Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1643 - Old Seven And Old Three

There were only twenty-four treasured halls, which represented the twenty-four Dao cultivators of the past universe. These existences were Dao cultivators like Yuan Sage, and they could be said to be the backbone of the Miluo Palace!

For example, Yuan Sages were existences that had lived for three Universal Era. Their strength was definitely much greater than that of Emperor Hao Tian, Tai Chu, and Founding Emperor.

Even though he had died at the hands of the ten Celestial Venerables, that was because he hadn't truly come to this universe. Only when the Dao Fruit Tree descended and was plotted against by Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun had he clashed with Yuan Venerate Nanxiang and suffered severe injuries. That was why he had been killed by the ten Celestial Venerables.

Although the Yuan Sage was dead, the rest of the 72 Halls were still alive.

Emperor Hao Tian and the Grand Primordium had collected a total of fifty-six throne halls. There were still sixteen throne halls left in the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court. Among them was the Hall of Fragrance belonging to Yuandong's Yuan Sage.

Even though Qin Mu mocked these twenty-four prehistoric Dao achievements, he didn't look down on them in his heart.

To be able to achieve the Dao before history and live until now, everyone had extraordinary achievements. Even if they couldn't descend with their true bodies, it was still extraordinary!

Not only were these twenty-four Dao cultivators slightly stronger than before, they were much, much stronger!

The last time they had stopped Qin Mu from achieving the path, their power had come from those treasure halls. Those treasure halls were the seventy-two halls that Qin Mu had comprehended, not the real seventy-two halls.

They took the chance to descend, and their abilities weren't too strong. They could only project their corporeal bodies and Dao Tree and Dao Tree and Dao Flower Dao Fruit.

Qin Mu had also borrowed the cycle of life and death of the divine treasure universe to completely refine and absorb the power projected by them. He had the geographical advantage and the unified advantage of his technique.

Yet now, the treasured hall of these twenty-four Dao successors had truly appeared in one qi Grand Overarching Heaven. Furthermore, this was Grand Primordium's one qi Grand Overarching Heaven, not Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

He didn't have any confidence in defeating these twenty-four Dao cultivators.

More importantly, the Tai Chu was still beside him!

Qin Mu had a smile on his face as he held onto the Calamity Sword without moving.

The twenty-four Dao cultivators also stood there motionlessly.

This time, they didn't let the projections of their Dao Tree, Dao Flower, and Dao Fruits descend, but the treasured halls seemed to come alive. The runes and Dao chains of the treasured halls revived, and they were filled with the unique Dao runes of those who had achieved the Dao!

Their corporeal bodies became stronger, and their abilities were also rising frantically. The runes and chains of the throne hall flew up and tunneled into their bodies to strengthen their power.

Tai Chu felt a powerful force and was secretly shocked. These twenty-four existences were already undying and indestructible. Although they couldn't descend with their true bodies, just by obtaining a little of his blood, they could raise their strength to such a level. They were like twenty-four Celestial Venerables, truly terrifying!

"Tai Chu, you can tell, right?"

Qin Mu smiled and said leisurely, "You and Celestial Venerable Hao have taken the wrong path."

Tai Chu was slightly stunned. "Why do you say that, Celestial Venerable Mu?"

"The results of these twenty-four prehistoric Dao friends' cultivation weren't from the Numinous Sky Hall or the Purple Firmament Hall. Instead, they transformed their paths, skills, and skills into their own halls after they achieved the path."

Qin Mu's gaze swept across the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Lingxu, Hall of Treasure Light, Hall of Brightness, and the other halls. He said calmly, "In their hearts, you and Celestial Venerable Hao aren't on the same side. They haven't imparted the true Jade Capital Succession Dao to you. If it's true Dao Succession, you won't be cultivating the Numinous Sky Hall of Purple Firmament. Instead, you will cultivate your own Hall of Treasures and cultivate your own Emperor's Throne to become your own Dao."

Tai Chu was astonished and kept silent.

