Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1638 - I Have a Dream, Qin Mu's Writing

In the Yu Shi Celestial Heavens, Qin Mu and Celestial Emperor Hao stood in the sky with a hundred important ministers of the celestial heavens behind them. Everyone looked down and saw that the Yu Shi Celestial Heavens, which was originally incomparably rich, was now in chaos.

The Yu Shi World could be said to be one of the few rich worlds in the thousands of worlds. This world was originally known for its forging and was used to supply the celestial heavens' divine weapons. It was a heavenly work of the Yu Shi World, and its forging was exquisite. The artistic attainments of the divine weapons were very high, and their practicality was greatly reduced.

The influential officials of the celestial heavens were proud to have a divine weapon from the Jadeseal Heaven. However, after Eternal Peace's forging rose, it broke the iron rice bowl of the Jadeseal Heaven.

The power of Eternal Peace's divine weapons was strong, and their artistic achievements weren't weak at all. This was especially so for the painting saint of Eternal Peace who had entered the path through painting. He had tens of thousands of disciples, and it was already a compulsory course for all the academies in Eternal Peace to cultivate painting path.

After all, a divine weapon with a better shape would fetch a higher price.

More importantly, Eternal Peace's divine weapons were cheap!

Just like that, quite a number of the manufacturing factories of the Jade Rock Celestial Heavens were crushed within a few decades. The various powers of the celestial heavens would usually choose Eternal Peace as their first choice when making divine weapons. Only the Patriarch Creation Celestial Palace would occasionally hand some unimportant work to the Jade Rock Celestial Heavens to hang on to a few manufacturing factories.

However, when the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court appeared and Shi Qiluo 'died' in the Jade Capital City, the Patriarch Creation Palace had no master, and the only source of wealth in the Jade Rock World was severed.

It had only been thirty years since the "death" of Shiluo, but the Yu Shi Heaven had collapsed.

Originally, it was hard to maintain the Yu Shi World, and the people didn't want to live anymore. There were gods and devils everywhere causing trouble. When the pillar of the Yu Shi World collapsed, the god generals that supported him saw that the people couldn't calm down, so they decided to rebel and kill him, raising the flag.

The celestial heavens had long known about the turmoil in the Yu Shi Celestial Heavens. However, not long after Emperor Hao Tian ascended to the throne, he naturally reported the good news and not the bad news. The turmoil in the Yu Shi Celestial Heavens was suppressed and didn't report to Emperor Hao Tian.

Hegemon Yu Shi was a member of the Heaven Alliance, so his death could no longer be suppressed.

What was even more terrifying was that the rebellion in the Jade Rock Celestial Heavens was only a corner of the heavens and the myriad worlds. At the same time, Shi Xiu, the spirit book, and the spirit abyss also started to show signs of chaos in the other heavens.

If they continued to suppress it, if Celestial Emperor Hao knew about it, someone would definitely lose their head. Thus, the chancellor would report it to Celestial Emperor Hao.

"This world is destined to become a peerless golden age, far surpassing what it was in the past! How can I deal with these crafty people? They can't even endure this bit of hardship."

Emperor Hao walked into the Yu Shi Heaven first, and he saw that there were starving people and refugees everywhere. Most of the people in the Jadeseal Heaven were half-gods, yet they were in a mess.

There were demons running amuck here, and they were burning and pillaging everywhere. Some gods and devils even executed their divine arts to create a sea of fire that spanned ten thousand miles. Some even raised huge waves to drown the cities of the enemies.

When the two rebels fought, they would even summon stars from beyond the sky and smash them into the heavens. It was like the end of the world!

Not all of the Yu Shi Heavens were hungry or cold. On the contrary, some of the influential families still had a lot of wealth. However, they knew that this was a chaotic world, so they moved out of the Yu Shi World to seek refuge elsewhere.

Qin Mu, Celestial Emperor Hao, and the rest had encountered over a dozen of such flying ships along the way. The ships were filled with treasures, and they were currently sailing towards outer space. There were even rebels chasing after them.

The Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge had already been destroyed by the rebel army to prevent the celestial heavens from attacking, so they could only take the path of space migration.

