Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1575 - Silent Reincarnation

Qin Mu's heart leaped, and the face under the sea looked at him. She said faintly, "You are very similar to an old friend of mine."

Qin Mu smiled. Suddenly, his divine treasure realm opened up, and the celestial heavens appeared. His primordial spirit stepped out and stood on the Jade Capital City, executing the divine art of reincarnation.

"Reincarnation is silent, formless and nameless!"

This was his thirty-first great divine art of the Dao Realm. His Jade Capital was reconstructed, and fifty-eight treasure halls constructed the imperfect Jade Capital.

His Jade Capital Realm wasn't perfect. He had originally planned to enter the Jade Capital Realm after completing the seventy-two throne halls. However, this second young master of Miluo Palace had recognized him and forced him to enter the Jade Capital Realm in advance!

His cultivation rose in a straight line, instantly alarming Celestial Empress and Yuanmu.

The two women reached an agreement the moment he made his move. They rose into the air and pounced towards him!

Even though they frequently fought among themselves and wanted nothing more than to kill each other to take over their corporeal bodies, if the enemy was Qin Mu, they would still have a common enemy.

However, at this moment, Qin Mu had already executed his divine art!

The cycle of reincarnation was silent and nameless. It was when he comprehended the reincarnation and the Great Dao of the Ruins of End that he comprehended the 31st heaven of the Dao Realm.

Behind him, a huge wheel of light appeared and spun!

For a moment, space and time were in chaos. In the sky above the Chaos Sea, incomparably thick beams of light shot in all directions, and the sound of Dao rumbled.

Next, with the light wheel at the back of Qin Mu's head as the center, a dazzling light burst forth and swept everything.

After the dazzling light, everything calmed down.

"Senior, how can I save you?" Mistress Yuanmu laid beside the lotus leaf, raising her buttocks as she shouted towards the sea of chaos.

Celestial Empress was in a daze. She suddenly became alert and raised her head to look at Qin Mu coldly.

Qin Mu slowly loosened his grip on the hilt of the Calamity Sword and gave a friendly smile. However, his full beard made his smile look slightly sinister and terrifying.

He was over nine feet tall, and he was tall and sturdy, looking very strong.

Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu naturally recognized this person. He was Celestial Venerable Mu, and he had used his identity to wreak havoc in the celestial heavens. He was also known as' Big Beard Qin Sui '.

The beard on his face was very recognizable and unforgettable.

Although this person looked honest, he was actually an evil person. He had destroyed the relationship between the ten Celestial Venerables and was a great enemy of the ten Celestial Venerables.

At this moment, under the lotus leaf, a huge and pale face appeared at the bottom of the sea. White hair covered the surface of the sea, and the woman said faintly, "I'm the second young master of the Miluo Palace. I control the Endless Hall of the Miluo Palace and am suppressed here. All you need to do is follow this twin lotus flower and climb…"

When the second young master of Miluo Palace said this, she suddenly stopped. He looked at Qin Mu coldly and sneered. "It's really you, Old Seven. You have done something to me and them!"

Qin Mu spread out his five fingers and touched the full beard on his face. He was extremely astonished and asked in a booming voice, "Why does senior say that? That's right, aren't the young masters of Miluo Palace all men…"


The woman under the sea sneered and said, "Old Seven, I also understand your divine art. When you wreaked havoc in the world, I also saw it. I didn't expect you to have such a divine art at such a young age. You can even deceive the Sinkhole's Dao Beings and change their memories. No wonder you can stir up trouble!"

Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu were astonished. Yuanmu smiled and said, "Senior, you might not recognize him. He's Celestial Venerable Mu, a famous bad character!"

The woman under the sea laughed loudly, her voice mournful. "Look at his face, is it this face?"

Celestial Empress and Yuanmu looked at Qin Mu. Qin Mu had a dignified appearance, and even though he had a full beard, he looked very manly.

His skin was a healthy wheat color, and his muscles were like knives and axes. He was the Celestial Venerable Mu they were familiar with.

"That's right, he's Celestial Venerable Mu."

