Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1572 - I Would Rather Die Than Submit

"Celestial Venerable Mu?"

Tai Chu's mind was blown, and he stood there frozen for a long time.

The elder turned his head back and saw that the brain matter on the top of his head was like a boiled bean flower, bubbling and steaming.

"He's also a pitiful fellow who has been scammed by the seventh young master countless times. The seventh young master must have scammed the entire future universe and found it boring, so he returned to our place to continue scamming us."

The elder couldn't help but shake his head and wake him up, preventing him from burning his brain.

Time passed day by day. It would take one to two years for a Celestial Venerable to go from the first to the sixteenth river.

They were a step behind, and Founding Emperor had already followed the old woman to the Miluo Palace.

The magnificence and eternity of Miluo Palace gave Founding Emperor a deep impression. He examined the palaces in the buildings carefully. Every palace had a unique Dao charm that was unforgettable.

These palaces represented different Great Daos of different young masters and different paths. From the Grand Supreme Hall to the Hall of Chaos, the young masters of Miluo Palace had chosen different paths, but from the aura coming from their halls, they had all reached the peak of Dao.

"The Dao pattern on the walls of the Miluo Palace is the Dao pattern that Celestial Venerable Mu mentioned, right?"

Founding Emperor examined the Miluo Palace in the center. It was the residence of the master of Miluo Palace, and the feeling it gave him was even more unfathomable, making people not dare to have any profane thoughts.

That old woman led him forward and said, "Seventh young master came rather late, so his position in Miluo Palace is inferior to the other young masters, and he doesn't have many followers. Because of this, those people criticized seventh young master and framed him with many bad names, but those were all slander."

Founding Emperor frowned. The more this old woman said, the more worried he became.

He didn't know why this seventh young master wanted to see him, nor did he know if he would lay his hands on him if he rejected him.

'Celestial Venerable Mu once warned me not to enter the Jade Capital of the ancestral court. I also warned him not to enter the Ruins of End. Now that I have broken my promise and entered the Jade Capital, I hope he won't break his promise…'

The old woman led him to the Hall of Chaos and grinned. Her mouth leaked air, revealing a few scattered teeth. "Founding Emperor, please."

The door of the Chaotic Palace opened, and a vast aura of chaos surged out from within, exuding an ancient aura.

Founding Emperor composed himself and stepped on the primordial qi to walk into the ancient hall. He thought to himself, 'With our current abilities, we can't fight against the young masters of Miluo Palace, so we need to borrow the power of the other young masters! I hope this so-called seventh young master is easier to fool…'

He walked in the grand hall. It was extremely empty, and the dome was imprinted with Dao markings that even Founding Emperor couldn't understand. They were illusory, like a bunch of stars.

Founding Emperor looked straight ahead and continued to walk forward. He saw that the primordial qi in front of him was like a huge ball that was spinning slowly.

Founding Emperor's pupils contracted, and he saw a strange shadow in the primal chaos sphere. He continued forward, and after a moment, he finally saw an ancient treasure tree in the primal chaos sphere.

A World Tree!

"Is this Miluo Palace's seventh young master a World Tree spirit?"

Founding Emperor was astonished. Only then did he notice a figure under the tree with his back facing him.

The primal chaos sphere split open, revealing a path. Founding Emperor hesitated for a moment before walking into it. Not long later, he came under the tree.

The figure under the tree turned around and smiled at him. "Celestial Venerable Qin, how have you been?"

"You, you…"

Founding Emperor's heart trembled violently, and he looked at that person in a daze. He was speechless.

In the abyss of the Ruins of End.

Qin Mu fell into a collapse, and all of his cultivation collapsed inward. Soon, even the celestial palaces in his divine treasures, the stars, stars, and galaxies in the sky, the heavens, and the myriad worlds, including the ancestral court, Yuandu, Xuandu, and Youdu, all collapsed inward!

