Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1574 - Bo Yang's Corpse

The two of them stood on the lotus leaf and couldn't help but feel reverence in their hearts.

There were lotus leaves floating on this sea of chaos. The twin lotuses went deep into the pure darkness and connected to the prehistoric universes. Light would spew out from time to time.

Only by coming here personally would one be able to experience its wonders.

"In that case, we were born even earlier than Heaven Duke and Earth Count. We might even be born much earlier than the so-called Five Ancient Gods…"

Suddenly, Yuanmu's voice rang out, and he muttered, "Sister, it's indeed a loss for you to marry that pervert Tai Chu."

Celestial Empress snorted. "If I'm at a disadvantage, what about you? You're still sticking to me, so shameless."

Mistress Yuanmu giggled non-stop.

Qin Mu's gaze flickered as he examined his surroundings. Suddenly, his gaze landed on a skeleton.

It was an extremely huge skeleton that lay on another lotus leaf. The skeleton was like a mountain, but it was much smaller than the lotus leaf.

There was a Tai Chu Divine Stone on the forehead of that skeleton, and it was still sparkling. Its power hadn't been obliterated by the Ruins of End.

'A master of creation! Could it be Bo Yang?'

He suddenly leaped up and landed beside the skeleton.

Celestial Empress also leaped over and examined the skeleton. She exclaimed in admiration, "Back then, Divine King Bo Yang was thrown here by us to fill up the eye of the sea. I didn't expect that he didn't die in the process of falling and could still persevere until here. As expected of the number one divine king of the primordial era. This kind of strength isn't weak even now."

Qin Mu came to Divine King Bo Yang's side and examined him. As the first master of creation, Divine King Bo Yang's life was full of legends.

He was the first to collect the Tai Chu Divine Stone and discover its secrets.

During that era, the masters of creation weren't masters of creation, but giants of the primordial era. Even though they were born strong and became intelligent, they were still weak when faced with primordial behemoths.

The fierce flood beasts made it difficult for the people of that era to survive. After Bo Yang discovered the secret of the Tai Chu Divine Stone, he selflessly imparted this method to the people of that era, giving them the ability to fight the flood beasts and the ability to subdue ancient gods and create them.

During that period of ignorance, it wasn't easy for them to create a glorious consciousness civilization. This was all thanks to the selfless contributions of this ancient divine king.

"That old thing is a tough nut to crack. We went through a lot of trouble just to kill him."

Mistress Yuanmu kicked Bo Yang's corpse and said, "It's easy to deal with the Grand Emperor. As long as Brother-in-law and Gong Yun sleep together, Gong Yun will destroy the Tai Chu Origin Stone in the heart of the Grand Emperor's brows. However, it's hard to deal with this old thing. He's experienced and his consciousness is boundless. He can see through all our schemes. If we hadn't worked together, the other ancient gods probably wouldn't have been able to deal with him!"

Celestial Empress also thought of that glorious period and sighed. "That should be the last time we sisters will work together, and it will also be our most glorious battle."

Mistress Yuanmu felt the same way. She recalled those times and thought about how the two sisters were like fire and water, which made her sigh.

However, it was hard to undo what had been done. The two of them could never return to the past.

"Sister, you and I can't just waste time like this. You can't refine me to death, and I can't refine you to death."

Mistress Yuanmu suggested, "How about this, you control this body for one day, I'll control for one day, and we'll take turns. As long as we don't meet, we'll slowly remember each other's good points and slowly get rid of the enmity between us. We'll recall our sisterly love, and we might be able to return to the past! What do you think?"

Celestial Empress also seemed to be moved, and she sighed. "That's what I was thinking too. We sisters can't fight anymore. If we can reconcile, who in this world will be our opponent? Since sister has the heart, it's decided."

Mistress Yuanmu blinked her eyes and transmitted her voice to Qin Mu via consciousness, "My good friend, when the old granny is asleep, impart the Dao of reincarnation to me and refine this fellow to death!"

Qin Mu's consciousness rippled slightly. "Don't worry, Mistress Yuanmu, I understand."

Suddenly, Celestial Empress' consciousness rippled, and she sent a voice transmission. "That little slut is temperamental. Celestial Venerable Mu, do you think it's better for a crazy woman to exist in this world, or is it better for a rational person to exist in this world? Celestial Venerable Mu should have made a judgment."

Qin Mu's consciousness rippled. "Goddess, don't worry, I understand."

He suddenly revealed a puzzled expression and looked at Bo Yang's skull. He then looked in the direction of the skull's eye socket and said in astonishment, "Bo Yang seemed to be looking at something before he died?"

Celestial Empress came to the huge skull of Bo Yang and looked at the place he was looking at before he died. However, she could only see the vast chaos. She could only see incomparably thick lotus roots rising from the chaos fog and stabbing into the swirling darkness.

Qin Mu opened up the eye in the heart of his brows and looked over. His heart couldn't help jumping.

He finally saw what Bo Yang saw before he died!

Under the twin lotuses, incomparably thick chains of Dao swirled down and hung down from the entrance of the Ruins of End abyss of the past universe all the way to here.

The chains entered the Chaos Sea and should be connected to the roots of the twin lotuses!

Suddenly, the chains trembled violently and dispersed the chaos fog in the surroundings. It was as though there was a behemoth in the sea of chaos that raised a gale and huge waves!

In the sky above the Chaos Sea, a hot and silent wind instantly blew out, and huge waves overflowed into the sky, lifting up the lotus leaves in the Chaos Sea!

Qin Mu and Celestial Empress stood on the lotus leaf, and they immediately felt their footing unstable. They were almost thrown away.