Just as Qin Mu had said, the twenty-four prehistoric successors' Great Daos ultimately transformed into their respective treasure halls and not Numinous Sky achieving the Dao through Purple Clouds.

It could be seen that the path he and Celestial Venerable Hao had taken was a trap!

Qin Mu was right. He and Celestial Emperor Hao were merely pawns of the three young masters and four young masters of Miluo Palace. They weren't on the same side.

'However, now that things have come to this, there's no turning back,' Tai Chu thought to himself.

Suddenly, the twenty-four prehistoric successors moved together and attacked Qin Mu from all directions!

This was the first time the prehistoric Great Dao divine arts had appeared in this universe. These existences were all outstanding geniuses in their era. Even though their paths, skills, and divine arts were different from the paths, skills, and divine arts of this universe, their power wasn't inferior at all!

Furthermore, their paths, skills, and divine arts had undergone numerous refinements and were followers of the master of Miluo Palace. No matter if it was in terms of precision or usage, they surpassed the celestial heavens by countless times!

One of them had clearly walked the path of using strength to achieve the Dao, cultivating the corporeal body. His primordial spirit and corporeal body were as close as one, and the strength of his corporeal body was rare.

His moves were similar to the martial path. They were wide and powerful, like a giant that could split the heaven and earth apart. His hands could tear the sun and moon apart, and his palms could split the earth!

Another person walked the path of the precelestial holy flames, and his flames refined into a wind that was hot and silent, surpassing that of Celestial Venerable Huo. His Dao technique distorted space, and with one strike, the flames would melt!

There was another person who walked the path of the Heavenly Dao. His cultivation realm was comparable to that of Ancestral God King, yet his Dao was even more marvelous than that!

The prehistoric successors worked together to attack Qin Mu!

Tai Chu took a step back and suppressed the injury at the heart of his brows, waiting for the right moment.

His injuries were very severe, and his corporeal body could be said to be the strongest corporeal body in the world. The Grand Emperor's corporeal body could sweep through everything without losing, and he only died after being ambushed by Celestial Venerable Ling.

Yet today, Qin Mu had already grown to the extent where he could destroy this undefeatable corporeal body. When he fought with Qin Mu just now, he was almost killed by him!

Not only did he injure his corporeal body, but he also injured his primordial spirit. Qin Mu's Breaking Calamity Sword was good at destroying the Great Dao. When that sword stabbed into the heart of his brows, he suffered a very serious Dao injury.

The instant he retreated, Qin Mu's realm burst forth and spun with a roar, colliding with his Grand Overarching One Qi Celestial Heavens!

Tai Chu's footing was unstable. It took another step back, and the Grand Overarching Qi Celestial Heavens was blown backward by the collision.

When a domain was cultivated to the extreme, it was the Great Overarching Heaven that could be imprinted in the ultimate void. The Grand Emperor's Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven and Founding Emperor's Sword Dao Great Overarching Heaven were both domains.

And now, Qin Mu's divine treasure realm had clashed with Tai Chu's Grand Qi Grand Overarching Heaven, and it wasn't any weaker. This shocked him even more.

'His growth speed is simply too fast. He's only at the 32 heavens of the Dao Realm, yet he has already reached this step. Luckily, he didn't cultivate the Dao Tree…'

Just as Tai Chu thought until here, a World Tree suddenly rose from the ground behind Qin Mu. The unique Dao runes of those who had achieved the Dao filled the air!

The corners of Tai Chu's eyes twitched violently, and he said to himself, 'Not good.'

The appearance of this World Tree caused Qin Mu's aura to rise drastically. He had the bearing of a person who had achieved the path!


Violent tremors traveled over, and Qin Mu's muscles were ferocious. He collided with the prehistoric existence that had achieved the Dao through force, and the instant they collided, the corporeal body of the person who had achieved the Dao exploded, causing flesh and blood to splatter everywhere!

Qin Mu's power surpassed his, and with a punch, he hammered him onto his own treasured hall. The blood that burst out from his fist covered the entire wall!

Tai Chu immediately felt that the corporeal body formed by his blood had all of its spiritual energy wiped out!

