Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1636 - Two Similar People

"I shouldn't be called Qin Mu, I should be called Qin Chu and Qin Fen!"

Qin Mu clenched his fists. The Hall of Chaos was right in front of him. As long as he stepped into it and ascended the Emperor's Throne, he would be an existence on the Emperor's Throne Realm!

These few days, from the battle of the 72 Successors of Jade Capital City to answering questions on the stone steps, he had exhausted too much energy and time. Luckily, he had relied on the wisdom of the people in the world to help him reach this point.

As long as he ascended the Emperor's Throne of the Hall of Chaos, his celestial palaces of the great celestial heavens, his primordial spirit clones would also enter the Emperor's Throne Realm!

At that time, he would only be a step away from the perfected Celestial Heavens Realm!

He had absorbed the Emperor's Throne techniques of Mistress Yuanmu, Celestial Venerable Hao, and the others. Currently, there were 33 celestial palaces, and he was only three celestial palaces away from the 36 celestial palaces. There were three different types of Emperor's Throne techniques.

As long as he completed these three Emperor's Throne techniques, he could achieve the same thing as Emperor Hao, using strength to achieve the Dao!

Even if he didn't complete it, as long as he reached the Emperor's Throne Realm, he would be much weaker than Celestial Emperor Hao. It wouldn't be difficult for him to press Celestial Emperor Hao to the ground!

Even now, Qin Mu felt that he wouldn't be inferior to those who had achieved the Dao. Even if he couldn't beat Emperor Hao Tian on the ground, he wouldn't lose.

Of course, he had never competed with Emperor Hao Tian before, so he didn't know who was stronger.

He had devoured everyone in the world this time, and his improvement was huge. He definitely had the capital to compete with Emperor Hao Tian!

However, when his gaze landed on the Chaos Hall, he couldn't help falling into a daze.

The hall in front of them was filled with chaos, and there were no doors!

Qin Mu walked forward and circled the hall for a few weeks, but he still couldn't find the door.

This Chaos Hall was worthy of its name, Chaos Hall. There were no doors or windows, only the shape of the main hall. It seemed to be formed from pure chaos, and one couldn't enter it, nor could they see what was inside.

Even if he opened the eye in the heart of his brows, he couldn't see what was inside the hall.

Qin Mu's primordial spirit stretched out his hands and stabbed them into the chaos in the hall. He tried to separate the chaos to find out what was inside, but the primordial qi was incomparably thick. Even if he tried his best, he couldn't separate the chaos in the hall!

He tried again, but it was still difficult to enter.

"Is anyone there?"

He tried to knock on the door and said with a smile, "The person inside, I heard your question. You have asked me so many questions, why don't you open the door and talk face to face?"

No one in the hall replied.

After a long time, Qin Mu sat on the stone steps in a daze. His brows were tightly furrowed, and he would turn back to take a look at the Hall of Chaos from time to time. His brows then became even more tightly knitted.

The Hall of Chaos was located at the highest point of his celestial heavens. Even if he sat in front of it, he could still see the majestic sacred grounds of the celestial heavens.

Among the 33 celestial palaces, there were countless buildings and mountains. They were vast and magnificent, and there were rays of light and clouds of Dao energy floating among the celestial palaces.

Even the Numinous Sky Halls of the celestial palaces were much shorter than this one.

Above his head was Xuandu, and the face of Xuandu's Heaven Duke appeared, blocking out the billions of stars. He was also sizing up this palace of chaos, and he frowned.

This Heaven Duke was also Qin Mu's face, an incarnation of his god.

After a long time, Heaven Duke and Qin Mu's faces vanished.

On the stone steps, Qin Mu propped his chin up with his left hand and thought hard. He didn't know where he had gone wrong and why there was no door to the Hall of Chaos.

Suddenly, a voice came from behind him and said with a long voice, "Chaos Divine is shrouded like an egg, dim and silent. Righteousness is carrying Primordial Chaos! The cycle is solemn."

Qin Mu was astonished and turned his head back to look. He saw a lump of primordial purple light wrapping around a shadow walking out of the chaos.

That voice was the voice of the Dao, and it was used in the Dao language. When the Dao of Primal Chaos was mentioned, there was indeed the Dao of Primal Chaotic Transformation circulating in the Dao voice. When the Dao was said in a daze, it was as if the universe had yet to be opened and the universe had yet to be created!

The voice in the light shadow spoke of the Tai Su Realm, and there was also the Tai Shi Dao circulating around it. Once the Dao was spoken, there would truly be the Dao of Tai Yi hidden within!

Qin Mu stood up and looked at the figure walking out of the Hall of Chaos in a daze. His footsteps were heavy, and his body seemed to have walked from an incomparably ancient era to the present. The light and shadow around him seemed to be passing through great calamities of destruction one after another. The cold light of the cold wind and the flames of the heat wind interweaved endlessly around him.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Mu saw the figure passing through the seven great calamities and getting closer!

And that person's voice also seemed to come from the prehistoric universe. It wasn't the sixteenth universe era, but an even older universe!

"Hidden True Water True Fire, dense fog coiling like ice, central primordial creation Mysterious Technique! All three qi will be split equally."

That figure passed through sixteen great calamities of destruction and finally reached the edge of Qin Mu's Chaotic Palace. Just as he was about to walk out of it, his human voice became clearer. He exclaimed in admiration, "What a Chaotic Hall! Standing at the end of time and space, guiding me here! This is the universe of the seventeenth era, right?"

