskirts of the abandoned land.

Ultimate Void was extremely strange. Things that couldn't be void would be sent to this filthy place by the cold wind, but things that could be void would be sent out.

Qin Mu's sword had broken through the flesh and blood pagoda, causing the defensive power of the pagoda to decrease drastically. It started to transform into the void, thus the pagoda was carried away by the cold wind and sent out of this abandoned land.

Qin Mu didn't notice this at all. He continued to absorb the Primordial Violet Vapor while trying to absorb and refine the power of the Primordial Dao Transformation. He said solemnly, "Brother Yu, the cold wind is about to blow into the pagoda. Your cultivation is lacking, so you must be careful hiding in my eyes!"

The cold wind blew past Qin Mu's body and flattened it, almost breaking it into countless particles.

Qin Mu executed the improved Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and forcefully suppressed his corporeal body to resist this terrifying power.

He could barely withstand the cold wind of Ultimate Void, but this wind was pervasive. He was also worried that the cold wind would blow into his third eye and hurt everyone in his eyes.

In his eyes, not only were Lan Yutian and Dutian Devil King, there were also billions of people and gods of Eternal Peace. If they were blown in by the cold wind, they would all turn into nothingness in a short moment and cease to exist!

If he died here, even his soul would turn into nothingness, making it impossible to summon his soul.

Lan Yutian immediately let Dutian Devil King hide in the Bottle of Flask World. He thought about it and didn't follow Dutian into the bottle. If the cold wind blew into Qin Mu's vertical eye, even the Bottle of Flask World wouldn't be able to protect everyone. The world would soon be transformed into the void, and everyone would die in the bottle.

Even though his abilities were inferior to Qin Mu's, they were still extraordinary. His paths, skills, and divine arts were even more profound and mysterious. He planned to stay outside to guard the Bottle of Flask World.

Qin Mu's corporeal body was still growing rapidly as he executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. When the cold wind blew over, his body seemed to be formed by the primordial runes formed by primordial qi. He didn't move at all!

No matter how the cold and lonely wind pulled him, it couldn't turn his corporeal body into nothingness.

However, the Primordial Dao Transformation divine art in the pagoda of flesh and blood also attacked at the same time, resisting these two powers at the same time, increasing the pressure on him!

'I have to quickly grow a corporeal body, otherwise, it will be hard to deal with the situation in front of me!'

Qin Mu executed his primordial qi, and the power of Calamity Sword instantly increased exponentially. Even though his corporeal body had yet to recover completely, the power of his sword path divine art was still stronger than before, making him surprised and delighted.

The chains of the flesh pagoda crumbled even faster, and the chains disintegrated into Dao markings. However, this divine art was designed by Third Young Master to counter him, so he couldn't completely break it in a short time.

Finally, Qin Mu grew two legs, but he had only grown the roots of his thighs before his primordial qi was used up!

Qin Mu stared with his three eyes wide open and shouted, "Brother Yu, I've used up all of my primordial qi! I still haven't formed two legs and primordial spirit! What should I do?"

Lan Yutian examined his surroundings with vigilance in his vertical eye, guarding against the invasion of the cold and silent wind. He hurriedly said, "You used the primordial qi to reconstruct your corporeal body, which is much better than your previous corporeal body. That's why you're expending so much energy. However, don't worry, there's a chaos mine in the ancestral court. You can grow it by absorbing the primordial qi there!"

Qin Mu's head started to ache. Lan Yutian was also an unreliable fellow. Water far away couldn't save a fire near. Even though the primal chaos qi in the mine of the ancestral court was rich, how could he fly over now?

Furthermore, it didn't seem that easy for the primordial qi to turn into Primordial Violet Vapor.

Lan Yutian might know how to transform, but it would take him quite some time to learn from him.


The top of the pagoda of flesh and blood collapsed, and countless chains that carried flesh and blood swept towards him like incomparably thick arms.

Qin Mu wielded his sword and defended with all his might. He severed the chains and tried his best to refine the Primordial Dao Transformation divine art in an attempt to get some primordial qi from the pagoda.

However, the Primordial Dao Transformation divine art was created by the third young master of the Miro Palace, and it was a divine art that targeted him. What was even stranger was that it was a biological divine art that could repair itself, making his refinement progress slow.