One punch, just one punch, and Qin Mu had completely wiped out this existence that was comparable to a Celestial Venerable!

At the same time, the divine arts, paths, and skills of the other twenty-three Dao practitioners bombarded Qin Mu, and terrifying waves drowned him out!

At the same time, the apparition of a Numinous Sky Hall appeared behind the Tai Chu's head. He couldn't help but leap forward and rush into the divine arts of the twenty-three Dao practitioners!

He was astonished. This power wasn't his own, but the power of Numinous Sky Hall!

The Numinous Sky Hall apparition behind his head was given to him by Third Young Master to protect him. He had once used this power to deal with the Grand Emperor and protect himself.

Later on, he obtained his corporeal body and used this power to imprint the Ultimate Void, achieving Zenith Heaven.

When he borrowed this power, he didn't feel anything wrong. However, now that he was controlled by this power and rushed into danger, his blood ran cold.

The more he relied on Third Young Master's power, the more he was controlled by it. It made him feel like he had fallen into a spider's web.

He saw himself executing a divine art. It was an abnormally terrifying divine art. It was ancient and boundless. It was the ultimate power of the Dao of Absolute Beginning. It was a divine art formed by gathering thirty-six heavens of consciousness and one qi of thirty-six heavens, the ultimate divine art of the Dao of Absolute Beginning!

He rushed into the burst of divine arts and saw Qin Mu's tattered figure. Twenty-three people who had achieved the path with the power of a Celestial Venerable had actually failed to kill Qin Mu with their combined attack!

Not only was Qin Mu not dead, he was even executing unchanging divine arts and creation techniques to recover his corporeal body and primordial spirit!

Tai Chu saw his palm push forward, and the power of the Ultimate Path of Absolute Beginning poured out from his palm. It was so overbearing and resplendent. This was the power he had dreamed of, but it made him shudder!

"What is Third Young Master trying to do by controlling my corporeal body?"

His heart was filled with fear. 'He can control my massacre, turning me into his clone and forcing him to descend in advance!'

The moment he stretched his hand out, Qin Mu turned around and raised his hand to meet his palm!

Five red ropes shot out from Qin Mu's palm and passed through the Tai Chu divine art. With a whoosh, they went through the brain of Tai Chu. The red ropes buckled and locked the Numinous Sky Hall behind his head!

"Second Brother, I'll save your life!"

Qin Mu revealed a smile and was immediately shattered into pieces by his attack. He was blown into a lump of primordial qi!

Tai Chu was bewildered, and he immediately felt the power of Qin Mu's strike from the red knot erupting, sending the power that had surged out from the Numinous Sky Hall behind his head back into the hall and sealing it!

"Old Seven, you're still so slippery…" An unfamiliar voice came from the Numinous Sky Hall.

The hairs on Tai Chu's body stood on end, and he immediately felt the power that didn't belong to him rapidly fading away, allowing him to regain control of his corporeal body.

'Both of them are injured, I can take the chance to absorb Celestial Venerable Mu!'

Tai Chu's eyes lit up, and he took in a deep breath, planning to swallow and refine the Grand Primordium Qi that Qin Mu had transformed into.

At that moment, Qin Mu's World Tree swayed, and the Ruins of End burst forth, swallowing all things. The divine treasure realm reopened heaven and earth, and in that instant, he experienced the five changes of the universe!

The Tai Chu Qi in front of Grand Primordium's eyes vanished, and he immediately heard the sound of divine arts colliding behind him. Turning his head back, he saw Qin Mu raising his sword and killing the clone of a prehistoric Dao practitioner!

"Third, this is our first confrontation!"

Qin Mu stabbed through the heart of one of the prehistoric successors' brows and pushed forward with the sword hilt. Another one exploded and turned into chaos. He smiled and said, "When I return to the past, I will personally experience it!"

The sword in his hand flew out and stabbed into the Numinous Sky Hall behind Tai Chu's head. The apparition of the Numinous Sky Hall exploded with a boom!

"I'll wait for you!" A grunt came from the Numinous Sky Hall.

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