Mistress Yuanmu said with a smile, "I have fought with this brat countless times, how could I forget his face? I like this kind of tasteful man!"

Celestial Empress said indifferently, "Even though Celestial Venerable Mu is good-looking, I can't appreciate such beauty. Stupid man, disgusting."

The woman under the sea laughed from extreme anger. "You guys didn't realize that your memories were tampered with by him using the divine art of reincarnation. Even though you are also gods of the Ruins of End, you have disgraced our Sinkhole lineage!"

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and secretly took a step back.

The power of this second young master of Miro Palace had surpassed his imagination. He could still remember what had happened before the divine art of reincarnation was activated, catching him off guard.

"Old Seven, are you going to break the divine art yourself, or shall I do it?" the woman below the sea said coldly.

Qin Mu forced a smile and said, "Second sister, what are you saying? Why can't I understand…"

Celestial Empress and Yuanmu's faces were one after another. They blinked their eyes in confusion, not knowing what had happened.


In the Chaos Sea of the Ruins of End, countless beams of light rose from the sea and rushed over. The beams of light were incomparably terrifying as they distorted space and time, causing the surface of the sea to distort and spin!

In the next moment, all of the ripples subsided. Qin Mu stood on the lotus leaf, and he was no longer Big Beard Qin Sui. Instead, he had returned to his original appearance. Mistress Yuanmu and Celestial Empress also instantly recalled the previous scene, and they couldn't help but feel fear as they looked at him in horror!

"This child cannot be left alive!" Mistress Yuanmu shrieked.

Celestial Empress said coldly, "I said this a long time ago, yet you still went against me and protected him time again."

They remembered everything that had just happened. From the woman below the sea saying that she knew Qin Mu, to Qin Mu executing the divine art of reincarnation and bringing them to reincarnate, changing their appearance, tampering with their memories, and then to how Qin Mu was exposed by the woman under the sea, all of this was actually caused by Qin Mu's divine art!

This kind of divine art made them feel an incomparably terrifying threat.

Qin Mu rubbed his face resentfully, but there was no beard on his face.

"Old Seven, that's enough. I'm not trying to fight you."

The huge face of the woman under the sea said indifferently, "If I want to kill you, it's as easy as flipping my hand. However, killing you won't do me any good. On the contrary, I need to borrow your power to help me escape."

Qin Mu relaxed, and his gaze flickered. He asked with a smile, "Second sister, what do you mean?"

"If the incomplete Ruins of End Goddess wants to climb up and cut off the red rope, she won't be able to escape death. She will be minced to death by the master of Miro Palace's divine art and won't be able to return alive."

Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu shuddered when they heard that.

They had long expected that this second young master of Miro Palace might have ill intentions, but when they heard her say it herself, they still felt a lingering fear.

The face of the woman under the sea continued to say, "The abilities of the seven young masters of Miluo Palace were all obtained from comprehending the primordial runes. The seven of us are equivalent to the disciples of the master of Miluo Palace. We call him teacher, but he has never recognized us. The things we comprehended from the runes are different, and our achievements are different. However, as his successor, we naturally understand his Dao chains very well."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. The seven young masters of Miluo Palace were all the successors of Miluo Palace's master?

Their paths, skills, and divine arts were comprehended from that rune that the master of Miluo Palace had founded?

It was hard for Qin Mu to say for himself, but he had seen the fourth young master before. He couldn't even destroy the great calamity that destroyed the universe, and he was truly incomparably powerful. In that case, how powerful was the master of Miluo Palace when he was alive?

The white hair of the woman under the sea swayed, and her face slowly swam around the lotus leaf. She couldn't see the body under her face, and she said, "Old Seven, I saw the shadow of his runes from your divine art just now, which means that you have already seen him and received his inheritance. In that case, you might have come back alive after touching his red string. Therefore, you and the Ruins of End Divine Lady can go up and cut off those red strings!"

Qin Mu raised his head to look up, and thick chains of the Miluo Palace descended from the boundless darkness. The darkness swirled, warped, and destroyed everything.

