Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1637 - I Won't Sign It!

In Eternal Peace's Dao Sanctuary, Yu Chenzi, Wei Suifeng, and the rest welcomed the negotiators of the celestial heavens. "Dao brothers, please come in."

This time, under the orders of Emperor Hao Tian, the five emperors came to negotiate.

The Inner Seat of the five emperors was an important position in the celestial heavens, and his power was great, second only to the seven dukes.

There were many strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne in the celestial heavens. The seven dukes, the four chiefs, the three masters, the two assistants, the five emperors, and the five emperors were all positions that only strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne could hold.

The five emperors' internal seats and the five emperors were supplementary to the four-colored emperor. If the four-colored emperor died or rebelled, the five emperors' internal seats would be supplemented.

During this negotiation, the celestial heavens had sent the five important ministers of the five emperors' inner seats over, which showed how important they were.

Each of them brought hundreds of followers with them, and they were very powerful. These followers weren't serving them on a daily basis, but were the algebra experts or negotiators of the celestial heavens.

Nian Guanhe, who was in the inner seat of the five emperors, suddenly stopped in his tracks. He saw a young girl walking over with quick steps. She hung a bright mirror on the signboard of the Dao Academy before leaving in a hurry.

Nian Guanhe was astonished. He looked at Yu Chenzi, Wei Suifeng, and the rest who were welcoming him and said with a smile, "Eternal Peace hung a mirror when we arrived. Could it be the demon mirror? Are they trying to force us to reveal our true forms?"

Wei Suifeng laughed loudly and said, "Brother Nian, you're being paranoid. You have the bloodline of the Nian Beast, so who doesn't know? This mirror is a Dao Question, a custom of the Dao Comprehension Academy. It's used for communication. If someone encounters any difficulties in their cultivation and hangs the mirror up, the heroes of the world will try to answer it. The emperor will also transfer a portion of the money from the treasury to reward the person who answers the difficult question handsomely."

"I see."

Nian Guanhe raised his head and examined the mirror. "No wonder Eternal Peace's academic trend is so flourishing. Even Celestial Venerables have to reincarnate to Eternal Peace to seek knowledge."

Suddenly, Meng Xianqiu, who was in the inner seat of the five emperors, said with a smile, "The money in Eternal Peace's treasury is also the money of the celestial heavens. How could Emperor Yanfeng take out the money of the celestial heavens and give it to others as he pleases? He should be executed according to the law!"

Wei Suifeng's expression changed slightly, and he sneered. "Little Meng, Eternal Peace hasn't surrendered yet. If you come to kill the emperor of Eternal Peace, do you believe I'll kill you first?"

"Emperor of Endless Clouds, Eternal Peace has surrendered. Killing your head should only take a word from me, right?" Meng Xianqiu said with a smile that was not a smile.

Yu Chenzi hurriedly said, "The people of Eternal Peace are also the people of the celestial heavens. The emperor gave the money of the celestial heavens to the people of the celestial heavens, but the meat was still left in the pot and didn't leak out. Everyone, please!"

The five ministers in the internal seat of the five emperors laughed loudly. Meng Xianqiu praised, "Yu Chen'zi is still the best at talking. Please!"

Yu Chen'zi bent down and raised his hand with a smile. "Five High Ambassadors, please go first."

Everyone filed in and entered Wen Dao Academy.

Meng Xianqiu sat down and said, "The previous few discussions were slow, and His Majesty was very popular, so he ordered us to work overnight to copy His Majesty's decree. This time, we are not here to negotiate, but to sign the contract!"

Wei Suifeng flew into a rage. He slammed the table and stood up, shouting, "Is the celestial heavens that awesome? They didn't even negotiate and just sent the contract over. Have I surrendered? I haven't! F*cking Celestial Venerable Mu, I'm not surrendering!"

The expressions of the five emperors changed.

Yu Chen'zi slapped the table and said angrily, "Wei Suifeng! Shut up! Celestial Venerable Mu ordered me to take full responsibility for this negotiation with the celestial heavens. You are my subordinate, so why are you complaining when I haven't spoken?"

Wei Suifeng sneered. "Yu Chenzi is a traitor, who doesn't know that? Celestial Venerable Mu is blind. If you were in charge, you would have sold Eternal Peace! You are a spy planted by the celestial heavens!"

Yu Chen'zi was unable to restrain his anger and his entire body trembled from anger.

Wei Suifeng said coldly, "Did the celestial heavens just send the contract over and leave it for my territory? Did they leave it for me? Besides me, there's also Virtuous Earth Sovereign. Can't I ask for some benefits? Prince You Ming is also a famous strong practitioner of the Emperor's Throne. Can't I ask for some benefits? If they don't say anything, just Celestial Venerable Yue, Celestial Venerable Ling, and Celestial Venerable You, where are their benefits? Just sign it. Even if I don't kill you, they will still kill you! Besides, I'm the leader of the Feathered Forest Guards, and I have no less than a hundred thousand elite Feathered Forest Guards under my command. If you let me go to the northwest, I'll just go back and become the king!"

