Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1642 - The Calamity Sword Breaks Through Tai Chu

Tai Chu's corporeal body was extremely huge. He was the strongest ancient god, even stronger than Heaven Duke and Earth Count. In front of his corporeal body, Qin Mu was insignificant.

Tai Chu's narrowed pupils reflected Qin Mu's tiny figure. However, the seventy-two throne halls behind Qin Mu were extremely huge, even more spectacular than his corporeal body. The primordial spirit that Qin Mu stood in front of the Hall of Chaos was filled with unimaginable divine power.

This power made him feel threatened!

Especially Qin Mu's last sentence, it made his heart waver, and he had a bad association!

Just as his Dao heart wavered, Qin Mu stabbed out with his sword!

Previously, no matter if it was Grand Primordium or Qin Mu, both of them had said a lot. The two of them seemed to be catching up with each other as old friends, but there were hidden meanings in their words.

It was even more dangerous than a huge battle!

They all knew that the other party was strong and didn't have the confidence to win. Hence, they dispelled the other party's fighting spirit before the battle started, weakening the other party's Dao heart and putting immense pressure on the other party's spirit, increasing their chances of victory.

Tai Chu started with Qin Mu's three great defeats, calling him by name. This made Qin Mu realize his stupidity and his invincibility.

If Qin Mu doubted himself, he would have the chance to take the initiative!

Qin Mu's counterattack was also beyond his expectations. He didn't say much and used actions to attack his Dao heart!

Breaking the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge and turning the celestial heavens into an isolated island, the army of the celestial heavens wouldn't be able to invade the Primordial Realm in ten to twenty years. This action solved the threat of the celestial heavens in a short time.

Then there was Little Youdu of the Primordial Realm, and Little Xuandu's appearance, which solved the threat of Celestial Venerable Xu and Ancestral God King of Youdu!

This series of methods dazzled everyone's eyes, finally causing the Dao heart of Tai Chu to suffer a setback.

Tai Chu used words to shake Qin Mu's Dao heart, but Qin Mu used actions to shake his Dao heart. It was more impactful than verbal attacks.

In the end, Qin Mu pointed out that he had become the seventh young master in this universe and showed off his Hall of Chaos, finally shaking the Dao heart of Tai Chu!

If Qin Mu really became the seventh young master in this universe, there would be no more opponents for him in this universe. No matter if it was Tai Chu or Emperor Hao Tian, they would all face the outcome of failure!

He would fail, and the celestial heavens would fail. Once this seed was planted, it would take root and germinate, and it would be unstoppable!

The sword light of Calamity Sword instantly arrived in front of Tai Chu. Tai Chu swung his sword to meet it, and at the same time, he moved back. The sword in his hand was an emperor's sword that was imitated by his own accompanying treasure, and his sword skill was the sword skill he had learned in Eternal Peace.

After Eternal Peace's reform, the Great Dao of Heaven was called.

The divine arts practitioners and gods of Eternal Peace took the responsibility of perfecting the path of Postcelestial as their responsibility. The celestial heavens called it a reform, but to the people of Eternal Peace, it was actually just learning and using what they learned, and there was no improvement.

They used what they had learned in their daily lives, such as forging, medical expertise, painting and art. Among them, the sword path developed the fastest!

No matter if it was Qin Mu, Founding Emperor, Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui, or Old Human Emperor Su Muzhe, they were all great experts of the sword path that had spread their sword path throughout Eternal Peace. As long as they had enough aptitude and comprehension, they could cultivate and develop new sword skills on their foundation!

There were two clones hiding in Eternal Peace in the Grand Primordium. He had learned the sword skills of Qin Mu, Founding Emperor, Jiang Baigui, Su Muzhe, and the rest. He had also learned by analogy and had his own comprehension.

The power of his Sword Dao couldn't be said to be weak. When he executed it with his incomparably dense magic power, the power of his Sword Dao was even comparable to Founding Emperor's!

The sword move he executed was also Founding Emperor's sword move. When he stabbed out 33 heavens, it was breathtaking!

However, his Dao heart had already collapsed, and the power of his Sword Dao instantly weakened drastically. Not only that, but the changes in his Sword Dao also became slightly sluggish!

The instant their sword lights collided, Calamity Sword changed its move and transformed into Calamity Break. In just an instant, the 33 heavens formed by the Tai Chu Emperor Sword were obliterated!

The original body of the Tai Chu Emperor Sword suffered countless attacks and was broken into pieces in his hands!

