Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1494 - Entering The Mine Alone, Slaying Demons In The Cold Night

Everyone rushed to the mine outside the black mountain and saw the sky gradually turning dark.

There were thousands of mines surrounding the black mountain. Each mine represented a divine weapon of a past universe expert. At the same time, it also meant that a past universe expert was waiting to descend!

The black wood was vast and boundless. Thousands of mines stretched out in all directions, surrounding the outskirts of the hundred thousand mountains. This scene was extremely spectacular and inconceivable.

The divine bow that Qin Mu had obtained came from one of the mines.

Not only was there a divine bow in that mine, but there was also the Great Dao imprint of the divine bow. It was a myriad of unique treasures formed by combining with the roots of the black wood!

The power of these unique treasures was also extremely powerful. They possessed astonishing power the moment they were born, and they were slightly better than ordinary heavenly god weapons.

If it was refined, it could be forged into a first-rate divine weapon.

The people of Eternal Peace had migrated here to mine the mines, and that was to mine the treasures in these mines.

However, every mine had the divine weapons of past universe experts. These divine weapons were extremely powerful and were even more powerful than Celestial Venerable treasures!

What was even more terrifying was that these divine weapons were usually in the hands of their owners!

The strong practitioners that had tried to cross over had fused their bodies with the roots of the big black tree and buried them deep underground. They were waiting for an opportunity to completely cross over.

Although the strong practitioners that were waiting to descend weren't as strong as the skinny monster, they weren't inferior to the ten Celestial Venerables, and they might even be stronger.

The long and skinny man was a Dao practitioner that was easy to achieve, while the strong practitioners in the mine were probably lacking the opportunity to achieve the Dao.

Mining the mine of the black mountain was Qin Mu's idea. Back then, after he dug out the divine bow, he had attracted the invasion of the owner of the divine bow. At that time, he had gathered everyone's power in the black mountain to seal it and turn it into a stone statue.

After that, after discussing with Tai Yi, Qin Mu decided to forge a divine weapon to specifically cut off the hands of these stowaways and snatch their treasures.

However, all kinds of things came one after another, making him unable to refine divine weapons. Qin Mu then ordered the people of Eternal Peace to continue mining the mines in the outer regions. However, this time, he only mined the treasures that were attached to it and didn't touch the divine weapons of the strong practitioners of the universe.

Over the years, the miners of Eternal Peace had mined many mines, but when they reached the core, they stopped work and went to mine other mines.

The divine weapons accumulated on the black mountain were also sent to Eternal Peace to strengthen it.

Yet now, Qin Mu had gone to those mines alone, so it definitely wasn't as simple as mining the mines!

When the sun set, the phenomenon outside the ancestral court appeared once again. At that moment, everyone had yet to reach the outskirts of the black mountain.

Suddenly, a violent power burst forth from one of the mines, and divine light rushed into the sky. In the divine light, there was a huge god faintly standing among the celestial palaces. It then pressed down on the mine!

The ground trembled, and several violent tremors came in succession. Everyone's expressions changed slightly. Wei Suifeng and Prince You Ming, the two experts, immediately rushed over!

The two of them were existences on Emperor's Throne Realm. When they got there, the entire mine exploded, revealing an unfathomable abyss. Divine light surged inside, sealing the bottom.

Wei Suifeng and Prince You Ming's hearts jumped, and they immediately activated their celestial palaces to carefully descend.

From the deepest depths of the mine came the unique aura of the Great Dao of a prehistoric expert. That kind of Great Dao didn't belong to the current universe. It was ancient and strange. It was obvious that a battle had happened here!

The two of them had no choice but to act cautiously to prevent prehistoric monsters from escaping and getting injured.

They passed through the dense aftermath of the divine art, and the divine light scattered around them, causing them to faintly feel a stinging pain on their skin and primordial spirit.

It was obvious that the prehistoric being that was trapped in the tree roots had already used the chance when Qin Mu took out the treasure to destroy the tree roots to forcefully escape from the tree roots. He had even fought a fierce battle with Qin Mu!

