Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1499 - Sword Dao Treasure

"I'm still the strongest heavenly worker, but Carefree Village is no longer the Founding Emperor Era."

This sentence was like a sharp blade, and it showed its sharpness. Founding Emperor couldn't help feeling dejected. Even if his Sword Dao was imprinted in the 35 voids, he still couldn't defend against it.

Even though Carefree Village had swept away the decadence of the past, it was still lacking in many things compared to the Founding Emperor Era back then. It couldn't return to the era of sharp change and hard work.

Even though the fighting spirit in Carefree Village hadn't changed, it was hard to return from its roots. Every time Founding Emperor went to Eternal Peace, he would feel a vigorous spirit that changed with each passing day. However, when he returned to Carefree Village, he couldn't feel this spirit.

This was the current Eternal Peace!

Eternal Peace was able to gather all the elites of the world and use the power of the entire empire to refine the sword for Qin Mu, incorporating the spirit of the era into the sword refinement.

Today, Carefree Village was no longer able to do this.

Li Youran walked into the Dao fire, the strongest heavenly worker of Founding Emperor Era. His realm was extremely high, and his cultivation realm was even higher than the strongest heavenly worker of Eternal Peace, Mute.

With him joining, the speed of forging instantly increased.

However, only then did Li Youran realize that in terms of the path of forging, Mute was already not inferior to him. In some aspects, Mute was even stronger than him. Mute had already achieved the unification of the macroscopic and the microscopic. When he was forging, his hammer skills were vast and without a corner. When a great weapon was free, the elephant was formless.

Yet his hammering technique was incomparably exquisite. Every strike of his hammer struck the smallest particles, and on the smallest particles, an intricate pattern could be carved.

Li Youran didn't have such a method.

He was much stronger than Mute in terms of big words. No matter if it was Carefree Village or the Paramita Ark, they were incomparably huge. Even the celestial heavens couldn't refine such a huge divine weapon.

However, he was far inferior when it came to microscoping forging.

He also had the heart to help Mute, so he became Mute's assistant. He used his own comprehension of forging to assist Mute, helping him to improve on the path of forging and comprehending deeper principles.

The divine weapons of prehistoric strong practitioners gave off world-shaking power in the Dao fire, but the Dao fire was simply too fierce, causing the Great Dao imprints hidden in the divine weapons to disintegrate and melt. The Great Dao that the prehistoric strong practitioners had refined in the divine weapons also crumbled and melted!

The Great Dao that had been burned by the Dao fire disintegrated into Great Dao domains. The Great Dao domains also collapsed in the nine heavens of the Dao fire, transforming into Dao markings.

The Dao markings disintegrated once again and transformed into runes.

This scene made everyone who participated in the treasure refinement and those outside the Dao Fire Ancestral Land see many tricks in cultivation.

Even though the paths, skills, and divine arts of the current divine arts practitioners and gods were becoming more profound by the day, their paths, skills, and divine arts hadn't reached the level of prosperity of the past universe.

All along, when divine arts practitioners and gods cultivated, the path they followed was all Great Dao runes, divine arts, and Dao markings. Dao markings formed the realm of Dao chains.

As for the realm, it was only in the hands of a few people and became a secret that couldn't be passed on.

Only when Founding Emperor spread the system of Dao Realm and Sword Domain to Eternal Peace did the higher level of cultivation like the realm slowly become known to divine arts practitioners and gods.

The realm was to grasp the rules. At this step, the divine arts practitioners and gods felt that there was no path in front of them. The path had already reached its end.

However, above the realm, there was an even deeper path of cultivation. Founding Emperor had layers upon layers of Sword Domain Dao Realm. On the path to the Ultimate Void, the Ultimate Sword Dao of the Sword Dao, Great Overarching Heaven, had yet to be cultivated. Until the last moment, he didn't know what scenery there was above the realm.

