Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1645 - Filthy Space

Tai Chu made a prompt decision. He threw the flesh pagoda out of the Grand Overarching Qi Celestial Heavens, then used it to roar out!

'Since I can't stop him from escaping or sink him into the river in time, I'll throw him into the Ultimate Void! Whether the Ultimate Void can destroy him will all depend on luck!'

The Grand Dao of Qi vanished without a trace.

Tai Chu was also worried that if Qin Mu escaped, he would definitely kill him.

If he couldn't win, he could retreat. The Ultimate Void was so vast that as long as he hid, no matter how remarkable Qin Mu's abilities were, he wouldn't be able to find him.

The void was silent, and there was nothing left. Only the pagoda of flesh and blood floated alone in the Ultimate Void.

Qin Mu's voice came from the pagoda, and he said with a smile, "Grand Primordium has left."

The eight-armed devil god, Dutian Devil King, put down his divine bow and said in astonishment, "Pulling the bowstring can really scare him away? He's a Dao practitioner, so how did he become a bird that's startled by the bowstring?"

The bow in his hand was just an ordinary divine bow. The booming sound that came from the pagoda just now was him pulling the bowstring of the divine bow and shooting out a few arrows.

"Tai Chu is a man of great plans. He is fierce and timid. When he sees small benefits, he forgets his life. When he does big things, he cherishes his life."

Qin Mu said calmly, "If you pull the bowstring and shoot a few arrows at him, he will think that I have broken through this Primordial Dao Transformation divine art and undone those chains. He will naturally be like a bird startled by the bow, fleeing in panic. The ten Celestial Venerables are all like this. There are rarely brave and courageous people. Speaking of which, Celestial Venerable Hao is still considered good among them."

It was easy to solve the Primordial Dao Transformation, and Lan Yutian was full of confidence. However, it would take a very long time to actually solve it. By then, the flesh pagoda would have already been sent into the long river of chaos by the Tai Chu. That was why Qin Mu had Dutian Devil God imitate the sound of the Dao chains breaking and scare the Grand Primordium away.

He knew Tai Chu's character very well.

Because Tai Chu was framed by the Grand Emperor, he had no choice but to come out early and become the Grand Emperor's godson. He worked under the Grand Emperor carefully and secretly plotted to get rid of him.

However, after billions of years, he finally got this chance. This chance was given to him by Tai Yi. If it wasn't for Tai Yi's Dao which allowed the ancient gods to resist the Grand Emperor, Tai Chu would probably have endured it.

After Tai Chu became Celestial Emperor, he was full of ambition. However, he was overthrown by Celestial Venerable Yun and Celestial Venerable Hao. After that, he turned into Xiao, living like a housefly, pretending to be polite to other Celestial Venerables. He didn't do anything for a million years.

He wanted to make a comeback, but he had never put it into action. He only cared about hiding his identity.

When Qin Mu was born, Tai Chu had all kinds of plans. They seemed flawless, but they cherished their lives too much, so they were defeated by Celestial Venerable Hao. They had no choice but to submit and let their son Celestial Venerable Hao become Celestial Emperor.

And sometimes, for the sake of small benefits, he actually dared to risk his life!

He was good at scheming, fierce, and timid. He would forget his life when he saw small benefits and cherish his life when he did big things. This was the best evaluation of him!

The Pagoda of Flesh floated quietly in the Ultimate Void. Qin Mu learned from Lan Yutian how to transform his cultivation into Primordial Vital Qi. This Pagoda of Flesh had no one to control it, and it was carried by the cold wind to an unknown place.

How big was the Ultimate Void?

No one could answer this question.

Even Qin Mu only knew that the Ultimate Void was countless times bigger than the known universe, but he didn't know where the boundary of the Ultimate Void was.

There was no substance in the void, and everything here would disintegrate endlessly until it turned into nothingness. The void transformation of the first void wasn't that terrifying, but the deeper one went, the stronger the power of the void transformation. Even Celestial Venerable level existences couldn't stay in the 35th void for long, or else they would be in danger of being turned into void.

The Ultimate Void could only be preserved by those who had achieved the Dao. However, the flesh and blood pagoda was extremely peculiar. It actually blocked the cold wind of the Ultimate Void and formed a barrier to protect the primordial qi that Qin Mu had transformed into and the people of Eternal Peace.

The pagoda floated for an unknown period of time before it suddenly stopped as though it had hit something. It stopped moving.

The pagoda was silent.

Lan Yutian and Dutian Devil King looked out through Qin Mu's eyes and saw that the place where the pagoda had stopped was a ruin. There were broken walls and dilapidated walls everywhere.

There were incomparably ancient buildings here, but they had all collapsed. However, even if the cold wind blew past, it could still melt the ruins.

"The layout of these ruins is like another Jade Capital City!"

Lan Yutian had been to the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court and immediately discovered something. He said in astonishment, "It's just that the layout of the seventy-two halls is different! Strange, could there be a second Jade Capital in this world?"

Just as he was about to examine it in detail, a wave of primordial qi suddenly came from the ruins and blocked their vision.

After a moment, when the cold wind blew away the primordial qi, that strange place vanished.

