Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1644 - Primordial Dao Transformation

When Tai Chu was stabbed by Qin Mu's sword, he only moved his fingers and didn't block it.

With his abilities, it wasn't difficult for him to block Qin Mu's sword. However, under some strange circumstances, he chose to give up.

The apparition of the Numinous Sky Hall crumbled, and he immediately felt the power from the Numinous Sky Hall dissipating.

This Numinous Sky Hall was a power given to him by the third young master of the Miluo Palace and not the Numinous Sky Hall of his celestial heavens. The dissipation of this power made him heave a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he became even more wary of Qin Mu's abilities.

In the Grand Overarching Qi Celestial Heavens, figures moved up and down, and countless chains interweaved. The attacks of the twenty prehistoric Dao successors became extremely peculiar. They didn't seem to be attacking Qin Mu directly, but instead used their corporeal bodies as a medium to execute their treasure halls.

Those throne halls were formed from their own Great Dao. Their achievements were too high, so this body couldn't unleash the power of the throne hall.

Their current bodies were only the corporeal bodies that Tai Chu had used his own blood and used Creation Mysterious Technique to create for them. They were far inferior to the true power of their corporeal bodies.

If the power absorbed from the throne hall was too strong, their bodies would crumble.

They used their bodies as a medium to mobilize the power of their treasure halls with all their might. Their corporeal bodies split apart under the terrifying power, and everyone became drenched in blood. It was as if their bodies could explode at any moment!

Soon, the Great Overarching Qi Celestial Heavens and Qin Mu's divine treasure realm interweaved with one another.

Countless chains combined together like incomparably intricate machines, locking together.

Qin Mu raised his sword and killed several people in a row. He became slightly anxious. There were too many chains, and the incomparably thick chains formed a net that restricted his divine treasures and his movements.

Even his World Tree was bound by these chains!

Qin Mu felt his magic power circulation becoming more sluggish, and his primordial spirit gradually had no room to move.

'This isn't good. The structure of these chains seems to be a divine art that's specially created to target my technique… That's right! I fought with them before I ascended the palace of chaos, and they found out my technique and divine art. They researched my flaws and created a combination attack against them!'

Just as he thought until here, the dozen or so prehistoric successors that had survived suddenly shouted in unison!

"Seventh young master, this is a divine art that third young master created to counter your flaw!"


Countless chains boiled and exploded the bodies of the dozen or so people who had achieved the Dao. Their corporeal bodies exploded one after another, and their flesh and blood mixed with the chains to fuse with them!

Flesh and blood grew frantically on the chains, causing them to become thicker!

The squirming flesh and blood chains instantly froze Qin Mu's divine treasure realm. Qin Mu had 32 heavens of the Dao Realm and 32 layers of divine treasure realm. At this moment, they were all pierced by the chains formed by flesh and blood!

In just an instant, Qin Mu's 32 layered divine treasure realm was covered in rust. The incomparably thick chains were scattered all over the place. Some pierced through the sky, some penetrated the earth, some pierced into the five mines, and some went deep into the abyss of the Ruins of End!

The flesh and blood on the chains stretched out in all directions, causing his domain to rust and pollute the sun, moon, and stars!

Of the dozen or so people who had achieved the Dao, only one of them still had his corporeal body. The others had already exploded and merged into the strange chains, leaving him the only one who was still alive.

"Seventh young master."

That prehistoric cultivator wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and chuckled. He bowed and said, "This is the divine art that Third Young Master prepared for you. Third Young Master wants me to greet you!"

He straightened his back and executed this divine art.

"Primordial Chaos Dao Transformation!"

Countless chains burst forth, and with a boom, Qin Mu's layers of divine treasures instantly collapsed and crushed together!

The collapsed divine treasure realm frantically shrunk back into Qin Mu's body, tunneling into his body along with the flesh and blood chains!

Qin Mu instantly felt the Great Dao in his body going out of control. The Dao runes, Dao runes, and Dao chains disintegrated, and even his primordial spirit was crushed into pieces!


Under the World Tree, his corporeal body exploded and transformed into primordial qi!

This lump of primordial qi was purple, and it was clear. Qin Mu's Great Dao in the purple gas was shattered, and even the Great Dao of the Ruins of End couldn't be preserved!