Yu Chen Zi was furious. "Men, beat this guy out!"

Wei Suifeng slapped him and sent him tumbling. Prince You Ming hurriedly stopped him and said slowly, "You guys, don't be noisy…"

Yu Chenzi crawled up and hid behind Prince You Ming. "Prince You Ming, you and the one surnamed Wei are both my assistants. Wei, rebel, take him down!"

Prince You Ming said slowly, "Yu Chenzi, directly signing the contract is indeed inappropriate. It's hard to convince the masses…"

Wei Suifeng's killing intent surged, and he shouted, "Old You, dodge! I'll chop him to death and let Celestial Venerable Mu send another person!"

Prince You Ming said slowly, "Stop fooling around…"

The five emperors frowned, and Nian Guanhe turned to ask his subordinates behind him, "Has the contract set by His Majesty left enough benefits for the rulers of Eternal Peace?"

The retainer shook his head and said in a low voice, "His Majesty has taken away all of Eternal Peace's wealth and power. There are no benefits left."

Nian Guanhe frowned and said to the other great emperors, "No wonder Eternal Peace has such a strong reaction. The contract that Your Majesty has set is indeed inappropriate. I'm afraid it will cause Eternal Peace to rebound."

Meng Xianqiu said, "Since Eternal Peace has rebounded, let's just kill them."

Nian Guanhe shook his head and said, "Your Majesty isn't afraid of Eternal Peace. Your Majesty is afraid of the one who is in seclusion."

He suddenly stopped and didn't continue. "Your Majesty wants to finish everything in one go, but Eternal Peace has many ambitious and ruthless people. If we don't leave some benefits behind, I'm afraid we won't be able to sign the contract."

"I'm rebelling!"

Wei Suifeng's cape fluttered, and he turned to leave. He shouted, "This time, the one with the surname Qin wants to surrender, not the one with the surname Wei. The entire Eternal Peace is already full of complaints! If he doesn't fight, I'll fight for him! I'll go find Celestial Venerable Yue, Celestial Venerable Ling, and Celestial Venerable You to ally with Carefree Village to rebel!"

The five emperors looked at each other. Nian Guanhe stood up and shouted, "Emperor of Endless Clouds, please wait!"

Wei Suifeng stopped in his tracks and snorted angrily. With an unfriendly expression, he said, "What do you want me to do? Do you want to kill me? With the abilities of the five emperors, you might not be able to stop me!"

Nian Guanhe smiled and said, "Since it's a discussion, there's still room for discussion. Emperor of Endless Clouds, there's no need to be anxious. Let me go back and report to His Majesty before making a decision."

Wei Suifeng's expression softened, and he shot a glance at Yu Chenzi. He then flew into a rage and shouted, "If you dare to sell out the benefits of Eternal Peace again, I'll kill you, a spy of the celestial heavens!"

Yu Chenzi said angrily, "I'm a spy of the celestial heavens? What benefits can I gain from being a spy?"

"How would I know? I only heard that the celestial heavens gave you a few heavens. They all said that after this negotiation, you would have to hide and become a rich man!"

The two of them started quarreling and were about to fight again when Prince You Ming stopped them in the middle and said slowly, "Stop talking…"

Nian Guanhe ordered a civil official to head to the celestial heavens to report the problem that Celestial Emperor Hao and the rest had encountered. Celestial Emperor Hao was currently in the Patriarch Creation Palace talking to the newly promoted Patriarch Creation Palace Master, Celestial Venerable Xing An. No outsiders were allowed to enter.

More than ten days later, Celestial Emperor Hao walked out of the Forging Father's celestial palace, looking radiant. It was obvious that he was in a good mood.

The civil official hurriedly went forward and told Emperor Hao Tian about Eternal Peace's negotiation. "Celestial Venerable Mu doesn't ask about the matter, but his subordinates are unwilling to admit defeat and are clamoring to rebel."

"Children who quarrel will have sweets to eat. This is because I didn't give them any benefits. They are quarreling."

Celestial Emperor Hao's judgment was very accurate. He smiled and said, "In that case, I can make some concessions and not force them too hard. If I force them too hard, Celestial Venerable Mu will rebel. Go back and tell the five emperors to relax their conditions. However, you must give them a deadline!"

His expression turned cold, and he sneered. "At the end of this year, they have to sign it for me! If they don't sign it, don't blame me for being ruthless and killing Eternal Peace!"

The civil official left in a hurry and returned to Eternal Peace, repeating Emperor Hao's words to the five emperors.

The internal seat of the five emperors let out a sigh of relief and said, "It's good that Your Majesty is willing to let some benefits come out. That makes it easier for us to talk."