"Second Sister, you said Teacher suppressed you, so why did Teacher suppress you?"

He suddenly asked, "Miluo Palace's master can be said to be the strongest existence in the world. He must have his reasons for suppressing you."

Suddenly, there was a whoosh, and a huge face under the primal chaos sea stood up in front of the lotus leaf. The head of the woman floated out of the sea, and her white hair fluttered in the wind.

The chains of the Miluo Palace passed through her face and locked her in place. The chains started to unleash their power again to limit her abilities.

However, she could still unleash boundless power!

The fact that she used the two lotuses as a weapon had already proved this point!

If she wanted to kill Qin Mu, it would definitely be as easy as blowing off dust!

Qin Mu raised his head and looked straight at her. There was no hint of cowardice in his gaze.

"Bad people are still very manly…" Yuanmu moaned softly.

Celestial Empress snorted. "He doesn't know life from death!"

The woman's fluttering white hair danced around Qin Mu, and the Dao markings that burst forth from the Dao chains locked her in place. They continuously imprinted themselves on her, making her tremble as if she had been struck by lightning. However, her white hair was still incomparably stable and didn't show any signs of disorder.

After a moment, the killing intent in the woman's eyes gradually dispersed and sank back into the Chaos Sea. She said indifferently, "He's crazy. He can do anything. How do I know why he wants to suppress me? Old Seven, your curiosity is too strong. There are some things you shouldn't ask now, but you will know in the future. Why are you in such a hurry?"

She changed the topic and said, "Sacred Lady of the Ruins of End, as long as you go up with Old Seven and cut off the red rope, I will be able to solve your drawbacks. You guys are too useless, to actually make yourselves like this, you are truly throwing the face of the Ruins of End! However, as long as you guys completely fuse, you will become the strongest existence in the world, and no one will be your match!"

Yuanmu and Celestial Empress were moved.

The reason why they had become like this was because the ancient god of taiji had messed around and forcefully fused them together.

However, if this second young master of Miro Palace could solve their hidden danger, all power, wealth, and status in the world would be within his reach!

Qin Mu gave a slight smile. "Second sister, you made empty promises and didn't give us any benefits, so you let us climb up to sell our lives for you. As for whether we can come back alive, it's only your words. How do we know if you are lying to us?"

"Shut up, old thief!"

Celestial Empress scolded, "Old thief Mu, how can you speak to senior like that?"

She turned around and paid her respects to the woman under the Chaos Sea. "Senior, don't blame him. Celestial Venerable Mu is straightforward and doesn't keep his mouth shut. However, his words are coarse and not coarse. He has also voiced our doubts."

Mistress Yuanmu turned around and said with a smile, "Senior, you tricked us into going to our deaths just now, so it's hard to guarantee that you won't lie to us again. It's hard to gain trust from others. Senior, you should teach us the method to solve the hidden danger first, and we will climb up to help senior escape."

Celestial Empress said, "Even though we have cultivated the Great Celestial Heavens, we are still incomplete. Senior, please teach us how to plant the Dao Tree, bloom the Dao flowers, and bear the Dao fruits."

Yuanmu continued, "If senior can give us some pointers, we sisters will be endlessly grateful. We will naturally do anything for you!"

Qin Mu couldn't interrupt at all, and the two sisters had already said everything he wanted to say. He couldn't help being flabbergasted, and he praised in his heart, 'The sisters of Celestial Empress, none of them are easy to deal with!'

He thought for a moment and added, "Second Sister, they have a request. Although we are siblings with different parents, I have a request too. I want a twin lotus flower, what do you think…"

The woman under the sea looked at them coldly and remained silent for a long time.

Celestial Empress' sister and Qin Mu were anxious as they thought to themselves, 'Could it be that we are asking for too much? Isn't it a little too much?'

Just as they were about to ask for less, the woman under the sea said indifferently, "So you guys are still so primitive. Hehe, who said that one has to plant Dao trees, bloom Dao flowers, and achieve Dao fruits to achieve Dao?"

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