Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1500 - The Calamity Divine Sword

It took an extremely long time to forge the thirty-six domains of the divine sword. Even a strong practitioner on the Emperor's Throne like Sakra Buddha Li Youran couldn't forge it forever.

If even he needed to rest several times, the others were even more obvious.

Only Qin Mu was still full of vigor, as though the vital qi in his body would never be exhausted.

East Deity Qing Long regretted coming early, but South Deity had reincarnated and had personally gone to the East Pole to invite him. He had no choice but to come.

However, he was still rather unhappy about the delay.

Qin Mu had invited him over to borrow his power to imprint Qin Mu's qi and blood into the divine sword. This step was to sacrifice the sword. East Deity Qing Long's qi and blood were incomparably deep, and only he could help Qin Mu sacrifice his qi and blood to the sword.

However, only when the divine sword was forged would the qi and blood be required to sacrifice the sword. These days, he could only watch others refine the treasure.

Luckily, the ten Celestial Venerables weren't in the celestial heavens, but in the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court. They hadn't come out yet, so it wasn't a problem for them to leave the East Pole.

After repeated smelting, this divine sword entered one domain after another, and the time it took was astonishing. Gradually, the amount of divine metal and divine materials decreased.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin saw that the seawater in the sea of Heavenly Yin was gradually decreasing, and the sea level was much lower. Her heart ached slightly.

After a few more months, the sword might of the divine sword grew stronger in the land of Dao Fire. Numerous heavenly workers couldn't take it anymore and had no choice but to leave the ancestral land. Only Qin Mu, Mute, and Li Youran could still hold on and continue to forge the divine sword, striving for perfection.

Qin Mu and Mute pushed the power of Dao Fire Ancestral Land to its limits, but even Dao Fire Ancestral Land gradually couldn't soften the divine sword so that it could be easily forged.

South Deity Zhu Que saw the situation and whispered to Yan'er, "Bring me into the ancestral land and block the sword might for me. I'll activate the power of the ancestral land."

Yan'er's body transformed into a dragon sparrow, and she flew into the nine heavens of the ancestral land with her on her back. South Deity Zhu Que released her primordial spirit and stirred the Dao fire. Instantly, the power of the Dao fire increased once again!

Qin Mu and the rest immediately increased their speed and took the chance to forge.

Yan'er tried her best to use her own power to resist the sword might in the Dao Fire Ancestral Land. She could still hold on for a short period of time, but as time passed, it became extremely strenuous for her.

The sword might coming from the incomplete divine sword grew stronger, and the golden qi in the sword was hard to suppress. It formed a natural sword path domain in the surroundings, and the golden qi was like a sword that was pervasive!

Soon, Yan'er was riddled with injuries. South Deity's heart ached when she saw this, but she knew that this was a crucial moment, so she couldn't be careless. She could only focus on activating the power of the Dao fire in the ancestral land.

She was a saint born from the Dao Fire Ancestral Land. Even though her corporeal body had been refined by Celestial Venerable Huo, and her Great Dao had been forcefully seized by Celestial Venerable Huo to become his cultivation, her soul was a spirit born from the ancestral land. Controlling the ancestral Dao fire was still better than Mute.

However, the golden qi here was too strong, and the mother and daughter couldn't last long.

At that moment, West Deity White Tiger suddenly jumped into the ancestral land. The horn sounded, and she tried her best to suppress the sword might. Only then did South Deity and her daughter let out sighs of relief.

However, the sword might grew stronger, and West Deity White Tiger also couldn't withstand it. Its pair of tiger ears kept trembling.


Suddenly, Mute, who had been silent all this while, shouted with a voice that was like thunder. Deity Xuan and Deity Wu looked at each other and immediately used their magic power to wrap up the seawater of the Heavenly Yin Sea. The surface of the sea immediately dropped down!

The seawater transformed into a black tortoise and a flying snake, and under the control of the two deities, they rushed into Dao Fire Ancestral Land.

The sleeves of the two deities fluttered, and all kinds of Dao techniques were imprinted continuously. They used their own Dao skills to fight against the nine heavens of Dao fire in the ancestral land, and cold sweat broke out on their foreheads. "The firepower is too strong. It's hard to suppress it with just the two of us. We should have moved our ancestral land over…"

The two deities looked at each other and suddenly revealed their true forms, transforming into the Black Tortoise Divine Spirit. They stepped on the sea of Heavenly Yin and rushed into the Dao Fire Ancestral Land, sending the water of Heavenly Yin into the nine heavens of the ancestral land to refine their divine swords.