He was now using the grandmist aura to evolve his primordial spirit. However, the transformation speed of the grandmist aura was slower, and the cold wind was becoming fiercer. It was hard to refine a bit of grandmist aura, but it would usually disappear when the cold wind blew!


Lan Yutian shouted, "Brother, the door!"

"What door?"

Qin Mu used all his strength to defend against the Prehistoric Dao Transformation divine art, and when he looked out, he saw a huge door that was like a falling leaf in the cold wind.

The door was unbelievably huge, and in his haste, he even saw some strange words on the door, but the time was too short to see them clearly.

"Brother! Keep that door!" Lan Yutian shouted excitedly.

Qin Mu endured the pressure of the Primordial Dao Transformation and rushed into the sky, breaking through the top layer of the flesh pagoda. Countless flesh and blood chains danced behind him as they chased after him.

Qin Mu wanted to run, but his legs were only two inches long, so he couldn't do it at all. He could only curse under his breath and execute the Vaccaria Void divine art. However, the divine art was dissolved the moment it appeared.

He could only use his hands as though they were flying as he sprinted frantically towards the door.


The chains of flesh and blood coiled around him tightly, and the pagoda of flesh and blood flew over once again, pressing down on his body. At the same time, Qin Mu's palm had already grabbed onto the door, and he was immediately pinned down by the pagoda, unable to break free.

"Third young master, your divine art is truly sinister!"

Qin Mu almost vomited blood from the pressure and used all his strength to lift the pagoda up. He shouted, "Brother Yu, is there Primordial Violet Vapor in this door?"


Lan Yutian hurriedly said, "I saw a door in the Ultimate Void earlier. There's no door, so it's most likely this door. That's why I got you to pick it up. Brother, are you okay?"

"I'm fine!"

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and used his primordial qi to execute Calamity Sword. Using qi to manipulate the sword, he stabbed it into the pagoda and said with a hoarse voice, "Calamity Break—"


Sword light burst forth from the pagoda and broke through over a dozen chains of flesh. The sword light came out from the pagoda and stabbed the door with a thud. However, the huge door only gave off a trail of fire and wasn't pierced by Calamity Sword.

Complicated runes appeared at the place where the Calamity Sword had pierced through the door. They flowed continuously and only disappeared after a moment.

Qin Mu was stunned. He didn't have the time to think about using qi to manipulate sword to stab at the flesh pagoda. At the same time, he exerted strength in his arms and threw the pagoda with all his might!

The pagoda broke down and transformed into countless chains of flesh and blood that coiled towards him once again. Qin Mu's feet stomped heavily, and the door flew up with a whoosh. He grabbed a corner of the door with his hands and swung it up like an unbelievably huge divine knife, slashing down on the chains of flesh and blood!

In the past, when he was learning from the nine elders of Disabled Elderly Village, Mute had forged two black iron knives the size of vegetable plates for him. Even though the door was bigger, Qin Mu didn't find it weird to use it!


The countless chains of flesh and blood were actually sliced apart by the huge door. The cold wind blew, blowing the severed chains of flesh apart.

Those flesh and blood chains were like maggots swimming in the ultimate void, trying to put them together. However, there were still quite a number of chains that were completely blown away by the cold wind.

Qin Mu raised the door and used it as a knife. He wielded his knife like lightning and slashed down continuously, slicing apart the gathered Dao chains again!

Finally, along with a violent gust of cold wind, Qin Mu and the broken flesh and blood chains were blown out of the abandoned land!

"Brother! The stone tablet!"

Lan Yutian's surprised voice rang out again, "Stone tablet!"

"What stone tablet?"

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and raised the door to block the cold and lonely wind. He was blown away by the wind until he didn't know where he was. When he looked over in a hurry, he saw a square-shaped stone tablet that was unknown how tall standing in the Ultimate Void. However, his speed was too fast, and the stone tablet soon vanished.

After a long time, Qin Mu finally managed to stabilize himself. He couldn't see the flesh pagoda or the abandoned land around him.

"This door is indeed not bad!"

Qin Mu's upper body was propped up on the door as he exclaimed in admiration. He then felt that his current image seemed familiar.

"I seem to be the same as Grandpa Butcher back then…"

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