The power of this strike was truly terrifying. The third young master of Miluo Palace had lost earlier and was plotted against by Qin Mu with the red rope knot. Qin Mu had broken his Numinous Sky Hall apparition with a sword, and now, he had turned the tables!

However, what was strange was that there was an eyeball floating in the Primordial Violet Vapor that Qin Mu had transformed into. That eye suddenly shone, and the Primordial Violet Vapor expanded, absorbing the World Tree into the purple gas!

The branches and leaves of the World Tree floated in the purple gas, and its roots slowly stretched out.

The only thing that wasn't destroyed by this terrifying Primordial Dao Transformation divine art was Qin Mu's eye. Not only did this eye have the easy Dao dew, but it also had a drop of Dao dew from the master Dao Tree of Miluo Palace.

Qin Mu's everything was destroyed and turned into primordial qi. Only this eye was preserved.

This eye became his hope for revival.

"Seventh young master, there's no need to fight!"

The prehistoric cultivator chuckled and tried his best to activate the chains that were wrapped around the World Tree. However, the chains surrounded the Primordial Vital Qi and pierced through it, quickly forming a Primordial Violet Vapor Pagoda that sealed both the Primordial Violet Vapor and the World Tree inside.

Flesh and blood squirmed on the surface of this Primordial Pagoda, and in a short moment, it transformed into a huge pagoda formed from flesh and blood that stood towering in the Grand Qi Overarching Heaven.

The Dao practitioner spat out a mouthful of blood, and his spirits rose. He took a glance at Grand Primordium and said, "Seventh young master has already been suppressed by me. Tai Chu, quickly bring me to your Youdu!"

Tai Chu was puzzled, and he asked, "Dao brother, we can't kill the seventh young master of Miluo Palace, so why don't we sink him into the long river of chaos and bring him to Youdu instead? In my opinion, we should send him into the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court now. I'm afraid that something might happen if we delay!"

That Daoist shook his head and said, "There's a sacrificial formation in Youdu. Third Young Master's goal isn't just to capture him, but to sacrifice him. Even though it's hard to kill him, we can use the sacrificial formation to sacrifice him to the sixteenth era!"

He revealed a smile and was slightly excited. "His power isn't enough to exchange for Third Young Master, but it's enough to exchange for one of Third Young Master's Dao Fruit clones! As long as Third Young Master's Dao Fruit clones come to this world, all the Dao achievements in the entire Jade Capital City can descend…"

Before he could say anything, Tai Chu raised his finger and stabbed the heart of his brows!

The head of the Dao Bearer exploded, and his body swayed as he fell to the ground.

Tai Chu had a gloomy expression as he looked up at the Primordial Chaos Pagoda that was squirming with flesh and blood. Through the squirming flesh and blood chains, he could see the Primordial Violet Vapor inside and the World Tree that was floating in the purple gas.

"If I let Third Young Master descend, I won't be of any use anymore… Now that Emperor Hao Tian is Celestial Emperor and I'm the Grand Imperial Sire, I'm at least second to only one person. Now that Third Young Master is here, if I summon all of you over, won't I have to sacrifice half of the universe to exchange for all of you?"

He walked around the pagoda and asked in a low voice, "At that time, who am I? Do I still have enough benefits?"

He sneered, and the Grand Overarching Qi Celestial Heavens suddenly moved rapidly, carrying him and the Primordial Treasure Pagoda towards the ancestral court.

"Hao'er is still too inexperienced. If it was him, he would most likely agree to exchange Celestial Venerable Mu for the third young master. However, I'm different."

Grand Primordium stood under the pagoda and stared at the floating eye in the purple gas. He said calmly, "I won't do that. I will send Celestial Venerable Mu into the long river of chaos and let him return to the past universe. I will let him fight to the death with the three young masters and four young masters! As for us, we will be able to rule this universe safely."

"Well said."

Suddenly, Qin Mu's voice came from the pagoda. It came from the eyeball floating beside the World Tree.

Tai Chu frowned and touched the sword wound on his forehead. Qin Mu's sword had pierced through his skull, but the injury was still there.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you are actually still alive. This is truly out of my expectations."