Founding Emperor raised his eyebrows. Even though he wasn't an expert in the path of forging, he could see that Mute didn't say anything because he wanted to control his Dao heart and make it compatible with the Dao Fire Ancestor's land to control the Dao fire to the greatest extent.

As a master of forging, his control over the Dao fire had to be meticulous. If he spoke, he might make a mistake.

Now that Mute had opened his mouth to speak, it meant that the most crucial moment of sword refinement had arrived!

"Is this divine sword finally going to succeed?"

His heart also couldn't help feeling excited. Carefree Sword rang in the sheath as if it was going to fly out of the sheath by itself.

Founding Emperor looked around and saw Village Chief Su Muzhe, Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui, and the thousands of sword experts of Eternal Peace. At this moment, their swords were also ringing. Some of the sword pellets had even lost their masters' control. The sword pellets floated in the air and spun continuously while the divine swords flew slowly in the sky.

When those divine swords flew, they gave off a series of hums as though they were on a pilgrimage!

"This sword is a little too strong."

Founding Emperor was astonished and suppressed his Carefree Sword.

He was a sovereign of the sword path, so if his Carefree Sword also flew out of its sheath and participated in this pilgrimage of ten thousand swords, wouldn't he be considered weaker than Qin Mu?

Even though he had high hopes for Qin Mu and thought that his aptitude and potential were astonishing, in terms of sword path, Qin Mu was still far from it.

In the ancestral land, Qin Mu, Li Youran, and Mute transformed into three towering giants and used their vital qi as hammers to refine that divine sword.

The divine sword was thirty thousand yards tall, and even the three giants seemed extremely tiny in front of it.

The divine hammers they had forged had already been sliced into pieces by the sword might overflowing from the divine sword. Now, only their vital qi could refine the divine sword. However, even the smallest rune particles in their vital qi would be sliced into pieces by the surging sword qi.

The three giants sweated profusely. When Blind saw this, he immediately threw out a formation diagram to cover all the formation masters. Yan Yunxi saw this and couldn't help revealing a look of astonishment. She also stepped into the formation diagram.

When Blind's formation diagram came out, all of the formation masters instantly became a part of the formation. Everyone's magic power gathered and became one, forming layers of celestial palaces that actually formed a huge celestial heavens.

Even Yan Yunxi had become a part of the formation. She raised her head to look down and saw the peaks of the celestial heavens that had raised the formation path to its peak. She couldn't help but exclaim in admiration.

Blind was the center of the formation diagram, and he brought tens of thousands of formation masters into the Dao Fire Ancestral Land. Everyone shouted together and executed the formation, imprinting Qin Mu's Great Dao Domain into the sword.

At the same time, Blind controlled the formation and gathered everyone's power to lay down layers of formations in the vital qi hammers of Qin Mu and the rest, preventing their vital qi hammers from being shattered by the force of the sword!

Qin Mu, Li Youran, and Mute shouted repeatedly. Their huge hammers flew up and down as they continuously hammered the divine sword.

Their qi and blood boiled, and the sweat on their bodies evaporated, turning into white qi that danced around them and fused with their qi and blood. The white dragon passed through the sea of qi and blood and almost materialized!

Their sweat flowed, and dragon roars even came from them!

Suddenly, Mute shouted again, "Sword path refinement!"

The three of them stepped back and gave way.

In the Dao fire, the sword power of that divine sword suddenly broke through the suppression of West Deity White Tiger, causing a bloody mark to appear on its snow white skin.

The moment the sword might broke through the suppression of West Deity White Tiger, a huge hole was opened up in the sky above Heavenly Yin World. Brilliant sword light rushed into the sky and broke through Heavenly Yin World, sweeping across Xuandu.

In Xuandu, the stars suddenly went out one after another. The long galaxy and the celestial river were severed by the sword light, revealing a huge hole that didn't heal for a long time.

West Deity White Tiger gritted his teeth and blew the battle horn in an attempt to suppress the golden qi. At that moment, thousands of divine swords formed a torrent, and the sword path expanded. With a roar, it rushed into the nine heavens of the Dao fire and danced around the divine sword!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Countless crisp sounds erupted at the same time. Those divine swords didn't stab the huge sword, but it was as if they were colliding with the huge sword. In an instant, almost all the divine swords were suppressed.