He stopped in front of the last layer of chaos qi, unable to take another step forward and walk out of Qin Mu's Hall of Chaos.

Qin Mu looked at this figure in a daze, his heart filled with astonishment.

In the already-destroyed Universal Era, there was an incomparably powerful existence that borrowed the chaos qi in the hall to come here when he cultivated to the Chaos Realm!

Of course, this person had come here from the calamities of the universe, using the chaos qi formed from the destruction of the universe as a medium.

Qin Mu's situation was extremely special. His divine treasures had experienced countless life and death situations, and the World Tree in his divine treasures had once entered the Jade Capital of the ancestral court and absorbed the chaotic qi created by the destruction of the universe to strengthen itself. This resulted in his divine treasures being connected to the calamity of the universe eras.

As for his chaos hall, it formed a passageway that connected the great calamity of the universe eras.

Qin Mu hadn't returned to the past universe and hadn't experienced the great calamities of destruction. However, he could imagine such a scene.

During the great calamities that destroyed the universe epochs, countless living beings struggled to survive. The Dao trees behind the Daoists swayed as they tried their best to protect themselves. They also struggled in the calamity.

They looked up and saw the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court floating above the apocalypse. It was a magnificent sight, and even the apocalypse couldn't destroy it!

However, after Qin Mu comprehended the golden lotuses planted in the Ruins of End and completed the life and death of the divine treasure universe, and walked out of his own path, what they saw wasn't just the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court!

They would also see a chaos hall floating above the great calamity of the universe's destruction!

Presumably, this peerless strong practitioner had seen Qin Mu's Hall of Chaos, which was why he had passed through the calamities and tribulations to get to the bottom of it!

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly as he looked at the shadow in the mass of purple primordial light. He already had a guess about the person who had come, but he wasn't sure if it was him.

The figure in the purple light asked, "Dao friend of the future world, it's truly not easy for you to cultivate to this step. Your universe hasn't experienced the calamity yet, right?"

Qin Mu bowed and said, "I'm just learning from the late generation. I'm Qin Mu, Celestial Venerable Mu of Universe 17. Greetings, Dao Brother. Our universe is still at the stage of success, survival, and destruction. We have yet to experience the calamity."

The figure in the purple light was astonished. "To be able to comprehend to this step without experiencing the calamity is truly extraordinary. Dao friend, how did you do it?"

Qin Mu told him about how he had obtained the World Tree and planted the lotus seed of the Ruins of End in his divine treasures. "I even went to the Jade Capital of the ancestral court and learned a lot of things there. After accumulating a lot, I came to this step."

The figure in the purple light was silent for a long time before exclaiming in admiration, "The path you are walking on is truly strange and marvelous, but your thoughts are even more peculiar and marvelous. There might be people who have the same experience as you, but they might not have your marvelous thoughts and achievements."

Qin Mu asked, "Dao brother, I have already walked to the front of Hall of Chaos, but I still can't enter. Why is that?"

"You have an idea, you have a technique, but your Dao is lacking."

The figure in the purple light said, "Even though you comprehended the Dao of Life and Death of the universe and thus cultivated the Hall of Chaos, you have never truly experienced the destruction of the universe, nor have you experienced the creation of the universe. What you have experienced is your repeated simulations and not reality. Therefore, your Hall of Chaos only has the shape but no reality. It only has the shape but no substance, so you naturally can't enter it."

His voice was heavy and powerful as he said neither too fast nor too slow, "If you have experienced the birth and death of the universe a few times, your Dao skills should be perfected."

His voice was filled with anticipation as he said with a smile, "I have never met a weird person like you before, and I don't know what will happen after you achieve the Dao. I see the shadow of my primordial runes in your paths, skills, and divine arts, so you must have been to the Miro Palace before. We can be considered to be fated. If you don't mind, I can lend you a hand and help you return to the universe of the past. You will experience great calamities of destruction one after another to help you achieve the Dao."

Qin Mu asked respectfully, "May I ask who you are?"

"The primordial runes you learned were founded by me."

The figure in the purple light smiled and said, "They call me the master of Miluo Palace. Some call me teacher. Some call me Miluo, Undying Thief. I have many followers and six existences that have received my legacy. They all have their own achievements and are similar to you. Celestial Venerable Mu, are you willing to return to the past?"

Qin Mu was greatly moved.

The figure in the purple light stretched out his hand, and the qi of primal chaos surged and transformed into a palm. The voice of the master of Miluo Palace traveled over. "Hold my hand, and I will bring you into the past. I can impart what I know to you, and you will definitely achieve the Dao in the past universe!"

Qin Mu stretched out his hand. This was a rare opportunity, the best time to become one of the seven young masters of Miluo Palace!

With the master of Miluo Palace guiding him, he would definitely make up for his shortcomings. He would witness and experience those grand calamities of destruction, allowing himself to achieve the Dao and become an eternal existence!


Qin Mu retracted his palm again and said, "Dao brother, there's an Eternal Peace Calamity about to break out. I can't abandon my people and Eternal Peace. I appreciate your good intentions. After the Eternal Peace Calamity, I will return to the past to seek your guidance."

The figure in the purple light retracted his palm and said, "Our personalities are truly similar. Nevermind, after the calamity of Eternal Peace, come to the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court to find me."

His figure vanished.

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