Wei Suifeng and Prince You Ming saw something deeper from a Dao pattern in Miluo Palace, but it didn't spread.

And now, the precious treasures of prehistory were disintegrating in the nine heavens of the Dao fire, allowing everyone present to see even more profound cultivation techniques.

The owners of the treasures that Qin Mu had collected hadn't achieved the path, but many of them had already touched the edge of the path. There were even some that had walked further than Founding Emperor!

Their precious treasures melted in the Dao fire and broke down continuously from the depths of the Dao Realm, transforming into Dao runes and Great Dao runes. Even for Founding Emperor, it was a great enlightenment.

However, even the Great Dao runes disintegrated continuously in the Dao fire, transforming into the purest spirit energy.

Within the Dao fire, the Heavenly Workers raised their huge hammers and poured the spirit energy into the magma. Formation masters made their moves and imprinted Qin Mu's runes, Dao markings, and Domain.

Even the four deities of the ancient gods were flabbergasted. The melted treasures weren't inferior to the treasures of a Celestial Venerable, and they were even stronger!

Every treasure was probably no weaker than Founding Emperor's Carefree Sword!

More importantly, there were over a hundred treasures of this level!

It was fine to take out one or two, but to take out so many precious treasures in one go, even if the four deities of the ancient gods combined their wealth, they still wouldn't have such abundant wealth!

'With so many treasures, I'm afraid I can fill up an entire sea with them!'

East Deity Qing Long shook his head and said in a low voice, "What sword requires so many divine materials? It's impossible to refine this kind of sword. With so many divine metals and divine materials, it's already not bad if one percent is used."

Founding Emperor heard this and raised his eyebrows. He pulled out Carefree Sword and said indifferently, "East Deity, do you know how much divine metal and divine materials I used for this sword?"

East Deity Qing Long examined Carefree Sword and saw that it was about four feet long. It didn't require much materials to forge such a sword, but Carefree Sword was famous and had astonishing power. Founding Emperor had once relied on this sword to enter the celestial heavens, the Heaven Fighting Alliance, and slay Celestial Emperor.

Such a treasure naturally couldn't be forged with a few pounds of divine metal.

"This sword of mine contains thirty-three heavens, and the body of the sword is empty. I can store the entire Carefree Village inside."

Founding Emperor retracted his sword and said indifferently, "The divine metals and divine materials that Li Youran used to refine the sword for me are more than mountains. Even a few hundred mountains can't refine a sword like this. East Deity, the path of forging is already a Great Dao, it's not something you can comprehend."

East Deity Qing Long was speechless.

With his temper, if anyone else had spoken to him like this, they would have been wiped out by him. However, the person who had spoken was Founding Emperor, so he could only listen.

After a hundred precious treasures melted, tens of thousands of Heavenly Works began to forge the first heaven of the divine swords. Countless divine metals and divine materials were sent to the side of the majestic Heavenly Works like flowing water, and they were forged into shape. The amount of materials consumed was astonishing.

This was a heavy weapon forging, a symbol of the Eternal Peace Era.

Eternal Peace was prohibited from forging heavy weapons by the celestial heavens. For a long time, other than forging heavy ships like ships, Eternal Peace was forging Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. The celestial heavens' estimation of Eternal Peace's abilities was also slightly wrong.

This time, it was the moment Eternal Peace's manufacturing ability could bloom!

Deity Xuan and Deity Wu had already started to make their moves. They guided the seawater of the Heavenly Yin Sea to refine their divine weapons. The water of the Heavenly Yin Water was extremely cold, and it was the best for them to use it to refine treasures.

After the refinement, the Dao fire became more intense, turning the heavens that had been refined into a scarlet red color and almost melting. Thousands of heavenly works stood on the surface of the first heaven and took the chance to temper it. The huge hammers rose and fell, and their voices shook the sky.

On the other side, tens of thousands of formation masters were activating the formation to inject Qin Mu's Great Dao runes and Dao pattern chains into the treasure, allowing Qin Mu's Great Dao laws to land under the hammer. Following that, the power of Heavenly Workers' imprints grew deeper.