Suddenly, a sword light flew over, and Founding Emperor Qin Ye pressed his hand on the hilt of Carefree Sword. Carefree Sword didn't leave its sheath, but his body transformed into a sword light!

Founding Emperor strode into the nine heavens of Dao fire as if he was flying. With a clank, Carefree Sword was unsheathed. He followed the sword and leaped up and down around the huge sword. Thirty-five heavens of Sword Dao were executed under his sword.

Ding, ding, ding. The crisp sounds were very slow. Every sword of Founding Emperor accurately stabbed the huge sword, as if he was fighting with a great expert of the sword path.

As his sword path unfolded, the sword might of the huge sword started to retract and shrink towards the sword body.

When his sword path domain was executed, the pressure on the other sword path experts instantly decreased drastically. They executed the sword path that they had comprehended, and the power of thousands of divine swords burst forth. All of them had extraordinary points.

Among them, Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui and Village Chief Su Muzhe's Sword Dao Domain were the most eye-catching.

Mute shouted, "Mu'er, imprint your qi and blood!"

Qin Mu's divine treasure realm expanded, and he executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. Violent qi and blood rushed into the sky and roared into the huge sword!

However, even though his qi and blood were incomparably strong, it was hard for them to merge with the sword might and fuse into the sword body!

East Deity Qing Long raised his eyebrows, and his clothes fluttered in the wind. However, he didn't make a move immediately. He thought to himself, 'You made me wait for so long, but you didn't even say a word of apology. I'll also make you wait…'

Suddenly, Carefree Sword's sheath whooshed over and stabbed into his feet.

East Deity Qing Long's left eye twitched, and he took a step forward. His qi and blood were filled with primordial qi. Purple qi poured into Qin Mu's body, causing his qi and blood to rise exponentially!

With his help, Qin Mu's qi and blood instantly fused with the returning sword might and sword qi, fusing into the sword body.

The huge sword gradually shrunk, and it fused with Qin Mu's qi and blood, showing signs of compatibility.

This was the most crucial step. When the qi and blood coexisted, the sword could transform at will and become its own divine weapon.

The huge sword became smaller. From a hundred thousand feet to a hundred feet, then from a hundred feet to a hundred feet, it gradually shrunk to twelve to three feet.

East Deity Qing Long also felt his qi and blood rapidly flowing away. Among the four deities of the ancient gods, his qi and blood were the strongest. If he forcefully exhausted his qi and blood, he could help Qin Mu completely refine the divine sword, but that would cause him to lose a portion of his cultivation.

Just as he was hesitating, West Deity White Tiger's horn suddenly flew above his head. The horn sounded loudly in his ears, and it gave off a long sound!

East Deity Qing Long's qi and blood instantly expanded by several times. Purple qi filled the sky and poured into Qin Mu's body with a roar. Qin Mu's qi and blood expanded furiously and poured into the three zhang three divine swords!

The divine sword became smaller, becoming five feet sharp.

East Deity Qing Long was furious. He took a glance at West Deity White Tiger and saw the empress turning to look at him. She stuck out her tongue and made a face at him.

East Deity Qing Long's anger vanished, and he thought to himself, 'This girl is pretty cute, but she's hard to deal with. Forget it, I won't argue with her…'

In the center of the nine heavens of Dao fire, a five foot long divine sword was stabbed there. The sword light was like snow-white lake water, and the divine sword seemed to be stuck in the lake water. From time to time, a bell would ring, causing ripples to spread in all directions.

Everyone saw the situation and pulled back their divine swords. South Deity also stopped executing Dao Fire Ancestral Land. Blind put away the formation diagram, and Sakra Li Youran looked at Mute. However, Mute was still standing in the Dao fire. He closed his eyes to concentrate, and the Dao runes on his body became stronger.

Li Youran smiled and left quietly.

Qin Mu went forward and pulled out the divine sword. The sword lights that were like lakes returned to the sword body.

He held onto the divine sword and flicked it gently. A clear and melodious sword cry rang out, and a star in Xuandu suddenly extinguished. It fell from Xuandu.

"Good sword."

Founding Emperor walked over and examined the sword in his hand. "Do you have a name?"


Qin Mu's left hand gripped the sword skill and gently slid from the hilt to the tip of the sword. Sword light flashed in his eyes as he spat out a mouthful of true essence. "It's called Calamity."

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