Tai Chu flicked his finger out of the hilt of his sword, and the qi of nature burst forth. The ten thousand Dao combined into one, transforming into a finger of god. It ignored any changes in Qin Mu's Calamity Sword and pointed forward!


A crisp sound rang out as the tip of his finger and the tip of the Calamity Sword collided. Qin Mu's Calamity Sword light stabbed into his finger, and his sword path was peerless. The sword consciousness that followed his finger went straight to his arm!

His other four fingers moved and brushed past the tip of the Calamity Sword. One finger after another shattered the power of the Calamity Sword!

At the same time, Tai Chu's other hand pressed down. Under his palm, thousands of Dao surged between his palm lines. It was as though there were thousands of heavens and thousands of worlds, and countless gods were under his palm!

This strike was overflowing with divine light, and with a single palm, it fully displayed the majesty of a supreme ancient god emperor!

He was, after all, a great emperor who had ruled over an era, and also a great emperor who had ended an era. The universe's prehistoric and ancient gods were all under his control.

This strike wasn't just the qi of the innate, it was also the Dao of Absolute Beginning. It was a divine art that he had comprehended from the Dao of Absolute Beginning!

Qin Mu pulled out his sword with his right hand, and the tip of the sword shook, transforming into the fusion of the five greats. At the same time, his left hand faced the palm of the Tai Chu!

At the same time, his primordial spirit raised his left hand in front of the celestial heavens' Chaos Hall and did the same thing.

This strike was also the fusion of the five elements!

However, Qin Mu's palm was too small, so it was hard to see the transformation of the divine art. However, the hand of the primordial spirit was countless times larger!

The five fingers of his primordial spirit palm were like the ancestral court, while his five fingers were like the five great mines of the ancestral court. Tai Yi, Tai Chu, Tai Su, Tai Shi, and Taiji were all one!

Their palms collided silently, but boundless light burst forth from their palms, forming a thin, circular blade in the starry sky!

The thin blade didn't have any thickness and expanded rapidly, slicing billions of miles of starry sky in an instant!

Qin Mu leaned back slightly, and the thousands of palaces and halls of the great celestial heavens behind him were scattered. They continuously changed the structure of the celestial palaces, completely erasing the power of this attack.

Tai Chu's heart sank. He took a step back and entered the Grand Qi Celestial Heavens to avoid Qin Mu's Calamity Sword. The five great mines formed by the Calamity Sword attacked the Grand Qi Celestial Heavens and suppressed it slightly.

The five great mines formed by the sword light were like five angry dragons. Even Ultimate Void couldn't destroy this sword skill in the slightest!

'His cultivation is no weaker than mine. Now, he can probably rely on his own power to imprint the void and become a Daoist! Did the 72 Halls bring all of this to him, or was it his chaos hall that brought it to him?'

Tai Chu's gaze landed on the seventy-two throne halls.

No one had ever succeeded in refining the seventy-two halls of the ancestral court, so Qin Mu was probably the number one person in the world.

Emperor Hao Tian only had the cultivation method of fifty-eight throne halls, while the other throne halls were in the hands of Grand Primordium. Even after Emperor Hao Tian ascended to power, Grand Primordium didn't teach him the remaining fourteen throne halls.

If Emperor Hao Tian wanted it, he had to take out enough benefits in exchange!

And this benefit was in the hands of Emperor Hao Tian, the twenty over throne halls that he didn't have.

Thus, up until now, Emperor Hao Tian and Tai Chu had yet to cultivate the 72 halls.

This was because their situation was still the same as before. In the past, the ten Celestial Venerables had been feigning civility with each other, exchanging benefits covertly, fussing over every little thing. They had all wanted to gain more benefits from the other party, all wanting to achieve perfection before the other party. They had all wanted to trap the other party, but they couldn't trust the other party.

Today, they were still living in the same situation as before, but Qin Mu had cultivated the seventy-two halls before them!

The seventy-two halls were the key to supporting the thirty-six celestial palaces!

Even though Qin Mu hadn't cultivated the thirty-six celestial palaces, the thirty-three celestial palaces were still extraordinary. However, the great celestial heavens formed by the thirty-three celestial palaces and seventy-two throne halls couldn't be compared to those who had achieved the Dao.

Hence, Tai Chu suspected that it was Qin Mu's Hall of Chaos that gave him such astonishing magic power.

It was just that he didn't expect that Qin Mu's Hall of Chaos was only a facade. It didn't have a door and couldn't be entered.

Qin Mu was now equivalent to the Numinous Sky Realm and could be called the Chaos Realm. However, his cultivation system was different.