Emperor Hao Tian looked at them coldly and said unhurriedly, "These unruly people always want to rebel when they are unhappy, thinking that I have treated them unfairly. What a heinous crime! Was I the one who caused all of this? I have just succeeded the throne, and they can't even survive after a few years? This was caused by the previous dynasty, yet they pushed the blame onto me!"

The more he spoke, the angrier he became. "It's not that they can't live on, it's just that they saw that I had just ascended to the throne and my foundation was unstable, so they took the chance to extort me! These rebels are all ambitious and parasites of the celestial heavens! This kind of thing can't be tolerated, they must make an example out of me to warn others! Otherwise, once the opening is opened, the other heavens will also come to extort me and ask for benefits! I want them to know that this world isn't theirs, but mine!"

In front of them, two armies of gods and devils were fighting for territory.

Both sides fought until their eyes turned red, and the battlefield almost turned into a sea of blood. There were knife lights and sword shadows, and blood flowed like rivers.

Right at this moment, all of the gods and devils that were fighting suddenly stopped and stood there stiffly. They maintained their fighting posture and didn't move.

All the gods and devils on the battlefield instantly lost all signs of life!

The world seemed to become extremely silent. There was only the sound of the wind and no other sound.

"Celestial Venerable Xu has made his move!"

Emperor Hao Tian revealed a smile, and his body slowly rose up. Qin Mu and the hundred important ministers of the celestial heavens followed him into the sky.

Qin Mu looked around and saw that the city in the distance was the same. The entire city instantly became a city of death. Everyone in the city still maintained their movements when they were alive, but there was no sign of life.

All of the divine kingdoms, all lives, including gods and devil gods, died in an instant.

In an instant, the flowers withered, the trees withered, the beasts crawled, and the birds fell to the ground. Even the water dwellers, fish, and prawns in the rivers and lakes died at the same instant!

The entire Jade Rock Heavens died in an instant. Other than Qin Mu, Celestial Emperor Hao, and the rest, there was no one alive!

Everyone looked around and saw the invasion of the devil qi. The land of the Jade Rock World quickly turned black, turning into a land of darkness. The mountains lost their color, and the rivers, lakes, and seas rapidly turned black. Devil qi filled the air.

They looked up and saw that the stars in the sky were also rapidly dimming. The moon had no light, and the sun was also invaded by the huge darkness, gradually being swallowed up by it.

Yu Shi Heavens, completely dead.

Qin Mu's limbs turned cold.

Even though he had long expected that this would be the outcome of the rebellion of the Yu Shi Celestial Heavens, seeing this scene with his own eyes still gave him incomparable shock and fear!

When Founding Emperor died, he had expected that Eternal Peace would no longer be able to fight with the celestial heavens for Youdu. If they continued to fight with the celestial heavens, Eternal Peace would definitely have the same ending!

That was why his Dao heart had collapsed and was unable to recover. If Dao Ancestor and Brahma hadn't brought the news of the chaotic space, he probably wouldn't have been able to walk out from the collapse of his Dao heart.

The experiences of the Yu Shi heavens confirmed this point.

Emperor Hao Tian laughed and said, "The power of Earth Count is truly a peerless power! With this kind of deterrence, who would dare to rebel? Minister Mu, this is the result of rebelling in the Jade Rock World. If it was Eternal Peace, it would be the same!"

Qin Mu's face was pale. He opened his mouth, but no words came out.

Emperor Hao Tian took in his expression, and he couldn't help but feel high-spirited and in high spirits. He said loudly, "Minister Mu, is this scene warning you? I'm not a incapable ruler like the Grand Imperial Sire. He will feign civility and confer the title of feudal lord, but I won't! Off you go, Shi Xiu Heavens!"

Shi Xiu Heavens.

It was still a silent massacre. In just a short instant, everyone in Yu Shi heavens, be it the rebels, ordinary people, birds, beasts, insects, fish, all died!

The stars withered, the sun went out, and the moon sank into darkness. The entire world fell into a cold silence.

Not only did the celestial heavens have the power to intimidate them, they would also start a massacre!