The Great Dao of the Ruins of End was mysterious. It was charming, but it was also extremely dangerous to cultivate. Even though the Great Dao runes of the Ruins of End had been deciphered, there were still very few people who could cultivate the Dao of the Ruins of End.

Other than Celestial Empress' sister, there was also Celestial Emperor Tai Chu, Celestial Venerable Hao, and Qin Mu who were proficient in this Dao.

As for others, even if they cultivated it, it would be very difficult to cultivate it. At most, they could only cultivate one or two divine arts.

This was because the path of the Ruins of End was extremely dangerous. If one wanted to cultivate this kind of Great Dao, it was hard to guarantee that they wouldn't be swallowed by the path of the Ruins of End when cultivating.

Soon, the entire Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was swallowed up. Even his primordial spirit, which was explaining the path of reincarnation to Celestial Empress, was pulled in by this terrifying collapse. It distorted and fell into the abyss of the Ruins of End in his body!

The chanting stopped, and Celestial Empress instantly sensed it. She immediately opened her eyes to look at Qin Mu and asked sternly, "Why aren't you continuing?"

Click, click.

Her head spun half a circle, revealing Mistress Yuanmu's face. "Mister Qin, are you trying to hang yourself? You stopped when you mentioned my itchy spot, you are going to suffer the wrath of heaven!"

Qin Mu sat there and didn't say a word. His entire person gave off an empty and boring feeling.

Behind him, only a World Tree was left, swaying its branches slightly.

Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu were astonished and immediately saw that something was wrong with him. The current Qin Mu had no life force at all and had died right in front of them!

Not only did Qin Mu's heart stop beating, even his soul was gone!

His incomparably powerful consciousness was also completely annihilated, as though he had been refined to death by someone using the Ruins of End divine art!

"You killed him?" Celestial Empress was furious.

Mistress Yuanmu couldn't help becoming angry and rebuked, "You were the one facing him just now, and I had my back facing him. If I had killed him, how could I have hidden it from your eyes and senses? Could it have been you?"

"Little slut, I see a chance to refine you to death, so how can I let go of this chance? If I want to kill him, I'll have to wait until I refine you to death!"

The two girls argued for a moment, but there was nothing they could do. Suddenly, Mistress Yuanmu rolled her eyes and giggled. "Qin Lang is dead, leaving us sisters as widows. It makes my heart ache to lose two sisters who are as beautiful as flowers and jade. Even though I find it a pity, I can't revive a dead person. Let us sisters split Qin Lang's assets early and find another good man!"

Even though her words weren't pleasant to the ears, Celestial Empress was rather moved. 'Celestial Venerable Mu is full of treasures, and he's truly a rich man who travels and wears gold and silver. Now that he's dead, it's indeed a good time to split his treasures.'

The two girls immediately came to a consensus and walked towards Qin Mu.

Suddenly, vigorous life force came from the World Tree, and the two girls hurriedly stopped.

Behind Qin Mu, the World Tree danced, and a strange rhythm came from Qin Mu's body. Chaotic qi spread out from it and formed a huge ball around him.

Suddenly, a loud bang that sounded like the splitting of heaven and earth sounded out. The ball split open, and in an instant, the five elements evolved. From chaos to Tai Yi, to Tai Chu, Tai Chi, Tai Su, Taiji.

The state of the five universes was completed in a short instant. Next, boundless space appeared, and countless stars and galaxies flew out from Celestial Empress' side!

In an instant, the ancestral court was born, and all the worlds gushed out to evolve into all kinds of ancient gods, the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, and all living things.

The five huge mines sat in the ancestral court and were connected to it. Ancient gods appeared from the stars, stars, and constellations, each with their own postures. Heaven Duke was in Xuandu, and Earth Count was in Youdu.

Those ancient gods stood in their own territories. When they flew past Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu, the two girls looked at them and saw that these strange ancient gods all had Qin Mu's face.