"Second Junior Brother is becoming more and more unstable!" Wei Suifeng frowned.

Below them, divine light surged upwards, making it impossible for the two of them to see too far. However, as they went deeper, they could faintly see that in the deepest depths of the mine, in front of the roots that were as huge as mountain ranges, stood a hunched but imposing god with multiple heads and arms!

The god gave off a divine might that overflowed into the sky. The divine might and divine light formed a strange ribbon behind him. Wei Suifeng and Prince You Ming actually saw a god city floating indistinctly in the ribbon!

Jade Capital City!

The two of them were shocked, and they looked at each other. Wei Suifeng said in a low voice, "It's the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court! This strong practitioner of the past universe cultivates the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, not our celestial palace cultivation system, but the Jade Capital cultivation system."

Prince You Ming had heard Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun talk about the Jade Capital Trap, and he was deeply afraid. He was moved by the master of Miro Palace's remarkable abilities and long-lasting plans.

Yet now, they actually saw the strong practitioners of the past universe cultivating the Jade Capital Cultivation System. This made the two of them slightly puzzled.

'It seems that the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court isn't just a simple Jade Capital Trap. I'm afraid the master of the Miluo Palace has a deeper motive.'

Prince You Ming pondered and said, "Otherwise, the existence of the past universe wouldn't have been able to cultivate the cultivation system of Jade Capital."

However, what was the intention of the master of the Miluo Palace? It was not something they could fathom.

The two of them carefully came to the valley of the mine and executed their divine arts to protect their bodies. That place was the underground space created by the explosion of divine arts, and even the roots of the big black wood were injured. This showed how astonishing the battle here was!

However, what astonished them was that the hunchbacked god stood there motionlessly and made a pouncing posture.

At this moment, the two of them noticed that there was a huge hole in the chest of this god that was as powerful as a Celestial Venerable. On the thick root behind him, there was a huge cupped fist imprint.

The two of them came to the front of the majestic god. Prince You Ming cupped his hands and pushed forward. He pondered and said, "It's Celestial Venerable Mu's divine art. It seems to be called Primordial Chaos Qi Dao Travelling Together. It's the twenty-sixth heaven of his divine art!"

Wei Suifeng came to the back of the hunchbacked god and examined the marks left behind by cupped hands on the tree roots. There were traces of primordial qi floating down from the wounds of the tree roots, and he said, "It is indeed this divine art. However, its power is a little too ruthless, many times more ruthless than I imagined!"

They flew up one after another and examined the corporeal body of the hunchbacked god. They saw that this person's primordial spirit had turned into an incorporeal state like Taisu. He was trapped in his body and his corporeal body was petrified!

What was even stranger was that his vital qi had already turned into chaos!

The two of them looked at each other, and Prince You Ming jumped into the tree root that the hunchbacked god had walked out from. The tree root had a huge hole that could fit his body.

Even though he wasn't a hunchback, he was carrying a black tortoise shell.

Wei Suifeng went forward and drew a bow, shooting a few arrows at him. Prince You Ming immediately jumped out from the tree roots and was about to speak when Wei Suifeng drew a circle with his hands and drew a taiji diagram, imprinting it on his chest. Then, a taiji suddenly opened a primordial bud and attacked his primordial spirit. Following that, another taiji form shot at Qing Ming, turning his bloodline into primordial chaos!

Wei Suifeng cupped his hands and pushed forward again. Prince You Ming's body trembled violently and froze on the spot.

Of course, Wei Suifeng didn't know Qin Mu's divine art. He only learned how to imitate Qin Mu's divine art. Prince You Ming also cooperated with him. The two of them practiced and deduced the steps Qin Mu would take.

Both of them were people obsessed with divine arts, so when they saw the traces of the battlefield, they naturally couldn't resist deducing.

"That should be the case. Kill him."

