Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1571 - Prehistoric Evildoers

Ancestral Court Jade Capital City.

A tall figure walked into this ancient god realm. This corporeal body was in tatters, and the top of his head was lifted. His brain was steaming, and there were all kinds of wounds on his body.

Not only that, there was also a sword wound on the heart of his brows. Someone had used a sharp sword to pierce through his skull and planted a sword path Dao Tree in his body.

This Dao Tree would appear in his body from time to time and continuously destroy his corporeal body's functions, making every step he took extremely difficult.

The sword wound caused blood to flow out from his corporeal body. When he took a step forward, the footprints would be filled with his blood, and the wound would never heal.

He was Celestial Venerable Xiao, who had taken back Celestial Emperor's corporeal body. Or rather, he should be called Tai Chu because Celestial Venerable Xiao was already dead as a Celestial Venerable.

Celestial Venerable Xiao's corporeal body had been completely destroyed by Founding Emperor and the rest during the battle in the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven. Now, one of the three souls of Celestial Emperor Tai Chu had entered Celestial Emperor's corporeal body.

Celestial Emperor's corporeal body was his true body.

Tai Chu walked through the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court with difficulty. The surroundings were withered, and there were collapsed buildings everywhere. There was also a cold and lonely wind blowing through the withered Dao trees.

His footsteps were heavy as he avoided Celestial Venerable Ling's attack. After he fell from the Great Overarching Heaven, all kinds of injuries exploded on his body, almost dragging him to death.

He had to avoid the sight of Celestial Venerable Hao and the rest. He was very weak now, and even though his corporeal body still had boundless power, he was no longer invincible. Thus, he had to be careful.

After walking for so long, he finally came to the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court.

Jade Capital City was sealed by the Celestial Venerables, and Celestial Venerable Xiao was one of the former Sealers. They didn't want outsiders to come here.

However, as a former Celestial Emperor, Tai Chu would naturally leave behind a backup plan so that he could enter Jade Capital City.

He went deeper, searching for the long river of chaos. Suddenly, his pupils contracted as his gaze landed on a sword.

It wasn't a sword, but an incomparably strong practitioner of the sword path that had come here. He had once fought here and used his peerless sword path to fight his opponent. As a result, his Dao was imprinted in the Jade Capital of the ancestral court.

Tai Chu let out a shaky breath. "Founding Emperor is also here."

He was alarmed. He wasn't suitable to fight Founding Emperor now. If he met Founding Emperor, he might not be able to protect his life.

He avoided the traces left behind by Founding Emperor and finally came to the long river of chaos.

He was about to cross the river when his pupils suddenly contracted. He saw a figure on the river in front of him with his hands behind his back.

A sword realm formed under the feet of that person, and a river attacked him. The huge hand of a Daoist that had achieved the Dao reached the forehead of that person, but it was pierced by a sword light and sunk into the river.

Tai Chu's pupils contracted, and he said in a hoarse voice, "Qin Ye!"

Founding Emperor turned around and took a look at him. He said indifferently, "Your Majesty Tai Chu, you have gone through so much trouble to come here. You want the so-called Third Young Master of Miluo Palace to repair your corporeal body, right?"

Tai Chu stood on the shore and looked at this man.

Back then, Founding Emperor had returned to the first year of the Dragon Han Era because of Celestial Venerable Ling's divine art. He had participated in the Jade Pool Meeting and fought with Qin Mu, displaying his supreme attainments in divine arts.

Tai Chu was to unify the universe and gather the gods and the various races to host the Celestial Heavens Meeting.

Compared to the Celestial Heavens Meeting, the Jade Pool Meeting was insignificant. However, from then on, he had already noticed this man, and he was stunned by Qin Ye and Qin Mu's divine arts. He was conferred the title of Celestial Venerable and was on par with the Seven Celestial Venerables of Dragon Han.

He never thought that today, this man would become his strongest and most difficult opponent.

"With me around, His Majesty won't be able to cross the river."

Founding Emperor's tone was indifferent. After achieving the Dao, his desire for power had decreased by a lot, and what replaced it was the belief that had always passed through his heart.

He stood on the long river of chaos and was like a long sword that could cut through the ages. It was incomparably sharp and cut through everything, blocking the path of Tai Chu.

"As one of the Five Ancient Gods of this universe, His Majesty shouldn't rely on the successors of the past to achieve his ambitions."

A Dao Sword slowly appeared in Founding Emperor's hand, and he said softly, "If Your Majesty insists, I will have no choice but to bury Your Majesty on this long river."

Tai Chu laughed loudly and walked into the long river. He stood on the surface of the river and faced him from afar.

"Qin Ye, you are indeed very capable. You were the first to achieve the path and amazed me. However, achieving the path in the path of the path isn't the only path to achieve the path. There are other paths to achieve the path, so you aren't invincible."

Tai Chu said indifferently, "Don't forget that your system of Dao Realm is also built on the system of celestial palaces. You also borrowed the power of Jade Capital City and the power of the Numinous Sky Hall to achieve what you have today. If your Numinous Sky Hall was destroyed, would you still have your current cultivation and status? A wise man submits to circumstances. Let me go over."

Founding Emperor didn't move.

A huge celestial heavens formed by thirty-six celestial palaces suddenly appeared behind Tai Chu's head, and the apparition of a Numinous Sky Hall suppressed him. He said solemnly, "In the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, I can borrow the power of the third young master of the Miluo Palace. He can also easily suppress your power and destroy your Numinous Sky Hall! On this river, I'm not afraid of you at all!"