The two of them hurriedly stabilized their bodies and saw the primordial qi dispersing. A messy head floated up from the roots of the two lotuses that had stabbed into the sea. Countless white hair floated on the sea surface like silver threads.

Those silver hair were like living creatures that swam in the sea and rose up. They continuously stabbed at those chains, trying to sever them!

Countless fine Dao markings appeared on the Dao chains, and they trembled continuously. The sound of the Dao that sounded like a yellow bell suddenly came from all directions. It was as if an incomparably powerful and majestic existence was chanting the supreme Great Dao!


In the chaos sea, a huge head slowly rose up, and her hair fluttered in the wind as she resisted the suppression of the chains. However, the chains passed through her face, entering through her nostrils, mouth, and ears, penetrating out and locking her up tightly.

It was a woman whose physique wasn't any smaller than Sun God King Bo. Because she had been submerged in the Chaos Sea for too long, her face had been eroded by it.

The woman grabbed a lotus leaf and resisted the suppression of the chains. She climbed onto the lotus leaf and took the chance to breathe heavily.

Qin Mu and Celestial Empress were flabbergasted. There was actually someone suppressed in the abyss of the Ruins of End, and this person was actually still alive!

Furthermore, this woman should be a prehistoric cultivator who had been suppressed to the point where the universe was destroyed and a new universe was born. Yet, she was still able to survive. This was truly strange!

"The Dao markings that form the Dao chains are the Dao markings of Miluo Palace!"

Qin Mu's heart jumped as he looked at the Dao markings that filled the sky. The ones that formed these Dao markings were the primordial runes!

"In other words, the master of Miluo Palace sank this woman into the abyss of the Ruins of End. He was afraid that she wouldn't die, so he used his great magic power to suppress her here, hoping to obliterate her!"

He couldn't help being astonished. 'Who is she? Why couldn't even kill the owner of Mi Luo Palace and had to suppress her?'

The woman caught her breath and was pulled by the chains again. She couldn't help sneering and stretched out her hand to grab the stem of the twin lotuses, trying to pull them down to defend against the chains!

Her paths, skills, and divine arts were incomparably powerful. They were actually from the Great Dao of the Ruins of End, but they were even more profound than Celestial Empress' sister!

She pulled the twin lotuses in her hands and activated them. Their power overflowed into the sky and devoured everything, stirring up the entire Chaos Sea!

"The Ruins of End Goddess of the prehistoric universe!"

Qin Mu was astonished. Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu also said in unison, "It's us from the prehistoric universe!"

"No! It's even more perfect than us!"

"She fused perfectly!"

The two women were overjoyed. It was obvious that the woman that was trapped here was extremely powerful. She had already solved the flaw brought by the merging of the sisters of the Ruins of End. She was much more reliable than Qin Mu's Great Dao of Reincarnation!

Qin Mu's heart pounded, and he immediately thought that this woman was more reliable than him. If he solved the problem of Celestial Empress' sister, could he still keep his life?

The woman waved her twin lotuses and fought, doing her best to defend against the chains. However, she soon lost the upper hand.

Even though the master of Miro Palace had died, the Dao chains he had left behind still possessed supreme power. His Miro Palace's Dao markings were mysterious and unfathomable, and even the Ruins of End couldn't devour and refine them.

Suddenly, the woman spoke in the Ruins of End Dao language and shouted, "Are you guys going to continue watching? Aren't you going to lend a hand?"

Celestial Empress was stunned. Qin Mu clenched his fists, his palms covered in cold sweat.


The woman stirred the primal chaos sea, and a lotus leaf floated over uncontrollably. The woman shouted, "Climb onto this lotus leaf, come over quickly!"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment, but Celestial Empress had already jumped onto the lotus leaf.

He gritted his teeth and followed suit.

The master of Miluo Palace must have his reasons for suppressing this prehistoric Ruins Goddess. If Celestial Empress really released this woman, it would be a disaster for Eternal Peace and the entire universe.

No matter what, he had to stop Celestial Empress from doing such a thing!

The lotus leaf floated towards the woman and soon came to the side of the lotus leaf where the woman was. White hair danced in the air and swept them up. In the next moment, Qin Mu and Celestial Empress landed at the woman's feet.

The woman found it harder to defend against the chains. Suddenly, countless markings imprinted themselves on her body and instantly locked her divine arts. The woman couldn't help but let go of the twin lotuses and was pulled into the primal chaos sea.

Celestial Empress was extremely disappointed. Mistress Yuanmu laid on the lotus leaf and shouted, "Senior, how can I save you?"

Qin Mu revealed a fierce gaze and immediately planned to pull out his sword to cut off her neck and send her head into the sea of chaos.

At this moment, Celestial Empress' face appeared behind Mistress Yuanmu's head, looking at him coldly.

Qin Mu slowly let go of the Calamity Sword with a smile.

On the surface of the Chaos Sea, under the huge lotus leaf, the pale face of the woman appeared, and she said, "I'm the second young master of the Miluo Palace. I control the Endless Hall of Miluo Palace and am suppressed here. All you need to do is follow this twin lotus flower and climb up. When you reach the entrance of the abyss of the Ruins of End, you will see a few red ropes hanging down from the abyss. Cut them off and I will be able to escape. Those red ropes were used by the master of Miro Palace to tie me up."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Aren't all young masters of Miluo Palace men? How can there be a reason for women to call them young masters?"

The white hair on the face of the woman under the sea danced in the wind as she said, "The status of a woman is honorable. Let alone calling her young master, it's not impossible to call her old master… Wait a minute, you look familiar…"

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