He had a few more realms than Tai Chu.

The original body of the Tai Chu was still cultivating according to the original system of divine treasures and celestial palaces. On the other hand, Qin Mu's realm was a huge realm higher than his original realm.

In the ancestral court, there were also four Heavenly Gates, Heavenly Sea Realm, and Nine Hells Stage Realm. This was something that traditional cultivation systems did not possess.

Qin Mu also used these newly added realms into his celestial palace system. Every celestial palace had a few more realms than the traditional celestial palaces.

In terms of realms, Qin Mu's Chaotic Realm was equivalent to the Dao Flower Realm in the Dao Realm, the same as the Tai Chu.

What was even more terrifying was that Qin Mu had yet to achieve the Dao!

If he achieved the Dao, he would probably be equivalent to a Dao practitioner that had survived several calamities of destruction!

Furthermore, Qin Mu wasn't even prepared to imprint his Dao into the Ultimate Void, increasing the burden of the Ultimate Void. His goal was to imprint his Great Dao into his own divine treasure universe.

He was prepared to use the World Tree in the divine treasure universe as his Dao Tree, forming his own Dao!

This was also the reason why Qin Mu was confident that he could fight with Emperor Hao Tian when he ascended the Chaotic Palace!

Tai Chu executed the Dao Tree, and the branches of the Connate Qi Dao Tree danced in the air, blocking the sword light of the fusion of the five Grand Daos. He raised his hand and pinched the Dao Flower to welcome Qin Mu who had slaughtered his way into the Grand Qi Celestial Heavens!

The Dao Flower spun. It was at the thirtieth level of the Heavenly Dao realm. He had used strength to form the Dao, and his magic power had forcefully transformed into a Dao Flower. It wasn't a Dao Flower cultivated by the Dao realm, but the power of this strike was extraordinary. It could be said that he had used all his strength!

The Calamity Sword stabbed into the stamen, and Qin Mu was exhausted. The Dao Flower spun, and the magic power of the Dao Realm burst forth. Just as it was about to drown Qin Mu, Qin Mu suddenly gave a shout, and the thirty-two levels of the Heavenly Dao Realm all gathered in one palm to strike the sword hilt!


A sword light pierced through the Dao flower and stabbed into the heart of the Grand Primordium's brows. Qin Mu's primordial spirit roared and wrapped his arms around himself, transforming into the abyss of the Ruins of End and forming the Ten Thousand Dao Heavenly Wheel!

Around Qin Mu's primordial spirit, celestial palaces surrounded him, forming an even larger Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel to augment his divine art!

He had already thoroughly comprehended Emperor Hao's technique. This strike of his had the bearing of Emperor Hao Tian!

Boom boom boom—

Wave after wave of Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheels blasted out and imprinted themselves on the heart of the Grand Primordium's brows, causing the Calamity Sword to sink deeper into the Grand Primordium's brain!

Tai Chu stumbled back and leaned against the Dao Tree. Qin Mu raised his hand and pointed forward. The primordial runes condensed at the tip of his finger and transformed into a primordial finger!

His finger landed on the sword hilt, and around the sword hilt was the spinning Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel!


A soft sound rang out as the Calamity Sword pierced through the back of the Grand Primordium's head, nailing him to his Dao Tree!

"Truly powerful. If I hadn't been to the ancestral court, I really wouldn't be your opponent."

Tai Chu struggled, but he couldn't break free from the Dao Tree. He smiled and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you do have the ability to become the seventh young master. No wonder the third young master is so afraid of you."

Qin Mu's pupils contracted, and he executed Calamity Sword. At that moment, the Calamity Sword was shaken off the heart of the Tai Chu's brows and shot backward!

The Dao voice in the heart of Tai Chu's brows trembled, and precious halls flew out to land around Qin Mu!

The twenty-four throne halls of the Jade Capital City surrounded Qin Mu!

In the throne hall, incomparably powerful phantoms walked out one after another. The Grand Primordium severed their wrists, and the blood of the ancient primordial divine dao rained down on the phantoms!

The flesh and blood of those phantoms squirmed, and they gradually gained corporeal bodies.

"Seventh young master."

A woman slowly raised her head, and her gaze landed on Qin Mu. "We meet again."

Qin Mu raised his hand to grab the Calamity Sword that was flying over. With both hands on the hilt of the Calamity Sword, he looked around and said with a smile, "You guys are here to stop me from achieving my Dao again? You've done well this time, using the blood of Tai Chu to transform into a corporeal body. Your abilities are slightly stronger than before."

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