Founding Emperor held down his Dao Sword, ready to strike.

Tai Chu roared, and his voice transformed into the voice of the Tai Chu Dao. It swept up the chaos aura, and his aura surged. His primordial spirit guarded the Numinous Sky Hall, and his power connected all the celestial palaces as he walked forward!

Right at this moment, a light shone over from the vast river of chaos. Tai Chu hurriedly stopped and gathered his power.

Founding Emperor frowned slightly, and his hand was still on the sword hilt. Layers of sword realms overlapped, but he didn't make a move.

They saw a little child carrying a lantern walking out from the depths of the long river of chaos. He rose up step by step and soon reached the surface of the river. The light shone on the two of them.

The little child rose from the long river of primal chaos. When he reached the surface of the river, he was already extremely old. His white hair was gray, and he looked old and frail. When the light shone on their faces, he chuckled and said, "Tai Chu, Third Young Master has ordered me to bring you to the Numinous Sky Hall. Anyone who dares to stop you will die!"

This elder had experienced his childhood and old age, but he seemed to be used to this kind of thing. He didn't care about the incomparably powerful Founding Emperor and didn't take it to heart.

"You are Qin Ye? I advise you not to move, or else with my light, I will reduce your cultivation and strike you down from the great calamity, making your body and Dao vanish as well!"

The elder said in an old and experienced manner, "You also took the path of borrowing the power of Numinous Sky Hall to weaken your Dao. To me, it's the easiest way."

Founding Emperor raised his sword and slashed behind his head. In the celestial palace behind his head, Numinous Sky Hall collapsed!

The elder's pupils contracted, and with a flash of sword light, Founding Emperor's Numinous Sky Hall was shattered by him!

Founding Emperor directly shaved off the Numinous Sky and Emperor's Throne Realms, and his aura dropped slightly. It then expanded again and reached its peak. His Dao skills weren't damaged at all!

"Severing my Dao, are you even worthy?" Founding Emperor looked at him disdainfully.

That elder sneered and said, "The younger generation of the later generations always look down on people with their noses, not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth…"

He was about to make a move when another light shone down from the river. Another woman carried a lantern and walked up from the long river of chaos. That woman was peerless in her beauty, but when she reached the river surface, she had already transformed into an old woman.

That elder looked at the old woman and frowned slightly. He didn't make a move directly.

"Founding Emperor Qin Ye, I'm here to guide you to Miluo Palace."

The old woman smiled. "There's a young master waiting for you there."

Founding Emperor frowned and looked at the old woman, confirming that he didn't recognize her.

That elder sneered and glanced at the old woman. He was rather fearful and said, "Tai Chu, I'll bring you to the Miluo Palace. Third young master already knows your intentions, follow me!"

Tai Chu let out a sigh of relief. He had no chance of winning if he fought Founding Emperor directly. It would be best if he didn't fight.

However, the old woman also came to receive Founding Emperor, which surprised him.

"Qin Ye, you boast of your noble character and unquestionable integrity, but you are just like me, also borrowing the power of Miluo Palace's young master."

He followed the elder past Founding Emperor and stopped behind him. He sneered and said, "You aren't any more noble than me."

Founding Emperor turned around, and so did Tai Chu. Their gazes collided.

The elder stopped and turned around with the lantern. His aura burst forth, and a Dao Tree slowly rose from the long river of primal chaos. Its Dao fruit was in the primordial chaos, and it gave off world-shaking power!

At the same time, the old woman also activated her lantern, and another Dao Tree rose from the river. The Dao Fruit swirled and released a beam of light to confront the elder.

The two of them gathered their strength and stared at each other.

Suddenly, Founding Emperor revealed a smile and said, "May I ask which young master of Miluo Palace wants to see me? Why do you want to see me?"

The old woman's body tensed up, and she stared at the elder without letting go. She said solemnly, "There are seven halls in Miluo Palace. The first young master's Grand Hall, the second young master's Limitless Hall, the third young master's Numinous Sky Hall, the fourth young master's Purple Firmament Hall, the fifth young master has No Hall, the sixth young master's Zhan Ji Hall, and the seventh young master's Chaotic Hall. The one who wants to see you this time is the Chaotic Hall!"

"Chaos Hall?"

Founding Emperor pondered for a moment and said with a smile, "In that case, the seventh young master of Miluo Palace wants to see me. Alright, I'll go with you. Please."

He retracted his aura, and the sword realm vanished. The old woman led the way and said solemnly, "Founding Emperor, please follow me."

They passed by Tai Chu and the elder. Tai Chu smiled and said, "You have also fallen like me."

Founding Emperor ignored him and vanished with the old woman into the chaos aura.

Tai Chu sneered. "Fishing for fame only knows how to flatter yourself!"

He and the elder walked into the depths of the primal chaos and asked, "Dao brother, who is the seventh young master of the Hall of Chaos in Miluo Palace?"

"A Bad person!"

The elder held the lantern and shuddered when he heard him mention the seventh young master of the Hall of Chaos. He said coldly, "A man who commits all kinds of evil! However, Daoist Tai Chu should have heard of him. He's the fellow that sneaked into the prehistoric universe in the seventeenth universe. His reputation is very resounding in your world."

Grand Primordium was stunned. He pondered for a moment and asked in astonishment, "There's such a wicked person in our era?"

"I heard you guys call him Celestial Venerable Mu!" the elder gritted his teeth.

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