Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1573 - Miraculous Ruins Of End

Qin Mu whistled into the darkness, and gradually, light appeared in front of his eyes. The light grew brighter, making him curious.

From the outside, the abyss of the Ruins of End looked like indescribable darkness. There was no light, but the deeper one went, the brighter it became.

These two extremes couldn't have appeared in the same place, but they did.

At the same time, the divine power of magnetism here was also stronger. All the energy of mass was tightly bound together, thus producing supreme heat.

The heat gathered and made him feel the Great Dao runes in his body fluctuating more violently. The Great Dao he had refined seemed to be on fire!

"Cold Silence Wind!" He was terrified.

When he was in the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, he had seen the wind of loneliness.

The cold wind came from the Ultimate Void. Wherever it blew, everything would transform into the Ultimate Void. The substance that constituted the human body was infinitely far away from each other, infinitely thin, without any heat or energy.

When the cold wind blew, everything turned into ashes and vanished without a trace. There was no substance, no energy. No matter how high one’s cultivation was, if they didn’t achieve the dao, they would still die helplessly.

On the other hand, the Raging Tempest was another extreme.

When the wind of loneliness blew past, it would melt the most basic runes that constituted the Great Dao. The Great Dao would completely disperse, and the substance would completely melt, turning into a state of pure energy, a state of chaos.

The Cold Silence Wind could be encountered in the Jade Capital of the ancestral court. It was a great terror that would appear when the great calamity was destroyed.

Even though he had comprehended the life and death of the Ruins of End, the life and death of the reincarnation cycle, it was still extremely dangerous when facing such a situation.

"Strange, the Cold Silence Wind appeared in the Ultimate Void. That place is where those who achieved the Dao imprinted their Great Dao and transformed it into the Great Overarching Heaven. Yet, the Cold Silence Wind appeared in the Ruins of End. Doesn't that mean that the Ruins of End is on par with the Ultimate Void?"

Even though the Raging Tempest was incomparably terrifying, he had already comprehended the Dao of life and death in the Ruins of End. By fusing the two paths of Dao together and supplementing it with the path of reincarnation, he would be able to reincarnate endlessly.

The Great Dao in his body continued to shatter, but it continued to reform and be born. The gravity of the abyss of the Ruins of End brought him to spin crazily and fall rapidly. He tried his best to stabilize his body, but he couldn't.

In the growing light, the huge roots of the two lotuses flashed past him, covered with jagged spikes.

"If this continues, when will it end?"

When he thought of this, he suddenly felt an incomparably strong aura of the great calamity of destruction. His divine arts, paths, and skills rapidly decayed, and his corporeal body withered.

Qin Mu was astonished and regretted jumping into the abyss of the Ruins of End.

However, it was too late for regrets.

He tried to grab hold of the stem of the twin lotuses, but the spikes on them caused the flesh on his hands to turn blurry. However, he was still pulled deeper by the gravity of the Ruins of End.

This kind of place hadn't even been visited by Celestial Empress' sister when she was alive, and he was the first person to enter.

Fear grew in Qin Mu's heart. 'If there's no bottom in the Ruins of End, doesn't that mean I'll fall forever?'

After falling for an unknown period of time, the aura of the great calamity of destruction became stronger, and the light became brighter.

Suddenly, the light gradually became less dazzling, and the falling gradually slowed down.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. "The tide of the Ruins of End is about to erupt!"

The gravity in the abyss became smaller, and the speed at which it fell became slower. Qin Mu knew that this was a rare opportunity, so he immediately rushed down with a roar!

He didn't choose to walk up along the tide and leave the abyss. Instead, he took the chance to sprint to the deepest part of the abyss!

His sprinting speed became faster, but the light in front of him gradually became gentle. Within the gentleness was an extremely sharp edge that was like knife light.

Qin Mu opened up the eye in the heart of his brows and saw that there seemed to be a strange place hidden in the sharp light. It was like a swirling pool of light, but it was extremely huge.

The twin lotuses were rooted in the pool.

At this moment, the tide began.

The light that had settled in the Ruins of End started to spew out, and its speed became faster.

Qin Mu forcefully endured the tide and flew there. However, the impact of the light streams was like countless sharp blades that spun and sliced him apart, blurring his flesh and causing his speed to become slower.

Qin Mu hugged the stem of the twin lotuses tightly and climbed down bit by bit. His corporeal body was already torn into pieces, but under his divine arts, it was continuously reconstructed.

He didn't know how long he had crawled for, but he finally couldn't hold on any longer. He was about to let go of his hands to let himself be washed away by the tide when a huge force enveloped him and resisted the light flow.

Qin Mu turned his head back and saw Celestial Empress behind him. This woman had grown four arms and four legs. She also managed to protect the roots of the twin lotuses and crawled down behind him.

In comparison, Qin Mu's magic power was much inferior to hers. Even though he had comprehended his own path of reincarnation, the path of the Ruins of End, in terms of power, he was inferior to the Ruins of End goddess who had merged into one.

The Ruins of End's goddess was a person who had achieved the Dao, and she was much stronger than him.

At that moment, two faces grew out of Celestial Empress' face. Two faces and four eyes stared at the pool.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you actually found such a place. Even I, the landowner, didn't know there was such a treasure land under the Ruins of End. You are very remarkable." Celestial Empress' voice rang out.

"My lover, I'll protect you. You scout ahead," Mistress Yuanmu giggled.