Lan Yutian clicked his tongue in wonder. The cold wind blew on the flesh pagoda, causing it to continue floating in the Ultimate Void. After an unknown period of time, the flesh pagoda collided with something and made clicking sounds.

Lan Yutian used Qin Mu's eyes to look over and saw a huge skull that was countless times bigger than the flesh pagoda.

There was no more flesh and blood on the skull, only bones left. It was blown away by the cold wind!

However, during the collision with the pagoda, a portion of the blood on the pagoda had stained the skull.

Qin Mu's vertical eye was simply too powerful. Even Lan Yutian could see it clearly through the pagoda. On the surface of the huge skull, the flesh and blood were actually squirming and growing!

Lan Yutian was dumbstruck. He didn't know what was going on with that skull and why flesh could grow when attached to it.

A gust of cold wind blew over, and the flesh and blood on the skull rapidly dissipated. However, there were still some flesh and blood that had already grown out that took the chance to tunnel into the depths of the skull and hide there, trying to avoid the cold wind.

Lan Yutian's heart pounded. "Where did the cold wind send us to the Ultimate Void? Why is there such a strange thing?"

He could no longer see where the skull had been blown by the cold wind. However, from the situation just now, it seemed like there was still some spirit in the skull. There was something resting in the skull, borrowing the flesh and blood of the pagoda to try and revive the corporeal body!

"The Ultimate Void was formed when the universe was created. It could be said to have existed since the origin of the universe. Could there be some prehistoric monster hiding here?"

Just as Lan Yutian thought until here, the pagoda of flesh suddenly stopped again. He hurriedly looked out and saw that the pagoda had crashed into an incomparably smooth stone wall.

That should be a stone wall formed by a piece of Chaos Stone. It was as smooth as a mirror without any flaws!

Lan Yutian tried to control Qin Mu's eyeballs to look up and saw that the stone wall was neat and tidy. He didn't know how long it was, but its width was limited. It was like a long stone tablet that stood alone in the Ultimate Void!

A cold wind blew over, and the pagoda knocked against the huge stone tablet twice before being blown away.

Lan Yutian turned Qin Mu's eyeballs and looked at the back of the stone tablet. There was a line of words written on the back of the stone tablet. They were arranged vertically, and they were dripping with blood. However, those words were clearly not the current words, so he didn't know the meaning behind them.

"What a strange place!"

Lan Yutian's heart skipped a beat. "Where did the cold wind send us? Why isn't Brother awake yet? Is it so hard to comprehend Primordial Vital Qi?"

He frowned and thought to himself, 'I've already imparted what I should teach him, so comprehending it shouldn't be too difficult… It's good that Xu Shenghua is here! I'm not good at teaching, but he's still better at it…'

Right at this moment, the flesh pagoda collided with something again. It was a broken ship that was only left with half of its hull. Its surface was uneven, and some places were extremely sharp, almost piercing through the pagoda.

The flesh on the surface of the pagoda was pierced through and hung on the broken ship.

Lan Yutian suddenly saw a skeleton embedded into the wall of the ship. That should be a person who had achieved the Dao. The skeleton hadn't been melted by the Ultimate Void!

That person who had achieved the Dao was clearly killed by someone. His sternum was split open, and a rusty weapon pierced through his chest.


The skeleton suddenly turned around, and its empty eye sockets looked towards the pagoda as though it could see through everything in the pagoda.

Lan Yutian jumped in shock and hurriedly covered his eyes. After a moment, he peeked out from between his hands.

Dutian Devil King saw the situation and thought to himself, 'Old Master Lan still has the temper of a child, to actually be scared to such a state! What exactly gave him such a scare… Scared!'

He also saw the scene outside, and the hair on his four heads stood up like porcupines.

"It's dead!"

Lan Yutian put down his hands and said to him with a smile, "Don't worry, he's dead! It was the wind that blew his head just now, making me think he's still alive. Strange, when the universe was created, these things should have been destroyed during the creation of the universe. Why would they still be preserved?"

He was puzzled and said in a low voice, "Could the wood of this ship be made from the material of the World Tree?"

He was eager to try and get out of Qin Mu's eyes to check on that broken ship. However, even if he could get out, he couldn't leave the flesh pagoda.

He didn't have the ability.

Furthermore, when he was outside, he couldn't resist the cold wind of the Ultimate Void!

Even though Qin Mu didn't know much about the paths, skills, and divine arts, his cultivation and abilities were much stronger than his. If Qin Mu came back to life, with his abilities, he could go out to explore and investigate the strangeness of this place.

The cold wind blew, and finally, the pagoda swayed and moved away from the broken ship, continuing to drift away.

Lan Yutian looked at the skeleton on the ship and suddenly felt a chill down his spine. He saw that the skeleton was slowly turning its head and staring fixedly at the pagoda!


Lan Yutian's heart pounded wildly, and he hurriedly composed himself.

The pagoda of flesh and blood must have entered some mysterious place in the Ultimate Void by accident. Along the way, it encountered all kinds of strange things!

There were withered Dao Trees, broken divine weapons, and unknown skeletons. He even saw a head stuck on a flag!

This place was like a place where the Ultimate Void piled up useless things. Anything that couldn't be voidized was thrown here!

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