Even Heaven Duke, who had white eyebrows, white beard, and white eyes, and Earth Count, who had the head of a bull, the face of a tiger, and the tail of a bull, were Qin Mu's faces.

They turned back to look and saw countless runes of the Great Dao connecting and combining behind Qin Mu's head. All kinds of runes combined to form all kinds of strange Dao markings that were like bricks, eaves, and pillars. There were also murals of bells, cauldrons, and screens that overlapped with each other. Soon, huge and spectacular foundations appeared.

The bricks flew and formed dazzling palaces, pavilions, buildings, long bridges, heavenly gates, and divine platforms to construct Jade Capital Divine City.

Another celestial river divination flowed through the Southern Heavenly Gate and into the celestial heavens.

Wherever the celestial river passed, countless buildings rose from the ground. When the celestial river passed by the Jade Capital City, dozens of celestial palaces were already formed.

The celestial river flowed through the Northern Heavenly Gate and connected all the worlds in the heavens. It then flowed down from the sky above the Primordial Realm and entered Youdu to transform into the ghost river.

This ghost river sailed past the feet of Earth Count and Qin Mu, entering the great crack of the Ruins of End and entering the abyss of the Ruins of End.

When the river water poured into the abyss, a slight tremor came from the depths of the abyss. A lotus rose up against the river water, and it swirled and bloomed. On the lotus platform, Qin Mu yawned and slowly woke up.

Qin Mu of the Ruins of End stood up and said in a long voice, "How many tribulations does reincarnation bring? One year old and one year old."

Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu were astonished.

The current Qin Mu seemed to be different from the previous Qin Mu. It was as if the abyss of the Ruins of End had appeared in his divine treasures.

Furthermore, his celestial palaces and celestial heavens were also different from before.

First was the number of celestial palaces.

In the past, Qin Mu only had 23 celestial palaces. Later on, Qin Mu learned his Purple Heavens Blue Skies technique from Celestial Venerable Yun and gained another celestial palace. He then hid in Celestial Venerable Hao's Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel and comprehended his two techniques. He gained two more celestial palaces, which meant that he had 26 celestial palaces.

And now, Qin Mu had two more, reaching twenty-eight!

To have twenty-eight celestial palaces at such a young age was truly unusual!

What was even stranger was that Qin Mu's Jade Capital City was very different from other people's Jade Capital City.

In the celestial heavens of the others, there was a Jade Capital in every celestial palace. However, Qin Mu was the one who formed the Jade Capital City in the fifty-eight throne halls of the celestial heavens. In the other celestial palaces, there was no Jade Capital City!

It could be said that the other celestial palaces were built around the Jade Capital City.

"There's only one Jade Capital City, how did he enter the Jade Capital Realm?" Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu were puzzled.

Suddenly, Qin Mu's primordial spirit rose up from the vast divine treasure. He sat in a lotus position and floated above the celestial heavens, radiating countless rays of light.

Qin Mu stood up and quietly moved back. Unknowingly, he had already reached the edge of the lotus.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, what are you trying to do?" Celestial Empress was the first to come to her senses as she shouted.

Mistress Yuanmu was extremely nervous and shrieked, "Don't do anything stupid!"

"A man in this world would rather die than submit. He would rather break than bend. He would rather take what is right than what is wrong!"

Qin Mu leaped into the Ruins of End and said righteously, "I would rather die than be coerced by you guys!"

The two girls hurriedly rushed to the edge of the lotus and stretched out their hands to grab it, but how could they do so?

Qin Mu fell into the abyss and vanished.

Mistress Yuanmu blinked her eyes and suddenly burst into laughter. "My little lover was still so spineless just now. When did he become so unyielding? Hehe, interesting…"

She suddenly controlled Celestial Empress' body and leaped into the abyss of the Ruins of End!

Celestial Empress cried out in astonishment and wanted to grab the twin lotus flowers, but it was already too late!

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