Qin Mu snorted. He knew that no matter if it was Celestial Empress or Mistress Yuanmu, they both felt that the thing under the Ruins of End was extremely dangerous, so they wanted him to scout ahead. If the danger was too great, Qin Mu would be the one to die.

"I originally wanted to explore this place. With the help of the goddess of the Ruins of End, I can save some effort."

He continued to climb down, and the tide of the Ruins of End became more violent. Even the Ruins of End's goddess couldn't withstand it, and she had no choice but to use all her magic power and strength to resist the tide.

The two of them moved forward with difficulty. After crawling for an unknown distance, they were still very far from the pool.

The Ruins of End Goddess couldn't hold on any longer, and her corporeal body disintegrated continuously. Her cultivation was rapidly depleting, and Mistress Yuanmu shouted, "Stop! We'll enter after the tide is over!"

Qin Mu stopped, and the surging tide became more urgent. The two of them hugged the lotus roots tightly to resist the power of the tide.

Qin Mu counted silently in his heart, calculating the time when the tide would fall.

This tide should be a huge tide that lasted slightly longer than the tide he had experienced before, and its power was also slightly greater. He didn't know what caused the huge tide.

Finally, the power of the surging tide gradually weakened.

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he immediately used his hands and feet to crawl towards the pool at the bottom of the abyss.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you can't escape!"

Celestial Empress' voice rang out as she chased after him like an eight-clawed spider with Yuanmu.

The tide started to fall back, and Qin Mu immediately let out a sigh of relief. He rushed down along the roots and saw that the pool seemed to be formed by pure energy. The closer he got, the brighter the light became.

When he came closer, he saw that the pool was becoming bigger. It didn't look like a pool but a sea. It was a sea of pure energy.

Not only that, he also saw something he had not seen earlier!

He reached the lotus leaf.

A lotus leaf floated on the sea surface beside the twin lotuses.

Qin Mu continued to sprint along the roots. Right at this moment, dazzling light surrounded him, and countless images flashed past.

Qin Mu was stunned. He paid attention to those images and saw the entire universe in the primordial era!

As his footsteps moved, the entire universe was rapidly turning back!

He saw the ancestral court and the celestial heavens leaving the sky above it. They returned to the Primordial Realm and saw the battle of Xuandu. Heaven Duke had revived and fought with the ten Celestial Venerables, and after a few steps, he saw the Primordial Realm returning to its seal.

He then saw the rapid reversal of time, the reappearance of the Great Ruins, and not long later, he saw the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens formed by the 33 heavens. Countless celestial works were used to construct the celestial heavens.

He continued forward, and the 20,000 years of Founding Emperor Era soon reached the place where it started. The Primordial Realm was barren and dark, the ruins of High Emperor Era.

Next, the glorious High Emperor Era appeared. Celestial Venerable Yue, Celestial Venerable Ling, killed Mother Earth and looted the Primordial Tree.

The Primordial Tree rose from its collapsed state. The North and South High Emperor Celestial Heavens fought each other, and half-gods ruled the north. The human race ruled the south, and the High Emperor Era that lasted for three hundred thousand years passed by in a flash.

A wild Crimson Light Era appeared. Light Emperor conquered the extraterritorial celestial heavens, and the celestial heavens plundered Crimson Light Era. Then, Crimson Emperor explored the chaotic space, and Crimson Emperor visualized and comprehended Celestial Venerable Mu's statue in the Primordial Realm.

After that was the Dragon Han Era, where the three heavens fought each other.

Time flowed faster. When they reached the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, spectacular scenes flashed past. Soon, the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens was established, followed by the battle of the Blood Rust Zone. Shu Jun led countless masters of creation to fight against the ancient gods and half-gods, dying in the starry sky.

He then went to Celestial Emperor Tai Chu's killing palace, where Gong Yun ambushed the Grand Emperor and shattered the Tai Chu Origin Stone in the heart of his brows. He fought his way back to the ancestral court, where the Grand Emperor slaughtered the masters of creation.

Billions of years flew by, and they soon reached the five mines where the masters of creation excavated. The first master of creation, Bo Yang, raised his first TAi Chu Divine Stone and embedded it in the heart of his brows.

Finally, Qin Mu saw a huge fire.

It was Tai Yi setting the World Tree on fire!

The blazing flames lit up the primal universe!

Qin Mu saw Tai Yi cutting down the tree again. When he moved forward, the ancestral court was desolate and silent. There was no sign of life.

He finally came to the bottom of the twin lotus roots, and what he saw was actually the evolution of Taiji, Tai Su, Tai Shi, Tai Chu, and Tai Yi.


Qin Mu landed on a lotus leaf, and the light under his feet was no longer dazzling. Instead, it was chaos.

He looked around and saw huge lotus leaves floating on the sea. Lotus roots that were incomparably thick and filled with spikes rose from the sea and stood upright in the darkness.

Qin Mu was stunned and shook his head.

"Little lover boy, run again!"

Celestial Empress also landed on the huge lotus leaf, and Mistress Yuanmu said excitedly, "Now you have nowhere to run, right? Hand over the Dao of reincarnation…"

Her voice gradually lowered as she raised her head to look at the huge lotus roots.

There were a total of seventeen lotus roots, and each one represented a double lotus.

Each twin lotus represented a abyss of the Ruins of End!

In other words, this place was connected to seventeen abysses of the Ruins of End.

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