Tai Chu sat under the tree and looked up at the pagoda of flesh and blood. He said leisurely, "You're right. I don't have the drive I had in the past, but I'm still alive, and you have become a prisoner."

He smiled slightly. "Now that I'm outside and you are inside, you will soon be sunk into the river by me and sent to the prehistoric times. In this way, you can be your seventh young master in the crumbling universe of the past. This universe doesn't need you anymore."


Qin Mu's loud laughter came from the Primordial Treasure Pagoda, and he said leisurely, "Good plan. However, even if you can send me to the prehistoric universe, you will still be number two, and your son will still be number one."

Tai Chu smiled. "That's hard to say. No matter who I am, you will always be the seventh."

"Not necessarily. Dutian Devil King, please send out Lan Yutian."

In the purple gas, the eyeball suddenly said, "Let him help me solve this Primordial Dao Transformation."

Tai Chu's heart trembled slightly, and he hurriedly got up to look into the pagoda. He saw that the eyeball contained Heaven and Earth Dry Kun, and its internal structure was extremely complicated. There was actually Youdu formed by the horn of Earth Count, Xuandu refined by Heaven Duke, and even a Tai Yi Egg Shell!

In that world, there was a four-headed and eight-armed devil god carrying a jade pot.

That devil god raised the jade pot, and the heavens instantly appeared!

Tai Chu cursed silently. The eight-armed devil god bowed and said, "Master Lan, Cult Master invites you."

"Coming, coming!"

A familiar figure walked out from the heavens. It was Celestial Venerable Yu!

The corners of Tai Chu's eyes twitched. Celestial Venerable Yu, the devil in his heart, the moment he met this person a million years ago, he knew that he was no match for this human youth. He saw the decline of the ancient gods in the future, the rise of the human race and the Postcelestial races, destroying his rule and trampling on the ancient gods!

Therefore, he wanted to kill Celestial Venerable Hao and Son of Heaven Yin to assassinate Celestial Venerable Yu!

And now, that Celestial Venerable Yu had appeared again!

"Primordial Chaos Dao divine art?"

That 'Celestial Venerable Yu' examined the flesh and blood chains with Qin Mu's eyes. After a moment, he said, "Brother, this is a divine art that's targeted at your technique. There's a flaw in your technique, someone has found it!"


Tai Chu was stunned. "Celestial Venerable Yu calls Celestial Venerable Mu big brother?"


Qin Mu said angrily, "I beat them up and they found the flaw. Is there any way to break it? If we delay any longer, Tai Chu will sink us into the long river of chaos!"

Lan Yutian examined him carefully and said, "If Xu Shenghua was here, it wouldn't be hard to unravel this divine art with him. It's a pity that he was abandoned by you in the ancestral court… Brother, don't you know the primordial runes? Isn't primordial qi your forte?"

Qin Mu gave a grunt. "I've only cultivated to the primordial qi because I haven't fully mastered the path of consciousness and the qi of the precelestial. The primordial qi is also mediocre and I haven't cultivated to the primordial qi…"

Lan Yutian said with a smile, "Brother, you're thinking too much. Taiji vital qi, Tai Su vital qi, Tai Shi vital qi, Tai Chu vital qi, and Primordial Vital qi aren't cultivated in order! There's no difference between the five. As long as you comprehend them, you can cultivate them! Let me teach you!"

Tai Chu's expression sank. He took out a Tai Chu Origin Stone and embedded it in the heart of his brows. He utilized his consciousness to blast it into the Primordial Treasure Pagoda, planning to kill Lan Yutian!

Unexpectedly, his consciousness divine art rushed into the pagoda and vanished into thin air. It was swallowed by the pagoda and vanished without a trace.

The corners of Tai Chu's eyes twitched. He repeatedly executed his consciousness, but he was unable to break into the pagoda formed by the Primordial Dao Transformation divine art. He could only grit his teeth and use the Grand Qi Overarching Heaven Net to rush towards the ancestral court!

'As long as I can reach the ancestral court and sink them into the river before Celestial Venerable Yu can solve the Primordial Dao Transformation divine art, I won't have to worry about them causing trouble!'

The Grand Overarching Qi Gods rushed forward like lightning in the Ultimate Void.

However, before he could reach the ancestral court, he heard cracking sounds coming from the pagoda as though something was breaking!

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