Prince You Ming regained his mobility and flew up to the back of the hunchbacked god. He stood in front of his Jade Capital City and looked at the scenery in the city. There were thousands of palaces and halls that were majestic and boundless. There were also huge rivers of chaos and paths. This kind of divine art system was truly breathtaking!

"What a pity, this existence's cultivation system is extremely peculiar. He should be an extraordinary existence, yet he was killed by Celestial Venerable Mu in three moves."

Prince You Ming shook his head and said, "We should at least communicate with him and ask him about the cultivation system of Jade Capital before killing him."

Wei Suifeng said, "Junior Brother got the upper hand. This person's abilities are definitely not inferior to the ten Celestial Venerables, or even stronger! It's a pity that he's trapped in the past universe, and he wanted to use the World Tree to escape his bad luck. However, the World Tree was cut down too easily, so he was trapped in the tree and couldn't escape the calamity of the past universe. When he first came here, he was in a weak state, which was why he was dealt with by Junior Brother in three moves."

Even so, he was still full of admiration for Qin Mu.

However, even if the ten Celestial Venerables were ambushed by Qin Mu three times in a row, they would still be severely injured!

This was the power of divine arts entering the path!

Especially when Qin Mu had planted the World Tree in his divine treasures and united his techniques and divine arts, his cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds. Facing the current Qin Mu, even a Celestial Venerable would suffer if they were careless!

Right at this moment, another violent fluctuation suddenly came over, and the two of them were shocked. They hurriedly rose up and headed straight for another mine.

Granny Si, Lan Yutian, and the rest had only just arrived. Seeing the situation, they immediately followed after them.

When everyone came to the mine, they saw that it was a mess. Terrifying divine arts were everywhere, and everyone worked together to enter the depths of the mine. Here, they saw the corpse of another strong practitioner from the past universe!

This strong practitioner was even more miserable than the hunchbacked god from earlier. He was chopped into pieces by a strange divine weapon, and at the same time, his primordial spirit was transformed into a pure energy state!

This kind of energy state was the state of a Grand Prime, but it was extremely unstable. This person must have forcefully executed his magic power when he was attacked by Qin Mu, causing his primordial spirit to instantly explode. That was why this place became so messy!

"Junior brother used the divine weapon of the hunchbacked god to kill him, but the fatal blow was still the primordial form of Qing Ming!"

Wei Suifeng was astonished. The power of Qin Mu's attack was much stronger than the one that had killed the hunchbacked god!

Suddenly, another violent tremor came from afar.

Everyone hurriedly rose up from the mine and rushed there. When they arrived, Qin Mu had already left, leaving behind a huge underground space in the mine. There was also a headless corpse with a severed arm.

The head of the existence of the past universe was transformed into primordial qi, and a deep imprint of a pushing hand was revealed on the root behind him. Meanwhile, a huge taiji diagram appeared under his feet!

"He's not far away!"

Everyone heard the violent tremors again and hurriedly rushed over again. However, they still missed and only found the corpse of a prehistoric expert.

"If this goes on, even a person made of iron will be exhausted to the point of becoming mud! Furthermore, there will always be times when a person fails. If they fail, they will be consigned to eternal damnation!"

Everyone felt slightly uneasy and rushed through the mines one after another. However, they were still a step too late. Qin Mu was one step ahead of them and swept through the mines one by one, forcefully pulling the strong practitioners of the past universe out from the roots and beating them to death!

The sky gradually turned white, and they were exhausted from running around all night. When the sun finally rose, they saw Qin Mu.

Qin Mu was sitting in front of a cliff on the peak of a huge black mountain. Under the cliff were all kinds of prehistoric treasures that were overflowing with treasure light and competing with the sun!

Qin Mu sat there, looking slightly tired, but his expression was very calm. He wasn't as calm as they had expected. On the contrary, he was extremely reserved.

His gaze was deep, and even though his voice was filled with exhaustion, it was very deep. He said to everyone who had rushed over, "I'll have to trouble everyone to worry. I plan to take out some materials to forge divine weapons. Now, it should be enough to forge my divine sword."

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