Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1501 - Sword Dao Piercing Through The Sky


Founding Emperor looked at Qin Mu and saw him raising his divine sword. He used the light shining down from Xuandu to examine the divine sword, and his heart couldn't help surging.

Who was the master of the boundless calamity?

Back then, during Founding Emperor Era, High Emperor Era, and Crimson Light Era, the ten Celestial Venerables had brought calamity and destruction down time again, turning the glorious golden age into ashes.

In those calamities, the emperors were shining brightly, the civilizations that were undergoing reform, finally declined and died. Even Founding Emperor Era was like a dream.

In the face of calamity, who could grab the oars that could ride the wind and break the waves, carrying all living beings to face the tribulation?

Founding Emperor didn't catch it.

Now, Qin Mu's divine sword was named Calamity. Did he see that the ten Celestial Venerables would descend calamity on Eternal Peace in the future?

Or was he going to send a calamity to the celestial heavens?

Maybe both.

The power of Calamity Sword was completely restrained. This sword looked ordinary from the outside and didn't have any complicated markings of the Dao. It also didn't have any extra decorations. It was like a beam of light in Qin Mu's hand, just that it had a blade and a tip.

However, everyone who participated in this sword forging knew how terrifying this sword was.

When this sword was forged successfully, it required the four deities of the ancient gods, Founding Emperor, and the rest to temper and suppress it. When the sword was forged, its power would reach beyond the heavens!

The Calamity Sword shook the heavens and the stars with a flick of the finger.

The treasure of a Celestial Venerable didn't have such a huge commotion.

Qin Mu held onto the sword and thought about it. He casually made a wooden sheath and placed the Calamity Sword into it.

There was already no sheath that was worthy of this divine sword. If the sword might was completely unleashed, even the best sheath in the world wouldn't be able to withstand it. Therefore, it was better to save some trouble and use the plainest and most ordinary sheath to cover the divine sword's sharpness.

"Back then, you used the sword to convince me to leave Carefree Village. After that, you abandoned the sword and changed to using divine arts."

Founding Emperor walked in front of Qin Mu and said, "Now pick up the sword and don't let it down again."

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "My sword isn't purely Sword Dao. I use my sword to kill people."

'Divine arts aren't used to kill people? If I follow the Dao and guard the justice in my heart, I won't deviate from my original heart and won't go against my original intentions. In that case, what's wrong with turning the sword in my hand into a sword of killing?'

Founding Emperor walked away and said indifferently, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you are a genius in the sword path, but you didn't notice this. You felt that the path of divine arts was incompatible with the sword path, but you didn't expect that the sword path divine arts are divine arts, and divine arts are divine arts. They can be interlinked."

Qin Mu's mind was blown, and he froze there.

Founding Emperor's words suddenly opened a door for him, and he couldn't help becoming excited!

Divine arts and sword path were compatible. This was the simplest principle, yet it was a principle he had never thought of!

In the past, he had comprehended divine arts and reached the twenty-three heavens of entering the path. He had put in a lot of effort in divine arts and comprehended all kinds of Great Daos, but he had slacked off on the sword path.

Because of Cripple's death, his heart of slaughter moved, and he changed his path of the sword. However, he also knew that his path of the sword had only reached the third heaven, so it was incomparably difficult for him to take another step forward.

However, with Founding Emperor's guidance, he saw an incomparably vast possibility, and that was to merge the divine arts, path, and sword path!

Suddenly, he couldn't help but jump up and step into the void. He pulled out the Calamity Sword, and sword light scattered. The sword path and the path of divine arts actually merged together just like that!

In his hand, sword light scattered, and he executed the four mudras of heaven and earth. They transformed into a circle of heaven and earth, forming emotions in the Calamity Sword. His divine art entered the path and fused perfectly with the sword path, and its power was actually so powerful!

His sword skill changed and transformed back into the Black Gate of Heaven and Earth. Sword lights crisscrossed, and a Heaven Gate Heaven Influence connected heaven and earth!

The sword light in his hand scattered, and he stabbed out a celestial river. The four poles of heaven and earth appeared, and he used the sword path to write and paint. The four deities of Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise stood upright on the four poles of the celestial river.

He executed the moves one after another to express his thoughts, unable to hide his excitement.

Founding Emperor walked out of Heavenly Yin World. Yan Yunxi and Li Youran walked over and followed behind him. Founding Emperor looked back and saw Sword Dao floating in the sky, looking dazzling.

Over there, Qin Mu had transformed his knowledge into Sword Dao and advanced by leaps and bounds. His Sword Dao had improved by leaps and bounds, and he couldn't help exclaiming in admiration.

"The sword path of the Qin family is imprinted in their bones."

He revealed a smile and turned around to continue forward. At this moment, an elder blocked his path. That elder was timid and cowered, not daring to look straight at him.

"Human Emperor Su Muzhe."

Founding Emperor stopped and examined this elder. He saw Village Chief Su Muzhe's gaze avoiding his, and he didn't dare to look him in the eye. Founding Emperor said, "Stop me. You want to break the god in your heart, but you don't dare to attack."

Yan Yunxi and Li Youran stopped and looked at Village Chief.

Village Chief's hand slowly grabbed the sword at his waist, but it was trembling. It didn't look like he was holding a sword.

The hand holding the sword was like Founding Emperor, incomparably steady.

This was because the hand of a strong practitioner of the sword path reflected the cultivation of his Dao heart. The hand that held the sword had to be as steady as his Dao heart, calm and collected. One sword to stabilize mountains and rivers, one sword to conquer the world, all of these required attainments in the Dao heart.