However, the moment this opening was opened, all kinds of stakeholders in Eternal Peace jumped out, planning to take a share of the loot. The Dao Sanctuary was in a foul mood, and the big shots of Eternal Peace were quarreling with the emissaries of the celestial heavens. Even their own people were quarreling.

The five great emperors in the inner seats of the five emperors felt dizzy. The five of them each had a few hundred followers, which added up to two to three thousand people. However, they were also exhausted from the commotion and had no way to deal with it.

It was still not confirmed by the end of the year.

Emperor Hao Tian was unable to restrain his anger. He ordered all the envoys to be summoned back and prepare for battle.

As soon as the order was given, news came before the emissaries of the celestial heavens could return to the celestial heavens. Celestial Venerable Mu was no longer living in seclusion and had come out of seclusion to Eternal Peace. He expressed his willingness to submit and personally led the emissaries of Eternal Peace to the celestial heavens for further discussion.

Emperor Hao Tian ordered the celestial heavens to reorganize the army and prepare for battle at any time, exerting extreme pressure. He also ordered Celestial Venerable Mu to lead the envoys of Eternal Peace to the celestial heavens for further discussion.

After the Spring Festival, Qin Mu led the emissary delegation of Eternal Peace to the celestial heavens. Just as they reached the celestial heavens, Celestial Emperor Hao invited Qin Mu over to have a talk, not allowing him to meet the emissary delegation.

On the other side, the emissary delegation of Eternal Peace was locked up in the Silken Celestial Palace. The celestial heavens sent out tens of thousands of civil officials to prevent the emissaries from resting, sleeping, and giving them food and drink. They negotiated in turns, creating a ruckus in the Silken Celestial Palace.

The envoys of Eternal Peace led by Yu Chenzi, Wei Suifeng, Prince You Ming, and the rest couldn't hold on any longer. They signed the contract one after another, and more than half a year had passed.

Emperor Hao ordered people to store the thick contract in the carriage and send it to the chambers of concubines. It was only done after seven carriages were loaded. He said with a smile, "Minister Mu, the negotiation for Eternal Peace's surrender has been completed. I'm not mistreating you guys. All kinds of benefits, I've given up everything I could. Now it's time for Minister Mu to sign."

Qin Mu flipped through the contracts of the seven carriages and read them one by one. His expression changed slightly, and the more he read, the darker his expression became.

Celestial Emperor Hao saw that his expression was becoming uglier, and he couldn't help but frown slightly.

After Qin Mu finished reading the contract of the seven carts, he waved his sleeves and sneered, "I won't sign this contract! If I don't sign it, no one will be able to sign it!"

Emperor Hao Tian was furious, and he straightened his body. A qi of the Great Overarching Heaven emerged from the Ultimate Void, covering the heaven and earth and the celestial heavens. He said coldly, "Minister Mu, are you not going to sign it? Are you toying with me?"

Qin Mu was neither servile nor overbearing as he said, "Your Majesty has taken away most of the benefits of Eternal Peace. The others are just soup and water, while I have nothing. Does Your Majesty admit that I'm Your Majesty's greatest opponent? Could it be that I'm not even worth a little soup and water? Your Majesty looking down on this humble subject is looking down on yourself."

Emperor Hao Tian's gaze landed on his face, and he looked straight into his eyes. "You have already gone into seclusion, so why do you still need so many benefits? You should let me be at ease, let me rest easy, and not prepare to make a comeback!"

Qin Mu said bitterly, "I still have a big family to feed…"

Emperor Hao Tian laughed from extreme anger. "If you don't sign it today, I'll write an order for Celestial Venerable Xu to wipe out half of the population of Eternal Peace!"

The sealed Dao heart in Qin Mu's body was released layer by layer, and his fighting spirit overflowed into the sky. "I can revive however many you can destroy!"

Emperor Hao Tian was furious, and he sneered. "Do you think I can't deal with your resurrection divine art? I'll send their souls to the Ultimate Void, send them to the Ruins of End, and stuff them into the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, annihilating them completely. Which one can you save?"

Qin Mu's aura weakened.

At this moment, the chancellor of the High Chancellor rushed over with a face full of anxiety. When he saw Qin Mu, he stopped talking.

Celestial Emperor Hao said coldly, "Speak! There are no outsiders here!"

The chancellor hesitated for a moment and said, "Your Majesty, Yu Shi, Shi Xiu, Spirit Book, Spirit Abyss, the four great heavens have rebelled and killed the rulers of these four heavens. They want to swear an oath to suppress the celestial heavens…" After saying that, he took another glance at Qin Mu.

Emperor Hao Tian waved his sleeves and said indifferently, "Today, everything is clear. I'm also a wise ruler of Wushuang. They actually rebelled because of their own selfish desires. They are truly courting death. Pass down my order, let Celestial Venerable Xu destroy them."

He looked at Qin Mu and said with a smile, "Minister Mu, come with me to the four great heavens and see what happens to traitors."

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