The two deities of the Black Tortoise and Black Tortoise activated the water of Heavenly Yin once again to cool down the first heaven, making the first heaven of the divine sword even harder and more stable.

After repeated tempering and dozens of tempering, the first heaven was formed. Even the nine dao flames couldn't melt it.

East Deity Qing Long looked at the first heaven, and his heart jumped. Qin Mu's Great Dao runes formed the sun, moon, and stars in the first heaven. Mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, wind, clouds, qi, lightning, and light. This kind of weapon refinement method was indeed beyond his expectations.

However, what did this have to do with the sword?

He was puzzled.

When the first heaven was formed, golden qi instantly flourished. The golden qi that poured out from the first heaven burst forth with extremely terrifying power, threatening the numerous heavenly workers that were refining treasures.

Right at this moment, West Deity White Tiger made a move and suppressed the golden qi in the nine heavens of the Dao fire. It allowed the golden qi to be stored inside the treasure of the first heaven and not be released.

This empress's spell was like a dance, dancing gracefully in the Dao fire. However, it was also a beautiful sight.

Thousands of heavenly workers and formation masters worked non-stop to forge the second heaven.

Days passed, and when the Heavenly Workers created the thirteenth heaven, East Deity Qing Long and the rest finally saw where the sword was.

The heavens overlapped and formed a sword body.

From the sword hilt to the sword edge and then to the sword body, they were gradually forming under the hammers of these giants!

What was even more astonishing was that Qin Mu used his own Great Dao to imprint one heaven after another. Each heaven was stronger than the last, and the Great Dao used by each heaven was almost identical.

This was why Celestial Venerable Mu was terrifying.

When the Heavenly Workers finished refining the twenty-third heaven, Qin Mu's Great Dao was exhausted, and Mute was about to stop when Li Youran shook her head. "Continue refining, leave some redundancy!"

Mute's heart stirred slightly, and he continued to forge with the Heavenly Workers until they reached the thirty-sixth heaven. Only then did they stop.

Founding Emperor, Village Chief, Jiang Baigui, and the other experts of the sword path all released their Sword Dao. On the sea of Heavenly Yin, in the land of Dao fire, the Sword Dao crisscrossed and clanked, refining the divine sword. Only after a long time did it stop.

Founding Emperor even raised his Carefree Sword to activate the sword qi, sword light, and sword consciousness to sharpen the divine sword!

East Deity Qing Long let out a sigh of relief and woke up from his shock. He said in a low voice, "You have forged the divine sword, right? Even though this divine sword is good, it still can't use up so much divine metal and divine materials…"

Just as he said that, the sword path that filled the sky vanished. The sword path experts put away their divine swords, and the workers rested for a moment before continuing to forge.

East Deity Qing Long stared with his eyes wide open, feeling a little lost.

"The first realm is done."

Beside him, Founding Emperor pointed at him and said, "There should be thirty-five more domains."

East Deity Qing Long was stunned. He suddenly laughed and said, "Celestial Venerable Qin, there are enough materials, but are the sword controllers capable enough? If you really manage to refine a divine sword with thirty-six domains, I'm afraid you won't be able to control such a precious treasure, right?"

Founding Emperor said indifferently, "Celestial Venerable Mu's aptitude and talent in the path of the sword aren't inferior to mine. In fact, he's even higher than me. Regardless of whether he admits it or not, he's still my descendant. The bloodline of the Qin Family is innately immersed in the path of the sword. It's just that he was delayed by the affairs of the world and used too much effort in other aspects."

He was silent for a moment before saying, "When he was young, his sword skill was already the number one from the pas million years. In this world, only he can control this sword."

East Deity Qing Long felt uncomfortable and thought to himself, 'You are just bragging for Celestial Venerable Mu. How could he deserve such praise?'

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