"Your Majesty, the death of these two heavens is already enough to intimidate all the worlds in the heavens and make the lowly ones not dare to rebel."

Meng Yungui also followed beside Celestial Emperor Hao and bowed. "High Heavens is benevolent, so there's no need to kill anymore. I'm willing to head to the two great heavens, Spirit Book and Spirit Abyss, to make the rebels there surrender and head to the celestial heavens to receive their punishment."


Emperor Hao Tian's face sank, and he said coldly, "Since I've said it, there's no reason for me to take it back! These rebels deserve to die ten thousand times for their crimes. Do they think that I won't pursue their crimes if they surrender?"

Meng Yungui fell silent and didn't say another word.

Spirit Book Heaven, dead.

Spirit Abyss Heaven, dead.

The chaos of the four great heavens was thus quelled.

Emperor Hao Tian glanced at Qin Mu and said, "Minister Mu, if you continue to be stubborn, your Eternal Peace will be equivalent to the four great heavens! I won't give you much time. The contract between the celestial heavens and Eternal Peace is in my chambers of concubines. I'll wait for you to come back and sign your name!" After saying that, he swept his sleeves and led everyone away.

Qin Mu looked at the destroyed Spirit Abyss Heaven and turned to leave the celestial heavens.

Meng Yungui was a step behind and walked beside him. He said in a low voice, "Celestial Venerable Mu, did you expect this day?"

Qin Mu asked in astonishment, "Why did Heavenly Teacher Meng say that?"

Meng Yungui snorted and lowered his voice. "During the Eternal Peace Calamity back then, your plan of forging a country for Eternal Peace was called for forging, but it was actually a drastic measure to break the plan of the celestial currency! You can hide it from others, but you can't hide it from me! I have long seen through your scheme and know that with the rise of Eternal Peace, the other heavens will definitely decline. The heavens that had built their empire back then are now dragged into eternal damnation by your Eternal Peace!"

Qin Mu stopped in his footsteps and said with a smile that was yet not a smile, "Survival of the fittest. Because the other heavens are abiding by the rules and regulations, they can't compete with Eternal Peace. Instead, they are relying on Eternal Peace? If the other heavens had reforms, how would they have fallen into the current state?"


Meng Yungui sneered. "The celestial heavens doesn't allow you to change. If you do, you will die!"

"If I don't change, I'll wish I was dead."

Qin Mu said indifferently, "Heavenly Teacher Meng, you are a human, right? As a human, if you don't consider the human race, why are you speaking up for the half-gods? For the past million years, the human race's situation has been extremely bleak, and it's not like you haven't seen it. Now that we have risen up, we have a few good days ahead of us. We don't want to live well, we just want to be equal to the half-gods. We can't even have this lowly wish?"

Meng Yungui opened his mouth, but Qin Mu didn't wait for him to refute. He continued, "Furthermore, we didn't rely on the half-gods' charity. We relied on our own abilities! The people of Eternal Peace used their hard work and sweat to get to where we are today! Every copper coin earned by the people of Eternal Peace was earned through legitimate transactions! We have already reached this step."

He smiled at Meng Yungui and said softly, "Heavenly Teacher Meng, we have already come this far. We can't go back and continue kneeling."

Meng Yungui's body trembled slightly, and his voice was hoarse. "You want to rebel? Don't you see the outcome of the four great heavens? The human race will be completely destroyed by your hands!"

Qin Mu patted his shoulder and walked past him. "When I was young, I walked out of Great Ruins and met Eternal Peace. I met Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng. I met many simple people who had aspirations. At that time, I had a dream. It was the path of the saint, the everyday use of the common people. It was where everyone worked hard to pursue a better life and a better future."

"I hope that the people in the future will no longer have to worry about whether they will be able to live or not. I hope that they will be able to discover their talents, their interests, and diligently pursue their dreams when they are young."

Qin Mu turned back and looked at him with a smile. "Have you ever had such a dream?"

Tears suddenly welled up in Meng Yungui's eyes, but he suppressed them. He walked past him and said coldly, "You won't succeed!"

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