Village Chief Su Muzhe was the second person to comprehend the Sword Domain. His attainments in the sword path were extremely high, and it could be said that he was the reason why so many experts in the sword path had appeared in Eternal Peace. It was because of his careful guidance and grooming that the sword path of Eternal Peace could advance so rapidly.

However, after comprehending the Sword Domain, it was difficult for him to take another step forward. He couldn't even advance his cultivation realm!

That was because his sword path cultivation was simply too high. It was so high that when he used his sword path, he could see an incomparably strong giant standing in front of him. It was like a peak that couldn't be climbed or surpassed!

That person was Founding Emperor Qin Ye!

Founding Emperor Qin Ye was the number one person on the sword path, and his sword path was imprinted into the thirty-five voids. Anyone who stepped into the sword path and comprehended the sword realm would see his back and feel the profound power and cultivation of the sword path. They would feel as if they were looking up at a tall mountain!

Founding Emperor was practically the god in the hearts of all strong practitioners of the sword path, a god that couldn't be broken. Especially to Village Chief Su Muzhe, this god was even more suffocating.

"You want to make a move and break the god in your heart, but you don't dare to make a move because you feel that as long as you make a move, any sword move will be wrong."

Founding Emperor looked at Village Chief's hand, which was still trembling. He still couldn't hold his sword, so he said solemnly, "However, have you ever thought that Celestial Venerable Mu wasn't taught by me? His Sword Dao was taught by you, and you are his teacher. In his heart, there's no god in his heart. His Sword Dao isn't blocked by a god like me."

Village Chief Su Muzhe's voice was hoarse and aged as he hissed, "His Sword Dao hasn't been cultivated to a profound realm, so it's hard for him to see a great god like you blocking his way…"


Founding Emperor's gaze landed on his face and looked straight into his eyes. "His Sword Dao has already reached the twenty-ninth heaven."

Village Chief was astonished and raised his head to look at the sky. He saw Qin Mu's boundless sword path transforming into the Primordial Chaos Qi, executing the great divine art of One Qi Primordial Chaos Travelling Together!

That was not only Qin Mu's understanding of the Great Dao, but also his understanding of divine arts and sword path!

The twenty-ninth heaven of the Sword Dao was executed in Qin Mu's hands just like that. Using the Sword Dao to expound on the Dao of Absolute Beginning was actually so perfect and harmonious!

"This kind of sword path genius was taught by you. You groomed him, so I can't teach him."

Founding Emperor's palm pressed down on the hilt of Carefree Sword, and he said solemnly, "You can teach such a peerless disciple, but you don't even dare to use your sword in front of me? You were the one who told him he was an Overlord Body, and you were the one who nurtured his invincible confidence. You were the one who taught him how to conduct himself and do things. He doesn't have a god in his heart, so that's how you nurtured him. Can't a teacher like you do it? Draw your sword!"

Village Chief's eyes became brighter, and his palm became more stable.

Suddenly, with a clang, his divine sword was unsheathed, and sword light filled the sky!

Founding Emperor's Carefree Sword was unsheathed, and the sword lights collided. The two figures charged at each other and crossed each other.

Founding Emperor stopped in his tracks. Behind him, Village Chief Su Muzhe had white hair. He sheathed his sword and stood there steadily.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Thousands of sword wounds opened up on Village Chief's body, and his vigorous qi and blood burst open these wounds, making it hard to suppress them.

He revealed a smile, and his body swayed as he suddenly fell to the ground.

Founding Emperor placed Carefree Sword back into its sheath, and a strand of hair slowly floated down from his sideburns. He turned his head back and said, "Su Muzhe, you have walked out of my shadow. You can now be a Dao friend of my Sword Dao."

Village Chief's lungs were injured by his sword, and he was gasping for breath like broken bellows. However, he was laughing very happily and rolling around in the blood like a child while hugging his divine sword.

Founding Emperor shook his head and walked out of Heavenly Yin World.

Yan Yunxi and Sakra hurriedly followed him. Yan Yunxi whispered, "Did His Majesty give in to him? With his abilities, he shouldn't be able to cut off your hair."

Founding Emperor shook his head and said indifferently, "I gave in to him in cultivation, but not in Sword Dao. Sword Dao is the path of attack, so he has the ability to sever a strand of my hair."

His expression was calm as he said, "I don't want to become one of the ten Celestial Venerables of the sword path. I don't want to now, and I don't want to think about the future either."

"The ten Celestial Venerables of the sword path?"

Yan Yunxi was stunned. She understood what he meant. Wasn't it the ten Celestial Venerables who imprisoned the later generations, seized power, resources, and controlled everything, preventing the later generations from surpassing him?

Yan Yunxi couldn't tell if Founding Emperor had made Village Chief Su Muzhe make a move. No matter if it was Founding Emperor or Village Chief, their attainments in the Sword Dao far surpassed hers.

However, she could feel Founding Emperor's state of mind, the state of mind of a person who had achieved the path.

This realm was something the ten Celestial Venerables couldn't reach.

Sakra Buddha Li Youran turned his head back to look at Heavenly Yin World. In Heavenly Yin World's Dao Fire Ancestral Land, a majestic figure stood among the layers of Dao flames. His Dao Realm was becoming deeper.

He could feel the path of forging continuously advancing and improving.

He was no alone on his path.

There were people who surpassed him, but there was boundless joy in his heart.

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